Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

other members   (otros miembros)

The other members then helped to complete the song.

For the other members, social rank is based on age.

(See Praetorius for other members of the family.)

family members   (miembros de la familia)

They don't teach this art to other family members.

Most of his family members were poets and writers.

Only one guest (other than family members) attends.

band members   (miembros de la banda)

In 1997, band members focused on their solo careers.

The band members have all continued to work in music.

The band members joined or formed other bands.

crew members   (miembros de la tripulación)

The three Soyuz crew members floated into the ISS.

The bodies of only two crew members were recovered.

The CM included living space for four crew members.

founding members   (miembros fundadores)

He later became one of the founding members of DMK.

Ursula No 1. had thirty-three founding members.

In 1972, she became one of the founding members of A.I.R.

cast members   (miembros del reparto)

The new cast members were added in February 2018.

The official cast members were revealed on 7 August 2012.

Schwahn was also accused by cast members of "The Royals".

all members

The club sends out a monthly newsletter to all members.

When the group debuted all members used their real names.

They were all members of the school choir.

staff members   (los miembros del personal)

The institution has 680 teachers and staff members.

Peck soon started writing for her staff members.

relying on the kindness of the staff members .

former members

In 2014 the club was reestablished by former members.

1 pick Erik Johnson) were former members of the NTDP.

Both the founders are former members of the Democrats.

new members

D'Averhoult was elected one of the new members.

The commune prospered for a time and 29 new members joined.

In 1964, the Cincinnati chapter initiated nine new members.

faculty members   (Miembros de la facultad)

The university has 250 full-time faculty members.

The duo are film faculty members at the University.

Of these, 81 are regular full-time faculty members.

team members   (miembros del equipo)

The losing team must eliminate 3 team members.

This is when team members put in money to play the game.

The team members were all between the ages of 15 and 18.

board members

Tjøntveit and two board members were indicted in 1976.

The dental board itself has 15 board members.

He or she also appoints city board members.

council members   (miembros del Consejo)

Voters also elected nine municipal council members.

Voters may recall council members or the mayor.

He performed his duties along with six council members.

original members

He was one of the original members of The Geological Society.

He is one of the original members of Atlanta's Gaijin Studios.

Brown was one of the original members of KC & The Sunshine Band.

whose members   (cuyos miembros)

He belonged to the Hyson Club, whose members included William Paley.

), whose members are the best pupils of the Walter Stauffer Academy.

The Huguenots added synods whose members were also elected by the congregations.

party members   (miembros del partido)

The game also features permanent deaths of party members.

Puławianie united primarily party members of Jewish origin.

"Chrono Cross" features a diverse cast of 45 party members.

community members   (Miembros de la comunidad)

There was no consultation with community members.

Most community members were previously living at Bayulu.

Currently, not all community members practice initiation.

several members

The Gettysburg Formation is divided into several members.

In addition, several members of "Ruminococcus" are found in the human gut.

He recorded in his journal that several members of the company had diphtheria.

many members

Rodal died in battle with many members of his unit.

It had about as many members as the Central Committee.

It is unknown how many members the group has.

members include

Board members include leaders from around the world.

Other notable members and past members include:

Its members include Brice, Mardi Love, and Zoe Jakes.

members included

Notable crew members included David Lean as editor.

Other members included American soprano Judith Nelson.

Other members included early Smiths producer Troy Tate.

group members

But the theatre group members did not share that vision.

Sources comment on how young most of the group members were.

After 1976, the group members still did reunion concerts occasionally.

remaining members

The remaining members of the board then resigned.

The remaining members formed the Rump Parliament.

The remaining members dropped out at some point.

elect members   (elegir miembros)

The threshold for a party to elect members is 3%.

It was held to elect members of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia.

In medieval England, boroughs were also entitled to elect members of parliament.

gang members   (miembros de pandillas)

Cynthia shoots at the gang members, who miss her.

The leader and many gang members are arrested.

Three of his fellow gang members came to his assistance.

elected members

The city assembly of Saitama has 64 elected members.

There are ten elected members of the AOBNP.

The presence of indirectly elected members began in 1974.

audience members   (miembros de la audiencia)

", which prompted audience members to respond "Yes!"

tour of swing states encouraging audience members to vote.

