before midnight   (真夜中の前に)

Swanson left Canby for the drive home before midnight.

"U-432" sank "Evros" and "Barfonn" just before midnight.

The show ends shortly before midnight.

until midnight   (深夜まで)

It was not until midnight that the shelling subsided.

Connie is heartbroken, until the servants arrange a limousine she can use until midnight.

At the concert, Hyatt patiently waited for the concert to be over as it stretched on until midnight.

around midnight   (真夜中近くに)

They rest around midnight and then continue to graze before dawn.

Harriss was born in London, England, around midnight between 16 and 17 December 1862.

The fire was discovered on the main vehicle deck at around midnight on the 22/23 April.

shortly after midnight   (真夜中過ぎ)

He was hanged at Landsberg Prison shortly after midnight on June 7, 1951.

Lederman was born in Philadelphia shortly after midnight on July 20, 1983.

The Tarrant Rushton gliders landed in occupied France shortly after midnight.

just after midnight   (真夜中過ぎ)

Return flights are just after midnight on the same day.

A second torpedo attack just after midnight hit the ship.

The first, just after midnight on 14/15 June, hit three ships "Etrib", "Pelayo" and "Slemdal", sinking all three.