Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

first met   (lần đầu gặp)

They first met at the Lux Beauty Pageant in 2004.

The 'tripartite group' first met on 17 January 2020.

He first met Bhaktivedanta Swami in Dallas, USA.

never met   (chưa bao giờ gặp)

Due to poor marketing, sales never met expectations.

A planned national general assembly never met.

It is likely that Garth never met his father.

whom he met   (người mà anh ấy đã gặp)

Upton is married to Liz whom he met at university.

He has authored five books with Bill Bruns whom he met in 1973.

Another Britten & Gilson employee was Mary Lowndes whom he met in 1893.

met his future   (gặp tương lai của anh ấy)

Later that year he met his future wife Eva Balazs.

It was there that he met his future wife, Shawnee.

Grimaldi met his future wife, Maria Hughes in 1796.

met and married

He met and married his wife Yoshi Tamaki in Japan.

There he met and married Rosa Cortez, a divorcee.

It was there that Holt met and married Lucille Hamer.

met his wife

It was also in Essex that he met his wife, Sattie.

In 1890, he met his wife, Elizabeth Gavino Hubert.

Nebel met his wife, Dorothy Blank, in Paris in 1928.

not met

Ghosn promised to resign if these goals were not met.

The two teams have not met in the postseason.

She has not met the man prior to the wedding.

met up

The teams finally met up during the 2013 season.

Galileo and Tarde met up a few times after this.

Larry met up with the three girls in City Walk.

met again

English and Scottish representatives met again.

They met again in Japan, but Ismail won again.

At Rusk's request, Fomin and Scali met again.

met during

In total he met during 1 day of parliamentary session.

In total he met during 6 days of parliamentary session.

In total she met during 17 days of parliamentary session.

met with mixed

The single was met with mixed to positive reviews.

The game was met with mixed reviews upon release.

met when   (gặp khi)

They met when Nelson was 12 and interested in puppets.

The couple first met when they were thirteen.

They met when he was working on a mural project at the hospital.

teams met

The world's top two teams met in the grand finals.

One year later, the two teams met again in the at Mile High Stadium.

The teams met again in the 1985 Grand Final, which Essendon also won.

met her future   (gặp tương lai của cô ấy)

At Wagner she met her future husband, Donald Burry.

At this time, she met her future agent Chafika.

However, it was while here that she met her future husband.

when he met   (khi anh ấy gặp)

It was during his stay in Canton when he met his wife.

when he met a woman wearing a T-shirt with a ladybug on it.

He concluded his campaign on 25 May when he met citizens at Baťa's institute.

met with positive   (gặp tích cực)

said: "Hell III" was met with positive reception.

The opening ceremony was met with positive reviews.

"No Love Deep Web" was met with positive reviews.

whom she met

In 1945 she married Jack Thomas, whom she met while on service in India.

She is a frequent duo partner with Huw Watkins whom she met at university.

On 3 October 2011 Williams married Matthew Henaughan whom she met in 2009.

then met

He then met Ibaraki-dōji, and together aimed for Kyoto.

Osrane then met Bullet to form a group.

Djajakusuma fled the city, then met up with Republican forces.

met her husband

In 2006, Denhollander met her husband, Jacob.

His mother immigrated to Germany and met her husband there.

Adler met her husband John in law school.

ever met

She stated that he "was the first gay that [I'd] ever met."

"I honestly think Mariska is one of the funniest women I have ever met.

Powell said he regarded Emerson as one of the most caring officers he ever met.

met through

Avraham and Leah Steinsaltz met through Zeitlin.

They met through the Debaters' Association of Victoria.

Day and Foxe probably met through Cecil, and the two became close collaborators.

met with critical   (gặp nguy kịch)

"NTS Sessions 1–4" has been met with critical acclaim.

"The Sciences" was met with critical acclaim.

His 2014 autobiography "" was met with critical acclaim.

having met

Grady married Virginia "Ginny" Lewsader in 1985, having met her at Disneyland.

In 1982 Gary published "Life Among the Magars" after having met with the King of Nepal.

She is married to Team dimension data cyclist Mark Cavendish, having met him in November 2010.

met with generally

The album was met with generally positive reviews.

"Trilogy" was met with generally positive reviews.

"Longing" was met with generally positive reviews.

met each

They met each other while their respective bands were on tour together.

They first met each other as schoolmates in Sylvia Young Theatre School.

With just three rounds to go, both sides met each square on 18 points each.

when they met   (khi họ gặp nhau)

Miami was No.1 and Notre Dame No.4 when they met in South Bend, Ind.

Richard was still married to his first wife, Lizzie Halley, when they met.