This theater seats 1,541 audience members.

members elected

He was one of the 175 members elected to the committee.

The constituent parliament members elected him unanimously.

The board is governed by six board members elected at-large.

members of parliament   (miembros del Parlamento)

At least four members of parliament were arrested in July 2010.

The DCVP members of parliament joined the Sudeten German Party (SdP).

The Lower Austrian Parliament is composed of 56 members of parliament.

number of members   (número de miembros)

The total number of members of the team was five.

the number of members enrolled was above 500.

The number of members is based on population.

prominent members

They were to become prominent members of the "promoters".

Subsequently, prominent members included:

Often, prominent members of the Boston community would attend the S.E.G.

active members

A third of the 800 active members are women.

Lions Club has currently 30 active members.

The Jehovah's Witnesses report having 28,874 active members.

founder members   (miembros fundadores)

Limerick were among its twelve founder members.

He was founder members of German Vereinigung für Ökologische Ökonomie.

In 1904 he and his wife were founder members of the Oldenburg Art Society.

service members

Similarly, the service members belong to the parishes of their domiciles.

He also mentors, coaches, and counsels wounded service members with various injuries.

One aired video of a social gathering for gay service members at a base in Afghanistan.

committee members   (Miembros del comité)

All the committee members work on a voluntary basis.

One of the central committee members used to be the president.

Together with the chairmen, 11 of 13 committee members were removed.

individual members

In that year, 97% of complaints came from individual members of the public.

The Society has approximately 870 business members and 7,000 individual members.

The individual members of Sonora Matancera, even at this late date, were held in high esteem.

club members

Wasabi Anime club members had access to photo I.D.

Private dinners for club members are held biweekly.

Other club members also dress up as the figure.

both members

They were both members of A Connecticut Party.

The MEC would replace both members in the ensuing months.

They are both members of the National Liberation Party (PLN).

church members

It reached people who were already church members.

The group included church members and their invited guests.

By the end of 1840 there were 3,626 church members in Britain.

current members

The founding and current members of Deolinda are:

Some of the current members of the academic staff are:

The current members are Ted Clarke, Liz Parsons and Jon Tandy.

other family members   (otros miembros de la familia)

They don't teach this art to other family members.

Occasionally, other family members may assist in raising their young.

He and other family members have made 46 trips to Armenia over 25 years.

list of members

The SIG's website carries a full list of members.

A complete list of members is published on the NAWA website.

The AAPS sued to gain access to the list of members of the task force.

between members

Color differences between members of the wolframite family are clear and marked.

For this reason, similarities between members may be collateral rather than causal.

On November 22, 2008, a fight between members of rival gangs left seven inmates dead.

full members

Both countries are full members of the Latin Union.

The number of full members in 2010 was nearly 4,200.

Both countries were full members of the Latin Union.

surviving members

All surviving members remained active in the Czech music scene.

The award is still presented by surviving members of the Gwynne family.

Other surviving members were much less fortunate; all became fugitives.

senior members

Some senior members may be elected fellows and use the letters FCA.

Many of its senior members are widely recognized leaders in academic medicine.

Shortly after Iranian Revolution, he became one of the senior members of the MEK.

union members   (miembros del sindicato)

In return, union members gave up their right to strike.

The CCPOA union members currently pay $90.70 per month to the union.

It prohibited unfair labor practices such as discrimination against union members.

various members

“Dead 7” includes various members of different boy bands.

All of the other songs were written by Rundgren and various members of his band.

They continued recording successfully with songs written by various members of the group.

all the members

In some families, all the members are migrant labor.

They may be practiced by all the members of a society.

The team is based in, and all the members are from Kitami City.

including members

His vote was controversial among his constituents, including members of his own party.

In 1912 Several Chinese residents of the US, including members of the Fok (Huo) family (P.T.

This move however antagonised him with most of other nobles, including members of his own family.

leading members

He is also one of the leading members of the FJP.

In the early summer of 1864, leading members were finally brought to trial.

In response to these alleged relations, SD threatened to expel several leading members of SDU.

members including

Two members including Inaba left OPD in 1996 and were replaced.

A range of services are available for members including a bookshop.

