İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

model year   (model yılı)

As of the 2010 model year this has been corrected.

The base model was dropped after this model year.

The 2015 model year updated interior door panels.

business model   (iş modeli)

The business model was revolutionary for its time.

This business model remains unique in Ecuador.

Each category is pursuing a slightly different business model.

role model   (rol model)

On Jersey, Le Bourgeois is viewed as a role model.

Priscillahs biggest role model is her mother.

Football coach Vince Lombardi was Valvano's role model.

new model   (yeni model)

The game's use of new model sets were also showcased.

The new model also got an electric throttle.

A new model, the M461, was started in 1964.

fashion model   (manken)

She worked as a fashion model for a year and a half.

Takaya is married to Japanese fashion model Maho Miura.

Marjan Jonkman Marjan Jonkman is a Dutch fashion model.

first model   (ilk model)

The first model was the well-equipped 2800CS of 1968.

The company's first model, an Interceptor Mk.

The Democracy Monument in Bangkok was the first model to build.

actress and model   (oyuncu ve model)

He married actress and model Jordan Michaels in 1986.

He is also the uncle of actress and model Juggan Kazim.

In 1975, he married actress and model Dani Crayne Greco.

scale model   (ölçekli model)

A scale model is a replica of some larger design.

It included a scale model, drawings and photographs.

Filmmakers created scale model of Statue of Saint Wenceslas.

model and actress   (model ve oyuncu)

- Soledad Fandiño, an argentine model and actress.

In 2003, he married model and actress Angela Saunders.

is the debut studio album of Swedish model and actress Ulla Jones.

model years   (model yılları)

The fully optioned 3.0Si was sold during the 1975 and 1976 model years.

The 2002-3 Sequoia model years also had a defect in the front ball joints.

A total of 12,921 GMC Motorhomes were produced from model years 1973 to 1978.

former model   (Eski model)

The trucks were replaced with HTCR-4, instead of HTCR-I on former model.

Tetro is a former model who worked for local agent Maysie Bestall-Cohen.

Also the truck was replaced with HTCR-4, instead of HTCR-I on former model.

production model   (üretim modeli)

The CH-46F was the final production model of the type.

This was made into a production model for the 2009 model year.

That powertrain was offered in the production model known as the "XR".

base model   (temel model)

The base model was dropped after this model year.

"The Marine Band" is the base model of the line.

They chose the 3.0 liter Ferrari 308 GTB as their base model.

standard model   (standart Model)

It is frequently referred to as the standard model of Big Bang cosmology.

The car was available in two sizes, a short-wheelbase sports and standard model.

Many countries have a variation on the standard model of three basic Military branches.

mathematical model   (matematiksel model)

It is a mathematical model of a 1967 Volkswagen Beetle.

In the mathematical model the chain (or cord, cable, rope, string, etc.)

A Turing machine is a mathematical model of a general computing machine.

model used   (kullanılan model)

New Tech is a model used in the new ways of teaching.

The E7 model used the 12V-567A rated at 1000 hp (750 kW).

The business model used by Careship and similar services is controversial.

model and beauty   (model ve güzellik)

Ivanna Vale Ivanna Vale is a Venezuelan model and beauty pageant titleholder.

Leong used to be a model and beauty queen before joining Astro and enjoyed some success as a television host.

Yu Wenxia Yu Wenxia (; born 6 August 1989) is a Chinese actress, television host, singer, model and beauty queen.

used to model   (modellemek için kullanılır)

The model can be used to model bound lazy deletion performance.

PCM is also used to model outer solvation layers in multi-layered solvation approach.

Such automata can be used to model certain physical reactions more closely, such as diffusion.

data model   (veri örneği)

The "top-down" approach is designed using a normalized enterprise data model.

It was initially published in 1997 as a logical data model for architecture data.

Different processor families and Coupling Facility levels also change the data model.

same model   (aynı model)

The uniform follows the same model to the present day.

The stars and the planets, located closer, followed the same model.

These models, however, did not retain the same model numbers as their predecessors.

model based   (model tabanlı)

Numerous chain reactions can be represented by a mathematical model based on Markov chains.

Monic is currently an international model based in New York City, represented by IMG Models.

A concurrency model based on event loops and promises ensures that deadlock can never occur.

became a model   (model oldu)

The legislation became a model for similar measures nationwide.

She became a model in many music video and acted in many plays.

Vladimir became a model for Muscovy.

model organism   (model organizma)

Such breadth of study is unusual for a model organism.

