Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

full membership   (membresía completa)

Ten years later she was elected to full membership.

Turkey applied for full membership on 14 April 1987.

Three years later, the sorority had full membership.

party membership   (membresía del partido)

In 1918, party membership was approximately 200,000.

Soon after, the party membership passed 50,000.

He was instrumental in raising party membership in Eranad.

membership fees   (las cuotas de afiliación)

DSA's funding stems from membership fees and grants.

There are no membership fees or barriers to participation.

RREUSE is financed by the membership fees.

honorary membership

In 2007 he received honorary membership to the Front Narodowo-Robotniczy.

He chaired the union until 1963, and was later given honorary membership.

Other honours included honorary membership in four scientific societies, an honorary D.Sc.

total membership   (membresía total)

The "grand total membership" was 9,241 sisters.

One-eighth of the total membership left the movement.

However, the total membership of DSAP–Linke didn't exceed 200.

membership organization

As a membership organization TACCI is based around its members.

The Association is a non-profit, membership organization and is open to the public.

Legislation has been approved, converting it into a voluntary membership organization.

membership fee

The yearly membership fee was set at $3.00 per year.

There is no membership fee on enrollment as primary member.

There is no membership fee.

membership referendum

She supported the United Kingdom (UK) remaining within the European Union (EU) in the 2016 UK EU membership referendum.

Elba voiced support for a vote to remain in the European Union for the 2016 United Kingdom European Union membership referendum.

1972 Norwegian European Communities membership referendum A referendum on whether Norway should join the European Community was held on 25 September 1972.

union membership   (Membresía de la unión)

In addition, automatic union membership was also discontinued in 2005.

During the war period trade union membership amongst women increased by 160%.

Commentary suggested that scrutiny of the pension negotiations by the union membership was nonetheless ongoing.

life membership   (membresía vitalicia)

The ALP awarded him life membership after 50 years of active service.

examination, receiving the Diploma and life membership of the society.

In 1995 Rayner was awarded life membership of the New South Wales Rugby League.

church membership

By 1959, church membership had increased to 3,500.

By 1976, church membership in Singapore totaled 309.

Five years later, church membership in Singapore was 960.

elected to membership

Fellows are elected to membership by their peers.

Staenberg has been elected to membership in the American Cinema Editors.

In 2003, he was elected to membership in the National Academy of Education.

membership includes

As of 2018 its membership includes some 400 organizations.

The Commonwealth's membership includes both republics and monarchies.

The membership includes 30 Honorary Academicians and 104 Academicians.

whose membership

The "Stabswache" were issued unique badges, but at this point the "Stabswache" was still under overall control of the SA, whose membership continued to increase.

Known as "collegium", "collegia" or "corpus", these were organised groups of merchants who specialised in a particular craft and whose membership of the group was voluntary.

While attending Michigan, he was a member of Omega Psi Phi, an all-black fraternity whose membership also included Bob Mann, another Michigan end who went on to play in the NFL.

membership dues

CSG collects membership dues to offset reliance on external funds (i.e.

SAF consistently tried to keep its membership dues low, in order to attract low-paid workers.

Other than membership dues, audition websites do not charge other fees or take a percentage of income earned from jobs.

membership grew

Under Pastor Allaby, the church's membership grew to over 800 people.

The regime permitted religious publications, and church membership grew.

Its membership grew to 500 within six months, and continued to expand rapidly.

applied for membership

East Timor officially applied for membership in ASEAN on 4 March 2011.

Green then successfully applied for membership of the Scottish Football League.

It first applied for membership of the VFL in 1919, and then again in 1922 and 1923.

membership is open   (la membresía está abierta)

Aspirant membership is open to those who do not meet the criteria.

Its membership is open to those engaged in the travel trade business.

APPC membership is open to public affairs firms, in-house PA teams, and individuals.

membership card

The stores are not open to the general public, but serve the following trades: Customers can shop at Makro with a membership card.

Readers would send in for a 30p membership card, two badges, secret passwords, and could write to Dennis for agony aunt-type advice.

The members of the Special Forces Club had a cheap membership card that gave them the right to stay in London at a very modest charge.

annual membership

The service is structured on an annual membership.

In 1975, the fee for an annual membership was $10.

In addition, customers may be required to pay annual membership fees in order to shop.

group membership

Each MO has its own individual or group membership rules.

The default schema for group membership complies with RFC 2307bis (proposed).

Modern bioethicists who advocate new eugenics characterise it as a way of enhancing individual traits, regardless of group membership.

membership organisation

As a membership organisation some of these donations come by way of annual subscriptions.

The Ballarat Tourist Association is an industry based non-profit, membership organisation representing the city's tourism industry.

The establishment of the party as a national membership organisation came with the foundation of the National Liberal Federation in 1877.

associate membership

peers into "associate membership with reservations".

The sorority was granted "associate membership" by the National Panhellenic Conference in October 1923.

Interested evangelicals who do not have such a degree can apply for associate membership, without voting rights.

eligible for membership   (elegible para membresía)

Independent TDs and Senators were not eligible for membership.

Any student at West Virginia University is eligible for membership pending an audition.

All Master Masons are eligible for membership of this Order, but must be invited from a member.

membership included

In 2003, membership included the following companies:

The competition set included two new songs, and DT’s membership included seven new members.

The church's membership included many notable members such as Samuel Sewall, Samuel Adams, and Benjamin Franklin.