prize money   (賞金)

The prize money and points breakdown is as follows:

raise money   (お金を集める)

An event which helped raise money for local charity.

In 1748, Diderot needed to raise money on short notice.

The servants raise money to buy her a fashionable dress.

more money   (もっとお金)

Every time the player wins, they earn more money.

He took some pictures and asked for more money.

You shall have more money than you will be able to spend!"

amount of money   (金額)

The estimated total amount of money was $20 million.

Besides, the amount of money he stole is a small amount.

Ward worked hard and saved every amount of money he could.

enough money   (十分なお金)

He did make enough money to pay back his debtors.

They had enough money because of Mary McLeod Bethune.

He made enough money to go back to law school.

money laundering   (資金洗浄)

Black ended up pleading guilty to money laundering.

Second the alleged tax evasion and money laundering.

Thirteen associates were convicted of money laundering.

sum of money   (金額)

Reportedly she asked for a prohibitively large sum of money.

Running fan-funded campaigns cost bands a large sum of money.

She was allowed to depart after MSC paid an undisclosed sum of money.

no money

No locks were broken and no money was taken.

They are made to work long hours for little or no money."

The case is over; no money changed hands.

make money   (makeける)

I'm not just a tool for you to use to make money."

Hoping to make money, Peirce tried inventing.

Alice would make money by gambling and working as a dealer.

save money   (お金を節約する)

To save money, rock was hand-hewn rather than blasted.

The third story of the design was not built to save money.

To save money, the engines of the liner "New York" were reused.

much money   (大金)

That much money means an enormous amount of power.

We would have made so much money together ten years ago.

own money

Flowers used some of his own money for the project.

Until the 17th century, Rietberg coined its own money.

Holden invested $20,000 of his own money into the film.

earn money   (お金を稼ぐ)

In an attempt to earn money, Ray began writing.

He then came to Mumbai to work and earn money.

Most of the people earn money by working in the fields.

sums of money   (金額)

Some of the contractors were owed substantial sums of money, such as A.L.

He dealt with money-lending only marginally and with small sums of money.

He also donated large sums of money to Dunfermline, the place of his birth.

raising money   (資金調達)

"For example, raising money for Guantanamo inmates.

The entire parent and student body was involved in raising money.

Cost of capital is an important consideration for entrepreneurs raising money.

raised money

He also raised money for the DePugh Nursing Home.

Source: The match raised money for several charities.

Emily's List endorsed Ferraro, and raised money for her.

money to pay

He had to borrow the money to pay for his uniform.

There was insufficient money to pay the trust fund.

He did make enough money to pay back his debtors.

money to buy   (買うお金)

The servants raise money to buy her a fashionable dress.

"Chatterbox" Rudi earns money to buy a new jacket for Jack.

With enough money to buy a Nissan 370Z or a Chevrolet Camaro 1LS.

money list

He finished 5th on the money list to earn his 2010 PGA Tour card.

He has won 20 live titles and stands 8th in the world all-time money list.

He finished 7th on the 2012 money list to earn his PGA Tour card for 2013.

paper money   (紙幣)

It was required to pay only in the form of paper money.

Prior to China's global trade, its economy ran on a paper money.

Congress made issues of paper money in 1775–1780 and in 1780–81.

lot of money   (たくさんのお金)

Participating in snowboarding costs a lot of money.

"This is a case where someone made a lot of money."

You’re getting paid a lot of money and you can’t play.

amounts of money

They were used for sending small amounts of money.

The bag is revealed to have huge amounts of money as she empties it.

One player would go on, the rest would get various amounts of money.

little money   (少しのお金)

Mayra grew up with little money and food was sometimes scarce.

Before the war, he worked as a glazier, making very little money.

After his father's death, the family had little money to live on.

time and money

The authors introduce two important concepts, time and money.

The whole scene had to be reshot at great cost of time and money.

Certain scenes, because of time and money, had to be created digitally.

money supply   (マネーサプライ)

Deficit spending increases the money supply.

So the operation was neutral for the overall money supply.

1) Increase the money supply (M1 and M2).

money back   (返金)

We're trying to pursue lawyers to get our money back.

The goat was insured, and Ström got all of his money back.

Failing to raise it, the heiress demanded all the money back.

all the money

It accounted for 10.7% of all the money he raised in 2004.

Failure to do so forfeits all the money.

Failing to raise it, the heiress demanded all the money back.

money raised

Bush raised $20,296,645, the second most money raised state for him.

The total sum of money raised was 31,105,000 (SEK) which was a new record.

The money raised was donated to Women on Waves, COC Amsterdam and She Decides.

lost money

The division had lost money between 1976 and 1978.

He also cited that he had lost money with WSMC.

Meanwhile the TI lost money by selling the 99/4A for $99.

money through

The center had raised money through crowdfunding to purchase the property.