However, when they met in person in 1825, they quarrelled; the details are unknown.

met fellow   (gặp đồng bào)

While there he met fellow Rip Slyme member Pes.

In 1953, he met fellow immigrant John Saunders.

While at Harvard, he met fellow student Steve Ballmer.

met each other   (gặp nhau)

They met each other while their respective bands were on tour together.

They first met each other as schoolmates in Sylvia Young Theatre School.

Each of the Matoran brought their Toa stone and met each other at the Great Temple.

later met

Mentor later met Rick Jones and Captain Mar-Vell.

He later met Ugo Foscolo in villa Belvedere in Florence.

Obama later met with Parker and her mother.

met many

He met many of his future connections through his bondsman business.

He also met many intellectuals and attended social and artistic events.

In this time, he met many difficulties but also received countless emotions.

met to discuss   (gặp để thảo luận)

In July 2006, the G8 met to discuss international energy concerns.

In 2007, the city's Open Space Committee met to discuss the feasibility of adding city dog parks.

In May 1954, the Sultan, Resident and High Commissioner met to discuss the findings of the committee.

met and befriended

There he met and befriended DuBose Heyward.

There he met and befriended Bat Masterson.

In his younger days, Li Sheng met and befriended Cao Shuang.

when she met   (khi cô ấy gặp)

Josephine was 35 years old when she met Swamiji.

She was already a teacher when she met William Drew Robeson.

Her second bout was on January 6 of '98, when she met Cinthya Prouder.

met before

[...] They were like no one I'd met before, really."

The two sides had met before in the competition in 2006, when Sevilla won 3–0.

And then there is a flashback about how he and Nandini met before but she lost her memory.

met with little   (gặp ít)

However, they met with little success.

Chryses pleaded with Agamemnon to free his daughter but was met with little success.

The Mk.I met with little success in its initial tune for the 1964 and 1965 Le Mans races.

met with resistance

However, Alexander met with resistance at Gaza.

Initially, the idea of using ultrasound imaging was met with resistance.

When first established, the NFWW was met with resistance from others within the trade union movement.

group met

The group met in a trailer in Santa Barbara to practice meditation.

The negotiating group met almost weekly from February through May 2008.

The group met alternately in different villages on the first Tuesday of each month.

met with opposition

This idea immediately met with opposition.

The move was met with opposition from some Republican lawmakers.

Plans to discontinue this service originating in the USA in 2007 met with opposition.

met several

The company met several times for training, but was not called into action.

British and German officers met several times on these days to exchange gifts.

Kato and Horii then met several hours per day during the first year of development to write the game's plot.

initially met

"Sociobiology" was initially met with substantial criticism.

"Monkey Grip" initially met with a mixed reception in Australia.

The band initially met whilst at university in Guildford, Surrey.

again met

In the final, Spain once again met Norway.

Kerry advanced to the All-Ireland final, where they once again met Mayo.

Bubblegum once again met the PCW Champion T-Bone on the 2 June show, Guild Wars.

met with criticism   (gặp những lời chỉ trích)

Gurdon's article was met with criticism by many.

A new mortuary was opened in Kingston by 1905, but met with criticism.

Despite the wild popularity of his shows, Galal has met with criticism.

previously met   (đã gặp trước đây)

The two previously met at Invicta FC 28 in March 2018.

Davis had previously met Chenier went he was touring in Canada.

The lower school (K–6) previously met at Saint John’s Episcopal Church.

met all

Apart from these problems, the locomotives met all expectations.

In 2005, WCHS met all NCLB goals.

"Sverre Viking" had flown 6,948 hours as of January 7 and had met all maintenance requirements.

album was met

The album was met with generally positive reviews.

The album was met with overall critical acclaim.

The album was met with a positive reception.

met with great   (gặp tuyệt vời)

This concept was taken to community meetings and met with great enthusiasm.

In this environment, her style of drawing pretty women met with great approval.

Madonna's Russian shows in Moscow and Saint Petersburg were met with great controversy.

met and became

Campbell and Hondros met and became best friends in high school.

He returned to Paris where he met and became friends with Jean-Paul Sartre.

Both Kemistry and Storm grew up in Kettering, where they met and became friends.

met his first

It was in 1995 that Yoshino met his first boyfriend.

Drake met his first wife, Gerturd Salmond, overseas.

Morgan met his first wife in Kent in the early 1980s.

couple met   (gặp nhau)

The couple met while they co-starred in "Célestine".

The couple met after Page noticed Portner on Instagram.

The couple met while both were studying in Oxford, England.

often met   (thường gặp)

It often met in Philadelphia for review of the P-J work.

