went missing

Wilson went missing a few weeks after Mair moved.

In Wharton, 800 birds went missing in the heavy rain.

XX "Laumersheim" went missing during the First World War.

reported missing

Two additional trawlers were reported missing.

The next morning Lyall was reported missing.

The ferry was reported missing on the 19th.

gone missing   (行方不明になった)

However, he later realizes that it has gone missing.

He also tells them that his sister Yuma has gone missing.

"Kornblatt", has mysteriously gone missing.

narrowly missing   (狭く欠けている)

An unseen Gray opens fire, hitting Cole and narrowly missing Dickson.

After narrowly missing out promotion, Mozo returned to Leganés and its B-team.

He represented his country at the 2012 Summer Olympics narrowly missing the final.

goes missing

When Titli suddenly goes missing Aparna throws a fit.

Zoro goes missing, as the Straw Hats restock.

Boyle goes out to find food and goes missing.

missing in action   (アクションで行方不明)

Wick was posted as missing in action, presumed dead.

No sooner did he arrive was he presumed missing in action.

Since his body was not recovered he wasn listed as missing in action.

missing the playoffs

The team went 43–39, again missing the playoffs.

They finished with a 1-3 record, missing the playoffs.

The team finished with an 1-3 record, missing the playoffs.

missing persons

This method has been used in attempts to locate missing persons.

Five cases of missing persons were associated with Kempamma in 2009.

The missing persons team have stated that they followed up every lead.

still missing   (まだ見つからない)

By 20 May 2011, 303 were dead and 82 still missing.

As of March 4, many protesters are still missing.

Episode 3 of "The Web of Fear" is still missing.

despite missing   (行方不明にもかかわらず)

In 1990, despite missing time with injuries, Hamilton played in 89 games and hit .295.

This gave the Hogs a 10-3 lead at the break, despite missing on every third down conversion.

He finished the season 30th in series points despite missing the first half of the season with an injury.

missing person   (行方不明者)

Her death is an actively investigated missing person case.

This was the largest missing person search in UK police history.

It was the largest coordinated search for a missing person in the history of Spain.

just missing   (ちょうど行方不明)

Their raids found eggs still cooking, just missing the terrorist leader.

This information is unknown to Nick who still believes that Gabriel is just missing.

Rechristened 'Power 90,' Dynamos won 3 trophies in 1990, just missing out on the league to Nkana.

missing link   (ミッシングリンク)

In the media, the Java Man was hailed as the missing link.

Among the famous fossil finds credited as the "missing link" in human evolution are:

The title is a reference to the so-called "missing link" that connects man and the ape.

missing only   (欠けているだけ)

He made 38 league appearances, missing only four games.

He was reinstated on October 4, after missing only a single game.

It is missing only portions of the neck, tail, backbone, and head.

missing the first

Celek started the 2014 season, missing the first 11 games with back and hamstring injuries.

After missing the first four games due to injury, he played in six of the final seven games.

He finished the season 30th in series points despite missing the first half of the season with an injury.

missing children

Every second counts when it comes to locating missing children.

The Fireball Run is credited with assisting in the recovery of 38 missing children.

The two distraught mothers Glenda and Lorraine unite in a bid to locate their missing children.

only missing   (欠けているだけ)

Farrell kicked well in the Ireland game, only missing one conversion.

He played in four tests of the tour; only missing the test match against France.

The skeleton was articulated, and only missing about the last of the tail and the forelimbs.

now missing

The majority of them is now missing.

The stone temple is now missing.

His first known altarpiece is that of Vaiges, now missing, built in 1634.

listed as missing

Two other people were listed as missing.

The texts of the writer Ernst David Kaiser had listed as missing.

Since his body was not recovered he wasn listed as missing in action.

missing people

One of these stories includes one about the missing people choir.

Other authorities are speaking from 38,940 combined dead and missing people.

"Stalin My Neighbour" (15 mins) deals with Morley's obsession about missing people.

missing during

XX "Laumersheim" went missing during the First World War.

When Early went missing during their travels, Desha fell under suspicion.

The number of Americans captured or missing during this period is unknown.

go missing

No matter how many people criticize it...go missing...or die!"

George and Nicole board a train, but she and an old woman in their compartment soon go missing.

When "Galileo" and her crew go missing in the episode a second shuttlecraft called "Columbus" is launched.

before missing

He would go on to play two more games before missing the remainder of the season with an injured shoulder.

In 1966, he started 10 games before missing time with a knee injury and being eventually replaced by Liscio.

Likewise, West Virginia pushed to the Maryland 24, before missing a 41-yard field goal of their own to end the half.

missing several

This episode features Billy missing several promotional events.

He was dropped from the team after missing several chances in the 1–3 defeat to Torquay United on 22 August 1970.

Despite missing several matches later in the 2014–15 season, Matmour went on to make 27 appearances and scoring 3 times in all competitions.