diplomatic mission   (外交使節団)

She then was assigned to the diplomatic mission in Cairo, Egypt.

The diplomatic mission is led by Ambassador Jamal Mohamed Hassan.

She left the diplomatic mission at Mangalore, and sailed to Batavia.

mission statement   (ミッションステートメント)

The district's mission statement reads,

According to the league's mission statement, its purpose is to:

The mission statement of Bell Shoals Baptist Church is to "Follow Jesus.

first mission   (最初のミッション)

New Horizons was the first mission to visit a classical KBO.

He founded the first mission at Hazelton, B.C., in Gitksan territory.

In the short story "Day One", Waldo has his first mission as a Knight.

primary mission   (主な使命)

Their primary mission during peacetime is internal security and counter-terrorism.

Its primary mission was "to conduct ionospheric measurements on a worldwide basis.

Their primary mission was to observe an 11-year sun spot cycle in UV and X-ray spectra.

whose mission   (誰の使命)

In June 2004, Wade was named President of ANOCI, whose mission was to prepare and organize the 11th Islamic Summit.

Ivory Coast has a brown-water navy whose mission is coastal surveillance and security for the nation's 340-mile coastline.

The subsurface dimension concerns those objects whose mission area is below the sea surface (e.g., submarines and sea mines).

rescue mission   (レスキューミッション)

On 8 December 1959, the lightship was the subject of a tragic rescue mission.

A search and rescue mission was quickly initiated by the United States Coast Guard.

Al and actor buddy Sal mount a rescue mission but are themselves knocked out by Boyd.

stated mission

A stated mission of GRIN is to support the following projects:

The stated mission of the society is "Committed to Lives of Excellence".

IESC's stated mission is to improve living standards by strengthening private enterprise.

s mission

VIPKid’s mission is to inspire every child for the future.

I am also deeply humbled by the weight of this agency’s mission.

Scoble’s mission remains to find and report bleeding edge technology.

new mission

Vindice gets his new mission – to kill "Piato".

He falls asleep, anticipating a new mission from the Word.

The unit's new mission was air defense of the upper Great Lakes region.

s mission

VIPKid’s mission is to inspire every child for the future.

I am also deeply humbled by the weight of this agency’s mission.

Scoble’s mission remains to find and report bleeding edge technology.

combat mission   (戦闘ミッション)

the longest combat mission has been 44.3 hours.

The Group flew its last combat mission on 20 April 1945.

The 355th Fighter Group flew its last combat mission on 25 April 1945.

mission work   (ミッションワーク)

In 1892 Crosby developed asthma and began to tire of mission work.

The programs met a ready response and the mission work grew rapidly.

In 1971, he resigned from Grace and returned to mission work in Africa.

mission station   (ミッションステーション)

The mission station was proclaimed a national monument in 2014.

Clark was sent to assist Lorrin Andrews at Lahainaluna mission station in 1834.

In 1956 he studied the Zulu language in a Benedictine mission station in Zululand.

reconnaissance mission   (偵察任務)

Army Suhoi fighter planes were also sent on a reconnaissance mission over NLA positions.

Jayasinghe was killed in November 2008, during a reconnaissance mission in LTTE held territory.

On 23 July 1943 she opened fire on two FW-190 fighters to defend the plane during a reconnaissance mission.

training mission

During a training mission, the ZECTrooper trainees, , are revealed.

Performed training mission for pilots to transition to single-seat, subsonic F-117.

On 13 February 2012, one MiG-27 crashed while on a training mission, the pilot ejected.

military mission

The inter-African military mission was later replaced by a U.N. peacekeeping force (MINURCA).

He was also the second sibling to die, killed in an air accident on a military mission in 1938.

In 1895 Emperor Menelik II invited Leontiev to return to Ethiopia with a Russian military mission.

secret mission

In September 1820, he undertook a secret mission in Germany on behalf of the Treasury.

In November 1915, Herbert was in Paris and Rome on a secret mission related to Albania.

In 1976, during a secret mission, Henry Kissinger threatened Bhutto and his colleagues.

original mission

The buildings of the original mission still stand.

Its original mission was to protect regional officers of the KKK.

The facility’s original mission was to perform toxicology research.

special mission

They had been told that it was a "special mission" to pick fruit.

Yoo-gun and Ray's IRIS team has been assigned to a special mission.

In 1859 he undertook a special mission to Bucharest, and in 1860 to Palermo.

mission church

The temporary location of the mission church was located at nearby Mt.

In 1871, the small mission church of St David's was built to serve Ely.

The site was purchased in 1903 by the Church of England for a new mission church.

space mission

However, no space mission has been identified as the source of 6Q0B44E.

The opera is staged as a space mission, and she was described as dramatic and of emotional intensity.

The group's first target is Petrovsk I - a Russian space mission - scheduled to launch in the next few days.

each mission

The X-Mansion serves as a hub that the team returns to after each mission.

During projects Mercury and Gemini, each mission had a prime and a backup crew.

During Projects Mercury and Gemini, each mission had a prime and a backup crew.

final mission

Its final mission cost would reach US$224 million.

In the final mission, Icarus-1 is launched and orbits Earth.

The group's final mission involved the release of the King of the Belgians.

last mission   (最後のミッション)

Childs undertook his last mission to Moscow in 1977.

It flew its last mission on 13 April 1945.

(This last mission, that of Nehemiah, is not part of the Book of Ezra.)

peacekeeping mission   (平和維持ミッション)

While on a United Nations peacekeeping mission SSgt.

MP soldiers have participated in the peacekeeping mission in Kosovo since 1999.

