İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

mortally wounded   (ağır yaralı)

McCann fell, mortally wounded, on his own doorstep.

It's clear to all that Marcella is mortally wounded.

Reding was mortally wounded by French dragoons.

killed or mortally

Scott was killed or mortally wounded in a duel on 6 November 1767.

A total of nine Union regimental commanders were killed or mortally wounded in the battle.

It lost 10 officers and 71 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded, and 126 enlisted men died from disease.

mortally wounding

Rafterman shoots the sniper, mortally wounding her.

His alcoholism causes him to crash his car, mortally wounding him.

One of the last enemy sniper shots hit Guise, mortally wounding him.