Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

minutes later   (minutos más tarde)

The phone call alerted rescuers five minutes later.

Just seven minutes later the ship sank bow first.

A few minutes later, a Watch Officer connected her.

few minutes   (pocos minutos)

Reloading the fixed launchers takes a few minutes.

A few minutes later, a Watch Officer connected her.

The air base was sighted a few minutes later.

ten minutes   (diez minutos)

Most videos are around five to ten minutes in length.

And I was happy for about five or ten minutes.

The song "Fátima" was written in ten minutes.

minutes before   (minutos antes)

Kelly set off three minutes before the backmarkers.

Jönsson played 90 minutes before being substituted.

It was three minutes before nine o'clock in the evening.

minutes per

He again led the league in minutes per game with (38.7).

Survey administration averaged 30 minutes per respondent.

He averaged 4.3 points per game in 14.4 minutes per game.

minutes long   (minutos largos)

It is 20 minutes long and was shot on 35mm color film.

Games are 14 minutes long, in two seven-minute halves.

Each episode is approximately 23 minutes long.

minutes left

The Maroons proceeded cautiously with only 5 minutes left on the clock.

15-seeded Bradley, and trailed with only four minutes left in the game.

Checking Sharon’s watch, he sees that he has only nineteen minutes left.

fifteen minutes   (quince minutos)

Therefore, each bout takes place within fifteen minutes.

Both vessels had done the course in three hours and fifteen minutes.

The General whispered: "It's all over," and died fifteen minutes later.

twenty minutes   (veinte minutos)

The two men spent twenty minutes on the ocean floor.

The playing time of the sonata is about twenty minutes.

The American regulars stood their ground for only twenty minutes.

minutes per game

He again led the league in minutes per game with (38.7).

He averaged 4.3 points per game in 14.4 minutes per game.

He averaged 9.56ppg and 7.67rpg in only 23.33 minutes per game.

penalty minutes   (minutos de penalización)

He also registered 274 penalty minutes.

He also finished second in the ECHL with 248 penalty minutes.

He even played one game that year, accumulating 17 penalty minutes.

minutes remaining

The Bruins then knotted the match at 2–2 with 8 minutes remaining.

Timing rules change when there are three minutes remaining in a half.

He would eventually foul out with about four minutes remaining in the game.

several minutes

She followed this by several minutes of silence.

Williams was out cold for several minutes following the knockout.

They require a warm-up period of several minutes to reach full light output.

thirty minutes   (treinta minutos)

Within thirty minutes, these tasks were accomplished.

The fighting lasted about thirty minutes.

Each programme was thirty minutes long.

minutes during

Jet erupts every 1 to 4 minutes during most Fountain Geyser eruptions.

Rush played limited minutes during the Warriors playoff run to the NBA Finals.

The game was rain delayed for 30 minutes during the top half of the fourth inning.

minutes each

The pieces are mainly short, 2 or 3 minutes each.

The groups were set up to run for fifty minutes each.

There are 15 editions of approximately 46 minutes each.

minutes in length

Each Season 3 episode is now 60 minutes in length.

Most videos are around five to ten minutes in length.

Each Season 2 episode is 30 minutes in length.

within minutes

If not treated within minutes, death usually occurs.

An "emergency" must be treated within minutes.

A few hours after the fire broke out it spread within minutes.

minutes to go

In appalling heavy rain the game was tied at 22-22 with just minutes to go.

The match was a 27-13 loss to Wales, with Strauss subbed off with 9 minutes to go.

He came on with 8 minutes to go in the match as the Kings suffered a 12–34 defeat.

few minutes later

A few minutes later, a Watch Officer connected her.

The air base was sighted a few minutes later.

A few minutes later, London Davis caught a 2-yard TD pass.

minutes away

The city town airport is 5 minutes away from the Faculty.

Böblingen is about 20 minutes away from Stuttgart Airport via S-Bahn.

Albany International Airport is 15 minutes away with cargo facilities.

final minutes

Iowa led the whole way until the final minutes of this nail-biting victory.

Wood, the team were denied three penalties in the final minutes of the game.

The Blues played defensively for the final minutes to win the game 2–1 and lead the series 3–2.

minutes of play   (minutos de juego)

With May's injury keeping him to 7 minutes of play, the No.

He finished the last few minutes of play, but said "This is a fine – way to play cricket.

Stoppages cause quarters to extend approximately 5–10 minutes beyond the 20 minutes of play.

half minutes

This short song takes about two and half minutes to perform.

The player gets approximately six and a half minutes to explore each level.

It is also the album's longest track at more than seven and a half minutes.

minutes played

He was also ranked fourth in the team in minutes played with 1,513.

Paternostro also set the single season record for minutes played (1,196).

700 total minutes played).

minutes against   (minutos contra)

He also made 117 in only 82 minutes against Victoria in 1910.

