Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

million years   (millones de años)

Its age is uncertain but around 17 million years.

210 million years ago during Late Triassic times.

They should coalesce in about 300 million years.

million copies   (millones de copias)

The game sold over a million copies by March 2019.

The album sold 3 million copies worldwide to date.

The Xbox version sold 1.5 million copies in total.

million people   (un millón de personas)

There are roughly 33 million people in North Asia.

The world didn't even notice it—6 million people!"

CJD affects about one per million people per year.

million viewers   (millones de espectadores)

The series attracted a record 3.3 million viewers.

The episode was watched by 1.976 million viewers.

It attracted slightly more than 29 million viewers.

million years ago   (hace millones de años)

210 million years ago during Late Triassic times.

These tools date to about 2.6 million years ago.

80 million years ago, the two continents split.

million dollars

You're worth a million dollars or you're unemployed.

The house was then sold for 1.2 million dollars.

The first issue amounted to 242 million dollars.

million contract   (millones de contrato)

He signed a $2.2 million contract to coach the team.

He agreed to a three-year, $23 million contract.

He was signed to a three-year, $1.44 million contract.

million views   (millones de visitas)

The video has had over 5 million views on YouTube.

It recorded forty million views since its release.

It has received over 100 million views on YouTube.

million tonnes   (millones de toneladas)

These blocks held about 670 million tonnes of coal.

The system has a capacity of 20 million tonnes per year.

million tons

It receives 34 million tons of sediment per year.

National wheat production in 2015 was 5 million tons.

Cargo transportation reached 795 million tons in 2005.

million per

By 1989, Peterson was selling $30 million per year.

The levy is expected to generate $2 million per year.

The contract costed Russia $7 million per year.

half a million

By May 1945 half a million people (35%) had fled.

It has had over half a million views on YouTube.

The population is in excess of half a million people.

million euros

The budget for the Olympiad was 13.3 million euros.

Construction in total then cost 53 million euros.

The company will invest about 308 million euros.

million units   (millones de unidades)

The album was certified 5 million units by the RIAA.

The series as a whole sold 1.5 million units by 2004.

It went on to sell 3.1 million units worldwide.

million passengers   (millones de pasajeros)

In 2009, the airport handled 10 million passengers.

Its capacity would be 25 million passengers annually.

million worldwide   (millones en todo el mundo)

It grossed $46 million worldwide at the box office.

Cumulatively, the film grossed $38.1 million worldwide.

It was successful, grossing over $230 million worldwide.

million copies worldwide   (millones de copias en todo el mundo)

The album sold 3 million copies worldwide to date.

The album has sold over 4 million copies worldwide.

The album has sold nine million copies worldwide.

million visitors   (millones de visitantes)

Yearly, the park has around 10 million visitors.

To date, it attracted more than 17 million visitors.

The system attracts over four million visitors a year.

million pounds

In 2018, the state grew 300 million pounds.

Unit 3 was completed in 1978 at a cost of 40 million pounds.

The total cost was £4 million pounds.

million years old

R136 is thought to be less than 2 million years old.

The nebula is estimate to be 2.0 - 2.5 million years old.

The islands are believed to be about two million years old.

million budget   (presupuesto de millones)

The film grossed $29 million on a $20 million budget.

The film grossed $45.1 million on a $28 million budget.

It grossed $158 million against its $84 million budget.

million times

His channel has been viewed over 3.9 million times.

"Detroit" has been downloaded over a million times.

The video has been viewed more than 250 million times.

million per year

By 1989, Peterson was selling $30 million per year.

The levy is expected to generate $2 million per year.

The contract costed Russia $7 million per year.

million square

with the building floorage of 1.1+ million square meters.

In 2014, 7.1 million square feet was developed across the country.

It currently manages approximately 1.5 million square meters (approx.

million a year

Riese & Müller had a revenue of €6.5 million a year.

Gross sales approached $4.0 million a year.

The territory takes in revenues of about €16 million a year.

million cubic   (millones de cubicos)

It can hold water up to 240 million cubic meters.

The capacity of the dam is 240 million cubic meters.

The capacity is about 3.5 million cubic metres.

million renovation   (millones de renovación)

In 2004, Westfield initiated a $160 million renovation.

In 2018, the Duck Blind underwent a $1 million renovation.

Arjmand has completed a $10 million renovation to the mall.

million dollar   (un millón de dólares)

A $2 million dollar tax issue was approved.

NAB investigators have discovered $516 million dollar fraud.

These allegations led to a 380 million dollar lawsuit by former students.

million project

The €32 million project should be ready by June 2010.