Here he often met with the elderly Aristide Cavaillé-Coll.

He often met Emperor Dezong alone, under the guise of discussing financial matters.

conditions are met

the exit conditions are met), the shortest path is evaluated.

Social assistance includes welfare benefits defined by law, and is therefore provided when conditions are met.

If the conditions are met and a mahr and contract are agreed upon, an Islamic marriage ceremony, or wedding, can take place.

finally met   (cuối cùng đã gặp)

The teams finally met up during the 2013 season.

The two men finally met in person in 1842.

Keith Haring had been following the SAMO graffiti and finally met Basquiat in 1979.

time he met

It was at this time he met professional wrestler Adam Pearce.

During this time he met and married his wife, May, an American pianist.

During this time he met Florencio Varela and Domingo Faustino Sarmiento.

members met

The other members met him online and he was asked to join.

Its members met weekly.

The members met periodically for discussions with themes of nationalism and antisemitism.

only met   (chỉ gặp)

Prior to this year-long collaboration, the co-authors had only met twice.

Francie only met her once.

Helios began to think of her as "his Cassandra" even though they only met once over a year ago.

met regularly

Barnard and Campbell met regularly for early breakfast.

The Society met regularly at the Great Pontack (Halifax).

The association is managed by a governing board, which has met regularly for over 130 years.

met future   (gặp tương lai)

There he met future cartoonists Wally Wood and Roy Krenkel.

In 1963, Lifeson met future Rush drummer John Rutsey in school.

While in 57 Men, the two met future Wang Chung drummer, Darren Costin.

met with widespread   (gặp rộng rãi)

"Ta13oo" was met with widespread critical acclaim.

This proposal and name have met with widespread acceptance.

"Until the Quiet Comes" was met with widespread critical acclaim.

armies met

On October 11, both armies met near Simbirsk.

The two armies met at Newbury, Berkshire, on 20 September.

Both armies met at the Battle of Yerbas Buenas (April 27, 1813).

met and fell

On the ship he met and fell in love with Xiang Jingyu.

During this time, Jacob met and fell in love with Betty.

She moved to South Africa where she met and fell in love with her ex husband.

met with strong

The measure was met with strong public opposition and did not pass.

They are met with strong opposition from Krug and decide to leave him alone.

These protests were met with strong resistance from the population majority.

eventually met

Kim Bok-dong eventually met a man whom she fell in love with.

He eventually met his goal of $50,000.

Musgraves eventually met Ruston Kelly at the Bluebird Café in Nashville.

met with much

The novel was also met with much criticism.

This was met with much celebration from local residents and tourists.

The new qualifying format has been met with much criticism from drivers.

convention met

The American Labor state convention met on August 10.

A national convention met the following year.

On July 4 and 5, 1930 this founding convention met in Chicago.

sides met

The opposing sides met at Dunkou (沌口, in modern Wuhan).

With just three rounds to go, both sides met each square on 18 points each.

To stop the bloodshed both sides met to agree on conditions of a cease-fire.

not be met

for armour, could not be met due to the lack of manpower and capital investment.

A consequence could be that the initial objectives concerning safety improvements will not be met.

According to estimates the demand stood at 1.5 million vehicles in 2007, which could not be met by the local producers.

originally met

The shire court originally met at Northampton.

The First Dáil originally met in the Mansion House in 1919.

McTaggart originally met Panek on a musicians' networking website.

met with success

Again the Afro Celt Sound System met with success.

All three met with success, Nicks being the most popular.

Several more tests were made, none of which met with success.

parents met

Her parents met as music students at the Juilliard School.

His parents met in college.

Gajdel's parents met in a German labour camp during the Second World War.

men met

Eleven men met him in Greensboro, NC, in late October 1987.

The two men met in Rome in 1870.

The first class of 14 young men met in the St. Paul's lecture hall that year.

last met   (gặp lần cuối)

The two teams had last met in 2002, with Miami winning, 63–17.

The cousins last met in 1936.

It had last met in 1614.

met while working

The two met while working on "The Shield".

Linehan and Mathews first met while working at "Hot Press".

Garrett Boone and Kip Tindell met while working in the paint department of Montgomery Ward.

soon met

They soon met with twelve club-wielding police officers.

C.L Sonnichsen relates that Oliver and Perry soon met Cherokee Bill.

The Polish-Ukrainian military thrust soon met the Red Army counterattack.

leaders met

On July 11, the leaders met with Roosevelt in the White House.

The Southern leaders met in Montgomery, Alabama, to write their constitution.

