İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

much more   (daha fazla)

RAM was now much more simply upgradable via SIMMs.

Other forms of color blindness are much more rare.

This stimulates a much more robust immune response.

more races   (daha fazla yarış)

Earnhardt competed in eight more races until 1979.

Papară had participated in a lot more races.

In 34 more races, he finished in the top 10.

even more   (hatta daha fazla)

This holds even more so with stocks, oil and gold.

These episodes made me long for Elliott even more.

You’d think he would probably need one even more.

more likely   (büyük olasılıkla)

This makes it at least , but appears more likely.

They are more likely to be found in wet forests.

The latter is more likely according to Roller.

no more   (daha fazla yok)

They are small fish, no more than in total length.

There can be no more than 60 AMs at any one time.

It requires no more than a reporter and a laptop.

became more   (daha fazla oldu)

The situation in BdL became more and more chaotic.

But they became more active as the war progressed.

They "became more Irish than the Irish themselves".

once more   (bir kez daha)

Strong oppositions shelved the proposal once more.

This brings up the matter of economics once more.

However, the characters become separated once more.

far more   (çok daha fazlası)

Dolphins are mentioned far more often than whales.

Historical navies were far more rigid in structure.

He depicts red far more fluidly, yet systematically.

many more   (çok daha fazlası)

and Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean and many more.)

Some examples of these hymns are , , and many more.

led many more Kentuckians to enlist for the war.

more recent   (daha güncel)

The sites have not yielded more recent artifacts.

The more recent plantings include larch and pine.

Some more recent issues are also available at Issuu.

more common   (daha yaygın)

It is more common in women (3.8%) than men (2.5%).

It is also more common in less educated Hispanics.

Overall the disease becomes more common with age.

more or less   (Az çok)

The group escapes shaken, but more or less unhurt.

Requisition was nothing more or less than seizure.

However, Bavaria was more or less ruled by Arnulf.

become more   (daha fazla ol)

Schools have also become more open to LGBT persons.

Her choices later become more daring and ambitious.

"Part of it is I've just become more libertarian.

more and more   (daha ve daha)

The situation in BdL became more and more chaotic.

It developed more and more into a sort of gay-union.

It’s beginning to look more and more the case…"

more powerful   (daha güçlü)

The Publica SL received this more powerful version.

It makes them all the more powerful and beautiful."

They also installed a more powerful air conditioner.

more difficult   (daha zor)

This made both hitting and fielding more difficult.

The situation in Britain was even more difficult.

Some of the chapters were more difficult to name.

more complex   (daha karmaşık)

The Moon's appearance is considerably more complex.

The cause of a surface mottling is more complex.

Even more complex is the vision of Valle-Inclán.

more important   (daha önemli)

He was more important as a teacher than a painter.

This is a list of some of her more important works.

To me, good works are more important than theology."

more time   (daha fazla zaman)

In 1975 Toluca won the championship one more time.

Van Curtis asked for more time to think about it.

From then on he could devote more time to research.

more commonly   (daha yaygın)

This is more commonly known as orbital resonance.

Some of the more commonly used are listed below.

Microdebris is more commonly referred to as nurdles.

little more   (biraz daha)

Finishing with 'A little more effort would be nice.

"The Nation" was just a little more vocal about it.

This proved to be little more than a vain hope.

more recently   (son zamanlarda)

Giordano Bruno was more recently added to the list.

The term has been used more recently in other contexts.

This was used more recently also in monochrome portable TVs.

more often   (daha sık)

Dolphins are mentioned far more often than whales.

This Indian surname is more often spelt "Duggal".

Pencils were used more often for drawing by 1600.

more popular   (daha popüler)

Many more popular routes are bolted for top rope.

One of the more popular mopeds by Sparta was the MA 50.

Far more popular was "Bedknobs and Broomsticks" (1971).

more efficient   (daha verimli)

STCs are more efficient and require less maintenance.

Sequencing is much faster and more efficient.

An IIR filter can thus be much more efficient in such cases.

more modern   (daha modern)

The compositions couldn't be more modern, however.

It was brought back in 1989 with a more modern sound.

However, the church has some more modern parts as well.

more than half   (yarıdan fazla)

After five years, more than half are back inside.