The £100 million project is due to be completed by 2013.

A three-year, $13.5 million project took the existing 32,000 sq.

million worth   (valor de un millón)

Over $750 million worth of merchandise was sold.

More than $17 million worth of the stamps were sold.

About £20 million worth of damage was caused.

million records

They have sold over 100 million records worldwide.

Bowie has sold over 100 million records worldwide.

They have sold over 70 million records worldwide.

per million

CJD affects about one per million people per year.

This corresponds to 115 researchers per million inhabitants.

There is 1 case per million population.

million deal

He joined Arsenal in May 1997 in a £2 million deal.

Brett Myers agreed to a 1-year, $7 million deal January 1, 2013.

Debt financing for the $521 million deal was provided by Golub Capital.

million subscribers

Its rival Altyn Asyr had 3.5 million subscribers.

The channel has 2 million subscribers as of May 2019.

Its YouTube channel now has over 5 million subscribers.

million in cash   (millones en efectivo)

Toronto also received $8+ million in cash from the Marlins.

The Chinese government sent $1.2 million in cash to Pakistan.

In 1962, Revlon purchased Evan-Picone for $12 million in cash.

million acres   (millones de acres)

By 1954, 1.4 million acres had been reappropriated.

In 2016, more than a million acres in the state were certified organic.

In 1971, barely one million acres of land in Alaska were in private hands.

million annually   (millones anuales)

Strong's 5-year contract was worth $5 million annually.

By 2010-11 they were receiving $17.45 million annually.

the program was funded at a rate of $115 million annually.

million in funding

As of March 2018, the company had raised roughly $57 million in funding.

In 1991, the company underwent an IPO, generating $73.5 million in funding.

As of May 2016, TransferWise has raised a total of $117 million in funding.

million households

Almost 2.0 million households were counted in the city.

, 2.4 million households reside in Finland.

The 2001 census recorded 1.47 million households in the country.

million grant   (millones de subvenciones)

The university has partnered with the Pentagon on such endeavors since 2004 with an initial $43.7 million grant.

This proposal was accepted and the Ohio Controlling Board approved a $4.1 million grant for the two universities.

The Texas Historical Commission provided San Augustine County with a $3.7 million grant to restore the courthouse.

ten million

He was soon selling ten million records a year.

The reservoir was obliged to release ten million gallons a day.

Roger Casement's famous 1904 report estimated ten million people.

several million

The damage to Leipzig cost several million marks.

Its records have sold several million copies.

Globally, several million kilograms are produced annually.

million members

It currently has nearly 1.3 million members.

It achieved five million members in 1939.

MEC has over 5.4 million members in Canada and internationally.

million students

In the United States 1.65 million students took the exam in 2011.

million in damage   (millones en daños)

In all, the tornado inflicted $12.1 million in damage.

The aircraft sustained $4 million in damage.

Two deaths and $12 million in damage occurred in New York.

million gallons   (millones de galones)

It required around 27 million gallons of water an hour.

The acts guaranteed a flow of 121 million gallons a week.

The largest tank had a capacity of 6 million gallons of water.

million users

It had 6.5 million users as of September 2018.

In 2011, Allegro claimed to have over 11 million users.

Its online business has eight million users.

million pesos

On its first day, the film grossed 10 million pesos.

It was built in 1926 and was worth one million pesos.

The damage was estimated at more than one million pesos.

million inhabitants

Malta (0.4 million inhabitants) has 6 seats, i.e.

Guatemala City is home to almost 3 million inhabitants.

This corresponds to 115 researchers per million inhabitants.

million albums

He has sold more than 20 million albums worldwide.

She has sold over 7 million albums worldwide.

By 1995 he had already sold more than 20 million albums.

million in damages

The suit asked for US$600 million in damages.

The flood was responsible for over $26 million in damages.

In 2016, Samsung was ordered to pay $399 million in damages.

half million

One and a half million people were displaced from their homes.

In total, the program grew a half million liters of biological agents.

This star cluster is estimated to be around two and a half million years old.

million investment

Commercially, the film failed to recoup its $7 million investment.

In January 2018, Katerra took an $835 million investment from Softbank.

The company received a $36 million investment in C-round funding in 2014.

million yuan   (millones de yuanes)

The film grossed 13 million yuan in Chinese box office.

Wang was charged with accepting bribes worth 48.7 million yuan.

Damages are estimated at more than five million yuan (US$731,000).

million hectares

, Kenya had 1.57 million hectares of gazetted forest.

