mobile phone   (移动电话)

As tensions grew they spoke only via mobile phone.

The lily design was added to a mobile phone case.

"hand machine") for mobile phone, / "lányá" (lit.

mobile phones   (手机)

In 2002 the company started to make mobile phones.

It is available on iOS and Android mobile phones.

There were approximately 7,800 mobile phones in 2009.

mobile devices   (移动设备)

"Flicky" has also been ported to mobile devices.

Instead, it would focus on HTML 5 for mobile devices.

The service can be used on desktop and mobile devices.

mobile app   (移动应用)

The service comes with a mobile app for iPhone.

She is the co-founder and CEO of the mobile app Huggle.

The rewards card and mobile app launched in spring 2018.

mobile device   (移动设备)

The worm can render the mobile device unstable.

Motorola filed a patent application for mobile device applications in 2006.

Google Android 4.2 enabled running RenderScript code on the mobile device GPU.

mobile game

A mobile game, titled "", was released in October 2019.

IGN rated it the best mobile game of 2013.

Bill the Lizard appeared in the Sunsoft's 2006 mobile game .

mobile apps   (行动应用程式)

Messages were sent to their numbers from mobile apps.

The mobile apps were developed by digital agency Candyspace.

These algorithms underpin mobile apps capable of the same e.g.

mobile home

Her dead body was found in a mobile home park.

The winds also damaged a mobile home in Sabattus and a steel shed in Lewiston.

It destroyed an abandoned mobile home, leaving only a floor attachment to the frame.

mobile application

The mobile application offers 2,279 services.

A place to shop for native mobile application projects.

Software can be used on interactive kiosks or as a mobile application.

mobile network

Airtel-Vodafone also provide a mobile network.

Embu County also has a 98 per cent mobile network coverage.

Mobikom Mobikom is a defunct NMT mobile network in Bulgaria.

mobile applications

Developers have several options for deploying mobile applications.

A new development in the web-to-print world is mobile applications.

Today's employee scheduling software often includes mobile applications.

mobile homes

There are currently 2 mobile homes on campus as well.

'It was the Beverly Hills of mobile homes.'

Anne range from mobile homes to houses.

mobile games

It was named among 10 best free mobile games by

franchise to magazines, video and mobile games and a website.

His previous works for 5th Cell were in mobile games, using both original and licensed work.

more mobile

Today, Greenland has more mobile phones than landlines.

Therefore, arsenic may be more mobile under reducing conditions.

), while allowing the baby to be more mobile and comfortable, and less prone to cry.

highly mobile

T-Force units were lightly armed and highly mobile.

The dunes are highly mobile, and can reach up to 20 m in height.

It can also be deployed as highly mobile artillery to support tank attacks."

mobile telephone

, approximately 40% of the population subscribed to mobile telephone services.

Modems which use a mobile telephone system (GPRS, UMTS, HSPA, EVDO, WiMax, etc.

He did not own a TV, a VCR or a mobile telephone, and did not go to the movies.

first mobile

HSPA would provide the world's first mobile broadband.

"Bachtrack"s first mobile app was launched in late 2009.

The INQ1 was INQ's first mobile phone.

mobile version

A mobile version was also released by Gameloft.

A mobile version of Sway is available for iOS.

The mobile version of Microsoft Office, is the default office suite.

mobile operating

Contact lists for mobile operating systems are often shared among several mobile apps.

Comparison of mobile operating systems This is a comparison of mobile operating systems.

mobile platforms

It was released for mobile platforms in January 2018.

The game had to be rewritten in order to cater for the mobile platforms.

On October 31st 2018 a Kaiju Big Battel video game was released on PC and mobile platforms.

mobile operators

All five mobile operators of Pakistan have their towers installed in the village.

Nowadays the village is connected to the world arena with the major mobile operators.

There are currently two GSM-900 mobile operators, Telecel CAR and NationLink Telecom RCA.

mobile services

Oi offers landline and mobile services under the Oi brand name.

New World Mobility became one of the brands of the holding company's mobile services.

After Microsoft acquired Skype they also got their mobile services including GroupMe and Qik.

mobile operator

The payments are charged to their mobile phone bills by the mobile operator.

Warid Pakistan Warid ( ) was a GSM, HSPA+ and LTE based mobile operator in Pakistan.

In 2000, de Azevedo founded Portugal's third mobile operator, Optimus, starting to manage his own projects.

mobile telephony

It offers mobile telephony using the Telenet network.

Private sector companies operate in mobile telephony, and Internet access.

Gibtel was subsequently granted a licence to offer mobile telephony introducing a GSM900 network.

mobile communications

The South African mobile communications market is growing fast.

taxi or delivery firms needing mobile communications to vehicles.

Main company activity is in area of services of portable electronics and mobile communications distribution.

other mobile

As a result, MonoTorrent can be compiled and executed on every major operating system, including smart phones, IoT or other mobile devices.

It was originally intended as an individually packaged daily ration for issue to airborne troops, tank crews, motorcycle couriers, and other mobile forces for short durations.

This version was released on April 3, 2014 as a free update for "FTL" owners, and as a separate release for iPad devices, with the potential for other mobile systems in the future.

mobile broadband   (手机宽带)

The term comprises both fixed and mobile broadband.