The United Nations has maintained the peacekeeping mission ONUCI in the country since 2004.

mission against   (に対する使命)

Ganga and Ranbir jointly start a mission against their common enemy Jaggu.

Now the three start a mission against Bitthal's group and take the law in their own hands.

Yeager said, "I'm certainly not proud of that particular strafing mission against civilians.

during the mission

Feustel performed three spacewalks during the mission.

It was the first of ten instruments to be turned on during the mission.

Similar mines killed several civilians and many animals during the mission.

main mission   (主な使命)

Their main mission is the arrest of violent criminals.

Its main mission was anti-submarine warfare.

Close air support was the main mission of the AC-130 in Iraq.

mission school   (ミッションスクール)

The FMS mission school was also founded during his term.

On Sundays, he taught a class of boys in the mission school on the corner of Elizabeth and Broome Streets.

About four miles outside of Callaway is the Phoebe Needles Mission School, an Episcopal mission school dating from 1907.

second mission

The procedure for the second mission is revealed.

The remaining six contestants are given their second mission.

On the second mission of the day targeting Kent, Balthasar claimed two Spritfires shot down.

bombing mission

The propellers that were used on the bombing mission were later shipped to Texas A&M University.

One section escorted a large number of B-36 Peacemakers in a simulated bombing mission over New York City.

During a bombing mission to Germany, wartime pilot Peter Churchman (Boyd) inadvertently destroys a French cathedral.

next mission

The next mission flown after SA-7 was SA-9.

The next mission was prepared and launched successfully in 1980.

He states that the next mission is to free Routes 13 and 16 of any Viet Cong.

during a mission

Both speak Klingon, which they successfully used as a code during a mission.

It is more cost effective to prevent stone formation during a mission than is it to treat it.

The environments that Recon Marines and Recon Corpsmen face during a mission are usually hazardous.

mission president

In 1949, Rulon S. Howells became mission president again.

In 1956, Loren N. Pace replaced Valentine as mission president.

One, Jackson MKabela, was called to serve as mission president in Zimbabwe.

another mission   (別の使命)

From 1867 to 1868 he served another mission in the Southern States Mission.

Richards served another mission in Britain from 1848 to 1853 along with his wife.

He then served another mission, both in the United States and Europe from 1860 to 1862.

suicide mission

Despite the fact that it is a suicide mission, she volunteers.

Ahmad avoids arrest by federal agents and continues his suicide mission alone.

When a Staff Colonel asks for two volunteers for a suicide mission, Roy and Monte step up.

mission control   (宇宙管制センター)

In 1984 mission control was replaced by a community based executive committee.

The mission control teams rotated in three shifts, each led by a flight director.

The mission control for the period after it lands on Mars, would have been headquartered at York University.

mission stations

From 1880, Rautanen worked in Olukonda at one of the first mission stations to the Ovambo people.

At one point or another he served in 5 different mission stations and himself founded another nine.

He was elected President of the South African Baptist Union in 1949 and spent a year visiting churches and mission stations.

mission to find   (見つけるミッション)

The series follows the Angels on a mission to find U.S.

Carnby accepts and makes it his mission to find Fiske's killer.

With a lone-wolf reputation, Nero is given a mission to find and capture Dante.

mission objectives

All mission layouts are randomized as are the mission objectives.

Aside from the mission objectives, each ship has a computer room that helps players find coordinates for the return trip to the mother ship.

He was played by Anthony Ruivivar as cool and ruthless, with no compunctions against killing innocent civilians in pursuit of his mission objectives.

organization whose mission

The MAI is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support and promote intercultural artistic practices in order to enable a dialogue between cultures in Montreal.

Boettcher Foundation The Boettcher Foundation is a Denver-based philanthropic organization whose mission is to invest in the promise of Colorado and the potential of Coloradans.

RBR.com reported that "interestingly, "Circus" was reviewed by Common Sense Media, another organization whose mission is to help parents manage their children's media consumption.

first combat mission   (最初の戦闘ミッション)

In April 1943, the unit was involved in its first combat mission in North Africa.

Their first combat mission on 11 June 1940 was a raid against Italian aircraft at the Gura airfield.

The squadron flew its first combat mission on 17 July, when it attacked an aircraft factory in Amsterdam.

mission during

STS-6 was the first Space Shuttle mission during which a spacewalk was conducted.

Their primary mission during peacetime is internal security and counter-terrorism.

They only made one mission during the battle itself when on 29 October they provided a bomber escort on a raid on Ramsgate.

defense mission

leaving the entire Alaska air defense mission to the 317th.

The air defense mission was changed to a military airlift mission.

The wing continued its air defense mission after the fall of the Soviet Union.

trade mission

Planning for the project commenced in 1998 when DRS participated in a trade mission to Zambia.

Urquhart's campaigning, including publication of "Turkey and its Resources", culminated in his appointment on a trade mission to the region in 1833.

Notley and Ma Xingrui, governor of Guangdong Province of China signed a provincial sistering agreement in 2017 during an economic trade mission to Asia.

established a mission

The Portuguese officially established a mission in Dhaka in 1616.

The Norwegian Missionary Society first established a mission in Cameroon in the early 1920s.

Pinnock, the first Baptist missionary to the ancient empire of Oyo established a mission post.

mission field

In all Arnold had worked a total of 16 years in the mission field.

After two years on the mission field, Diego died while traveling back to Spain.

Orthodoxy was planted in Latvia in the 11th century, when it became a mission field of the diocese of Polotsk.

mission schools

Mboya was educated at various Catholic mission schools.

This included a ban on proselytising and mission schools.

Nabulyato was born in Banamwaze in 1916, and attended Methodist mission schools in Nanzila and Kafue.