modified version   (変更されたバージョン)

This modified version is known as neo-Morita therapy.

Endu is a modified version of endostatin.

The game was written with a modified version of "The Quill".

genetically modified   (遺伝子組み換え)

Some genetically modified plants are purely ornamental.

This represented the first genetically modified organism.

There is also a market for creating genetically modified pets.

slightly modified   (少し修正)

Fundex Games later produced a slightly modified version of the game.

The title was slightly modified to "Daleks – Mission to the Unknown".

The structure was slightly modified in 1997 to increase its stability.

modified form   (変更されたフォーム)

Trenbolone acetate is a modified form of nandrolone.

It is a modified form of Marzullo's algorithm.

In a modified form the Sigma is still flying.

later modified   (後で修正)

The draft was later modified during the debates.

The suit is later modified by the Superior Spider-Man.

This service was later modified to Dallas/Ft.

heavily modified

The "bodywork" was also heavily modified.

The third generation, however, was mostly a heavily modified T130.

Like all Siata cars, the Daina was based on heavily modified Fiat mechanics.

highly modified

Engines vary from unmodified 4 cylinders to highly modified V8.

A highly modified form of the Aramaic alphabet, the Mandaic alphabet, is used by the Mandaeans.

Most species of cacti have lost true leaves, retaining only spines, which are highly modified leaves.

modified versions

The total build number, including modified versions, was 228.

They are modified versions of the .

Several modified versions of this design were produced in the Mk.

further modified

It was modified in 1967, and further modified in 1971.

There is a further modified lozenge pillbox in Rothbury.

Junk in 1989, further modified by P.B.

extensively modified

Beyond that the cars are extensively modified.

Over time the creek has been extensively modified and rerouted.

As a result, the engine had to be extensively modified throughout the production.

specially modified

CN7 was powered by a specially modified Bristol-Siddeley Proteus free-turbine engine of driving all four wheels.

Developed under the supervision of Major-General Percy Hobart, these were specially modified M4 Sherman and Churchill tanks.

He was also project pilot on the Laminar Flow Control Leading Edge research program using a specially modified C-140 JetStar.

modified to allow

The head was also electronically modified to allow more vertical mobility.

During major events, the vehicles can be modified to allow up to 180 passengers.

The forward mine section was slightly modified to allow the vessel travel in high seas.

modified so

Logo design has also been modified so that it resemble as much English team emblem .

In later years, the tenders were modified so that they no longer carried part of the locomotive weight.

In 1920, the pay grade system was modified so the enlisted ranks were separated from the officer ranks.

using a modified

An eastern chimpanzee has been observed using a modified branch as a tool to capture a squirrel.

The LTTE was reported in 2008 to be using a modified type with an electronic anti-handling device.

On August 13, 2017 independent researcher Dan Fountain found "Choctaw" using a modified fishfinder.

modified to include

4 were then modified to include B-1B systems.

These were later modified to include between one and eight keys for chromatic notes.

The 'T' model had improved sighting and was modified to include the new B-13 rocket pod.

then modified

4 were then modified to include B-1B systems.

The attack was then modified, making the objective the capture of Baby 700.

These basic values are then modified by other factors like position of the piece (e.g.

slightly modified version

Fundex Games later produced a slightly modified version of the game.

The Veterans Administration also adopted a slightly modified version of Medical 203.

The body was a slightly modified version of that used on the earlier Lanchester Fourteen.

modified to carry

The Victors were also modified to carry US weapons.

IBs, were also modified to carry a Hispano cannon in each wing panel.

Approximately 65 F-14As and all F-14Ds were modified to carry the pod.

modified organisms   (遺伝子組み換え生物)

Genetically modified organisms are regulated by government agencies.

The foundation supports the use of genetically modified organisms in agricultural development.

Genetically modified organisms are widely used, although some are banned in certain countries.

used a modified

The competition used a modified knockout format.

After the war, Bay used a modified "Sas" to successfully bounce a signal off the moon.

The book also used a modified Cyrillic script which served as a basis for standardization of the Macedonian alphabet.

modified to provide   (提供するために修正)

Although the SDS system should move ahead, he suggested that the system be modified to provide defenses against these new threats.

uses a modified

The song uses a modified I–IV–V chord progression.

DragonFly BSD's HAMMER file system uses a modified B+-tree.

Overkill's game, "Payday: The Heist", uses a modified version of this engine.

genetically modified organisms   (遺伝子組み換え生物)

The foundation supports the use of genetically modified organisms in agricultural development.

This applies to research as well as the release of genetically modified organisms, including crops and food.

It is an international treaty that governs the transfer, handling, and use of genetically modified organisms.

modified design

The construction went quickly, according to a modified design from 1963.

Accordingly, a slightly modified design featuring two colours of metal was adopted.

Modelling data for the P2 and a modified design with a LNER Class V2-type pony truck, was released in early 2013.