mm long   (長さmm)

The tube walls are 10–30 mm long, with thick walls.

The larva is around 30-60 mm long when fully grown.

Leaves are 60 to 200 mm long and 40 to 150 mm wide.

mm wide

The shell is c. 8 mm in height and up 4.5 mm wide.

The gills are 0.3–1 mm wide with micaceous edges.

Leaves are 60 to 200 mm long and 40 to 150 mm wide.

mm for males   (男性のmm)

The length of the forewings is 18.2 mm for males.

The length of the forewings is 14.9 mm for males.

They grow up to 49–58 mm for males and 62–63 mm of females.

mm for females

The length of the forewings is 20 mm for females.

The wingspan can range up to 90 mm for females.

The wingspan is about 30 mm for males and 40 mm for females.

mm guns

The two twin 14.5 mm guns are manually operated.

L-Towers were , usually armed with four quadruple 20 mm guns.

It is also armed with two 37 mm guns.

mm gun   (ミリガン)

F-boats had two stacks and two 105 mm gun turrets.

Four 57 mm gun turrets were provided for local defense.

They were also used to tow the 105 mm gun.

mm in diameter   (直径mm)

The sori are darker and measure 1 mm in diameter.

It is about 5.5 mm long and 3.1 mm in diameter.

Large ovarian eggs may range from 8–14 mm in diameter.

mm in length

Adults of the species grow to 180–260 mm in length.

The shells of adults vary from 20 to 60 mm in length.

It reaching 40 mm in length at its last instar.

mm film   (mmフィルム)

The video is a mashup of various 16 mm film clips.

It was made into a 16 mm film in October 1960.

It was shot on 35 mm film and took 18 months to complete.

mm thick   (厚さmm)

It is at least 2 mm thick and 3 inches wide.

Thinnest the stone is just 2.5 mm thick.

The flesh is up to 2 mm thick, and it has no distinctive odor.

mm cannon   (ミリ砲)

Bakassi is now armed only with 40 mm cannon.

De Reffye also developed the Reffye 85 mm cannon in 1870.

The vessel is armed one Bofors L/70 40 mm cannon and two Oerlikon 20 mm cannon.

mm diameter

8ss is equivalent to 2.3 mm diameter, 10ss is 2.8 mm).

These drill bits can make holes as low as 2 mm diameter.

The fruit is a blue berry 5 mm diameter.

mm per

It has an estimated displacement rate of about 1.5 mm per year.

The Amazonian Manatees increase in length approximately 1.6-2.0 mm per day.

mm machine

Four 12.7 mm machine guns provided close-in anti-aircraft defence.

In 1940 the 13.2 mm machine guns were replaced by 65-caliber AA guns in twin mounts.

Later versions carried four or even six MG 151/20 cannon and twin 13 mm machine guns.

mm rainfall

The rainy month is February, with an average of 109 mm rainfall, and the driest is October, with 1 mm rainfall.

mm per year

It has an estimated displacement rate of about 1.5 mm per year.

It has two main segments and an estimated overall slip rate of about 7 mm per year.

mm ×

It uses a 40 megapixels, 44 mm × 33 mm CCD sensor.

Current plates are European standard 520 mm × 110 mm.

mm across   (直径mm)

The leaves are bright green and up to 4 mm across.

Each flower is about 20 mm across, reddish purple overall.

Each flower is about 15 mm across, pink to purplish overall.

mm high

It grows up to 25 mm high and 20 mm wide.

It has a short, blunt ligule compared to other grasses 1 mm high.

2000–2500 mm high cell fenders are typically used for LNG berths.

mm howitzer

The rate of fire was, at the time, exceptionally high for a 155 mm howitzer.

Haubits FH77 Fälthaubits 77 (Swedish "Field Howitzer 77") or FH77 is a Swedish 155 mm howitzer.

On 7 March 1955, the 267th AFAB was reactivated at Fort Sill, equipped with M114 155 mm howitzer.

mm x   (mm x)

Dimensions of largest known shell 101 mm x 102 mm.

The available package is WLCSP16 (2.17 mm x 2.32 mm).

The most common interior door is 860 mm x 1985 mm (33.8" x 78.1").

mm cannons

Holes were blasted into the ridge to accommodate a gun, and six 20 mm cannons.

The positions on the coral promontories guarding each flank fired on the Marines with 47 mm guns and 20 mm cannons.

It has since removed the guns and reinstalled the original 40 mm and 25 mm cannons and returned the planes to combat duty.