changed his mind   (彼は心変わりした)

In later years, he changed his mind on divorce.

He soon changed his mind, however, and recanted the order.

Kennedy eventually changed his mind to agree with Thompson.

state of mind   (心の状態)

During sleep, a person is in an altered state of mind.

Her state of mind almost leads to a divorce with Itoshi.

Nag meets with an accident while driving in an agitated state of mind.

human mind   (人の心)

Associating ideas has become second nature to the human mind.

The philosophy of Atheism expresses the expansion and growth of the human mind.

The human mind assembles a few relationships to fit the context of a discussion.

mind when   (気に)

Berg said, "I just lost my mind when I heard it.

But Tillyard insists that the poet's state of mind when he writes is still an issue.

In his view, this is the place Josephus must have had in mind when he wrote of the Acra.

mind control   (マインドコントロール)

Overpowering the Neo Joker, the Joker releases Clayface and undoes the mind control.

Big Hero 6 returns to Japan to seek out the parties responsible for their mind control.

Sharon Carter is believed to have been killed while under the mind control of Dr. Faustus.

changes his mind

Sivagurunathan changes his mind and lets them marry.

A shocked George tells Gwen to run before he changes his mind.

Disillusioned, Neville changes his mind about proposing to her.

change his mind

Lucille begged her father to change his mind.

When she comes to know this, she tried to change his mind.

However, two particular events led him to change his mind.

changes her mind

Rachel changes her mind to believe that Wallace isn't the vandal.

Asako changes her mind about Baku.

Christine decides to give the envelope to Stu, but changes her mind.

own mind

It has seen the truth and it can make up its own mind.

These "characters" I create never existed outside my own mind.

In my own mind, I know I won."

mind and body

Defeated in mind and body, Barry accepts.

These jumps or transformations involve structural changes in both mind and body.

This idea is commonly referred to as the body and soul or mind and body conflict.

changed her mind

When Gennie refused to go home with Brenda, she said she would stay until Gennie changed her mind.

At the tour's first stop, in Barcelona, the singer revealed that she had changed her mind a little bit.

Aarun, believing Shirin has changed her mind and refused to marry him, is angered and marries another woman, Nazneen.

not mind

Some men do not mind marrying former prostitutes.

However, she is ignored, and even members of the NYPD do not mind.

Prabhakar does not mind it.

philosophy of mind

The thesis also has implications for the philosophy of mind (see below).

The philosophy of mind has given rise to many stances regarding consciousness.

The philosophy of mind also has important consequences for the concept of "self".

keep in mind   (覚えておいてください)

(AT VII 25; CSM II 16–17) There are three important notes to keep in mind here.

You might keep in mind, if things get a little close up there, head into Beale AFB."

But keep in mind: the light that illuminates us is the very same that blinds us too."

theory of mind   (心の理論)

In other words, is the computational theory of mind correct?

Premack and Woodruff's 1978 article "Does the chimpanzee have a theory of mind?"

In humans, these cells are involved in social conduct, emotions, judgment, and theory of mind.

up his mind

Danny paid for her to have an abortion, and that incident made up his mind about her.

(in reference to his friendships with both candidates and that he could not make up his mind).

Mountbatten's own account says that he simply wanted the maharaja Hari Singh to make up his mind.

body and mind

healer of body and mind who employed visualization and dream interpretation."

Yet, Shakespeare blurs the threshold between the two concepts of body and mind.

He was crazy both in body and mind, being subject, when a boy, to the falling sickness.

peace of mind

He prayed to God for blessing and for peace of mind.

Cessation is "nirvana", "blowing out", and peace of mind.

Even after the marriage, Nandakumar was not able to find any peace of mind.

keeping in mind

The external façade was designed, keeping in mind the French neo-classical influence preferred by George IV.

By now, he had decided to write not one song for Artôt, but six, keeping in mind the present range of her voice.

The community takes on issues on a case-by-case basis, keeping in mind that needs are varied amongst individuals.

frame of mind

A hangover has remained of a product centred, rather than the consumer-centred frame of mind.

At gunpoint, Wallace makes Maxine concoct an antidote to reverse his hallucinogenic frame of mind.

He had a bad LSD trip the night before they went into the studio and began the recording in a negative frame of mind.

open mind   (心を開く)

In religious matters, Alexander preserved an open mind.

Tilly seems to have an open mind and is very calm under pressure.

Badri said that he ventured into "Thillu Mullu" with an open mind.

change her mind

This causes his wife to change her mind as well.

Theresa plans to leave the Village but Myra tries to change her mind.

Or will she get settled with Akash, who inspired her to change her mind?

public mind   (大衆の心)

We expect Mr. Ament to do much good in setting these things right in the public mind.

This is how public mind "reads" sport ideals, such as the Olympics and international sport.

In other words, social media has had a "levelling effect", in that experts have less sway in the public mind than they used to.

s mind

But this writer’s mind runs on no ordinary tracks.

independently of how it appears to the subject’s mind).

“[Their] suggestions were vile, infamous!” Ellison recalled of his aborted attempts to change the network’s mind.

bearing in mind

Immediately remanded in custody bearing in mind Talbot's "abuse of trust", sentencing was adjourned until 13 March 2015.

The landscape of the Vogtland is sometimes referred to as idyllic, bearing in mind its fields, meadows and wooded hilltops.

Both this site and Black Mountain are perhaps not surprisingly (bearing in mind the area history) dual ring-fenced for enhanced security.

s mind

But this writer’s mind runs on no ordinary tracks.

independently of how it appears to the subject’s mind).

“[Their] suggestions were vile, infamous!” Ellison recalled of his aborted attempts to change the network’s mind.

kept in mind

This must be kept in mind.

(It should be kept in mind that reading printed prayers is typical Anglican practice.)

Many theories have an intended interpretation, a certain model that is kept in mind when studying the theory.

unconscious mind

Although more research needs to be done on this subject, dreams are said to be linked to the unconscious mind.

Led by André Breton, surrealist theatre reflected a belief that the unconscious mind is a source of artistic truth.

Ivan Pavlov was an influential psychologist for White and he was very interested in learning about the unconscious mind.

bear in mind

Also bear in mind that despite the abundant amount of evidence in the case, the accused has emphatically denied guilt before various medias.

They also bear in mind the Summit scoring system, in which each letter A is worth 1 point, B is worth 2, C worth 3, up to Z which is worth 26.

We should bear in mind in this context that during the century now drawing to its close humanity achieved the capability of annihilating itself.