first mentioned   (最初に言及した)

The village was first mentioned in 1345 ("Verus").

The village was first mentioned in 1248 ("Bussa").

The town was first mentioned in 1214 as "Helmech".

mentioned above   (上記の通り)

The facts mentioned above refer to the first one.

Another key pathway is the HPA axis, as mentioned above.

It has the sources of many of the systems mentioned above.

not mentioned   (述べられていません)

He was not mentioned in the will of his stepmother.

The word ""surriyya"" is not mentioned in the Qur'an.

The fate of the third brother is not mentioned.

previously mentioned   (前述しました)

As previously mentioned, pitch accenting can relate to focus.

The previously mentioned "wakhdáana" “eyeglasses” is one example.

The first, as previously mentioned, is if a player catches a ball.

mentioned in despatches

Later in November he was again mentioned in despatches.

Crichton was mentioned in despatches.

He was mentioned in despatches.

never mentioned

Lonsberry never mentioned the three-term mayor by name.

Larry is never mentioned again after this.

As far as is known, the Portuguese never mentioned the bird.

already mentioned

Besides the already mentioned “attractive factors”.

As already mentioned, the curve had to be modified.

Some of them are already mentioned in 'Scope of Work'.

often mentioned   (よく言及される)

the axiom of choice is often mentioned when used.

One of Arnold's often mentioned brothers.

King often mentioned Jennings as one of biggest influences.

mentioned in dispatches

In 1944, he was mentioned in dispatches.

He was wounded in action in France and was mentioned in dispatches.

He was mentioned in dispatches.

frequently mentioned

From the 13th century onward it is frequently mentioned.

It is frequently mentioned in historical as well in modern literature.

FitzGerald, a Democrat, was frequently mentioned as a potential gubernatorial nominee for 2014.

mentioned by name

The pub is mentioned by name in some of his books as well.

A doctor mentioned by name was Onasilaos.

There were many others mentioned by name, both Cypriot and French.

mentioned earlier

As mentioned earlier they had a system called sawei.

The car also, as mentioned earlier, is an "Urban Sanctuary".

As mentioned earlier, Allen had initially been a segregationist.

briefly mentioned

It's also briefly mentioned by H.J.R.

This view dates back to an idea briefly mentioned by Darwin but later abandoned.

Daughters of Philip The Daughters of Philip were 4 women briefly mentioned in the Bible.

mentioned several

He is mentioned several times by Tacitus in his "Annales".

Johanna and William are mentioned several times in the "Zimmern Chronicle".

Frigg is mentioned several times in the "Prose Edda" section "Skáldskaparmál".

only mentioned   (言及しただけ)

Women are only mentioned in a brief afterthought.

Eliza Rommely is Francie's third aunt that is only mentioned once.

However, again references to drugs were cut out, and only mentioned in passing.

mentioned again

The Eucharist is mentioned again in chapter 14.

Queen Hel is not mentioned again in the work.

Larry is never mentioned again after this.

mentioned below

The different variations in swaras is mentioned below.

The ones mentioned below are some of the most common ones.

Hansen and many others mentioned below.

specifically mentioned

although the actual site of the Treaty was never specifically mentioned.

However Johann Gottlieb Tielke specifically mentioned this regiment as counting 600 men.

Health care, catering and the strong leadership of the school were specifically mentioned.

mentioned in written

Poreber was mentioned in written sources in 1209.

Mažeikiai was first mentioned in written sources in 1335.

Word "baluchyn" was first mentioned in written sources for 1476.

mentioned only   (言及のみ)

That child was mentioned only once in the record.

He is mentioned only once, at lines 2160-2161.

The song title is mentioned only once throughout the whole song.

mentioned before

As mentioned before, the Monte Carlo simulation is time consuming.

Carla Estrada also produced "Lazos de Amor" (Love Ties) which was mentioned before.

As mentioned before, in Luxembourg the franc was called "Frang" (plural "Frangen").

above mentioned

However, none of the above mentioned the direction of these distances.

Aside from the above mentioned recent history, baumkuchen was already known in Ancient Greece and the latter Rome.

For example, above mentioned Oskar Loorits, was erased from indexes and thus finding his materials was very complicated.

mentioned several times

He is mentioned several times by Tacitus in his "Annales".

