square mile   (平方マイル)

The Cantonment Reno site is one square mile in size.

The population density was 3,572.2 people per square mile.

The population density was 3,154 per square mile (1232/km).

per square mile   (平方マイルあたり)

The population density was 3,572.2 people per square mile.

The population density was 3,154 per square mile (1232/km).

The population density was 748.4 per square mile (289.2/km²).

half a mile   (半マイル)

Alnmouth railway station is about half a mile away.

It is about half a mile to the east of Speech House.

It is less than half a mile from U.S. Route 51.

quarter mile   (クォーターマイル)

A lightning arrester was installed every quarter mile.

Performance was 7.7 seconds for with a 15.9 s/86.4 mph quarter mile run.

In 1904 he was eliminated in the semi-final of the quarter mile competition.

mile south   (南マイル)

The facility is about one mile south of New York State Thruway exit 44.

Rescuers found the wreckage a quarter mile south of Bird Island in Utah Lake.

The quarry is next to the A4136 road, and about one mile south of Mitcheldean.

half mile

Distance markers are located at every half mile.

It is located a half mile west of U.S. 1.

It is about half mile east of Dymock.

mile north

Another mile north of Dodge Street is N-64, known as Maple Street.

Pymore, Dorset Pymore is a small village one mile north of Bridport, Dorset.

The Burn, a small Georgian estate, is located approximately 1 mile north of Edzell.

mile away

Alnmouth railway station is about half a mile away.

The blast was felt up to half a mile away.

The closest CTA Purple Line station is Linden, about a mile away.

mile long   (マイル長)

There is a 10 mile long hiking and biking trail.

Trail #2 was called "Camino Ortolaza" and was 0.5 mile long.

This trail is 0.4 mile long, it is a medium challenge trail.

mile west

It met Trail #9 at a point about 0.2 mile west of PR-546.

It is located a half mile west of U.S. 1.

The well is located about one mile west of Bobtown on Bald Hill Church Road.

mile east

A spring exists about three-quarters of a mile east."

It is about half mile east of Dymock.

branches off from High St. about 1/2 mile east of downtown Carlisle.

per mile

Tickets were sold at approximately 2 cents per mile.

These grants were later doubled to per mile of grade by the 1864 Act.

Both of those aircraft could carry more people, at a lower cost per mile.

nautical mile   (海里)

The second stage was a 231 nautical mile leg from New York City to Newport.

From 2011-2014, the first stage was a 648 nautical mile double-handed leg from Charleston to New York City.

On 3 October 1943, "Empire Activity" was wrecked on Peckford Reef Newfoundland at , 1 nautical mile south of the Peckford Reef.

mile before

The stream passes under Missouri Route 30 about one mile before it enters Heads Creek.

The two matched strides for the first mile before Good Magic tired somewhat down the stretch.

This trail runs along a river for about 1/4 mile before it comes to the sign "Piscina" pointing left.

approximately one mile

Suches is approximately one mile from the Appalachian Trail (AT) as it passes through Woody Gap.

The lake is irregular in shape, with numerous peninsulas and bays, and is approximately one mile in diameter.

After World War II, the C&S RR was extended to Peachtree Jct., approximately one mile from Centerville Station.

last quarter mile   (最後の四分の一マイル)

Fallon restrained the filly in the early stages before moving forward in the last quarter mile.

Billesdon Brook raced towards the rear of the field before making a forward move approaching the last quarter mile.

He looked exhausted however in the last quarter mile and was overtaken by the 33/1 outsider Felstead who won by one and a half lengths.

mile marker   (マイルマーカー)

The southernmost tip of the key is on U.S. 1 (or the Overseas Highway), at approximately mile marker 28.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) maintains mile marker signs every mile along the highway.

The grounds and tower are closed to the public, however they are visible from U.S. Route 101 near mile marker 166.

mile race   (マイルレース)

Soon after the mile race in Rome, she began to suffer from stomach upsets.

After running a solid 4:55.7 on her miling debut, she was selected for an international mile race in Rome on 16 May.

Additionally the city is home to the largest 5 mile race in Texas, named the Turkey Trot as it is run annually on thanksgiving.

within a mile

The Birmingham and Derby Junction Railway passes within a mile.

'When within a mile or two of the Dana, the party was suddenly attacked by robbers.

The community is located along Pennsylvania Route 160 within a mile of the borough of Central City.

mile wide

The Miramichi River is nearly a mile wide here.

The eastern lake is the smallest of the three, approximately three miles long and a mile wide.

A ten-foot high mass of snow, half a mile long and a quarter of a mile wide, fell toward the town.

mile run

In 1962, Truex won the national championships in the 3 mile run.

Performance was 7.7 seconds for with a 15.9 s/86.4 mph quarter mile run.

A women's mile run was first added in 1968 and changed to 1500 m two years later.

last mile   (ラストマイル)

The last mile of track in Brunswick is owned by MaineDOT.

The trail straightens for the last mile, but gains elevation quickly.

The last mile is very technical, exposed and parallels the Colorado River.

located one mile

The falls are located one mile (1.6 km) east of Bridal Veil Falls.

Freehold Airport is located one mile west of the town and is a major hub for gliders.

It is located one mile south of South Dakota Highway 28, five miles west of Lake Norden.

river mile

The bridge crosses the river between LaSalle and Oglesby, at river mile 225.8.

It joins the Deschutes River at river mile 83.7 (134.7 km upstream from the mouth of the Deschutes).

Creation of Lake Shafer began in 1922 with the construction of the Norway Dam at river mile 30.2 above the confluence of the Wabash River.