İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

role models   (rol modelleri)

His role models are Tiger Woods and Fred Couples.

Her role models are Stefanie Hertel and Helene Fischer.

Ochiai's role models are Shusei Tanaka and Mahatma Gandhi.

animal models   (hayvan modelleri)

Like magnesium, supplementation helps in animal models.

PGO waves have been studied mostly through cat and rodent animal models.

Genetic engineering is also used to create animal models of human diseases.

other models   (diğer modeller)

A number of SD40-2s have been rebuilt into other models.

In other models the Higgs scalar is a composite particle.

However, some Puranas include other models.

new models   (yeni modeller)

Finally, the reader can generate new models using a sandbox.

A host of new models in the 14 to 16 hp class were displayed.

All new models exclusively featured the AVL 'lean-burn' engine.

all models

The wheelbase is 2.67 m (105 inches) on all models.

The total production was, 112,000 for all models.

Vehicle Stability Control was standard on all models.

different models

Roadrunner used two different models of processors.

The initial range comprised eleven different models.

The following tables highlight features of the different models.

later models

Composite 50 litre tank is used on later models.

Treos ran Palm OS, but later models also ran Windows Mobile.

In later models it was standard.

models such

Ideal models such as cylindrical, hexagonal and square models are common.

This does not include overseas production models such as Australian manufacture.

ESP began the EX Series with models such as the EX-100 and the EX-102 among others.

business models   (iş modelleri)

There were also different business models.

At University of Tennessee, Vitasek researches business models.

Advertisement-funded software is also one of the business models for open-source software.

mathematical models   (Matematiksel modeller)

These theories are translated into mathematical models.

Climate models are mathematical models of past, present and future climates.

The prominent mathematical models of message passing are the Actor model and Pi calculus.

models used

All models used the then-new M30 straight-6 engine.

Arrow's models used an electric motor to launch the train.

Early Clavinova models used FM synthesis.

models include

All models include three NuBus slots and a PDS.

AXON's current models include the AX100 and the AX50USB.

All EyeSight models include Sportshift E-5AT transmission.

scale models   (ölçü modelleri)

The car was later sold in 1:64 and 1:24 scale models.

Static scale models are used for collection or display.

Italeri has a wide portfolio of scale models.

previous models

The engine had been extensively re-worked compared to previous models.

A new frame was used that was lighter but more rigid than previous models.

The number of seats, however, is slightly lower than in the previous models.

production models

The first production models were released to the public in May 1999.

Several of these concept cars are planned to be adapted into production models.

This does not include overseas production models such as Australian manufacture.

earlier models

The 810A and 840A are somewhat enhanced versions of the earlier models.

It was one of the first handheld cell phones, when compared to earlier models.

Its one-piece cargo-box walls eliminated the rust-prone seams that were found in earlier models.

several models   (birkaç model)

There are several models offered, with varied LCDsizes.

There were several models of the computer:

There are several models for forming NVPM.

early models

In early models, the alphabet ring was fixed to the rotor disc.

Effective altitude is to for early models and up to for later models.

The kerb weight is 8 800 kg and payload is 9 200 kg in the early models.

computer models

Virtual manipulatives for mathematics are computer models of these objects.

Ecologists use a mixture of computer models and field studies to explain metapopulation structure.

Laboratory tests of the prototype are said to match earlier predictions generated by computer models.

various models

There are various models for providing respite care.

The various models of IBM produced ROLM 9751 CBX are 10, 20, 40, 50 & 70.

Since June 27, 2017, Virgin Mobile USA sold the iPhone in various models.

models included

Available models included L, LX, XL, XLX, and XXL.

The final models included a built-in camera.

Besides safety bicycles, models included tandems and a Pedersen.

character models

Praise went to the graphics, including the character models.

There are also very few character models, leaving most troopers looking identical.

"Kart Fighter" used character models from the 1992 Super Famicom "Super Mario Kart".

models based

Some were commercial models based on Bowie knives.

", featuring the voice and facial models based on the readings by Boris Karloff.

Pearl Drums positions the air vents on its Masters Premium models based on the golden ratio.

models featured

These models featured 2.5- and 2.8-litre engines.

1997 models featured standard air conditioning.

Petrol models featured the 6VD1 V6 engine.

models use

In factory, Lexus models use a similar wine glass test.

64k and 128k models use standard 4164 DRAMs.

E models use the second seat for a weapon systems officer.

mouse models   (fare modelleri)

Potential cures can be tested against these mouse models.

The toxicity of this compound was also investigated using animal mouse models.

