square miles   (平方マイル)

The district covers approximately 125 square miles.

The total area for the MSA is 1,902.45 square miles.

The district had an area of eleven square miles.

miles north   (北のマイル)

It was located 9.7 miles north of Marianna, Florida.

It is located 70 miles north of Dnipropetrovsk.

Bassein (or Vasai) is about 30 miles north of Bombay.

few miles   (数マイル)

Landeck is located a few miles outside of Delphos.

It was located a few miles southeast of Clay Center.

It is situated a few miles to the west of Darlington.

miles south   (南マイル)

The neighborhood is five miles south of The Loop.

Central London is about 60 miles south of M40 junction 10.

The pass is a few miles south of Grand Teton National Park.

miles away   (数マイル先)

They trace Orson to his lake cabin 70 miles away.

It was strong enough to be felt several miles away.

Carbost lies around 2.5 miles away from Portnalong.

nautical miles   (海里)

This gave a range of 3,500 nautical miles at 15 knots.

Cameroon controls 12 nautical miles of the Atlantic Ocean.

He recorded the distance as 3,618 nautical miles (6710 km).

miles west

Oakville is 35 miles west of Winnipeg off highway 13.

Latitude Festival takes place a couple of miles west.

It is located three miles west of Ochopee on U.S. 41.

miles east

The site is around three miles east of Trébeurden.

It was located about six miles east of Woonsocket.

It is two miles east of Mott on North Dakota Highway 21.

several miles

It was strong enough to be felt several miles away.

Carroll retired several miles north on the Luray Road.

The highway continues on for several miles in this way.

miles per   (1マイルあたり)

The maximum speed limit is 30 miles per hour.

Aircraft travel at 10,000 miles per hour.

During the storm, oak wilt spread at up to 100 miles per hour.

miles per hour   (時速マイル)

The maximum speed limit is 30 miles per hour.

Aircraft travel at 10,000 miles per hour.

During the storm, oak wilt spread at up to 100 miles per hour.

miles northwest   (マイル北西)

The campus is 15 miles northwest of Scranton on U.S.

It is 12 miles northwest of Lincoln on the A156 road.

Wheatley house, about 2 miles northwest of Kelly's Ford.

ten miles

It stands on a hill about ten miles from Lincoln.

He introduced the penny postage to areas within ten miles of Sydney.

"The body of a sailor was found ten miles this side of Point Abbaye."

miles southwest   (南西マイル)

It is about two miles southwest of Mount Carmel.

They began a large-scale rebellion 75 miles southwest of Delhi.

It lies just off the A53 main road about 4 miles southwest of Buxton.

miles northeast   (北東のマイル)

It is located 15 miles northeast of Monrovia.

It is located 17.5 miles northeast of Yermo, California.

The site is located about 5 miles northeast of Stroudsburg.

miles southeast   (南東マイル)

Auburn is five miles southeast of Downtown Greeley.

It was located a few miles southeast of Clay Center.

The convoy was then 200 miles southeast of the Azores.

miles long   (数マイル)

Cross Bay Boulevard is approximately 7 miles long.

The outer loop trail around the lake is 10.3 miles long.

4 wires, each of which was four miles long.

half miles

The channel's waterway is three and a half miles in length.

The most fished reaches are the lower three and a half miles.

Irby is just over five and a half miles from the village of Keelby.

hundred miles   (百マイル)

Alaskans often include winter camping on longer journeys of a hundred miles or more.

There were several reports of 50 people killed in Beijing, a hundred miles from the epicenter.

The city is square in shape, and is twelve thousand furlongs long and wide (fifteen hundred miles).

miles off

She now resides in 74 ft. of water about seven miles off Chicago.

She rests upright in 70' in Lake Michigan about 10 miles off Chicago's coast.

The town is located about 16 miles off of U.S. Route 93, about south of Kingman.

hundreds of miles

Own hundreds of miles in russia

The GAP project includes 22 dams, hundreds of miles of irrigation works.

"My parents were country people, born hundreds of miles apart, a distance filled with difficulties.

many miles

For many miles the road ran through snow.

From this location, one could see for many miles in all directions.

Background: Lance grew up in a small town many miles from the city of Haven.

twenty miles

(In some other accounts the stated distances range from fourteen to twenty miles).

Locust Grove was the family estate on the Susquehanna River, twenty miles below Harrisburg.

He is dedicated to health and fitness, running twenty miles daily and practicing Kundalini yoga.

miles outside   (外のマイル)

Landeck is located a few miles outside of Delphos.

They later moved to a large house on a 440-acre farm two miles outside Usk.

Robert Gundlach was born in 1926 in a small town several miles outside Buffalo.

thousands of miles

Coconut fruits can float thousands of miles in the ocean to spread seeds.

People traveled thousands of miles to celebrations that they all owned communally.

Trading networks were extensive, spreading thousands of miles throughout the region.

million miles

It is circling the Sun at 63,000 mph and 54 million miles from the Earth.

WASP-104b's orbital period is 1.8 days; it is located 2.6 million miles from its star and has an orbital radius of .