Slow tunes ... make up more than half the 11 tracks.

It spent more than half a year (27 weeks) on the U.S.

more closely   (daha yakın)

But in POSIX mode, Bash conforms with POSIX more closely.

Most of issues are solved after looking the rules more closely.

then refine those shapes to more closely resemble the human form.

more effective   (daha efektif)

It is not known which approach is more effective.

Lecithin makes the surfactant mixture more effective.

It was replaced by the more effective Sexton.

more people   (Daha fazla insan)

Many more people have personal podcasts and vlogs.

Boylston inoculated seven more people by mid-July.

have brought more people to this remote location.

more successful   (daha başarılı)

Kournikova was once again, more successful in doubles.

A more successful tactic was to frighten them.

28, although Reddy's version was more successful at No.

more information   (daha fazla bilgi)

They will be updated when more information coming.

For more information visit the Woodland Trust page

The Jobcentre refused to give any more information.

more expensive   (daha pahalı)

One cross fitting is more expensive than two tees.

It was sometimes more expensive than plate armour.

CSST is more expensive than “black iron” gas pipe.

several more   (bir kaç tane daha)

He located several more Olmec pieces in the museum.

Francisco was rehired in 2011 for several more years.

"Calvin and Hobbes" has also won several more awards.

more easily   (daha kolayca)

This allows it to absorb solar heat more easily.

They tend to be more easily found in desert landscapes.

In autonomous cars, V can more easily engage in gunplay.

more traditional   (daha geleneksel)

This more traditional festival celebrates farming.

Aquavit’s café is distinctly more traditional in its roots.

The Concorde was given a more traditional image than the Vision.

more advanced   (daha ileri)

An English only track is included for more advanced ESL students.

This allows defining functions with a more advanced type behaviour.

"Mutant 2" (1986) was an expansion module with more advanced rules.

more general   (daha genel)

This paved the way for more general theorems.

Solutions describing more general black holes also exist.

For more general information see FARC-EP Chain of Command.

becoming more   (daha fazla olmak)

The region changed a lot, becoming more European.

The colour is red brown becoming more grey with age.

By mid-1984, MDMA use was becoming more noticed.

nothing more   (başka bir şey yok)

Requisition was nothing more or less than seizure.

Paul Booker was nothing more than a cheap crook.

If "n" is prime, there is nothing more to prove.

more serious   (daha ciddi)

In 2004-5 more serious slumping episodes occurred.

A more serious trouble befell him later in the year.

A more serious type of divination is the Kiō-á.

more years   (daha fazla yıl)

The fourth part moves forward a few more years.

On March 29, 2001, he was re-signed for 4 more years.

Francisco was rehired in 2011 for several more years.

slightly more   (biraz daha fazla)

Slovak has slightly more borrowed words than Czech.

It attracted slightly more than 29 million viewers.

However, they are slightly more expensive to build.

more accurate   (daha kesin)

This provides the ECU with more accurate data.

The presence or absence of many markers is more accurate.

It is more accurate in 13-limit than 31edo.

becomes more   (daha fazla olur)

Overall the disease becomes more common with age.

But she becomes more unstable as the lie escalates.

He becomes more mature as the series progresses.

times more   (kat daha fazla)

Marsh also counts the word "nobody" 46 times more.

It is over ten thousand times more luminous than the Sun.

It is approximately 1.35 times more powerful than pure TNT.

more money   (daha fazla para)

Every time the player wins, they earn more money.

He took some pictures and asked for more money.

You shall have more money than you will be able to spend!"

more specifically   (daha spesifik olarak)

Palatine may also (or more specifically) refer to:

Under Tyndall's leadership, it was more specifically regarded as neo-Nazi.

The MOT studies the history of techniques, more specifically natural power.

more widely   (daha geniş)

However, the name "Persian" is still more widely used.

The ford is more widely known in English as Jacob's Ford.

Some of his more widely know contributions are listed below.

made more   (daha fazlasını yaptı)

In 1934, the ball was made more pointed at the ends.

He also noted, "Fouts made more mistakes than Rivers."

Regret that I couldn't have made more films.

more frequently   (daha sıklıkla)

This Council meets more frequently than the Board.

