İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

coal mining   (kömür madenciliği)

Ugljevik has been coal mining area since 1899.

The main industry in the area is coal mining.

Thanks to coal mining, chemical industry was developed.

mining industry   (maden endüstrisi)

The mining industry was also under active development.

The mining industry makes up 1% of the GDP.

80% of the city residents are employed by the mining industry.

mining operations   (Madencilik işlemleri)

These evoke the past mining operations at the site.

In 1782 he led Sweden's mining operations in Finland.

Current mining operations at Climax are via an open-pit.

mining company   (madencilik şirketi)

These towns were owned by the mining company.

Many railroads began as mining company shortline railroads.

Gencor Gencor Ltd was a South African based mining company.

gold mining   (altın madeni)

Most of the gold mining activity had ceased by 1890.

Until 1946, it was a center for silver and gold mining.

Today, gold mining output is declining.

mining town   (maden kasabası)

In 1345 Nová Baňa became a "free royal mining town".

David moves to a mining town in northwest Australia.

The community was once a prominent mining town.

mining companies   (Madencilik şirketleri)

Most new French coal mining companies asked for admission.

Certain mining companies undertook illegal mining in 2004.

Pilok's mining companies had to close down, and the mines were abandoned.

mining engineer

Brown's father was an Anglo-Irish mining engineer.

She married mining engineer Andrew White Newberry in 1925.

The project was led by the mining engineer Enrique Nouvion.

data mining

Vero markets itself as a social network free from advertisements, data mining and algorithms.

Companies can use data mining technologies and web searches to understand relational signals.

SPSS Modeler IBM SPSS Modeler is a data mining and text analytics software application from IBM.

mining activities

When mining activities closed, so did the jail.

The main mining activities are PGMs and chrome.

This made the area well known historically for its mining activities.

mining activity

Local people stopped mining activity during 2005.

Most of the gold mining activity had ceased by 1890.

He started modern industrial mining activity in the area

mining area   (maden sahası)

Ugljevik has been coal mining area since 1899.

It is two miles (3 km) east of Redruth in a former mining area at .

An important mining area was the Kinzig valley and its side valleys.

copper mining   (bakır madenciliği)

The Timna Valley contains evidence of copper mining in 7000–5000 BC.

Codelco, the state mining firm, competes with private copper mining companies.

But Wall made his fortune in Utah copper mining, and later sold his holdings for $2.7 million.

mining operation   (madencilik işletmesi)

The operation was the highest open pit iron ore mining operation in the U.S.

Today the former mining area provide a view of the historic mining operation.

The American Colloid Company operates a Bentonite clay mining operation here.

mining camp

The mining camp has been moved twice from it original site.

Miners lived initially in a mining camp the Catamutún area.

It became a mining camp and then a town in the early 1900s.

uranium mining   (uranyum madenciliği)

Holloway was supportive of the expansion of South Australia's uranium mining sector.

It worked on geothermal power experiments and uranium mining in Canada with Cameco and Cogema.

The 500-strong march through southern Melbourne called for an end to uranium mining in Australia.

mining community   (maden topluluğu)

Silver Zone had its start in 1872 as a mining community.

Coal Valley was platted in 1867 as a coal mining community.

The former mining community was named for an eagle seen in the area.

mining towns

Sawahlunto is one of the mining towns in West Sumatra.

Throughout the Shield there are many mining towns extracting these minerals.

mining district

For the next 20 years, the mining district was profitable.

There were "Bergmeisters" in every mining district in Germany.

A mining district to organize claims, called Groom District, was formed in 1869.

mining areas   (maden alanları)

The mining areas of Kladno was a communist stronghold.

These wagonways then spread, particularly in mining areas.

However, all vehicles within the mining areas drive on the left.

former mining

It is two miles (3 km) east of Redruth in a former mining area at .

The former mining community was named for an eagle seen in the area.

It is a former mining town.

mining village

My ancestors came from a small mining village, Saint-Hubert in Alsace-Lorraine.

More recently, Stainforth was a mining village, with the Hatfield Main Colliery at its centre.

The track was independent (also known as a flapping track) and served the local mining village.

silver mining

Ward’s last venture was silver mining.

The silver mining boom in the Park City area in the 1870s created a sudden demand for coal.

However, all silver mining had stopped by 1891, due to falling silver prices and over-expenditure on treatment plants.

mining camps

They then toured gold mining camps and the San Francisco Bay area as entertainers.

They began to market Navajo blankets for use in mining camps and as area rugs in the eastern United States.

Along the way, they stopped in towns and mining camps along the Michigan shore of Lake Superior, securing hundreds of signatures in support of their cause.

tin mining   (kalay madenciliği)

It began offshore tin mining in Phuket Bay in 1907.

The town was founded as a tin mining town in the 19th century.

(For further discussion of tin mining see the section on the economy below.)

mining sector   (Madencilik sektörü)

There also was a well-developed mining sector.

» The mining sector is small in Ethiopia.

A wave of strikes occurred across the South African mining sector.

underground mining

In 1867 underground mining was begun.

Byrnecut Mining Australia is the underground mining contractor.

More accidents occur during underground mining than surface mining.

mining equipment

At the time, Luckenbach was selling mining equipment to silver miners in Colorado.

As demand for mining equipment and labour grew, so did the surrounding settlements of Ferguson and at Trout Lake.

