İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

memorial service   (Anma)

His memorial service was held in Westminster Abbey.

His 500th memorial service was observed in 1998.

During his memorial service, he returned, alive.

war memorial   (savaş Anıtı)

The central hall houses the war memorial display.

Pialba's war memorial took several years to realise.

The village war memorial is a short walk up the hill.

memorial plaque   (anıt plak)

There is a memorial plaque to him in the parish church.

Today a memorial plaque can be found there.

The Spa Cottage contains a memorial plaque dedicated to Harper.

memorial stone   (anıt taş)

A memorial stone was placed on top of his tomb in 1921.

In Ishigaki, there is the with a 1m tall memorial stone.

A memorial stone was erected there in 1987.

memorial services   (anıt hizmetleri)

Buddhism is increasingly entrusting memorial services to temples.

In addition, she left considerable amounts for memorial services and charity.

It is the primary mission of USSVI to perpetuate their memory through memorials and "tolling the boats" memorial services.

memorial tablet   (anıt tablet)

Her gravestone and adjacent memorial tablet were designed by .

In other temples, Confucius is represented by a memorial tablet.

There is a memorial tablet to Lady Grisell and Major Robert in Bowden Kirk.

memorial was erected

In 2012, a memorial was erected in Niš in his honor.

A memorial was erected in honour of the Cradock Four.

In 1994, a memorial was erected for the three murder victims.

memorial park

The birthplace of King Rama II in Amphawa District is now a memorial park.

A memorial park with a walkway and plaque marks the location of the destroyed club.

In 2011, the memorial park was declared a National Monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

memorial site   (anıt sitesi)

The first, larger mound (6 m × 15.5 m) lies immediately behind a memorial site.

The Commission chose the University of Kentucky Arboretum as its memorial site.

After the Six-Day War, Ammunition Hill was restored and turned into a park and memorial site.

memorial garden

A group of Fogelberg fans created a memorial garden in Riverfront Park in 2010.

His ashes were buried in a special memorial garden at Philippolis on 4 April 1998.

A historical marker and memorial garden were dedicated on the 1984 Day of Remembrance.

memorial was unveiled

The memorial was unveiled by William Reid (VC).

A memorial was unveiled by Arno Brok on 17 April 2018.

The memorial was unveiled on 24 April 2018.

memorial hall

The memorial hall is considered to be of local heritage significance.

The use of the land around the cenotaph and memorial hall has changed over time.

The former Ruby Tower in Binondo, Manila is now a memorial hall which stands today.

memorial concert

He also performed at the Louise Pettitt memorial concert.

After the composer's death, the hall hosted a memorial concert performed by Wakefield Cathedral Choir.

The Grateful Dead performed a cover of the song with Neil Young at the Bill Graham memorial concert on November 3, 1991.

permanent memorial   (kalıcı anıt)

A permanent memorial to Lumpy Stevens has been proposed.

Until then there had been no permanent memorial to their deaths.

Mayor John Tory announced plans to erect a permanent memorial for the attack.

public memorial   (halka açık anıt)

A public memorial service was held on the following Sunday.

A public memorial service was held at UH.

A second public memorial service was held on September 10, 2006, at Rupp Arena in Lexington.

memorial window

There is also a memorial window and some memorabilia in the church.

A memorial window to him is situated on the south wall of St Mary at the Walls, Colchester.

A memorial window to his memory is in the north aisle of St John the Baptist's Church, Chester.

memorial ceremony

A memorial ceremony has been held every year since at least 2009.

An annual memorial ceremony is held at the monument on September 11.

Many of those countries still hold the traditional memorial ceremony every year.

memorial statue

A memorial statue can be seen in his hometown Anopolis.

A memorial statue was erected in her honor in Florence in 2002.

A memorial statue of Dr. Hudson was erected near the hospital in 2004.

memorial plaques   (anıt plaklar)

The memorial plaques were dedicated on 24 June 2001.

There are three recently discovered memorial plaques in the church.

A ceramics factory has donated memorial plaques to be dispersed across the country.

memorial dedicated

Batcombe has a war memorial dedicated to those who gave their lives in World War I.

There is a stained glass window memorial dedicated to Pocock at Wesley's Chapel on the City Road in London.

The campaign culminated in the inauguration of a memorial dedicated to Hadžiahmetović on August 3, 2012 in Novi Pazar.

national memorial   (ulusal anıt)

Today, the complex serves as a national memorial monument.

It was gazetted as a 65th national memorial on 15 August 2013.

It serves as the national memorial for American D-Day veterans.