31, flew 16 sorties in 45 minutes against Pakistani Armour at Chamb.

He scored the 'fastest 100' in 60 minutes against Ananda College Colombo, in 1954.

minutes behind   (minutos atrás)

Following three minutes behind were the Venturas.

He was over thirteen minutes behind the winner, Englishman Liam Killeen.

He finished the 10 km race with a time of 2:03:35, 14 minutes behind the winner.

minutes when   (minutos cuando)

Gilbey was replaced by Sanchez Watt on 65 minutes when the U's were 2–1 down.

At a one meeting he was only able to speak for 40 minutes when he was barracked by a section of the audience.

The U's fell behind after five minutes when Joel Byrom's free kick hit the post and went in off Rene Gilmartin.

minutes and seconds

Early clock dials did not indicate minutes and seconds.

For instance, a toolmaker's optical comparator will often include an option to measure in "minutes and seconds".

A clock with a dial indicating minutes was illustrated in a 1475 manuscript by Paulus Almanus, and some 15th-century clocks in Germany indicated minutes and seconds.

minutes between

It runs every 20 minutes between 05:30 and 22:30 hours.

In addition, electric trains would operate every 15 minutes between Unionville and Union Station.

A firefight raged for 50 minutes between the attackers and 100 Ethiopian troops guarding the camp.

minutes to play   (minutos para jugar)

Texas led 9-3 with more than four minutes to play .

half-notes, to the minute - the piece would take 15-20 minutes to play).

"Border Reivers" can be played by two to four players and takes around 30 to 90 minutes to play.

minutes off

The island is just minutes off Interstate 880 in Oakland.

Lara amassed his world record 501 in 474 minutes off only 427 balls.

Tech was forced to punt, but only after they bled 5 minutes off the clock.

ninety minutes   (noventa minutos)

Replays were held if teams were tied after ninety minutes.

Panicking, Sharon tells him that he will die in ninety minutes.

forty minutes

The raid lasted for approximately two hours and forty minutes.

The piece lasts about forty minutes.

The 1981 final was on 15 February at 15:35 and was forty minutes.

minutes of action   (minutos de acción)

He scored 23 points in 25 minutes of action before leaving the game.

In his debut, Morris recorded 2 points and 2 rebounds in 11 minutes of action.

He only totalled 226 minutes of action during his spell, and was subsequently released.

last minutes   (últimos minutos)

He replaced Stanley Ibe in the last minutes.

The scene in the film was in the last minutes of "The Pawnbroker".

He made his debut on 16 December, scoring in the last minutes of a 5–1 victory against Delhi Dynamos FC.

twelve minutes

The EVA ended after seven hours and twelve minutes.

She played twelve minutes in a substitute appearance.

The song combines stadium rock and ballad for much of its twelve minutes.

minutes of extra

If away goals are also equal, 30 minutes of extra time are played.

If away goals are also equal, 30 minutes of extra time were played.

If away goals were also equal, then thirty minutes of extra time was played.

just minutes   (sólo minutos)

The island is just minutes off Interstate 880 in Oakland.

In appalling heavy rain the game was tied at 22-22 with just minutes to go.

Naturally, just minutes after the Happy Hour, Jon reverts to his usual self.

minutes without

As a child, Sakharov would pray daily, later recalling that he would pray for 45 minutes without stress.

Much like County's previous game with Mansfield, this too lasted the full 90 minutes without a goal being scored.

The lower half of his body is absent and he is physically incapable of leaving the chair for more than a few minutes without dying.

minutes drive   (minutos en coche)

The city of Chania is about 22 minutes drive away.

It is just 50 minutes drive from Fuzhou city.

It is just 30 minutes drive from Hubli.

minutes walk

Ōmekaidō Station is approximately 10 minutes walk from Shin-Kodaira Station.

An Asda superstore is located 5 minutes drive or 45 minutes walk away at Westbrook.

It is located near Momochi Beach, about 15 minutes walk from Tojinmachi subway station.

minutes ahead   (minutos por delante)

Alec Bennett won the 1926 Junior TT a full ten minutes ahead of the next rider.

On his ride he caught up and overtook Alberto Contador who started two minutes ahead.

He kept racing as fast as he could, and finished four minutes ahead of Antonio Pesenti.

minutes to complete

Trains take 12 minutes to complete the 7.8 km journey.

The Marine is given two minutes to complete as many crunches as possible.

The need for these reversals meant that the modest journey took 50 minutes to complete.

minutes from time   (minutos del tiempo)

A goal by Steve MacLean twenty minutes from time secured a 1-0 victory.

Chapman scored his second, three minutes from time, to win the trophy for Forest.

The first goal came three minutes from time before scoring a penalty kick winner in extra time.

minutes earlier

Reventlow and Kessler took off 10 minutes earlier.

