İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

millimeters long   (milimetre uzunluğunda)

The adult is between 6 and 7 millimeters long.

The white flower petals are six to ten millimeters long.

The fruit is a hairless achene about 8 millimeters long.

few millimeters   (birkaç milimetre)

The fruit is a sharply angled achene a few millimeters long.

The fruit is a ribbed achene with a pappus a few millimeters long.

Current ultra-wideband systems have resolutions of a few millimeters.

millimeters wide   (milimetre genişliğinde)

The tiny inflated fruit is only 2 millimeters wide.

The reddish brown seeds are about 2 millimeters wide.

The brown seeds are under 2 millimeters wide.