İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

last moment   (son an)

but the transfers collapsed in the last moment.

Sylvester grabs the anvil at the last moment.

Oktyabrsky and Petrov were flown out at the last moment.

moment when   (an ne zaman)

This square symbolised the moment when a wave breaks on the beach.

Cobbett similarly highlighted the moment when praising the character.

The actress added that it is a moment when "she is a cop, not a sister."

magnetic moment   (manyetik an)

Properties such as magnetic moment, thermal stability, etc.

This motion produces both the spin and the magnetic moment of the electron.

The magnetic moment of the nucleus is negligible compared with that of the electrons.

dipole moment   (dipol momenti)

This shape gives the molecule a dipole moment and makes it polar.

·CN has a dipole moment of 1.45 Debye and a Σ ground electronic state.

By contrast, the isoelectronic dinitrogen molecule has no dipole moment.

moment magnitude   (an büyüklüğü)

The 1976 event registered 7.5 on the moment magnitude scale.

The earthquake had a moment magnitude of 7.0 and an intensity of VIII.

A maximum moment magnitude earthquake of 6.8 is estimated for the fault.

moment of silence   (sessizlik anı)

At that time a moment of silence is held for Christ's death.

Schools and other public offices also observed a moment of silence.

The Manitoba legislature held a moment of silence in his honour in 2003.

every moment   (Her an)

It must act everywhere and at every moment against the French interloper.

Facets can be defined at every moment and are available without reindexing while business goes on.

It describes the state of matter and geometry everywhere and at every moment in that particular universe.

defining moment   (anı tanımlamak)

The second defining moment is more correctly a period of change.

This was a defining moment in the return of the Republican Party.

This incident was captured by New Zealand television and was a defining moment in her public life.

moment of inertia

If the moment of inertia is not changing over time (i.e.

where The expression formula_33 is known as moment of inertia.

By bringing part of the mass of her body closer to the axis, she decreases her body's moment of inertia.

moment in time

At this moment in time I prefer my children don't go to football matches.

At one moment in time, each model point corresponds with just one status.

In any moment in time, I’ll incorporate some jokes in my music or raps or whatever.

same moment

At that same moment, Raoul and Anatole break in.

He falls in love with her the very same moment.

At the same moment, Kirito flies in to challenge the general to a duel.

very moment

And lo and behold, at that very moment everything fell into place.

The narrator then reflects on the moments prior to the very moment she died.

Birju sees Neha for the first time and falls in love with her that very moment.

brief moment   (kısa an)

For one brief moment before oblivion she meekly acknowledges her love."

President Buhari also for a brief moment directed the Guards Brigade Band.

The Galerie Iris Clert was, for a brief moment in time, the nexus of artistic developments.

given moment

in each space point formula_34 in a given moment formula_155.

At any given moment, the camera must point at the exact spot the audience wishes to look at.

"SnapShot technology" refers to the ability to record the state of storage at any given moment.

critical moment   (kritik an)

It was a critical moment of the battle.

At the critical moment, Barakat prays to Ra to empower Tutankhamun and her wish is granted.

At this critical moment, Ali was unable to open his briefcase, in which several hand grenades were concealed.

pivotal moment   (önemli an)

Walters was present in the hall, and this was a pivotal moment for the young monk.

The pivotal moment came in the early spring of 1948, when Pauling caught a cold and went to bed.

The Fogg was the first museum to mount an exhibition of works by Degas, which became a pivotal moment in his lifetime.

memorable moment   (unutulmaz an)

Germaine’s most memorable moment in his years as a backup came at the 1997 Rose Bowl.

A memorable moment in the promotion season was saving a Gary Holt penalty in a 1-0 over Norwich City.

Jay Hanna of "The Sunday Times" felt that the show's encore ("Halo") was the most memorable moment of the set.

present moment   (şimdiki an)

Henry lives for the present moment, only interested in playing the role of improver.

Multiple moments of past experience are elided with a slowed down and extended present moment."

However it does not have significant H II regions and does not actively form stars at the present moment.

right moment

He waits for the right moment and has his men abduct Gulabi.

That information was knowingly back-pocketed until the right moment.

Kasi leaves to Madurai and waits for the right moment to kill Balu and his family.

moment before

For one brief moment before oblivion she meekly acknowledges her love."

A moment before the two ships crashed, one of Colonel Lovell's engines failed causing her to veer.

"{ The moment before Atherton was hit, he witnessed two of his fellow riflemen move too far forward.

watershed moment   (dönüm noktası)

This watershed moment left Nord cold and distrusting of everyone, especially women.

This is a watershed moment for child abuse investigations and Yewtree will be a landmark investigation."

The event was seen as a major watershed moment in increasing friendly bilateral relations between China and the West.

first moment

And the time since this first moment belongs to formula_2.

“Flying was my passion from the very first moment and my inspiration.

The first moment of the displacement PDF shown above is simply the mean: formula_23.

moment came

At the moment came Mr. Jackson Mkaka as the headmaster for the school.

His greatest moment came in the 1988 Giro d'Italia, on a short stage over the Gavia Pass.

The pivotal moment came in the early spring of 1948, when Pauling caught a cold and went to bed.

crucial moment   (önemli an)

At a crucial moment in the battle, the 26th North Carolina of Brig.

Meeting Tadeusz Boy-Żeleński turned out to be a crucial moment in her life.

In a crucial moment in round 29, Astralis had a 4-2 man advantage with 25 seconds left in the round.