In 1968 they added four more members including the singer Annisette.

most members   (la mayoría de los miembros)

The PDP soon imploded, with most members resigning.

By 1910, most members of the LeNoir family had relocated elsewhere.

The next day most members of it and the AATTV departed from South Vietnam.

members of both

The association serves today about 17,000 members of both genders.

The photograph received criticism from members of both political parties.

This surname belongs to members of both the Brahmin (priest) and Kshatriya (warrior) castes.

female members   (miembros femeninos)

Originally, the Society had disallowed female members.

The NCS finally accepted female members the following year.

His chorus was celebrated, particularly the female members.

first members

Mickevičius became one of its first members.

The first members enlisted in the squadron in March 1959.

Simon was one of the first members of the SS in the early 1930s.

million members

It currently has nearly 1.3 million members.

It achieved five million members in 1939.

MEC has over 5.4 million members in Canada and internationally.

members of other   (miembros de otro)

There are no known fossils of freshwater members of other classes.

Others of these were produced by Gnostic authors or members of other groups later defined as heterodox.

Jews, Muslims, and members of other faiths, then, are expected to convert to Christianity in the afterlife.

among members

Freemasonry was relatively common among members of the Lay Fraternities.

In May 1993, a fight broke out among members of two gangs in Columbia Park.

Such characterisations caused discontent among members of Britain's Jewish community.

members are elected

The remaining three members are elected at-large.

A further four members are elected by the diaspora.

Council members are elected to four-year terms.

become members   (hacerse miembros)

Yale College did not allow women to become members until 1969.

The Workers' Party decided not to become members of the Forum.

In March 2004, Bulgaria, Romania and Slovenia have become members of NATO.

following members

the IJHL lists the following members.

The following members appeared before the Parliament of Pakistan.

Since 16 July 2018, the following members exited the Dewan Negara.

became members

Some became members of the Institut d'Egypte.

They became members of the Idlewild Presbyterian Church.

Most ONAP members became members of the new LF Networking fund.

members were elected

Nine new IOC members were elected at the session.

The members were elected on 19 January 2008.

Sixteen members were elected at the 1851 election with terms expiring in 1854.

charter members   (miembros fundadores)

Bundesliga and became charter members of the 3.

The Cleveland franchise was among its eight charter members.

A total of 32 physicians agreed to become charter members of ASCI in 1908.

among its members

The treaty is aimed at promoting free trade among its members.

From among its members were selected the 104 Judges mentioned above.

Jehovah's Witnesses allow moderate alcohol consumption among its members.

not members

They are not members of the Cabinet, nor the ministry.

Those not members of the Families are known as "Settlers".

Representatives of allied nations were not members of the CCS.

cabinet members   (miembros del gabinete)

He then set about choosing his cabinet members.

With autonomy achieved, the President of the Philippines appointed the cabinet members.

After the election, Sargent chose Dwight to conduct the search for potential cabinet members.

members of society

The two members of society are named "Lewd" and "Prude".

Several members of society wrote to Swift regarding the work.

Previously unprivileged members of society dominate the plot.

among the members

The is appointed from among the members of the cabinet.

The President is elected among the members of MIA Council.

The Sheftalls were founding among the members of Congregation Mickve Israel.

members left

Both members left the band before recording started.

He and 38 crew members left Liverpool on 3 November 1805.

After the Belgian Revolution of 1830 the Belgian members left.

other band members   (otros miembros de la banda)

Despite this loss, the other band members continued working.

He is considered to be unintelligent, according to Drake and the other band members.

The tour was up-close and personal set in small venues with only two other band members.

tribal members   (miembros tribales)

Charles A. Hobbs argued the case for the tribal members.

Iroquois tribal members, in certain circumstances, may use the full name.

According to some tribal members, use of the spelled-out name of the university can be offensive.

core members   (miembros centrales)

Its core members were Jon Hiseman on drums and Mark Clarke on bass.

The MULE collective however has expressed its desire to pay its core members.

Thus the core members of their band was formed, which was later renamed to Redd.

ten members

There is a council of the order consisting of ten members.

Each school must submit a roster of no more than ten members.

Rosters have ranged from six to ten members (male and female).

fellow members   (compañeros)

Sükuti was well respected among fellow members of the old CUP.

