mostly positive   (主にポジティブ)

The album has been given mostly positive reviews.

Reception to the first issue was mostly positive.

"The Fire" has received mostly positive feedback.

used mostly   (主に使用)

It is currently used mostly for football matches.

received mostly   (ほとんど受け取った)

"The Fire" has received mostly positive feedback.

"Science Fiction" received mostly positive reviews.

His books have received mostly positive reviews.

mostly used   (主に使用)

Boric acid powder is mostly used for this purpose.

Today, boomerangs are mostly used for recreation.

Mask in West Bengal is mostly used in folk dance.

mostly positive reviews   (主に肯定的なレビュー)

The album has been given mostly positive reviews.

"Science Fiction" received mostly positive reviews.

His books have received mostly positive reviews.

received mostly positive   (主に肯定的な受信)

"The Fire" has received mostly positive feedback.

"Science Fiction" received mostly positive reviews.

His books have received mostly positive reviews.

mostly for football

It is currently used mostly for football matches.

mostly known

She is mostly known for her emotional roles.

Rosa Honung is mostly known for the record by Asta Kask.

He is mostly known for his acting in films like "A Wednesday!

mostly due

She moved mostly due to work related reasons.

This is mostly due to the influence of the Danish pastor Grundtvig.

Facing a tough campaign mostly due to redistricting, he lost 55% to 45%.

currently used mostly

It is currently used mostly for football matches.

played mostly

He played mostly military, police and other roles.

As a freshman, he played mostly on special teams.

He played mostly from 1908 to 1914 with several teams.

consists mostly

The video for "Ice" consists mostly of two scenes.

"Thyroptera discifera"'s diet consists mostly of insects.

It consists mostly of rearing livestock.

mostly because   (主に)

Poor sales, mostly because of player confusion, were blamed.

Arrays are useful mostly because the element indices can be computed at run time.

Ostrovsky is known outside of Russian-speaking countries mostly because of these two works.

mostly found

Fungi in this family are mostly found in soil.

Plants are mostly found in extensive stands.

They are mostly found near the coastlines.

mostly negative

Critical reception to the film was mostly negative.

"Sphere" received mostly negative reviews from critics.

The game received mostly negative reviews.

mostly made

The walls of the cave are mostly made of basalt.

The houses in this area mostly made of brick.

All clothing was homespun, and shoes were mostly made of cloth.

now mostly

He now mostly plays a variety of games on Twitch.

These buildings are now mostly used as offices.

Olbia is now mostly the archaeological site.

mostly based

Its design was mostly based on that of the Nokia N79.

The town's economy is mostly based on textile industry.

Economy is mostly based on animal husbandry.

composed mostly

The nuclear lamina is composed mostly of lamin proteins.

The Alpe della Luna is composed mostly of marlstone and sandstone.

Beer is composed mostly of water.

consisted mostly

Slave patrols consisted mostly of white citizens.

The Presidium consisted mostly of PDPA Politburo members.

Their food consisted mostly of fish and deer, as well as available plants.

mostly rural   (主に田舎)

It passes through mostly rural and exurban communities.

The riding was mostly rural.

The highway is mostly rural, except for the segments in Cleveland and Clarkesville.

consisting mostly

These four companies of infantry, consisting mostly of green recruits, were caught in the open.

The eastern parts of the city, consisting mostly of wooden buildings, were completely destroyed.

A soundtrack album was also released on Polydor (PD-1-6344), consisting mostly of country songs.

mostly through

PGO waves have been studied mostly through cat and rodent animal models.

It runs from Gate City northeast to Lebanon, mostly through river valleys.

The road runs mostly through a rural forested area during its entire length.

found mostly

In mammals, dioxins are found mostly in fat.

Tin was rare, however, being found mostly in Great Britain.

Juveniles are found mostly under rocks and among coarse sands.

mostly white

The hindwings are mostly white.

These dogs have mostly white coats with patches of black and brown hair.

It has no obvious leaves and the mostly white flower is usually buried in leaf litter.

mostly composed

In females, the flanges are mostly composed of muscle.

The team was mostly composed and founded by Peruvian players.

The Chinese population stands at 258,920, mostly composed of temporary migrants.

mostly located

The leaves are mostly located at the base of the plant.

The leaves are mostly located about the base of the stems.

The municipality is mostly located in the Tuxpan River basin.

mostly played

The first discotheques mostly played swing music.

It is mostly played in private circles and barracks.

FC Köln where he mostly played for the reserve team.

mostly within

It lies mostly within the Bavarian province of Upper Palatinate, hence the name.

The town of Statesville, North Carolina is contained mostly within Statesville township.

The terminal's platforms and bus loop lie mostly within the building of a former bus garage.

remained mostly

African production levels have remained mostly unchanged.

However, serious criticisms of the proposal remained mostly unresolved.

The technical crew remained mostly the same as in Venkat Prabhu's earlier ventures.

mostly negative reviews

"Sphere" received mostly negative reviews from critics.

The game received mostly negative reviews.

The film received mostly negative reviews.

mostly residential

The surrounding area is mostly residential with very few stores adjacent to the highway.

The remaining is mostly residential with several stores near the highways eastern terminus.

The north side of Riverside Drive has a variety of architectural styles and is mostly residential.

mostly black

The Bottom is a mostly black neighborhood in Ohio.

