Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

midget submarines   (submarinos enanos)

"Kanimbla" was one of several Allied vessels located in Sydney Harbour during the covert attack by Japanese midget submarines on the night of 31 May 1942.

It also inherited five CB-class midget submarines left by Italy, however only two of them were operable by July 1944 and were not used in offensive action.

It consisted of four motor torpedo boats, five explosive motorboats, six CB class midget submarines, and a number of 35-ton coastal submarines and MAS boats.

midget submarine   (submarino enano)

"Gregson has made his part of Alec Duffy, midget submarine commander, good and husky."

Wreck of one of the midget submarine still lies underwater in the bay facing the village.

Later Ben and Cat go over to Chuck's house, loading a torpedo into Chuck's midget submarine.