national monument   (国定記念物)

The cathedral is a national monument since 1911.

Since 1902, the castle has been a national monument.

The edifice is 110 meters and is a national monument.

historical monument   (歴史的記念碑)

It is open to the public as a historical monument.

The palace was declared a historical monument in 2004.

On 14 June 1929 it was declared a historical monument.

scheduled monument   (定刻記念碑)

The surviving earthworks are a scheduled monument.

The site has been designated a scheduled monument.

It has been a scheduled monument since 22 July 1958.

monument was erected   (記念碑が建てられました)

A monument was erected outside the Bukhara museum.

In April 1957, a monument was erected at the mass grave.

The monument was erected in memory of Rev.

monument historique   (記念碑の歴史)

It was designated a monument historique in 1989.

It was classified a monument historique in 2007.

In 1961, it was classified as a monument historique.

historic monument   (歴史的記念碑)

In 1875 the cathedral was declared an historic monument.

The cathedral was listed as an historic monument in 1863.

It is a registered historic monument of the city of Paris.

ancient monument   (古代記念碑)

It has also been scheduled as an ancient monument.

The site is a scheduled ancient monument.

It is a scheduled ancient monument.

cultural monument   (文化財)

The Niederburg is a protected cultural monument.

The Oberburg is a protected cultural monument.

In 2009 it was declared a cultural monument.

monument dedicated   (記念碑専用)

In September 2013, a monument dedicated to Margaryan was unveiled in Yerevan.

In 2011 a monument dedicated to him was inaugurated in Lipkovo Municipality, Republic of Macedonia.

In 2001 a monument dedicated to Petro Konashevich-Sagaydachniy was erected in Kyiv, Ukraine, on Kontraktova square.

natural monument   (天然記念物)

Ko Island has been designated a natural monument.

The site is protected as a natural monument of the city.

The lagoon was declared a natural monument on 18 June 1979.

protected monument   (保護された記念碑)

The house is a Flemish protected monument since 1981.

The tower is now a protected monument.

The ensemble is a protected monument.

stone monument   (石碑)

A stone monument near Seibi High School marks the castle's location.

A large stone monument was left there, and the conquest is also related on Ezana Stone.

Lady Mathilda's tomb, a Coade stone monument, was broken into in 2002, perhaps by thieves.

erected a monument   (記念碑を建てた)

In addition, the state of Michigan erected a monument in downtown Monroe in 1904.

The comune erected a monument for this unknown airman on a hill in the comunale cemetery.

In 2004, the Abner Doubleday Society erected a monument to Doubleday in Iron Spring Park, Ballston Spa, near his birthplace.

scheduled ancient monument   (予定されている古代記念碑)

The site is a scheduled ancient monument.

It is a scheduled ancient monument.

monument commemorating   (記念碑)

There is a monument commemorating that fact in the estate garden.

A monument commemorating the men stands in front of the village church.

On March 24, 2004 in Markowa, a monument commemorating the Ulma family was unveiled.

monument erected   (建立された記念碑)

There is a monument erected by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

The murder site now has a monument erected from public money, and the grave is at Davidstow churchyard.

The arc corner surveyed by Mason and Dixon is also within the park, and is marked by a monument erected in 1892.

monument was built   (記念碑が建てられました)

The architectural monument was built in the XIV century.

The monument was built in 1894 and fully restored in 2007.

The monument was built in XIII century.

mural monument   (壁画)

There is a mural monument to him in Teigngrace church.

A mural monument survives in St Andrew's Church, Little Cressingham, inscribed as follows:

A mural monument to Robert Burgoyne, dated 1651, survives in St Andrew's Church, South Tawton.

funerary monument   (墓碑)

A funerary monument was erected to him by his two nephew bishops.

Don Pedro de Toledo's funerary monument (1588) is found in the sacristy of the church.

His funerary monument is still visible today, showing the coat of arms of the noble Dolfin family.

architectural monument   (建築記念碑)

Theater building Declared an architectural monument.

The architectural monument was built in the XIV century.

The museum building is a historical and architectural monument of the XIX century.

marble monument   (大理石の記念碑)

In 1807, his family ordered a marble monument by Antonio Canova.

A marble monument, with a long inscription in Latin, was erected to his memory.

In the central square of the village is located a marble monument to remember Vincenzo Fondacaro.