She co-starred in the series with some of her fellow members of BNK48.

Peter and Paul Cathedral, and even by his fellow members of the clergy.

more members

On January 8, 2005, 50 more members arrived.

On 6 January 1974, however 20 more members were arrested.

Sometimes it may have 5 or more members.

few members

The Party fell apart, leaving only a few members.

In 2005, the band fell apart and lost a few members.

A few members were formerly in the band Seigmen.

male members

In 1981, the first two male members of the National Council were installed.

This includes a helmet, which all male members of Radion society seem to wear.

After Boleyn threatened to sue, Hellion's male members and Parrico adopted the moniker Burn.

members of staff   (miembros del personal)

Making Music has full and part-time members of staff.

It contains over 1500 pupils and over 90 members of staff.

Three members of staff are also employed by the department.

included members

Holiday guests included members of a nearby US Army base.

Those who came to his attentions included members of New College.

Affected customers included members of the United States Secret Service.

currently members

They are currently members of the and play at Wall Park.

They are currently members of the .

members during

It was also a favourite of the ELO band members during the time.

Sudipto Das and few others were members during their undergraduate years in the 1990s.

The Pinner's Hall congregation grew to between 120 and 150 members during Stennett's pastorate.

members appointed

The board is made up of nine members appointed by the Louisiana governor.

The Loft Board consists of a nine-person board with members appointed by the mayor.

Other members appointed at that time included Winston Churchill, Bonar Law and Austen Chamberlain.

members joined

The band members joined or formed other bands.

Most of its members joined the Federal Democratic Union.

The commune prospered for a time and 29 new members joined.

key members

The key members of the Berkeley Mafia are generally accepted to be:

Under torture she revealed many names of key members of the underground network.

Both Roughead and Franklin were to be key members of Hawthorn's line up as they grew older.

members such

It was formed by Julius Schreck and included old "Stoßtrupp" members such as Emil Maurice and Heiden.

The church's membership included many notable members such as Samuel Sewall, Samuel Adams, and Benjamin Franklin.

Individual EU members such Sweden, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands also provided limited support on their own.

jury members   (miembros del jurado)

Mateo from Culcha Candela is one of the new jury members for season 10.

The jury members vote independently by secret ballot, and thereby select that year's inductees.

The overall winner upon completion of the final dances is chosen by the professional jury members.

members voted

Every quarter, members voted for the best video performances.

In the Liberal backbench, about 2/3 of members voted in favour.

Three of five Novice ISD board members voted to end the district.

permanent members   (miembros permanentes)

The Committee is composed of the 15 permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.

Some charge nurses are permanent members of the nursing management team and are called shift supervisors.

During this time, the band went through numerous personnel changes, with Fry and Mark White being its only permanent members.

notable members

Other notable members and past members include:

Some notable members of this family are:

One of the most notable members of the family was a female, who became Queen of Thomond.

associate members

National parties may be full or associate members.

MEPs may be full or associate members.

There are 144 regular members of this cooperative and 621 associate members.

well as members   (bien como miembros)

Ministers from all 29 EU and ESA members as well as members of parliament were in attendance.

Wood ants of the genus "Formica" as well as members of "Lasius" and Myrmicinae such as "Myrmica" spp.

The film includes interviews with some of the residents as well as members of the Federation of Black Cowboys.

only members   (sólo miembros)

However, they are the only members of the club.

The two are the only members of the section Sciadanthus.

Jonny and Colin are the only members remaining thus far.

members went

Several members went on to form Genod Droog.

Two of the group's members went on to fame as Smith and Dale.

Approximately a dozen armed Sheriff's Department members went to the site.

early members

In Canada, a similar sentiment held among early members.

Its early members imbued the order with a mysticism and learning.

Some early members of the group originally performed as the Moppets.

voting members

The seven elected, voting members of the Board are all parents.

Neither of these officials are voting members of the School Board.

when members   (cuando los miembros)

Men wear morning dress when members of a wedding party.

Speeches when members of the royal family are present may also be required.

Relief did not come until D+2, when members of the 743rd Tank Battalion arrived.

members began

The presence of indirectly elected members began in 1974.

Slowly, the members began to see the confederation as a unifying entity.

In the early nineties Samiti members began to travel and work as field activists.