Ramsden earned his initial money through lower stakes gambling on horse races.

She raised the money through sponsorships and a waitressing job in a Calgary diner.

public money   (公金)

"Pubblico"'s slogan was “Not funded by public money”.

The use of public money was controversial.

We can have filters on Internets where public money is spent.

losing money

And if you choose to do it anyway, you better count on losing money."

Some were losing money.

A trial before the courts would delay their business, and that meant losing money.

extra money   (余分なお金)

She also gave piano lessons to make extra money.

During this period he taught English to earn some extra money.

In the 1930s, he earned extra money by performing in dance bands.

donated money

More than 2,000 people donated money to this project.

They donated money to hospitals and theaters.

His government donated money to build the Taipei Grand Mosque on Taiwan.

making money

However, the ship has failed in making money in this venture.

So, what is the point of making money?

For making money he decides to marry a disabled women, Simran.

lack of money   (金の不足)

Due to a lack of money, the platform was made only 80 metres long.

During this period, Charles's policies were determined by his lack of money.

Scott has ambitious ideas, but he’s crippled by a lack of money — and talent."

borrow money

He had to borrow money to pay his debts.

Woody then goes to Sympathy Loan Co. to borrow money for a new car.

and was compelled to apply at the banks to borrow money to meet his notes.

money to build

Fuller raised the money to build a mission in Liberia in 1944.

His government donated money to build the Taipei Grand Mosque on Taiwan.

The Birmingham family soon provided money to build the original Wylie High School.

raises money   (お金を集める)

The benefit raises money for her Animal Foundation.

It raises money from micro-donations collected as part of other e-commerce transactions.

Founded by Bob Zmuda, Comic Relief raises money for homeless people in the United States.

borrowed money

He borrowed money to travel to Chicago to collect it.

Having borrowed money, Bacon got into debt.

With no money of his own, Disraeli borrowed money to invest.

used the money

She used the money to support her family.

He used the money he saved to construct some important buildings.

Haber used the money to start several new businesses on the side.

money to help

He donated his own money to help the victims of the fire.

Anggun joined AIDES to raise money to help fighting AIDS.

Reed's father said he planned to raise money to help Tren.

money spent

The Boston City Government sought a reimbursement for the money spent responding to the incident.

It is most well known because of the amount of money spent, nearly £250,000 between the three candidates.

In May, the race in the 39th district had seen the fourth most money spent of any House race in the nation.

money market   (金融市場)

The global money market is a USA dollar market.

CIAM offers fixed income, money market and equity products.

Brown" in regards to their role in inventing the money market fund.

total prize money   (賞金総額)

The total prize money was £50,000 Round Five onwards:

In 2014, the total prize money doubled to US$1 million.

The total prize money for this tournament was US$75,000.

value for money

NDTV Gadgets 360 rated the phone 8/10, describing it as a good all-rounder and value for money.

The Telegraph newspaper agreed that the game offered good value for money but also criticised the size of the screen.

All were foreign, as the Department of Defence did not feel that Australian vessels offered the best value for money.

less money   (少ないお金)

Pascal said, "People want to work for less money.

Beladiyas have significantly less money than the Amanat.

I'll pay them less money.

spend money

Parents spend money on clothing, hair, makeup, and accessories in return for a cash prize.

If someone wants to spend money buying a document to prove a fictitious character exists, that's fine with me."

If they wished to spend money outside the commune the treasurer would change the labour notes into coin for them.

money to support   (支援するお金)

She used the money to support her family.

When her husband died, she worked as a maid to earn money to support herself and her son.

She now wants to get with Mohtasim since he has a lot of money to support her lavish dreams.

money earned

This can be a set fee or a percentage of money earned.

The money earned will pay off Michael's debt, but he won't get it until morning.

Different weapons can be bought for money earned by completing matches and killing enemies.

money to purchase

They concoct a plan to earn her enough money to purchase the property.

Moyo used the prize money to purchase an apartments and take a vacation.

By 1957, Williford had saved up enough money to purchase the station for $8,000.

spending money

She had a reputation for spending money fast.

He believed in spending money."

He also had a penchant for gambling and for spending money frivolously.

official money

It only lists official money events on the main tour.

The following events did not carry FedEx Cup points or official money.

There were 54 official money events, of which the first five events took place in late 2008.

seed money

Businessman and sports patron Manny Pangilinan has provided as seed money to the POC.

This fund provided the seed money for the initiation of a cancer research program at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

The two organizations were formed in California around the same time, and both received seed money from Hamas leader Marzook.

raise the money   (お金を集める)

However the company was unable to raise the money required.

Okay, we can raise the money for this."

This took no time to raise the money.

how much money   (いくらですか)

You do not know how much money we are going to win," he added.