Quetzals feed more frequently in the midday hours.

Women are more frequently affected than men.

more prominent   (Daha belirgin)

Some of Robert-Fleury's more prominent pupils were:

Foreign affairs became a more prominent issue by 1935.

Bottom-aligned navigation bars are also more prominent.

sold more   (daha fazla sattı)

The Game of Life sold more than 50 million copies.

She has sold more than 4,000,000 singles & albums.

He has sold more than 20 million albums worldwide.

more so   (daha çok)

This holds even more so with stocks, oil and gold.

But it was even more so for Muslims."

Antenna: Brown except segment 1 yellowish, more so on underside.

more complicated   (daha karmaşık)

However, space"time" as a whole is more complicated.

And yet other more complicated hypotheses exist.

his life becomes more and more complicated.

received more   (daha fazlasını aldı)

The petition received more than 30,000 signatures.

It has received more than 9 million YouTube views.

The mixtape received more than 700,000 downloads.

more generally   (daha genel olarak)

This remark holds more generally in any semigroup with zero.

However, more generally places saw maximum temperatures between and .

(Slightly more generally, this is true for an upper semicontinuous function.)

more detailed   (daha detaylı)

See SOAPjr Specs for a more detailed description.

One of the more detailed ones is

(See "The Wonder Years" article for more detailed information.)

more than once   (birden fazla)

Its publication was interrupted more than once.

The Amigos occupied the clinic more than once.

Unlike malaria, it cannot be contracted more than once.

few more   (birkaç)

and a few more fellahin huts south of the stream.

They released a few more singles and split in 1987.

The fourth part moves forward a few more years.

more commonly known

This is more commonly known as orbital resonance.

He was more commonly known as Sam Buss in scorecards.

This demographic is more commonly known as Generation Z elsewhere.

more times

Santana fought three more times and retired in 1999.

The Woolrich's story has been adapted three more times:

They played two more times in 1913 and 1914.

more sophisticated   (daha sofistike)

Safety equipment become more sophisticated.

Proni frequently introduced new, more sophisticated designs.

The book is somewhat more sophisticated in content than "CDB!

significantly more   (önemli ölçüde daha fazla)

The community consists of significantly more men than women.

The Chickasha robbery was not significantly more successful.

Nevertheless, Benvenuto left behind significantly more works.

more positive   (daha pozitif)

Still others had a more positive view of the title.

Most reviews of Walcott's work are more positive.

The next season proved to be more positive and Sh.S.

more conservative   (daha muhafazakar)

Unlike in more conservative Germanic languages (e.g.

Until then, his political views had been more conservative.

Thereafter, it continued to develop in a more conservative manner.

more interested   (daha ilgili)

However, Stu is more interested in dating her instead.

However, Betty is more interested in Brooks, Jimmy's butler.

He eventually dropped out as he was more interested in acting.

more accessible   (daha erişilebilir)

This made the valley more accessible and popular to tourists.

More focus was on the more accessible and fertile coastal areas.

The treatment of aneurysms was thus made more accessible and safe.

more active

But they became more active as the war progressed.

Herbie Rich now played a more active part on the album.

Richmond became more active in the field in "Vengeance".

more aggressive   (daha agresif)

The larger the individual, the more aggressive it gets.

First, the first-instar soldiers tend to be more aggressive.

Males in musth become more aggressive.

more famous   (daha ünlü)

Anyway, the concept of Lord Murugan is more famous.

The finale contains one of Haydn's more famous jokes.

One of its more famous products is a Bordeaux-type red.

more quickly   (daha hızlı bir şekilde)

Some people will recover more quickly than others.

Newer materials are available that set more quickly.

The lack of a slider enables the parachute to open more quickly.

spend more   (daha çok harca)

He retired in order to spend more time with his family.

So, he sought to stop working and spend more time on things he enjoyed.

Bozetta quit the role in late 1998 to spend more time with her daughter.

provide more   (daha fazlasını sağla)

External SCSI cabinets could be used to provide more storage.

They can provide more individualized attention to their students.

It also replaced the cathedral's high windows to provide more light.

more frequent   (daha sık)

Labour shortages proved a more frequent problem.

In practice "laísmo" is more frequent than "loísmo".