I was driving back home, feeling frustrated, and I said, "Lord, You seem so far away, a million miles or more it feels today."

miles around   (周りのマイル)

It has a prominent spire that may be seen for miles around.

Debris was strewn for miles around, with red-hot chunks of rubble causing fires.

The high Hillmorton Wireless Aerials, built in 1924, are a significant landmark for miles around.

few miles south

The pass is a few miles south of Grand Teton National Park.

The parish is on the Mulwaree River a few miles south of Tarago.

Nine Mile, Jamaica Nine Mile is a district in Saint Ann Parish, Jamaica, a few miles south of Brown's Town.

few miles away

The current facility replaced the former campus a few miles away.

Kay did so before returning to live a few miles away in his native Warrington.

Humphries was born in Kidderminster; he died aged 74 a few miles away in Rock.

few miles north

The village is a few miles north of Narbonne.

It is a few miles north west of the village of Portree and is in the council area of Highland.

Parow, Germany Parow is a village a few miles north of Stralsund in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.

twelve miles

Burke orders Bob, Mike and Jerry to march away twelve miles to their field base.

On 21 March, she torpedoed the Liberty ship "James Eagan Layne" "about twelve miles off Plymouth".

Ruins related to Bhullars are spread over an area of twelve miles near in the area of Bahawalpur in Pakistan.

miles before

Route 5 continues north for 10 miles before reaching Newport.

This continues for a couple miles before entering a residential neighborhood just east of Esperanto Road.

MT 13 proceeds in a northeasterly direction for a few miles before turning onto its main northerly orientation.

miles in length

The channel's waterway is three and a half miles in length.

The longest run is .9 miles in length.

This is the longest R.J. Corman owned line, at over 300 miles in length.

miles apart

The two campuses are about 10 miles apart.

These two locations, although more than 200 miles apart, are considered one location.

"My parents were country people, born hundreds of miles apart, a distance filled with difficulties.

miles of track   (マイルのトラック)

Operating 303 miles of track at that time, BRI was still owned by CRIP and C&S.

Some of the old infrastructure is still in place: six of the 21 miles of track remained in 2009.

Some of the old infrastructure is still in place - six of the 21 miles of track remained in 2009.

miles up

He managed to get as far as the Enfield rapids, about 60 miles up the river.

Go north a few miles up the Dnieper river to where the Desna River feeds into it.

Three days later, the sloop-of-war was ordered to proceed some 150 miles up the coast to blockade Tuxpan.

thirty miles

They then established Camp Floyd about thirty miles south of Salt Lake City.

The storage batteries of the police wagon had to be charged every thirty miles.

In March 1968, 6,249 sheep died in Skull Valley, an area nearly thirty miles from Dugway's testing sites.

approximately two miles

High Point is located approximately two miles east of the observatory.

The hamlet is approximately two miles (3 km) north of Looe and five miles (8 km) south of Liskeard.

The River Banwy has a confluence with the Vyrnwy approximately two miles to the west of the village.

miles across   (数マイル)

Its area is estimated at 18 miles across.

It ran for 29 miles across the open Aberdeenshire countryside.

The bay is located in Wayne County, New York, and is 4.4 miles in length and 2.4 miles across.

fifteen miles

At this time we were away from land about fifteen miles.

The march took nine months to traverse , advancing approximately fifteen miles per day.

miles above

It has an average altitude of 1.015 meters or 0.0006 miles above sea level.

A tributary, Little Orange Creek, joins from the north a few miles above the mouth of the creek.

But the plan failed when they ran up against sandbars only 6–8 miles above the mouth of the Chena River.

miles through

The trail path is paved, stretching for 13 miles through rural and commercial areas.

While they walk hundreds of miles through the desert they face hardship and life-threatening challenges.

Inaugurated in 1986, the race was contested at miles through 1995 before being changed to its present distance of miles in 1996.

miles wide

It lies on Abadan Island ( long, 3–19 km or 2–12 miles wide).

Sturge Island is 23 miles long and 6 miles wide and permanently covered in a mantle of snow and ice.

They are divided into several groups, each a few miles wide, by streams crossing them at right angles.

thousand miles

Pretty soon his thoughts began to stray, over seven thousand miles away.

Bobby Ballenger is starting a new school a thousand miles from his old home.

This divine snake can ride upon the clouds and fly about over a thousand miles.

miles upstream

The ruins of the 1923 version of the dam, the Old Eileen Dam , stands five miles upstream.

Canal Flats was close to the midpoint, being just south of Columbia Lake, 124 miles upstream from Golden.

In fact, the actual town of Newchwang was about thirty miles upstream of Liao He, within today's county-level city of Haicheng.

fifty miles

In addition, the Jiaqing Emperor was less than fifty miles from the city walls.

Will Rogers described an expert as "A man fifty miles from home with a briefcase."

He had seen a watch, but never a clock, such an article not being within fifty miles of him.

miles downstream

Alonso Giraldo de Terreros some three miles downstream.

It is two miles downstream from Caballo Dam, which was built in 1938.

The film's crash scene was filmed several miles downstream in Pope County, Illinois.

miles further

They caught sight of their quarry some 28 miles further and gave chase.