When you look at it, you can see how much money was paid and then share it.

The news angered many in Los Zetas, who were jealous of how much money Morales was earning.

get money

Paralympic people only get money for a month.

Olympic people get money for the year.

They send out Teo, to go to the bank and get money for the others.

most money   (ほとんどのお金)

It was the best track and it paid the most money."

The player with the most money wins.

Bush raised $20,296,645, the second most money raised state for him.

real money

It can also be bought with real money.

Union forces paid in real money and found ready sellers in the South.

He understood that there was a difference between nominal money and real money.

money to fund   (資金)

He also said there was not enough money to fund teachers' demands.

Desperate for extra money to fund his search for Pining, Noel takes on risky jobs.

Its rapid growth has led to problems for governments who must find money to fund it.

stolen money

Lipkin Gorman sued the club for return of the stolen money.

He hides the stolen money in a tree where Woody Woodpecker is living.

Shortly after he set himself up, a nobleman visited him and asked to find stolen money.

use the money

She would use the money she made from her gigs to help out her family.

He later added, "Fuck it NFL.. Fine me and use the money to pay the regular refs."

It plans to use the money to develop a large flying-car factory in Marina, California.

made money

Grandin, who made money in bonanza farming.

It made money and this and that, but it really is not me anymore.

Casso also made money shooting predatory hawks for pigeon keepers.

lose money

When any of these are bought, the player will lose money.

As ticket prices became unaffordable, the studio would lose money.

He buys Alex in and watches the kid take a few beatings and lose money.

grant money   (お金を与える)

Entities receiving grant money are given a fair amount of autonomy.

KOSEF annually donate approximately $1,000,000 in grant money to the Center.

Brown began working to obtain grant money to aid in the restoration of the Roundtop.

all his money

He has come to give them all his money.

Shortly afterwards, he had all his money stolen from his lodging house.

Upon arrival in San Francisco, he abandoned the ship and spent all his money.

get the money

They try to get the money back into the bank but trigger the alarm.

He calls and learns Gary and Bone have taken Lewis hostage to get the money back.

After Balagula promised to get the money, Reznikov threatened him and his family.

insurance money   (保険金)

The scenes were reshot with insurance money at a cost of $750,000.

Using the insurance money, he takes to gambling on race horses and becomes rich.

The team then gets a job from a son that wants to kill his own father, likely for insurance money.

using money

The first were purchased from the George Hunt farm using money from subscriptions in 1850.

While part of the Thruway, the canal system was operated using money generated by Thruway tolls.

The criminal code also stipulates penalties for procuring or using money earned from prostitution.

short of money

When he was short of money, he had to pledge Horstmar Castle to the Count of Hoya.

The procure was always short of money, and Shaw asked Kirkby to make wireless for him.

Clements proved an adept fundraiser for the "Tribune", a magazine that is perpetually short of money.

money so

The money so advanced amounted on August 27, 1875, to over $11,000.

But I did not have the money so I made a projector out of a shoe box.

Before it can be done, however, The Mutt asks for his money so he can leave.

earning money

He is earning money with this.

In her late teens she started earning money singing for churches and on the radio.

Saigal dropped out of school and started earning money by working as railway timekeeper.

earned money

Bihéron also earned money by selling her models.

At fourteen, Morgan earned money as a pianist in a theater in Scranton.

Before the age of 18, he moved to Bucharest, where he earned money to buy a camera.

collect money

The main purpose is to collect money for several charities.

The original, principal function of the office was to collect money to maintain the Papal Army.

Ermiglia had the idea to collect money in Italy in order to help some peasant families to do so.

money when   (お金が)

If they buy airtime with that now, they will be making more money when it gets really popular.

The weight of the chair was 140 pounds, and the coolies had to be promised extra money when they got to Devikulam to induce them to go.

Gabrielle asks Mr. Katzburg if she can get some of that money in the divorce, and he says only if he has the money when they get divorced.

extort money   (恐喝)

Selvakumar was tortured and the EPDP tried to extort money from his family.

The body was held for ransom in an attempt to extort money from Oona Chaplin.

They used this power to extort money from shipping container repair companies and other waterfront-related businesses.

saving money

Unlike Baker, Nugent cared more about winning than saving money.

He began saving money for a home, and by the spring of the next year had saved $3500.

More recently, the inner envelope is often left out in the interest of saving money, paper, and postage.

donate money   (お金を寄付する)

Through B1G1, business members can donate money to B1G1's partner charities, called "B1G1 Worthy Causes".

At one of the Reading matches, fans were asked to donate money to his fund and he raised a few thousand pounds.

In 2015, the Icelandic president, Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, claimed that Saudi Arabia intended to donate money to the mosque.

money was used

This money was used to build an Engineering block.

