İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

missionary work   (misyonerlik çalışması)

As a result, missionary work in Argentina slowed.

Liddell went on to missionary work in China.

Another obstacle to missionary work in Argentina is poverty.

missionary activity   (misyonerlik faaliyeti)

He decided to devote his life to missionary activity.

Protestant missionary activity in Asia was most successful in Korea.

In 1632 he published an account of the missionary activity in New Mexico.

medical missionary   (tıbbi misyoner)

In 1867 he moved to British Columbia as a medical missionary.

He went to Taiyuan in Shanxi as a medical missionary in 1906.

Dr. Paul Carlson, an American medical missionary, was among those killed during the raid.

missionary activities   (misyonerlik faaliyetleri)

He opposed the spread of Christian missionary activities.

Sponsorship of missionary activities became a divisive issue.

The town was the center of Catholic missionary activities in the 9th century Sweden.

missionary efforts   (misyoner çabaları)

The Universalists continued their missionary efforts.

Saint Boniface used Bede's homilies in his missionary efforts on the continent.

Titled "Truth Will Prevail", it told the story of early missionary efforts in Britain.

first missionary

1245) was the first missionary bishop of Prussia.

This was a logical continuation to Birka's position as the first missionary town in Sweden.

His first missionary appointment was as a staff of the Vicariate of the Bight of Benin's Holy Cross Primary School in Lagos.

missionary school   (misyoner okulu)

As a child, Alfred attended missionary school for a short time.

Lee spent her early childhood in China, attending a missionary school where she learned English.

After studying at a local school at Bakulia and missionary school, he entered to Hooghly Mohsin College.