HSPA would provide the world's first mobile broadband.

70% of the gabonese population can access mobile broadband services.

such as mobile

The system can push text, web pages, and video to compatible equipment, such as mobile DTV devices.

Her work brings together literature, performance, and technologies such as mobile phones, social media, augmented reality, and Arduino.

This might include products such as mobile phones, large scale public address systems or virtual reality systems in research laboratories.

mobile library

The borough of Croydon has 14 libraries, a joint library and a mobile library.

Library services in Gowrie Junction are provided by the Toowoomba Regional Council's mobile library service.

The Central Public Library of Serres also has a mobile library, to serve citizens from the prefecture of Serres.

largest mobile

Magenta Telekom Magenta Telekom is the second largest mobile and fixed company in Austria.

Up till June 2017, CMHK has 8.274 million subscribers, making them the largest mobile network operator in Hong Kong.

The company cooperated with China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, the three largest mobile companies in China.

mobile service

In 2007, WHERE launched as a location-based mobile service for consumers.

It is also providing cellular mobile service under the brand name of SCOM.

In September 2011 the pad's mobile service tower was demolished using explosives.

mobile networks

In May 2011, Alvarion launched 4G mobile networks in Mozambique and Uganda.

Early work included simulating ad hoc mobile networks on sparse and densely connected topologies.

Some but not all CDMA, iDEN, and satellite mobile networks are identified with an MCC/MNC tuple as well.

mobile units

There are 13 mobile units of "Reparto Mobile" located in the main Italian cities.

Some mobile units could be programmed to work on more than one GE Marc V trunked system.

On 6 August 1956, the blue beret was assigned to mobile units (Mobile Battalions and Trucked Units).

new mobile

People could also buy a new mobile phone at the Championships.

The winner gets a new mobile phone.

At Photoshop World 2011, Adobe unveiled a new mobile photo service.

mobile data

Police cars lack GPS navigation devices and mobile data terminal.

In February 2018, Ericsson acquired the location-based mobile data management platform Placecast.

These companies also provide mobile data access Evolved HSPA and since late 2011 3GPP Long Term Evolution (4G).

mobile technology

Truphone owns and manages its own core mobile technology.

MobileBits Corporation is a United States mobile technology company.

He worked for Slovenian weekly magazine "Monitor" covering mobile technology.

mobile platform   (移动平台)

It is now extended to mobile platform under M-Governance.

PACO is an open source mobile platform for behavioral science.

A sequel, "Sega Home Run King 2", was released in 2004 for the mobile platform.

mobile operating system

The update of the Apple's mobile operating system was accompanied by a new design of Apple Maps.

It is designed for smart devices such as smart TVs and it has been used as a mobile operating system.

In June 2019, Gates admitted that losing the mobile operating system race to Android was his biggest mistake.

via mobile

As tensions grew they spoke only via mobile phone.

The main space can be divided into 2 spaces in its middle via mobile wall blocks.

There is also a mobile eBenefits version that is accessible via mobile device or tablet.

use of mobile

Several nations have advised moderate use of mobile phones for children.

The attack purportedly caused al-Shabaab to ban the use of mobile phones by its fighters.

One evolution in this area has considered the use of mobile devices to support end-user development activities.

mobile banking

In May 2017, the institution announced its intention to introduce internet banking and mobile banking services.

Then, financial transactions are carried out between the company and farmers through the M-Pesa, mobile banking system.

Telephone banking was introduced in the 1990s, with internet banking being introduced after 2001 and mobile banking after the 2010s.

fixed and mobile

The term comprises both fixed and mobile broadband.

The company's main business is fixed and mobile telecommunications in domestic and international traffic.

From 1945 to 1948 TV stations in the U.S. shared Channel 1 and other channels with fixed and mobile services.

mobile computing

In 1996, Acadia University pioneered the use of mobile computing technology in a post-secondary educational environment.

His work has focused for many years on electronic mail and anti-spam technology, on mobile computing, and on Internet standards.

The Concord Consortium's major areas of research and development are modeling and simulations, probeware, mobile computing, online learning, and assessment.

mobile telephones

HTC Evo HTC Evo is a line of mobile telephones developed by HTC Corporation.

It manufactured mobile telephones, accessories and personal computer (PC) cards.

In mid-2004 mobile telephones overtook fixed lines in service for the first time.

mobile phase

In FPLC the mobile phase is an aqueous solution, or "buffer".

Hydrophilic molecules in the mobile phase will tend to elute first.

Liquid chromatography (LC) is a separation technique in which the mobile phase is a liquid.

including mobile

Requested articles are scanned for high quality reproduction, opened anywhere on any machine, including mobile devices.

Hulu also launched Hulu Plus apps on other types of devices, including mobile, digital media players, and video game consoles.

Recent developments in the coding of applications including mobile and embedded systems have led to the awareness of the security of applets.

mobile communication

It uses au brand CDMA 1X WIN, and 3.9-generation mobile communication system (au 4G LTE) smartphone.

Makkonen played a leading role in creating the mobile communication unit of what is today TeliaSonera.

He became the president of the mobile communication unit in 1989, which had been renamed Telecom Finland.