İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

working memory   (çalışan bellek)

Many models of working memory have been made.

Cognitive psychologists often study memory in terms of working memory.

One of the most regarded is the Baddeley and Hitch model of working memory.

flash memory   (flash bellek)

Toshiba commercialized NAND flash memory in 1987.

This includes some flash memory, like EEPROMs.

no memory   (hafıza yok)

He also stated that he had no memory of the crash.

Carrie has no memory of sending Will the texts.

The daughter had no memory of the incident.

memory loss   (hafıza kaybı)

I still suffer a little from short-term memory loss.

Suffering from a memory loss, Tatsumaru kills Shiunsai.

She managed to overcome it with a minimum of memory loss.

main memory   (ana hafıza)

A valid page is one that currently resides in main memory.

CPU registers), acted on, and then written back to main memory.

Therefore, the CPU might stall when it must access main memory directly.

named in memory

They had a son Paul and a daughter Eileen, named in memory of Ruth's sister.

The Lecture is named in memory of the eminent electrical engineer Bernard Price.

The street is named in memory of the 1850 Battle of Isted in the First Schleswig War.

memory card

Inside the compartment he finds a memory card.

SuperNova series and white cabinets didn't support memory card slots.

An adapter for other memory card types is also available as an accessory.

virtual memory   (sanal bellek)

Segments may also be used to implement virtual memory.

Protected memory systems almost always include virtual memory as well.

In this way, sequential pages in virtual memory do not contend for the same cache line.

recent memory   (son hafıza)

The Gungorogone were composed of 5 clans in recent memory.

Pat King of "Metro" named it "one of the catchiest songs in recent memory about outrunning the cops".

"GameSpot" gave the game a score of 8.5/10, calling it "one of the most terrifying games in recent memory".

memory management

Instead, region-based memory management is used throughout.

Ada's dynamic memory management is high-level and type-safe.

Moreover, segmentation is more of user's end of memory management scheme.

collective memory   (kolektif hafıza)

News coverage can also shape collective memory in retrospect.

The Civil War is one of the central events in American collective memory.

They both depend on the collective memory shared by both proponents and the audience.

learning and memory

Her research focused on learning and memory in pre-verbal infants.

Another plasticity-related gene involved in learning and memory is Arc/Arg3.1.

This ability for dendritic growth is thought to play a role in learning and memory formation.

shared memory

Systems could include up to 32 processors with up to 512 shared memory buses.

Figure (c) shows a parallel system in which each processor has a direct access to a shared memory.

Doors can be used to synchronize access to shared memory segments, allowing single-copy data transfer.

memory access   (hafıza erişimi)

This results in slightly reduced memory access speed.

A usual solution preserves copies of registers until a memory access completes.

JPEG), S3TC's fixed-rate data compression coupled with the single memory access (cf.

core memory

By 1954, those unreliable methods were mostly replaced by magnetic core memory.

It featured a nixie tubes display and had transistor electronics and ferrite core memory.

Additional core memory beyond 4 KW can be used to allow for additional symbol table entries.

memory cards

However, many memory cards do not have a CIS.

Some machines have the ports to insert PlayStation memory cards.

Pre-recorded phrases are stored on Secure Digital flash memory cards.

computer memory

Calculators also have the ability to store numbers into computer memory.

The instructions to be executed are kept in some kind of computer memory.

Early computer buses were bundles of wire that attached computer memory and peripherals.

episodic memory   (Bölümsel hafıza)

Destination memory plays a critical role in our episodic memory.

In 2015, a study was published about zebrafishes' capacity for episodic memory.

Similar improvements have been reported for other cognitions such as semantic and episodic memory.

internal memory

Appeal more to internal memory and conception.

All pseudo-random number generators have an internal memory or state.

The internal memory and optional MicroSD card slot makes it ideal for listening to music on the go.

memory address   (hafıza adresi)

Depending on the context, the word was treated either as an integer or a memory address.

The memory address was increased from 15 to 18 bits, for a theoretical maximum memory size of 256k words.

When a program references a memory location the offset is translated to a memory address using the page table.

living memory   (yaşayan hafıza)

There was a level of peace in the kingdom unknown in living memory.

The disasters of civil war were still fresh in living memory from the Wars of the Roses.

The United Nations described the flood, the worst to occur in the living memory of Bihar.

memory system

The 320 and 540 use a Unified Memory Architecture (UMA) memory system.

In MT, the execution units and the memory system including the caches are shared among multiple threads.

The 840, first offered in 1973, also included a new paged memory system allowing for addresses of up to 17-bits.

memory location

If each memory location holds one byte, the addressable memory space is 4 GB.

JMP 0,3 Jump to the memory location whose address is contained in accumulator 3.

A number of banks of RAM are provided, but are not permanently assigned to a memory location.

memory capacity   (hafıza kapasitesi)

The memory capacity was up to 10 6 knocks.

We do not yet know the practical limit of long-term memory capacity.

To increase memory capacity and bandwidth, chips are combined on a module.

memory space

(They had their own memory space.

If each memory location holds one byte, the addressable memory space is 4 GB.

In order to save time and memory space, much of the functionality of Emacs loads only when required.

memory controller   (bellek denetleyicisi)

The memory controller provides support for DDR and DDR2 SDRAMs.

The basic 6100 was later upgraded to the 6120, with the 6102 memory controller built-in.

The zEC12 chip has on board multi-channel DDR3 RAM memory controller supporting a RAID like configuration to recover from memory faults.

physical memory

The MC68000 can address 16 MB of physical memory.

The page table maps logical memory to physical memory.

Virtual memory is a system where all physical memory is controlled by the operating system.

term memory   (dönem hafızası)

Her research in long term memory is widely cited in psychology.

Firth has a learning difficulty that causes short term memory loss.

BDNF is critical to long term memory formation and the upkeep of neurons.

video memory

WPF supports aggressive caching of pre-rendered ClearType text in video memory.

The list price for a machine with an hard drive, main memory, and of video memory was $2,949 USD.

The video memory could be banked out, so that the entire 64K address space could be used for main memory.

more memory

Li'l Bit has one more memory to share: the summer of 1962.

An "extended 80-column card" with more memory increased the machine's RAM to 128 kB.

This method requires more memory than a line list but supplies the user with considerably more information.

honor the memory

This organization continues to honor the memory of the mine disaster.

Since 1960, Romanies from Tarnów have been coming to the region to honor the memory of the victims.

This lecture series was made possible by a generous grant from Schlumberger to honor the memory of Dijkstra.