Arable land in Afghanistan is around 8 million hectares.

The total winter sowing area shrunk by ~2 million hectares.

million yen   (millones de yenes)

The new locomotives cost around 400 million yen each.

He received a 2 million yen retirement payoff.

He has also paid the victim 1.53 million yen.

million loan   (préstamo millonario)

He sued CRTV over alleged nonpayment of a $20 million loan

DOE reclaimed $28 million from Fisker for a total of $53 million recovered of its $192 million loan.

In July 2018, the bank provided a $40 million loan for a synagogue conversion on the Upper West Side.

million votes

Over 3 million votes to decide national teams were cast.

Individually AN received nearly 5 million votes, amounting to 12.3%.

In total, Schwarzenegger won the election by about 1.3 million votes.

million francs

He left a fortune of 5.5 million francs.

The sale was in 1784 for 5.5 million francs, a very large sum.

For this the Count receives the sum of £20,000 (half a million francs).

million barrels

In 1940, oil production was at more than six million barrels.

Oloibiri which has a holding capacity of 1.5 million barrels of oil.

By 1995 the El Dorado oil fields had produced 300 million barrels of oil.

million children

In 2018 six million children experience food insecurity.

In 2012, it served more than 31 million children per day.

Almost 16 million children lived in food-insecure households in 2012.

million customers   (millones de clientes)

As of 2017, the business had 3.34 million customers.

As of 2017, it has 5.7 million customers.

As of the end of June 2019, BT TV had 1.9 million customers.

million square feet

In 2014, 7.1 million square feet was developed across the country.

Companies in the park have used over one million square feet of FTZ space.

It covers about 1 million square feet and is equipped with various facilities.

million to build

The 975sqm building cost $9.1 million to build.

The project took three years, and $70 million to build.

It opened in November 2017 and cost $270 million to build.

million euro   (millones de euros)

In 2006 he paid 1.4 million euro as taxes.

Denmark lent 400 million euro to Ireland in 2010 as a rescue deal.

They raised over 10 million euro.

million in revenue

Cellular Sales made $488.5 million in revenue in 2010.

Its first year, the company had $11 million in revenue.

In 2015, Trivago reported more than US$500 million in revenue.

million each

As of 2019 it has three to five million each year.

The six champions will earn $1 million each in prize money.

The charity makes around £1.6 million each month from book sales.

million shares   (millones de acciones)

The IPO raised $380 million, selling 8.84 million shares for $43 each.

It then issued 30 million shares, some of which were claimed by creditors.

In 1991 Tetra Tech issued 1.4 million shares of stock on the NASDAQ exchange.

million during

The team had lost $2 million during its three years of operation.

"Dumbo" eventually grossed $1.6 million during its original release.

The event reportedly raised $4 million during its three-hour broadcast.

million copies sold

The album was certified a Diamond disc with over 1 million copies sold.

It was the 9th best selling manga in 2019, with over 4 million copies sold.

To date it is Pagny's best-selling album, with over 1,5 million copies sold.

million in other   (millones en otro)

The film went on to gross $184 million in North America, and $152.5 million in other countries, totaling $336.53 million.

The film has grossed $109.2 million domestically and $58.8 million in other markets for a worldwide total of $171 million.

"Detective Chinatown 2" earned $541.1 million in China, and $3 million in other countries, for a worldwide total of $544.1 million.

million more

USNSCC is going to be requesting $4.3 million more.

The IRS asked for $4 million more for 1996 and 1997 taxes.

4 million slaves were obtained by Brazil, 1.5 million more than any other country.

million total   (millones en total)

As of December 2013 the parody has over 1.5 million total views.

he has almost 2.5 million subscribers and almost 300 million total views.

The market share percentages currently refer to those 144.3 million total.

million contract extension   (millones de extensión de contrato)

Moreover, ace starter Justin Verlander signed a $180 million contract extension.

On July 22, Witten signed a six-year, $29 million contract extension through 2012.

On March 5, 2019, Hunt signed a two-year, $9 million contract extension with the Colts.

hundred million   (cien millones)

Kepler-51b is quite young at a few hundred million years old.

The total cost of this project was about one hundred million dollars.

One hundred million fewer riders rode MTA buses in 2017 than in 2008.

parts per million

Selenium makes up on average 5 parts per million of the soils.

Ore grades as little as 0.5 parts per million (ppm) can be economical.

Selenium makes up 0.05 parts per million of the earth's crust by weight.

million metric   (millones de métricas)

Approximately 100 million metric tons of oxygen are produced yearly.

