İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

diplomatic missions   (diplomatik misyonlar)

Colombia has diplomatic missions in all continents.

Botswana has a small number of diplomatic missions abroad.

As a result, he was entrusted with various diplomatic missions.

combat missions   (savaş görevleri)

It had flown 4 combat missions before being lost.

During the war he flew over 90 combat missions.

During the conflict he flew 12 combat missions.

reconnaissance missions   (keşif görevleri)

The squadron began to fly strategic reconnaissance missions in September 1953.

missions against   (karşı görevler)

They saw heavy use in ground attack missions against insurgents.

These operations included 11 high-sea missions against drug-trafficking.

Several missions against dug in Japanese troops were flown in the Taungap area.

bombing missions

Government forces reportedly also used helicopters on bombing missions.

The 1943-1944 season was halted midway because of the Allied bombing missions over Romania.

(During World War II, allied bombers returning to Great Britain from bombing missions used it as a marker.)

rescue missions   (kurtarma görevleri)

The search and rescue missions were hampered by strong currents in flooded streets.

If necessary, the Squadron provides support in rescue missions in natural disasters.

At the same time, this system enables them to perform search and rescue missions more safely.

support missions   (destek görevleri)

At times the Group flew interdictory and support missions.

The 302d TFS trained for counterair, interdiction, and close air support missions.

Departing Espiritu Santo on 20 January 1944, she continued support missions in the Marshalls through March.

space missions

Over 90 space missions have been launched since.

An abundance of carbonates has yet to be detected by the Mars space missions.

Honeywell Aerospace has been involved in most major space missions and projects.

peacekeeping missions   (barışı koruma misyonları)

Ethiopia has served in various United Nations and African Union peacekeeping missions.

The Troop recently served in peacekeeping missions in Bosnia (2002-3) and the Sinai (2008).

Poland has contributed six soldiers from the Polish Armed Forces in its UN peacekeeping missions.

missions during

With VF-24, Bull flew missions during Operation Southern Watch.

During 1940, he flew on 62 missions during the Battle of Britain.

She later flew in several missions during Operation Provide Comfort.

training missions

This would be done primarily for training missions.

Conducted worldwide strategic bombardment training missions and providing nuclear deterrent.

For seven months the Group remained in Hawaii, flying antisubmarine patrols and training missions.

escort missions

In mid-1944 the squadron was assigned to conduct bomber escort missions.

The group frequently strafed targets of opportunity while on escort missions.

Also flew escort missions to Southeast China and attacked railways on Formosa.

other missions   (diğer görevler)

Silva helped the Franciscans to set up other missions near Zuni.

He continued that other missions are driven by the kinetics—this was not.

several missions

She later flew in several missions during Operation Provide Comfort.

She has volunteered for several missions to search for Antarctic meteorites (ANSMET).

Cardinal Richelieu entrusted him with several missions as inspector and intendant of the forces.

foreign missions   (yabancı misyonlar)

MSHCA has over 50 years of history in the area of foreign missions.

Botswana has a small but far-reaching network of foreign missions abroad.

Whenever you ask people to support them [foreign missions] Joe, do bar China.

various missions

The enslaved Acoma were given to government officials and various missions.

The player can also take on various missions for either of the two warring nations.

Under a series of aliases, De Milja undertakes various missions to sabotage German operations.

flew missions

With VF-24, Bull flew missions during Operation Southern Watch.

Sherrill flew missions throughout Europe and in the Middle East.

These aircraft flew missions until January 1970 manned by Portuguese ex-military pilots.

missions in support   (destek misyonları)

"Orca"s squadrons also carried out air-sea rescue missions in support of the United States Army's 13th Air Force.

In March 2002, three AC-130 Spectres provided 39 crucial combat missions in support of Operation Anaconda in Afghanistan.

Flew experimental drop missions in support of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) from 1963 to 1967.

new missions

The expansions added 11 new missions, giving the game a total of 27 missions.

While on stations, Flint can speak with various characters in order to get new missions and deepen the atmosphere of the game.

Members of the wing had the option of moving with the F-15s to Barnes, but most decided to stay behind and train for new missions.

missions such

It has built a tradition of participating in UN peacekeeping missions such as in Haiti and East Timor.

Many B-17Gs were converted for other missions such as cargo hauling, engine testing, and reconnaissance.

The SDST was later used on other space missions such as the Mars Science Laboratory (the Mars rover "Curiosity").

missions abroad

Botswana has a small number of diplomatic missions abroad.

maintains approximately the same number of missions abroad.

European Union missions abroad are known as EU delegations.

attack missions

They saw heavy use in ground attack missions against insurgents.

Based at RAAF Base Butterworth they also carried out a number ground attack missions against the guerrillas.

The squadron was tasked with fighter sweeps along the Yalu and Chong-Chong rivers as well as close air support attack missions.

special missions

There were, however, a number of special missions and other activities.

It is a top-down strategy game, with a first-person mode available for special missions.

B-17s were used by the CIA front companies Civil Air Transport, Air America and Intermountain Aviation for special missions.

missions include

Force-protection missions include defending air bases and other facilities.

The autonomous missions include investigations and information collections, cooperating with the relevant Carabinieri commands and stations.

The missions include raiding a North Korean airbase, going after a downed OH-58 Kiowa transport and preventing Jung's plan to blow up a dam just upstream from the DMZ.