It has mining equipment, a Stamp Mill that was used for crushing the ore and historic buildings which are pictured.

coal mining industry

Incidence is currently 1 in 100,000 people but is likely to fall as the coal mining industry declines.

Prior to 1977, there were no federal laws regulating the surface mining aspect of the coal mining industry.

NREC has worked with coal mining industry partners to develop operator assistance technology for longwall mining.

mining interests

Supporters of the Act accuse mining interests of, "crying that the sky is falling."

He was a member of Uruguay's Colorado Party, and was, for many years identified with the country's mining interests.

A consequence of the 1917 Russian Revolution was the nationalisation of mining interests in the former Russian Empire.

mining rights

The company also owns mining rights at Tamera.

The way mining rights were granted went back to the days of feudalism.

Francis returned in 1880 and obtained mining rights from King Lobengula.

mining boom

During the mining boom, a tin-smelting blowing house operated at the quayside.

Her work is essential for understanding life during the mining boom in the early 1900s.

The silver mining boom in the Park City area in the 1870s created a sudden demand for coal.

mining claims

In 1918 Senter received $40,000 for his mining claims and "settled into a comfortable retirement in Denver."

After a race at Loveland Pass, Max filed mining claims for land around an alpine cirque that he hoped to develop into a ski area.

In 1984, the Sheahan family, who still owned the Groom Mine, also had the legal rights to most of the other 22 patented mining claims nearby.

sand mining

Near Sadská is the River Labe and a lake, Jezero Sadská that was formed by recent sand mining.

The massive destruction of bamboo groves on the heronry and unbridled sand mining are the two vital issues the heronry is facing.

In December 2016, Muchdi was present for the inauguration of two associations that planned to resume sand mining and exports from Riau Islands province.

small mining

They lived in Minnesota, in the small mining town of Mountain Iron.

Ilse was born in 1906 in the small mining town of Gleiwitz, Germany.

My ancestors came from a small mining village, Saint-Hubert in Alsace-Lorraine.

lead mining   (kurşun madenciliği)

The area has a history involving lead mining.

He shifted BHP from silver and lead mining to zinc and sulphur production.

He then moved to Galena, Illinois, where he was involved in the lead mining industry.

ore mining

The town developed from its importance to iron ore mining.

"Ayirumada" (or iron ore mining places) can still be seen there.

The operation was the highest open pit iron ore mining operation in the U.S.

mining communities

SR 78 connects Appalachian with several coal mining communities in western Wise County.

In mining communities one of the most successful stores was the British Canadian Co-operative Society in Sydney Mines.

The hospital, which was paid for from subscriptions by local mining communities, opened as the Nantyglo Hospital on 2 January 1911.

diamond mining   (elmas madenciliği)

Debswana, the largest diamond mining company operating in Botswana, is 50% owned by the government.

Three diamond mining companies were found to be at fault; Anjin, Diamond Mining Corporation and Marange Resources.

Botswana is planning to use science and technology to diversify its economy and thereby reduce its dependence on diamond mining.

mining region   (maden bölgesi)

This branch also provided a connection to the rich mining region around Sandon.

Rush Historic District The Rush Historic District is a zinc mining region of the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas.

Leftist filmmakers Joris Ivens and Henri Storck directed "Borinage" (1931) about the Belgian coal mining region.

surface mining

More accidents occur during underground mining than surface mining.

The prospective surface mining area is defined by wherever there is less than depth to top oil sand.

This Act established guidelines for the regulation of surface mining and the reclamation of the mine sites.

mining industries

Other sectors that were held back by restrictions were the wine and mining industries.

The territory's cattle and mining industries continued to expand and new settlers kept arriving.

It was founded by the Rothschild family, combining a few of their many subsidiaries in the metals and mining industries.

mining accident

That same year, Taggart was killed during a mining accident.

Here, he falls in love with his chief engineer, Kumud Raina, and survives a mining accident.

When he was three his father, Valentino, emigrated to Canada where he died in a mining accident in 1913 when aged 29.

mining sites

In 1882 a railway was completed from Cachinal de la Sierra and other nitrate mining sites.

In West Virginia, the main uses for reclaimed mining sites are recreational, farming, and military training.

The archaeologist Mikhail Evgenievich Masson explored early mining sites in the eastern Tajikistan mountains.

mining began

Phosphate mining began in 1899 using indentured workers from Singapore, Malaya, and China.

By 1885, numerous mine shafts were within the city limits, and mining began to spread into the surrounding countryside.

A narrow-gauge railway from the Djebel Ouenza mine to the Algerian railway network at Oued Keberit station was opened in March 1921 and mining began.

mining engineering

Historically, naval engineering and mining engineering were major branches.

In the mid 1960s mining engineering at universities in Canada was suffering.

In 1938 he studied mining engineering at Rand University and briefly worked in the coal mines.

hydraulic mining

The Rawhide Mining Company is looking for investors to support their hydraulic mining operations in the area.

When hydraulic mining ended in the 1980s many of these sites where reestablished for water and power production.

Angry farmers eventually brought an end to hydraulic mining when they scored a victory in federal court in 1884.

mining history

The name comes from the hamlet's mining history.

The powder tower is a witness to the mining history and is under monument protection.

Several businesses and attractions have capitalised on Ballarat's gold mining history.