The money was used to build the VC200 prototype.

Within two years, the money was used up by the couple.

money during

He admitted he had never made any legitimate investments with his clients' money during this time.

In 1916, Dey first became involved in the management of the club, which had lost money during World War I.

Glazer had often earned extra money during his education by taking trips to Las Vegas or Atlantic city to play blackjack and poker.

money needed

The money needed for construction would be borrowed from the Export–Import Bank of China.

After the crops are destroyed by blackbirds, Pa sells a calf to earn the balance of the money needed.

Organizers have found it hard to raise the money needed to put on the convention, which is normally supported by corporate donations.

money transfer

TransferWise's system has been compared to the hawala money transfer system.

In 2003, Senvia Money Services Inc., a global money transfer company, was established.

He set up a complex money transfer scheme, with a box attached magnetically to a train.

money paid

Recovery of the money paid destroys performance of that condition.

The channel financed itself mainly through money paid for the phone calls.

In the New York State Archives are receipts from the Seven Nations for money paid under the treaty.

big money

The lure of big money pushed players harder and harder to perform at their peaks.

"Never forget why you play the blues; if it was to make big money, you probably won't."

The person with the most positive votes becomes a winner and receives a big money prize.

deal of money

Hammond makes a great deal of money betting on Mede's fights.

Benjamin is reluctant, but Quimby offers a great deal of money.

Rülf raised a great deal of money for the exiles' travel and living expenses.

money for charity

By doing so they raise money for charity.

Others appeared on postcards, which were sold to raise money for charity.

Rag week in February each year aims to raise both awareness of and money for charity.

needed money

He told her that he needed money to leave the city.

He said he needed money and could obtain heroin to sell.

He needed money to return to the US.

additional money

Allan did send additional money and clothes, but Poe's debts increased.

Blank will contribute additional money for cost overruns if it is needed.

In 1901, "Valencia"'s purser was arrested for overpricing tickets and embezzling the additional money.

ransom money   (身代金)

The ransom money is taken to the airport, which is where the not-too-bright Dandy has a job.

The ransom money hadn't been for Duke, it was for Donnie and Sammi to have a fresh start with.

After many months of detainment and torture, two Hong Kong residents were killed when the ransom money was not paid.

make more money   (もっとお金を稼ぐ)

The only way back to their lavish lifestyles is to make more money than their rivals.

He would rig up a refreshment booth and thus make more money than he would had he stayed at the brick yard.

This investment allowed him to make more money by finding a loophole where the IRS couldn't tax him at a 77% rate.

received money

Paul Vario received money from members of his crew and local criminals.

She further received money from private individuals, institutions, and organisations.

The next morning, the crisis passed as the bank received money from Federal authorities.

stealing money

Coleman ripped the telephone from their wall before stealing money and their car.

In exchange he tells him that Marta has been stealing money from the deal and stalking him.

The owner's partner, Lewis Kasman, a Gambino crime family associate, had been stealing money from the restaurant.

tax money

The United States Congress passes a budget detailing where Federal tax money is to be spent in the upcoming year.

A public utility model is designed to be funded through the collection of user fees and not reliance on tax money.

Development of large, commercially used free software is often funded by a combination of user donations, crowdfunding, corporate contributions, and tax money.

money because   (お金のため)

They had enough money because of Mary McLeod Bethune.

The Gorshkovs come into money because the father's case is won in court.

In 1918 she ran out of money because she could not get her money wired to the USA.

federal money   (連邦のお金)

The entire symposium took place without any state or federal money.

In 2006, state and federal money was announced to upgrade the line to Mildura with gauge convertible sleepers.

By this time, however, federal money available for urban renewal had declined and the city was no longer able to fund the renewal of Washington Square West.

taxpayer money   (納税者のお金)

It created a loss of billions rupees of taxpayer money.

Fact: Nearly half a million in taxpayer money went to lobbying fees.

Over 300 schools in the US have been documented as teaching creation and receive taxpayer money.

money events

It only lists official money events on the main tour.

Official money events on the tour count for World Golf Ranking points.

There were 54 official money events, of which the first five events took place in late 2008.

gave money

Newhouse gave money to charity, including $15 million to Syracuse University.

The DeVoses gave money to organizations ranging from local schools to the regional symphony.

Some even gave money back to their parents as rent, for example, if they still lived at home.

protection money   (保護金)

Poundcakes later appeared in a New York gift shop, demanding protection money from the owner.

Shopowners at a plaza claimed that before the riots, military officers tried to extract protection money.

They threaten builders and landowners into giving them protection money or property through force, extortion, or murder.

money left

Sometimes there is money left over for the farmers.

With no money left after helping pay the fine, she is forced to move in with Skid and Harry.

250 Crores from other sources and has no money left to do any relief any more unless some help pours in from outside.