monastery was founded

The Buddhist monastery was founded by Lama Lhatsun Chempo.

A monastery was founded at Old Leighlin by St. Gobban early in the seventh century.

In 1542 the monastery was founded by Saint Dionysios and dedicated to the Holy Trinity.

former monastery

The premises of the former monastery were used by Russians as casernes.

The former monastery buildings were fenced off and remained an alien body in the city.

In 1930, Dr. Atl gave him his own studio on top of the former monastery of San Juan de Letrán.

monastery church

Since 1535 a monastery church existed in Kniebis.

The first stone of the monastery church was laid in 1440.

It is found right at the monastery church.

new monastery

The new monastery was settled from Dommartin Abbey near Hesdin.

The new monastery was built by Rev.

The new monastery was at first a priory but was raised to an abbey in 1886.

monastery was built

The monastery was built in the Raška architectural school.

The new monastery was built by Rev.

The monastery was built on the remains of an older church dating from 1021.

monastery complex

It seems that the entire monastery complex was rebuilt by around 1856.

The monastery complex also contains a tiny cemetery and a 1960 mission building.

Only the church remains of the old monastery complex, the oldest church on Lolland.

monastery located

Madakada Aranya Senasanaya is a monastery located about towards Padukka from Ingiriya.

There is an ex-Francescan monastery located in Labro that is run by the Colle di Costa hotel.

Jyotir Math Jyotir Math or Jyotir Pitha is a monastery located in the city of Jyotirmath, India.

founded a monastery

Eugippius founded a monastery on the site after 492.

He founded a monastery and a school in Hamburg.

At the age of 58 he founded a monastery at Kampo Nenang.

church and monastery

After reintegration of Vukovar, in 2000 on church and monastery was installed a new roof.

Following the destruction, during the reign of Béla IV of Hungary, the church and monastery were rebuilt.

In 1626, during the Counter-reformation, the Dominican church and monastery were founded by Lukasz Sapieha.

monastery near   (近くの修道院)

29, § 23, by Thomas of Cantimpré (a monastery near Cambray).

He was banished from the Exarchate and exiled in a monastery near Sofia.

She died on 19 April 2018 at the age of 103, at a monastery near Dieppe, France.