Zebrafish is widely used as model organism to study muscular dystrophies.

The longfin inshore squid, often used as a model organism has the longest known axon.

original model   (orijinal model)

The original model was crafted in a cardboard box.

Martin's model restyled the original model's four streams.

The original model cost Lambert $3200.

model line   (model çizgisi)

The entire model line was discontinued in late 2010.

For 2009, Thomas launched a second model line of small buses.

The Softail model line has multiple front fork configurations.

model number   (model numarası)

The phone's model number assigned by Samsung is SGH-T699.

Both go by the model number XT926.

The standard road bike was model number 341, while the police version was model number 435.

previous model   (önceki model)

It was also roughly one-third lighter than the previous model.

ft. from the previous model's 930 lb.

The second generation model replaced the previous model in 2005.

economic model   (ekonomik model)

There are perverse incentives in the WUC's economic model.

The vast majority of enterprises are privately owned in this economic model.

The study therefore concluded that the economic model of opportunity cost better explained the findings.

model for other   (diğer için model)

During her life, Malcolm recognised her own place as a role model for other women.

This multi-agency concept is regarded by some as the model for other European jurisdictions.

A typical square, (which was probably a model for other bastides), can be found in Montauban.

model range   (model aralığı)

Further model range updates have been in parallel with the Minica.

There was realignment of the Chrysler Group model range with those of GM and Ford (i.e.

Now under Harley Davidson ownership, the Brutale was redesigned for the 2010 model range.

model aircraft   (model uçak)

It is also a brand of model aircraft in Japan.

On 8 May 1960, a world record was set for the distance flown by a model aircraft at .

In the 1990s, AMT developed a series of new moulds to model aircraft of World War II.

late model   (geç model)

From there, he progressed into late model cars and trucks.

He also ran premier late model events.

The song is an alleged dedication to late model Audrey Lindvall.

model name   (model adı)

In spite of its model name, this engine only produced at 1,400 rpm

The fingerboard features dot inlays with the model name at the 12th fret.

mouse model   (fare modeli)

In a nonobese diabetic mouse model, peripherin has been found as a known autoantigen (See antigen).

DNMT1 is transcriptionally repressed under stress-mimicking exposure both "in vitro" and "in vivo" using a mouse model.

The other main effect the discovery of the Swedish mutation had was to provide one transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer's disease.

actor and model   (aktör ve model)

Sunny Wang Sunny Wang () is a Taiwanese actor and model.

Asako learns that Baku has become a famous actor and model.

Sadman Sameer Sadman Sameer is a Bangladeshi film actor and model.

model called   (denilen model)

In 1955 a budget model called L360 was added.

The Tundra line-up included a new premium luxury model called the 1794.

About one million units of the first model called Coleco Telstar were sold.

model theory   (model teorisi)

These classes are a main subject of study in model theory.

Maltsev's first publications were on logic and model theory.

In mathematical logic, this is often done in terms of model theory.

model was introduced   (model tanıtıldı)

A 15.6" model was introduced during CES 2016.

The W11 model was introduced early in 1998.

A model was introduced in 1967 for hobbyists, industry and government.

model organisms   (model organizmalar)

Genetic transformation has become very efficient in some model organisms.

Snails of the genus "Helix" are model organisms for the study of love darts.

Their complex and variable social structures have made ants ideal model organisms.

growth model   (büyüme modeli)

In 1969, Frank Bass published his paper on a new product growth model for consumer durables.

Jones model The Jones model is a growth model developed in 1995 by economist Charles I. Jones.

The fundamental reason for the quick economic recovery of West Germany can be found in the ordoliberal growth model.

male model   (erkek manken)

He worked as a male model early in his life.

The girls posed with a male model.

Ryan Buckingham (born 24 August 1990) is a 22-year-old male model from Victoria.

model railway   (model demiryolu)

There is also a model railway which is open to the public.

Once a model railway track existed here.

John Allen is also famous for devising the Timesaver model railway shunting puzzle.

working model   (çalışma modeli)

There are a few working model examples of the Smartfish.

But he had no working model to demonstrate the feasibility of these ideas.

The internal working model functions largely outside of conscious awareness.

became the model   (model oldu)

These Soviets became the model for those formed in 1917.

It became the model for a number of other large pulpits in Sweden.

Katarina Church in Stockholm became the model for many buildings and churches in the realm.

model is based   (model dayanmaktadır)

Like the original Sequoia, the new model is based on the new Tundra.

Chapters 1–13 and 15 develop the concepts on which Keynes's model is based.