However, leaks have become more frequent since 2014.

not more

By 1999 there were not more than 400 Bukhara deer.

While the building is long, it is not more than wide.

a store) and not more than $1.00 is charged.)

lot more   (çok daha fazla)

But it is a moment that foresaw a whole lot more".

Like she’s hitting a lot more winners than did I.

I wish I could say that about a lot more people."

more severe   (daha şiddetli)

If the condition is more severe, it may take many years.

He had a more severe one a few days later.

Floods became more common and more severe.

more than ten   (ondan fazla)

She has appeared in more than ten films since 2009.

It has been translated into more than ten languages.

She appeared in more than ten films since 2012.

more stable   (daha kararlı)

In this period, settlement became more stable.

Rhombic sulfur is the more stable of the two allotropes.

Clearly, the mean is more stable and there is less overfit.

more than twenty   (yirmiden fazla)

She appeared in more than twenty films since 2003.

He appeared in more than twenty films since 2000.

She has been making films for more than twenty years.

more power

Still at , it produced more power across the range.

He was a strong supporter of giving more power to the King.

Over time the Qing government exerted more power over Korea.

more than just   (Sadece daha fazla)

Maradona was more than just a great footballer.

Ants use pheromones for more than just making trails.

The animals provided much more than just food.

learn more   (daha fazla bilgi edin)

He is quickly pulled back to reality before he can learn more.

He vows to learn more about the house and its overgrown garden.

questions like, "what would you like to learn more about this idea?"

more open   (Daha açık)

Schools have also become more open to LGBT persons.

People are more open to what independent means."

Eventually Joseph's tomb was once more open to visits.

more specific   (daha özel)

Here is a more specific statement to this effect.

The role both expanded and became more specific.

Their collection then takes on a more specific focus.

more extensive   (Daha kapsamlı)

underwent more extensive internal diversification.

A more extensive bibliography may be found in Onians.

Dawn redwoods were far more extensive as well.

more direct   (daha doğrudan)

There is also a more direct construction which we give below.

Even more direct bribery was a factor.

Agriculture throughout the reserve poses a more direct threat.

more conventional   (daha geleneksel)

At the rear of the building are more conventional offices.

On later versions more conventional toe brakes were installed.

The 1886 World Series was more conventional, and was won by the Browns.

more accurately   (daha doğru)

All of them are more accurately termed "the Praenestine cistae".

It became part of West Francia in 843, and more accurately part of Neustria.

Despite the connotation of its name, it is more accurately described as ""curling"".

more attention   (daha fazla ilgi)

People should pay PewDiePie more attention."

Since 1990s, she has been paying more attention to issues of aesthetics.

His wish was carried out and this brought more attention to pecan trees.

larger and more   (daha büyük ve daha fazlası)

Female is much larger and more robust than the male.

With and , it is both larger and more massive than the Sun.

Natal dens are usually larger and more complex than diurnal dens.

bit more   (Biraz daha)

I just need to wait, think about things a bit more.

It might be a bit more trouble than its worth".

It is situated a bit more than far from the mainland.

more comfortable   (daha rahat)

The S-version had a bigger engine and a more comfortable cab.

A single floor is more comfortable, but more expensive in land.

Lenders, meanwhile, are growing more comfortable extending loans.

considerably more   (oldukça fazla)

The Moon's appearance is considerably more complex.

The psychological blow to the Romans was considerably more painful.

'Rheiny' did considerably more.

more realistic   (daha gerçekçi)

A more realistic translation might be 'pool' or 'pond'.

This would also help to make the action appear more realistic.

Subsequent experiments were based on more realistic situations.

get more   (Daha fazla al)

Of course the kids are going to get more disruptive."

No team can get more than 5 points in a match.

He contacts Barry to get more information on Roy Verhagen.

more points

Purdue added 10 more points in the fourth quarter.

The faster this is done, the more points are earned.

Smaller asteroids are also worth more points.

more suitable   (daha uygun)

Lytic phages are more suitable for phage therapy.

Good quality cages designed for pet birds are more suitable.

That is more suitable that you may not incline [to injustice]."

published more

She has published more than 100 scholarly works.

She has now published more than a dozen major works.

To date, she has published more than 100 books and articles.