Taiwan president Ma and China president Xi leaders met on Saturday, November 7, 2015 in Singapore.

met with considerable

These changes were met with considerable criticism by the students.

He had already met with considerable success in Germany and France.

Even the truncated version was met with considerable controversy by UK film critics.

met a young

Aged 18, she met a young man from New Madrid, Missouri named Louis Till.

While holding this position, he met a young woman, by the name of Fleuriau.

There he met a young volunteer Red Cross worker from Lille named Yvonne Aubicq.

met once

On 1 November 1854, 10,000 miners met once again at Bakery Hill.

In 2002 Bishop Hannan and Trinity met once again in the Eastern Final.

The teams also met once at this Major, in which Astralis edged out Na'Vi 16-14.

met other   (gặp người khác)

Gray also met other acquaintances of Glading's at the flat.

He met other influential poets while he taught at Princeton.

At the Akropong mission station, he met other missionaries, Widmann, Dieterle and Joseph Mohr.

met twice

The two had briefly met twice during the war.

Since October 1960, the forum has met twice a year - May and November.

Prior to this year-long collaboration, the co-authors had only met twice.

already met

He had already met Lee in Newport who moved to London afterwards.

He had already met with considerable success in Germany and France.

Nietzsche had already met Richard Wagner in Leipzig in 1868 and later Wagner's wife, Cosima.

met another   (gặp người khác)

He met another woman after moving to Dorset.

Plus, Rodney has met another girl, Zoe, from the roller-disco.

Burdett first traveled to Stockholm and met another contact, "Mr. Miller".

met the requirements

In February 2020, David Rolde's campaign met the requirements for recognition.

It was Mr. Love who set up a surveying course that met the requirements of the Victorian Board of Surveying requirements.

The memo formally directed them to exercise their enforcement discretion on behalf of individuals who met the requirements.

met only   (chỉ gặp)

Benjamin Franklin and Dashkova met only once, in Paris in 1781.

Over the next two years, the Combined Policy Committee met only eight times.

His parents met only in post-"Zero Hour" continuity, but he arrived before the event.

game was met

The game was met with mixed reviews upon release.

The game was met with positive reception upon release.

forces met

The two forces met on December 14, 1600.

The two forces met at the intersection of where these two roads met.

On June 9, 1863, opposing cavalry forces met at Brandy Station, near Culpeper, Virginia.

met his second

He met his second wife, Cordelia Urueta, at the studio of Pastor Velázquez.

He married again in 1934; he met his second wife, Katharine Margaret Fox, on a skiing trip.

He met his second wife Cynthia Jane Carter in Istanbul, where the latter was a schoolteacher.

met with mostly

"Hockey" was met with mostly positive reception.

"Head Down" has been met with mostly positive reviews.

"Slow Fade" met with mostly positive reception from music critics.

pair met   (cặp gặp nhau)

The pair met years ago when she was just starting her career as an anchor.

The pair met and duelled once in Holland; now Boyet demands revenge for the wound he then received.

The pair met at the 1999 U.S. Open after Vargas sought an interview with Cohn's friend, Andre Agassi.

film was met   (phim đã được đáp ứng)

The film was met with both popular and critical acclaim.

The film was met with generally negative reviews from critics.

The film was met mixed reviews and grossed $240.6 million worldwide.

teams had met

It was the second time the teams had met in the final; Dublin won the first encounter in 1995.

band met

In December 2009 the band met record producer Phil Tennant.

The band met with limited success and split up after one album.

In 1999, the band met Erwin Fajardo, to become the new keyboardist.

met and began

In 1926, Sullivan met and began dating Sylvia Weinstein.

While there, he met and began apprenticing under master luthier David Simpson.

It was during this time that he met and began occasionally performing with Linda Sharar.

met the same

Antinori was strangled in his cell two days before Leonora met the same fate.

His son, Veera Ballala IV met the same fate in c. 1346, bringing to an end the rule of the Hoysalas.

The hag grew thirstier, and sent her son, though he demanded the golden cloak; he met the same fate as his sister.

committee met   (ủy ban đã gặp)

The first interim committee met in Kuala Lumpur in 1971.

The committee met twice.

The committee met on 29 October 1920 in Aligarh in United Province, British India.

state convention met   (hội nghị nhà nước đã gặp)

The American Labor state convention met on August 10.

The American Labor state convention met on September 6 and nominated W.E.B.

The American Labor state convention met on September 3 and endorsed Lehman.

film met   (phim đã gặp)

Her acting in the film met with poor reviews.

The film met with positive reviews and was a box office success.

This film met with negative reviews, and was a box office failure.