The stochastic vacuum model is based on the approximation of nonperturbative QCD as a Gaussian process.

animal model   (hayvan modeli)

Research is often carried out on an animal model, the Ts65Dn mouse.

Next he considers the animal model of humanity which has grown popular in science.

Genetically modified mice are the most common genetically engineered animal model.

model developed   (model geliştirildi)

Jones model The Jones model is a growth model developed in 1995 by economist Charles I. Jones.

Dive Coaster The Dive Coaster is a steel roller coaster model developed and engineered by Bolliger & Mabillard.

The early transportation planning model developed by the Chicago Area Transportation Study (CATS) focused on transit.

each model   (her model)

At least one of each model was manufactured.

At one moment in time, each model point corresponds with just one status.

They are listed in chronological order from when each model began its model year.

model village   (örnek köy)

This village is being developed as a model village in Rohtak.

The dish is from a prosperous, award-winning model village in Telangana State, Ankapur village.

This site became Port Sunlight where he built his works and a model village to house its employees.

basic model   (temel model)

In the most basic model, cause (X) leads to effect (Y).

The basic model enclosed of floor area.

The LGR was the basic model.

become a model   (model olmak)

Lindhout had early aspirations to become a model and did some brief modelling work.

It notes that by committing to this transformation path, Germany could become a model for other countries.

ADB sees the Bengaluru MMLP as having the potential to become a model for other multimodal logistics parks in India.

model system   (model sistemi)

The number of levels depends on the size of the model system.

In physics, colloids are an interesting model system for atoms.

In fact there is a good evidence for the existence of both type of interaction in model system.

computer model   (bilgisayar modeli)

Their hybrid computer model 8900 was made of a digital computer and one or more analog consoles.

NWP refers to the simulation and prediction of the atmosphere with a computer model, and WRF is a set of software for this.

The computer model assured that no teams face each other more than once, and that each team plays two home and two away matches.

model does   (model yapar)

The roller coaster begins the same way that the XT 150 model does.

The morpheein model does not require gross changes in the basic protein fold.

The extensively modified 1974 TX750A model does not suffer from reliability issues.

second model   (ikinci model)

The second model had several small changes.

For 2009, Thomas launched a second model line of small buses.

The second model was supported.

early model   (erken model)

This early model did not include the ability to play sound.

He played an early model electric drum kit given to him by Tama Drums.

Davis and Liman favored an early model composed primarily of tentacles.

signature model   (imza modeli)

In fact John has his own signature model.

Gander Guitars has released a Jamie Glaser signature model.

Epiphone released a Jorma Kaukonen signature model Riviera guitar in 2002.

linear model   (doğrusal model)

ANOVA is considered to be a special case of linear regression which in turn is a special case of the general linear model.

The analysis of variance has been studied from several approaches, the most common of which uses a linear model that relates the response to the treatments and blocks.

It is a kind of hierarchical linear model, which assumes that the data being analysed are drawn from a hierarchy of different populations whose differences relate to that hierarchy.

statistical model   (istatistiksel model)

It is also common to apply ANOVA to observational data using an appropriate statistical model.

As a matter of fact, one can get quite high R-values despite very low predictive power of the statistical model.

Working independently, Thomas and Fermi used this statistical model in 1927 to approximate the distribution of electrons in an atom.

top model   (top model)

Later, the girls receive a regulation of top model.

As Tom Wabe's muse, Brenda goes on to become a top model, while Yvonne's popularity wanes.

George met Barbara Bradford, a top model at the John Robert Powers modeling agency, in March 1936.

theoretical model   (teorik model)

There is currently no accepted theoretical model that would allow cold fusion to occur.

The 18th-century English philosopher Jeremy Bentham's Panopticon is a theoretical model of Foucault's ideas.

Paul Drude in 1900 proposed the first theoretical model for a classical electron moving through a metallic solid.

different model   (farklı model)

It's a very different model because you don't have to build as much.

A different model is pursued by a growing subset of the OCIO universe.

Opening the larger revealed the smaller, which was a different model of car.

glamour model   (sihir modeli)

She has been described as the United Kingdom's "number-one glamour model."

In 1999 Terrill was engaged for a brief period to former glamour model Heather Mills.

Joanne Latham Joanne Kandy Latham (born 21 March 1961) is an English former glamour model.

model numbers   (model numaraları)

These systems have the letter "L" appended to their model numbers.

New model numbers were assigned to distinguish them as new versions.