Lidia calls the hospital and learns that Tommaso died ten minutes earlier.

It was an immediate impact, having being brought on for Adis Jahović just five minutes earlier.

minutes late

The race started 45 minutes late after heavy rain.

The Scotch express had left Peterborough at 6.24, about 6 minutes late.

They appeared at the Boston Music Hall for the performance 90 minutes late.

couple of minutes   (un par de minutos)

He fell in love within "a couple of minutes", and she moved into the house over the summer.

Baroja played for a couple of minutes at the end of the game against Asteras Tripolis suffering two-headed muscle injury.

It took a couple of minutes, but Judy managed to unearth a fresh-water spring and was credited with saving everyone's lives.

minutes due

The game was stopped after 40 minutes due to heavy rain and continued on 09:30 the next day.

The televised finals for this event were delayed 40 minutes due to a bomb threat, which turned out to be a crank call.

Northern Ireland pulled off a memorable 3–2 win, but Carroll had to be substituted after only 12 minutes due to a groin injury.

few minutes before

He died a few minutes before two o'clock in the morning.

The police claim that the warning came only a few minutes before the bomb exploded.

Rothe returned to his desk inside the prison at a few minutes before 4:00, oblivious to the inmate takeover.

closing minutes

The Correatown cover version of the song also plays in the closing minutes of this penultimate episode.

In this match he helped his team to a 2–2 draw with Excelsior by making three saves in the closing minutes.

With nine minutes to go Galway were only a point in arrears, however, Tipperary outscored Galway by five to three in those closing minutes.

more minutes

Keepers must play at least 28 games of 60 or more minutes to be eligible for the trophy.

Hayes tells Mark that they need to leave, but Mark asks him to wait for a few more minutes.

After several more minutes, when he was sure that the tiger was gone, Corbett left for home.

minutes to reach

It takes about 30 minutes to reach DDA from Dalian by car.

It takes 20 minutes to reach Nólsoy from Tórshavn by boat.

It takes 10–15 minutes to reach the school from Nawalgarh Bus stand.

eleven minutes

The engagement had lasted just eleven minutes.

They comprised a doublet separated by eleven minutes, with magnitudes of 6.4 and 6.2 .

Jakes prematurely ended his session in a barrier at Moorish Hill with eleven minutes remaining.

within five minutes   (dentro de cinco minutos)

However, the van returned within five minutes.

The alarm was raised at around 10:30, with the first crews arriving within five minutes.

Markopolos later said that he knew within five minutes that Madoff's numbers didn't add up.

ten minutes later

He was a "touriste-routier", and had started ten minutes later than the A-class cyclists.

The minelayer engaged "R17" ten minutes later and set her on fire, but not before she unloaded her troops.

It would be followed ten minutes later by the corps machine-guns, which would provide direct fire support.

dying minutes

Coleman made some miraculous saves in the dying minutes as Cork held on for a 1–17 to 3–8 victory.

Martin Coleman made some miraculous saves in the dying minutes as Cork held on for a 1–17 to 3–8 victory.

Bangladesh did manage a surprise away draw to giant India 1–1, only to concede a goal near dying minutes.

matter of minutes

He is said to be able to eat anything in a matter of minutes.

In a matter of minutes, the show was sold out, marking his biggest show to date.

Another graffitists can go over a piece in a matter of minutes with a simple throw-up.

minutes past

They arrived here this morning at 8:30 [am] o'clock and left twenty minutes past three [PM].

News Channel updates were usually broadcast at 40 minutes past the hour between 08:00 and 23:00.

Headlines are usually provided at 15 minutes past the hour with a full bulletin after the bottom-of-the-hour headlines.

only minutes   (solo minutos)

The episode lasts only minutes and resolves suddenly and completely.

The induction drugs traditionally used for RSI have short durations of action, wearing off after only minutes.

The bridge layer unfolds and launches its cargo, providing a ready-made bridge across the obstacle in only minutes.

minutes longer   (minutos más)

The former is approximately three minutes longer than the latter.

Thus, daytime is on average around 7 minutes longer than 12 hours.

Olivier did, however, appear on screen three minutes longer than Finlay.

minutes of footage

Roughly 34 minutes of footage was shot before shut down; a trailer was also made.

Forty-five minutes of footage from 35 scenes was shot over 12 days with Christian Cooke.

Eleven minutes of footage were deleted for modern home video release, most of it racial in nature.

minutes of music

The album contains 21 songs, and almost 70 minutes of music.

McCreary composes on average 30 minutes of music per episode.

The game features 19 minutes of music from composer Steven Gutheinz.

minutes prior   (minutos antes)

The typical dose is 1.5 mg/kg IV given three minutes prior to intubation.

The doors open 30 minutes prior to show start due to guests coming in and taking their seats.

The IRA gave telephone warnings 50 minutes prior from a phone operator in Portadown, Northern Ireland.