In mouse models, mutations within the promoter region of factor IX have an age-dependent phenotype.

both models

In both models, aircraft are equipped with Allison T56-A-16 engines.

The names of both models are well known and they were wife and husband.

In 2015, both models were succeeded by the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1R II.

models were produced

Only 2000 V8-powered Double Cab models were produced.

Peculiarly, virtually no XT models were produced in the 1990 model year.

It has a full color illuminated screen, and approximately 250,000 models were produced.

theoretical models

Theoretical condensed matter physics involves the use of theoretical models to understand properties of states of matter.

It also focuses the researcher in formulating hypotheses in a precise and exact manner, whereas theoretical models often stay very vague.

In theoretical computer science, it provides a way to study functions with multiple arguments in simpler theoretical models which provide only one argument.

climate models   (iklim modelleri)

Her research interests include developing and validating climate models.

He has repeatedly criticized the climate models that predict global warming.

Therefore, climate models are used to study how individual factors affect climate.

many models

There have been many models over the years.

have created them starting with many models of the guitar.

Klaw used many models and actresses in his works, including Bettie Page.

statistical models

Vector autoregressions are flexible statistical models that typically include many free parameters.

It is closely related to the use of independent and identically distributed random variables in statistical models.

Another possibility is to present survey results by means of statistical models in the form of a multivariate distribution mixture.

older models

Priced at about US$6,000, the Bavaria came to replace both older models.

This model appears to have a combination of ratios used in older models of the W-series.

The only devices that were kept from the older models were the RolmPhones and PhoneMail.

first models

The first models of the bomb appeared in the early 1960s in the Soviet Union.

The first models were made in clay, wax and papier-mache, some were cast in bronze.

These first models have been followed by several models with incremental developments.

car models

Autocars manufactured its own car models under the Sabra (Hebrew: צברה) brand.

Besides the Boavista Historic Grand Prix, there are also races for recent car models.

In addition to the various passenger car models, the Z 9 was produced as a doorless pickup.

such models   (bu tür modeller)

Examples of such models include DREDGEMAP, the MMS Dredge Plume Model and the Delft3D Suite.

In such models, most of the volume of the Universe is continuously inflating at any given time.

Two such models of the statistical mechanics, due to Einstein and Smoluchowski are presented below.

models including

The agency has represented notable models including Pollyanna McIntosh and Sara Morrison.

Wale and Drake both make an appearance as well as several models including Bernice Burgos.

The range was gradually enlarged to new models including, since the early Nineties, also trolleybuses.

models produced

Other models produced by Riese & Müller are:

Other models produced included Sunliners, Fairlanes & Galaxies.

C-130H models produced from 1992 to 1996 were designated as C-130H3 by the USAF.

newer models   (daha yeni modeller)

The newer models feature a removable USB cable.

Many newer models fire smaller 12-gauge flares.

Previous conversions had been to newer models, but not just off the assembly line.

economic models

In some economic models, finding an equilibrium is hard.

Media pluralism is evaluated in terms of access, plurality of economic models and diversity of content.

IATP develops alternative economic models that integrate environmental sustainability into rural development.

models came

Deluxe models came with arm rests and dual wipers.

(Both models came with green jewel lamps).

As well, the first released models came with a Windows virus.

models using

Finally, the reader can generate new models using a sandbox.

Models were 65, 75, or 85 foot models using three boom sections.

More advanced users may choose to generate their own models using various types of layers and neural networks.

computational models

This group also uses both physical and computational models.

Several computational models allow for the computation of (Church-Turing) non-computable functions.

To create better computational models of language, an understanding of language's structure is crucial.

models received

Double cab models received a sliding rear window.

Limited models received newly designed five spoke wheels as well, however different from SR5 and base model.

In August 1990, there were major revisions to the entire Chaser lineup and some of the models received entirely new engines.

most models   (çoğu model)

The ring finger operates, on most models, one key.

It set its opposite as Hyundai Elantra, which was being sold better than most models in China.

In most models, the rear suspension consisted of a beam axle with coil springs and panhard rod.

models feature   (modeller özelliği)

The newer models feature a removable USB cable.

Both models feature rear-facing Leica cameras.

Some models feature geometry specific for women or kids.

following models

Conquest was offered in the following models: The Conquest's engine produced at 4000 rpm, and of torque at 2000 rpm.

As of January 2019, Beechcraft is producing the following models: Beech Factory Airport - Houses Beechcraft's head office, manufacturing facility, and runway for test flights

The 1600 single port was used on the following models: The 1600 dual port was used on the following models: In 1968, Volkswagen introduced a new vehicle, the Volkswagen Type 4.