Common model numbers for these batteries were NP-1, NP-1A and NP-1B.

model is used   (model kullanılır)

This model is used worldwide and is continuously under development.

The M75 model is used to provide fire support in infantry battalions.

For top-level domains on COM and NET, a "thin" registry model is used.

commercial model   (ticari model)

The commercial model was basic, that kept the price low.

She is also a commercial model.

Joshua Dionisio began his career as a commercial model at the age of 8.

pricing model   (fiyatlandırma modeli)

In 2016, AWS revised their retrieval pricing model.

Alternatively, a hedonic pricing model can be regressed.

GEIS also tried to adapt its pricing model.

current model   (şu anki model)

The full name of the current model is the SUSAT L9A1.

The current model of atomic structure is the quantum mechanical model.

The replacement came in April 2010 by the current model of the type Volvo AS.

development model   (geliştirme modeli)

This distorted, dependent development model produced uneven results.

HSC is a CMMI Level 5(development model), ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified company.

Parikrma operates on a 360-degree development model, supporting various aspects of a child's life.

model was developed   (model geliştirildi)

The model was developed in 2011 by Deloitte.

The model was developed by Ludwig Prandtl in the early 20th century.

Not long after Schrödinger developed the wave equation, the Thomas–Fermi model was developed.

successful model   (başarılı model)

Not a very successful model, only 12 being built.

Vicky notices Sapna when she becomes a successful model.

Anderson was a successful model.

simple model   (basit model)

The simple model commonly used is the P/E ratio (price-to-earnings ratio).

With this representation, a benefit of this solution is the possibility to create a simple model of failure.

It can be proven using a simple model of the potential for an electron in a 1-D crystal with lattice spacing formula_1.

model for many   (birçokları için model)

It has served as a model for many oyster bars in the United States.

Katarina Church in Stockholm became the model for many buildings and churches in the realm.

Its business model has also been a model for many of these board game cafes opening worldwide.

programming model   (programlama modeli)

ParaSail uses a pointer-free programming model, where objects can grow and shrink, and value semantics are used for assignment.

It provides a simplified programming model, automates parallelisation, manages devices and memory, and compiles to CUDA binaries.

The syntax of ParaSail is similar to Modula, but with a class-and-interface-based object-oriented programming model more similar to Java or C#.

only model   (sadece model)

This model is the newest version and the only model in production.

It is the only model in the Macintosh II family to be branded as a Performa.

Although lacking detail, the ESCI Tornado remained the only model for this plane in 1:48 for 17 years, becoming also the company's best-seller.

model kits   (model kitleri)

Then it started to develop plastic model kits in earnest.

In 1984, ESCI introduced separated track links for AFV model kits.

Comet Miniatures released two Dalek self-assembly model kits in the 1990s.

generation model   (nesil modeli)

Like the first generation model, there is no third row seat.

The second generation model replaced the previous model in 2005.

The first generation model was based on the Nissan Maxima (A32).

reference model   (referans modeli)

The reference model is applicated the following frameworks:

This reference model is meant as environment model, complementary to the POSIX architecture for open systems.

In the ISO-OSI reference model data link layer (layer 2), the basic transfer units are generically called frames.

regression model   (Regresyon modeli)

A basic tool for econometrics is the multiple linear regression model.

Fitted values from the regression model are then used to impute the missing values.

model does not   (model değil)

The morpheein model does not require gross changes in the basic protein fold.

The extensively modified 1974 TX750A model does not suffer from reliability issues.

This model does not use proprietary USB drivers; it is a standard USB mass storage device.

popular model   (popüler model)

One popular model was created by C.G.

As of early 2011, the Tiggo was Chery's most popular model in export markets.

Its most popular model is the Bogdan Isuzu-powered light bus made in Cherkasy.

similar model   (benzer model)

Eastern European strip clubs have a similar model.

A similar model was the 343 Oettinger.

The form of dispute follows a similar model adopted by the NBA and European countries.

model using   (kullanarak model)

An age model using dentin from teeth is currently being studied.

Tempesto at Busch Gardens Williamsburg introduced the model using three cars in 2015.

Other model using the Matiz technology found in the QQ include the closely related QQ6.

last model   (son model)

The last model, the E9, was rated at 2,400 hp (1800 kW).

Only five of the last model, the Monterosa, were produced.

The last model built rolled off the Wayne, Michigan assembly line on June 12.

model railroad   (model demiryolu)

One such model railroad was over in size.

A few model railroad items attributed to Allen survive and have been authenticated.

A local model railroad club is located in the freight house just north of the station.