monastic life   (修道院生活)

She entered monastic life between 1217 and 1220.

It prescribes some rules pertaining to monastic life.

His pre monastic life was Suresh Chandra Bhattacharya.

monastic community   (修道院コミュニティ)

Each monastic community, also, had one of its own.

This building became the centre of a monastic community.

This became a first true monastic community.

monastic buildings

From 1806 to 1812 the monastic buildings housed a collège.

The remains of the former monastic buildings are more extensive.

The arrangement of the monastic buildings followed the ordinary plan.

monastic order   (修道会)

Tsongkhapa himself never announced the establishment of a new monastic order.

A church and adjacent oratory-church were built, and supervised by a monastic order.

He met the Swami several times, before the latter initiated him into the monastic order.

monastic orders

There are various Tibetan Buddhist schools or monastic orders.

It was used by several monastic orders, the first of which were the Benedictines.

The different monastic orders also developed somewhat different stylistic characters.

monastic vows

In 1953, he was allowed to renew his solemn monastic vows.

Latu joined them later in 1887 and accepted the monastic vows.

He received his monastic vows from Swami Brahmananda on 12 January 1920.

monastic houses

The 19th-century parish house is based on traditional Moldavian monastic houses.

Many of the monastic houses of this period were founded by Sussex's new Norman lords.

Later, additional schools were established with connections to other monastic houses in Odense.