The global production of aluminium in 2016 was 58.8 million metric tons.

It exceeded that of any other metal except iron (1,231 million metric tons).

million downloads

In the second week it recorded 2.4 million downloads.

As of 2019, the platform recorded 200 million downloads.

It has garnered over two million downloads.

million streams   (millones de streams)

The album achieved 36.7 million streams on Spotify.

It debuted with 88,000 downloads sold and 60.4 million streams.

The single debuted at number 89 (6.2 million streams) in the issue dated April 14, 2018.

million guaranteed   (millones garantizados)

The contract also contains $13.4 million guaranteed.

He signed a six-year deal worth $30 million, with $10 million guaranteed.

Boston signed a seven-year, $47 million contract ($12 million guaranteed) with the San Diego Chargers in 2003.

million unique

About 3 million unique users visit the library annually.

On average, Artsy attracts 2.3 million unique visitors each month.

The web audience is estimated to 4.5 million unique visitors a month.

million homes

It is available to over 2 million homes.

currently has an audience reach of 600 million homes internationally.

It was subsequently made available via cable and satellite to 50 million homes.

million against   (millones contra)

It grossed $158 million against its $84 million budget.

The film grossed $14.7 million against its $30 million budget.

It earned $170 million against a $70 million production budget.

million in sales

His dealerships had $756 million in sales in 2005.

The company made $200 million in sales in 2004.

In 2012, ICU Medical reported $316.9 million in sales worldwide.

million rubles   (millones de rublos)

The tournament prize pool was 1 million rubles.

The total cost of construction was 32 million rubles.

million students took

In the United States 1.65 million students took the exam in 2011.

million donation   (millones de donaciones)

The money supplemented a $20 million donation by the Schusterman family.

Jesse H. Jones supported its initial construction with a $1 million donation.

The initiative received a US$1 million donation from the Chobani Yoghurt company.

million expansion   (millones de expansión)

In April 2007, Health First broke ground on a $83.5 million expansion project.

Old Orchard underwent a $50 million expansion and renovation and reopened in late 2007.

1976: A£5 million expansion scheme for the Alsager vitreous china factory was completed.

million followers

The movement now has over 200 million followers.

Denver is popular on social media, having over a 1.2 million followers on Instagram.

He has among the largest followings on Twitch with over 2.5 million followers in 2020.

million books

As of January 2020, Blabey has around 20 million books in print.

The International Book Project has sent over 7 million books worldwide since 1966.

The branch offers the MCL catalog of two million books, periodicals and other materials.

million cubic meters

It can hold water up to 240 million cubic meters.

The capacity of the dam is 240 million cubic meters.

The reservoir had a capacity of 2.70 million cubic meters.

million miles

It is circling the Sun at 63,000 mph and 54 million miles from the Earth.

WASP-104b's orbital period is 1.8 days; it is located 2.6 million miles from its star and has an orbital radius of .

I was driving back home, feeling frustrated, and I said, "Lord, You seem so far away, a million miles or more it feels today."

million bond   (millones de bonos)

On August 30 Edington was released on $1 million bond.

He had asked to be freed on a $10 million bond and be subject to electronic monitoring.

In May 2019 voters approved a $155 million bond issue to improve facilities at all campuses.

million settlement

It has been reported that a $6 million settlement was under consideration in the 1980s.

Arizona brought an ACFA case against Theranos, reaching a $4.65 million settlement in 2017.

In April 2014, Murdoch and Packer agreed to an 40 million settlement over the failure of One.Tel.

million tonnes per

The system has a capacity of 20 million tonnes per year.

million gift   (millones de regalos)

He donated the initial $10 million gift that started the center in 2005.

In 2013, the Broads announced an additional $100 million gift to the institute.

He also provided a $10 million gift to the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto.

million mark

It passed the $2 million mark on September 26, 2012.

1973 the population exceeded the million mark.

Iran's automobile production crossed the 1 million mark in 2007/2008.

million in annual

The branch eventually achieved $11 million in annual sales.

As of 2008, RSMAS receives $50 million in annual external research funding.

The company reports about $30 million in annual sales and employs 150 people.

million residents   (millones de residentes)

The only city with over a million residents is its capital, Kabul.

Czech is spoken by about 10 million residents of the Czech Republic.

By the U.S. Census in 1930, the population of Colorado first exceeded one million residents.

million litres   (millones de litros)

Annual production of wine exceeds 140 million litres.

76 million litres of wine, worth $698 million, was exported.

DART treated 5,000 patients and produced 2.5 million litres of bulk water.