merged to form   (フォームにマージされました)

In 1925 all film organizations merged to form "Sovkino".

In 1985, and SunBanks merged to form SunTrust Banks, Inc.

and Scouting Ireland (CSI) merged to form Scouting Ireland.

later merged   (後で合併)

Vladivostok Air was later merged into Aurora.

(Applied later merged with Perkin-Elmer).

The Midway School District later merged into Harts Bluff ISD.

when it merged   (合併したとき)

Both passed to the Midland Railway when it merged the LT&SR in 1912.

There were 38 White Drug Stores when it merged with Thrifty Drug in 1985.

Deepgreen ceased to be listed when it merged with Cambrian Mining in 2004.

merged to create

The town consists of villages that were merged to create Zolote.

In 1971 all three schools merged to create a comprehensive school named Richmond School.

Kang Duk Won Kang Duk Won was one of the original 9 kwans that eventually merged to create the Kukkiwon system.

company merged   (会社合併)

The company merged with Bell Markets in the mid-1970s.

The company merged with A-Film in May 2013.

In 2004 the company merged with Proceq.

then merged

It was then merged with the Charter magazine "Redbook".

It was then merged into "Valiant", forming "Valiant and Smash".

Guinness then merged with Grand Metropolitan to form Diageo in 1997.

merged with other   (他と合併)

In 1973, the bank merged with other Orlando banks to become SunBanks.

"Yuya", his hometown, was merged with other towns into Nagato City in 2005.

In 2007 it was merged with other municipalities to form the new Vejle Municipality.

merged to become   (合併して)

Later, the two groups merged to become Baekje.

In 1973 they merged to become American Financial Group.

In 2013, the schools officially merged to become Melba College.

eventually merged

The pantheons were eventually merged once more centuries later.

It collaborated with and eventually merged into the Conservative party.

eventually merged in 1971).

merged with another   (別のものと合併)

It was merged with another Directorate, Aircraft Safety.

It was merged with another unit to form a new regiment in 1927.

In 2011, Violator merged with another company, Primary Wave to form Primary Violator.

club merged

In October 2018, the club merged with Cheongju FC.

In late 2017, the club merged with Red Lions F.C.

In 2018, the club merged with Cheongju City FC.

merged company   (合併会社)

His share of the merged company was 4.9%.

Gulinyan was appointed the general director of the merged company.

On 1 December 2006, the merged company, Alcatel-Lucent, began operations.

now merged

(These rights are now merged in the occupation franchise.)

The smaller crater Wolf B has overlaid the southern rim, and the two have now merged into one formation.

The river is now merged into Sungei Sembawang, which currently has the mouth of the former Sungei Senoko.

party merged

In 1937 the party merged into the Socialist Party.

The party merged with several centre-left clubs.

In 2016 the party merged into the Jubilee Party.

subsequently merged

The Group subsequently merged with United in 2007.

Madison subsequently merged into Allegheny College in 1833.

Both charities subsequently merged to become Action on Addiction in 2007.

merged back   (マージバック)

But on 6 August 1997, Paspébiac-Ouest was merged back into Paspébiac.

PICC P&C was first established as a subsidiary in 1996 but disestablished and merged back in 1999.

In 2015, OSKP was merged back into the OSK Group and subsequently delisted from the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia.

newly merged

The first president of the newly merged school was Rabbi Bernard (Dov) Revel.

The newly merged mixed school was called West Coventry Academy from September 2017

Sheikh Suleiman bin Ahmed Mimish was the first president of the newly merged club.

companies merged

The two companies merged customer bases and operations.

The two companies merged that spring as 20th Century-Fox.

The oil industry was too large and many companies merged.

formally merged

Beth Shalome formally merged with Congregation Beth Ahabah.

The SCDF and the Singapore Fire Service were formally merged in 1989.

The German Naval Group has now been formally merged under the ThyssenKrupp companies.

officially merged

In 2013, the schools officially merged to become Melba College.

On September 4, 2001, First Union and Wachovia officially merged.

In 2016, the club was officially merged with city rivals Dolphins F.C.

abolished and merged

On August 15, 1922 the district was abolished and merged into Denisov District.

On October 3, 1959, Idritsky District was abolished and merged into Sebezhsky District.

On February 1, 1963 Roshchinsky District was abolished and merged into Vyborgsky District.

until it merged

Gaia Trafikk Gaia Trafikk was the largest public transportation provider in Bergen and Os, Norway until it merged with HSD forming Tide.

The WSPA radio stations were sold off in 1998, but WSPA-TV remained the flagship of the company until it merged with Media General in 2000.

Yongkang was formerly the largest city of Tainan County until it merged with Tainan City to form the new Tainan municipality and became Yongkang District on 25 December 2010.

school merged   (学校が合併しました)

In 2018, the school merged with Ashdell Preparatory school.

In 1994, the school merged with Cheam School, near Newbury, Berkshire.

In 1910, the school merged with the Epworth College of Medicine in Oklahoma City.