Alex's first contract called for him to haul government supplies from Fort Buford, over four hundred miles further down the river.

There was evidence the tornado continued toward mountains a few miles further east before dissipating, with some trees damaged along the ridge.

miles inland

Roughly 6 miles inland at McIntyre, only two mill boilers were left.

Submarines fitted with the Tomahawk could hit targets up to 1,000 miles inland.

The Weasels were landed on the coast and drove the 100 miles inland as far as the base camp.

miles along

It includes about 7 miles of trail and 11 miles along parallel roads.

The anti-nuclear demonstration stretched for 14 miles along the Kennet Valley.

Dark mushroom clouds formed over the scene, visible for miles along Interstate 95.

forty miles

The unpaved road extends nearly forty miles, almost to the Canada–United States border.

Totter began her acting career in radio in the latter 1930s in Chicago, only forty miles northeast of Joliet.

Despite the Union loss, the battle cost General Early precious time better spent advancing the forty miles toward Washington.

located two miles

It is located two miles northeast of Eastpoint off U.S. 98/319.

It is located two miles from the main thoroughfare of the city of Lenoir.

Doles Ash Doles Ash is a hamlet located two miles to the east of Piddletrenthide in west Dorset, England.

miles distant

The Maryboro General Cemetry [sic] being six miles distant...".

As a rule, "818 Malibu" property is five or more miles distant from the Pacific Ocean.

Her father then sets out with Laura, in a carriage, for the ruined village of Karnstein, three miles distant.

approximately three miles

It is located approximately three miles north of Columbus.

It is situated approximately three miles (5 km) east of Helston.

The eastern lake is the smallest of the three, approximately three miles long and a mile wide.

miles below

It joins the Taw 1.5 miles below Lapford, just below Nymet Bridge.

About 25 miles below Alexandria, they were attacked by Confederate infantry in force.

Locust Grove was the family estate on the Susquehanna River, twenty miles below Harrisburg.

few miles west

It is situated a few miles west of Darlington.

It is situated a few miles west of Whitby.

Born in Summit, Illinois, a few miles west of Chicago, Kluszewski was of Polish descent.

several hundred miles   (数百マイル)

Airborne targets can be detected by ground-level radars at greater ranges, but, at best, several hundred miles.

The weary and shot-torn Nationalists, meanwhile, had advanced several hundred miles with hardly a moment's pause.

The astronauts landed several hundred miles from Pago and were transported to the islands en route back to the mainland.

couple of miles   (数マイル)

Latitude Festival takes place a couple of miles west.

This had been the plan, but only for a couple of miles.

There are a few rental car agencies within a couple of miles of the station.

located three miles

It is located three miles west of Ochopee on U.S. 41.

The Mill is located three miles east of the community on PTH 10.

It is located three miles southeast of Blountstown, on the Apalachicola River.

miles an hour

I was then going at 40 or 50 miles an hour.

The best speed on the open road was about 80 miles an hour.

Soon after departure conditions included winds of 50 miles an hour.

distance of miles   (マイルの距離)

Run in December, the race is contested on dirt over a distance of miles.

Speed record: (since 1994 at current distance of miles) Most wins by a jockey:

A Grade 1 race for horses 3 years old and up, it was raced over a distance of miles on a dirt track.

approximately five miles

Rockett is located on FM 813, approximately five miles northeast of Waxahachie.

Ceresco is situated on the Kalamazoo River approximately five miles west of downtown Marshall.

The geographic center of Michigan is approximately five miles (8.05 km) north-northwest of Cadillac.

miles between

It took four to five hours to cover the eight-to-nine miles between settlements.

Fuel cell electric vehicles feature an average range of 314 miles between refuelings.

The Bure Valley Railway is a 15 inch gauge railway that runs for nine miles between Aylsham and Wroxham.

miles per gallon   (ガロンあたりのマイル)

The miles per gallon gasoline equivalent is based on the energy content of gasoline.

The 2015 e-Golf has a range of , and combined city/highway efficiency of 116 miles per gallon gasoline equivalent (MPGe).

A report in August 1925 on the performance of the Board's bus fleet mentioned that the Garford had a fuel efficiency of 5.72 miles per gallon.

miles down   (マイルダウン)

Being about 70 miles down the coast from Scotland, the monks occasionally found themselves in between the frequently warring Scots and English.

Lucie explains that these volumes constitute just the start guide and the manual itself has its own library a couple of miles down the corridor.

In Anglo-Saxon times, salt making was a major industry on the Solway coast, and there are remains of medieval salt pans near Milefortlet 21, only a few miles down the coast from Salta.

miles of trails

There are approximately 20 miles of trails from 19 marked and named trailheads.

The park has 19 miles of trails open to hiking, mountain biking and cross-country skiing.

The preserve has become a destination mountain biking trip, with over 25 miles of trails, mostly singletrack.

few miles east

For a few miles east of Yeovil, it forms the county boundary between Somerset and Dorset.

George also had land at Wistanswick, a few miles east of Hodnet, at Allerton, and elsewhere in Shropshire.

The city of Kamloops is located a few miles east of the head of the lake, at the confluence of the North and South Thompson Rivers.