Johanna and William are mentioned several times in the "Zimmern Chronicle".

Frigg is mentioned several times in the "Prose Edda" section "Skáldskaparmál".

last mentioned   (最後に言及した)

She is last mentioned in "Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh".

Benedict was last mentioned by sources on 18 November 1276.

Bishop Peter was last mentioned in a royal charter of April 1, 1314.

mentioned during

Its members are first mentioned during the last three centuries of the Republic.

Alfred is not mentioned during the short reigns of his older brothers Æthelbald and Æthelberht.

Oină was first mentioned during the rule of Vlaicu Vodă in 1364, when it spread all across Wallachia.

explicitly mentioned

Baháʼís were themselves explicitly mentioned.

Consistency is henceforth taken for granted unless explicitly mentioned.

It was explicitly mentioned as one of the towns the governorate comprised.

mentioned in several

The town is mentioned in several medieval sources.

It is mentioned in several ancient writings.

Freyr is mentioned in several of the poems in the "Poetic Edda".

mentioned in documents

Khyriv was first mentioned in documents from 1374.

It was first mentioned in documents dating to 1156.

He is mentioned in documents between 1339 and 1368.

mentioned here   (ここに言及)

There are many others not all mentioned here.

A castle is mentioned here in 984 AD, called "Castrum Gallicani".

Passenger stations not mentioned here are in the lowest categories, 6 or 7.

later mentioned

He is later mentioned once by Josh in "The Wedding".

Brian later mentioned it was the worst experience of his life.

She is later mentioned frequently.

mentioned previously   (前述した)

As mentioned previously, francium is expected to be an exception.

Following is the text of the original song from The Jacobite Relics of Scotland mentioned previously.

As mentioned previously, the term "faculty" in BrE refers more to a collection of related academic departments.

even mentioned

Their sixth single, "Because of you", was even mentioned to have an "American style" to it.

It was even mentioned on the PPV broadcast that it was Larry's idea, even mentioning Dan Rafael by name.

Shoe-throwing as an insult dates back to ancient times, even mentioned at Psalm 108:9 in the Old Testament.

again mentioned

Later in November he was again mentioned in despatches.

The missing funds were never again mentioned in Congress.

In "Island Life", Wallace again mentioned deforestation and invasive species.

rarely mentioned

This degree was rarely mentioned in his later life.

Cats are rarely mentioned in ancient Greek literature.

Pamphleteers North and South rarely mentioned the tariff.

name is mentioned

His name is mentioned by Snoop Dogg in the intro of the album.

Not a single name is mentioned.

His name is mentioned in manuscripts of Shio-Mgvime monastery dated to 1270.

village is mentioned

The village is mentioned in the "Domesday" survey.

In 768, the village is mentioned as Enghisehaim.

The village is mentioned first in archive documents in 1487.

name was mentioned

The Greek name was mentioned by Diodorus Siculus and Strabo.

Also Amanda's last name was mentioned as "Tanen-Sommers" in this episode.

Its first known castellan was named Florian, his name was mentioned in 1239.

mentioned in historical

The family's Persian ethnicity is mentioned in historical texts.

It is frequently mentioned in historical as well in modern literature.

It was also the last time the name Lentienses was mentioned in historical documents.

mentioned in passing

Quantities, if given, are mentioned in passing.

It is also mentioned in passing in "The Tale of Genji".

However, again references to drugs were cut out, and only mentioned in passing.

mentioned as having

She was also mentioned as having worked with the Ice Pack, which did not exist in that continuity.

In later documents the rotunda as the castle chapel is mentioned as having saint Wenceslas as its patron saint.

He is mentioned as having conducted building projects in Assur, and he and his successors took the title "Išši’ak Aššur" (meaning viceroy of Ashur).

mentioned among

The ship was mentioned among the "Workboat Significant Boats of 2009" list.

In 2018, DevTernity has been mentioned among the best software engineering conferences of 2018.

In January 1977 Thomas was mentioned among all the MSU professors that contributed to "The Third Coast".

mentioned how

Earlier in the review they mentioned how much work and trouble it is for the simplest of tasks.

Before the service, Levi mentioned how he admired Ted Haggard and was looking forward to meeting him.

He mentioned how the episode was shown in three parties; the different ages, classes, as well as who belongs where.