It is mostly black with a slight green sheen.

Aaron wants to get a mostly black jury and accuse the police of racism.

mostly during

Rainfall occurs mostly during the spring and autumn.

It is nocturnal and active mostly during winter months.

up mostly

100,000 people, made up mostly of the Angolan community in 2014.

She was brought up mostly by her father's sister, Madame d’Etrepy.

The rotating DJs include Kid Hops, whose shows are made up mostly of drum and bass.

mostly women

Overall, they employed about 200 people, mostly women.

As of season 5, Red John had killed a number of people, mostly women.

55 remained in the village, mostly women and elderly, all of whom were killed.

mostly made up

The area was mostly made up of subsistence farms in the 19th century.

The population is mostly made up of people born between 1969 and 1973.

Corals, sea shells, and pearls are mostly made up of calcium carbonate.

mostly covered

It is mostly covered with young forests and underbrush.

This area is mostly covered with Malayalam speaking families.

The landscape is mostly covered with mosaic vegetation/croplands.

mostly concentrated

However, it is mostly concentrated in South Asia.

They are mostly concentrated in Malnad, Shimoga district.

However he mostly concentrated on fine arts and was more successful in this field.

mostly written

OpenXPKI is mostly written in Perl.

Incidental music for the series was mostly written by Earle Hagen.

The library is mostly written in the Fortran 90 programming language.

mostly consists

Otter play mostly consists of wrestling with conspecifics.

It mostly consists of rural vineyards and farmland properties.

The restaurant's decor mostly consists of artwork depicting watermelons.

received mostly negative

"Sphere" received mostly negative reviews from critics.

The game received mostly negative reviews.

The film received mostly negative reviews.

worked mostly

From the 1960s onward, he worked mostly on his own.

He has worked mostly with CBS Radio since 1985.

He worked mostly in the Academic style.

known mostly

"jaegeri"), is known mostly from western Riverside County.

He is known mostly today for his speculation on the German stock market.

Timoteo is known mostly by his middle name, or as "el viejo" ("the old man").

playing mostly

He played from 1931 to 1944, playing mostly with the Memphis Red Sox.

He played from 1914 to 1920, playing mostly with the St. Louis Giants.

He returned to Baltimore in 1885 and hit .218 while playing mostly at second base.

mostly along

By 1963 Horne's had 44 units mostly along the eastern seaboard.

The weather was also very arid, mostly along the equator where it was the driest.

They are found concentrated in a 30-50-km wide thermal band mostly along the river valleys.

mostly flat

The territory around Barramiya is mostly flat, but the north is hilly.

The terrain is mostly flat to undulating plain, with mountains in the northwest.

The region is mostly flat, save for a single hill (called "Khao Wang") on the outskirts of town.

mostly built

The oldest buildings are mostly built of brown sandstone.

It was mostly built in brick with walls up to two feet thick.

It is about long with about 100 houses, mostly built in the late 1940s.

mostly between

It inhabits coral reefs at depths from , though mostly between .

It lies mostly between latitudes 4° and 18°S, and longitudes 12° and 24°E.

On the main land of Newfoundland and Labrador, rainfall was mostly between .

mostly limited

Effects from the system were mostly limited to the islands offshore.

Currently, most species are protected, and hunting is mostly limited to subsistence harvest.

Benzodiazepine abuse is mostly limited to individuals who abuse other drugs, i.e., poly-drug abusers.

based mostly

The dating is based mostly on architectural details.

It has been non-primogenitural, more or less agnatic, based mostly on rotation.

Its economy is based mostly on agriculture, especially wine and fruit production.

located mostly

They are located mostly in Havana, where there is a Greek embassy.

The agency's research institutes are located mostly in Biopolis and Fusionopolis.

Speakers are located mostly in Funing County, Yunnan, China and Hà Giang Province, Vietnam.

mostly small

His pictures are mostly small and of a humorous nature.

It has mostly small arms, RPGs, and mortars.

The firm built mostly small organs.

mostly focused

The latter, managed by Adolf Pomezni, mostly focused on marionette-based productions.

Legal concerns over ratification have mostly focused on issues of sovereignty and federalism.

Her latest work has mostly focused on the United States Trade War under the Trump Administration.

mostly associated

Juveniles and young adults are mostly associated with reefs.

This transmission is mostly associated with early Celicas of the 1970s.

In Calabar, nsibidi is mostly associated with men's leopard societies such as Ekpe.

mostly around   (主に)

Euglenozoa are unicellular, mostly around in size, although some euglenids get up to long.

Smaller independent units were allocated elsewhere, mostly around heavily fortified cities.

Bauxite was formerly a large part of the state's economy, mined mostly around Saline County.

still mostly   (まだほとんど)

Socially, Guadeloupe was still mostly segregated.

The loggers behind much of the reserve’s deforestation is still mostly unknown.

It was still mostly agricultural and sometimes called the "golden age of the peasantry".

film received mostly   (主に受け取った映画)

The film received mostly positive reviews from critics.


In the next several years, Hauge traveled – mostly by foot – throughout much of Norway.

Throughout the entire 1970s, Zhang Wei painted from life – mostly landscape and still life.

For three years Chinese HSR trains ran at , but the speeds were reduced due to safety concerns and – mostly – costs.

mostly the same

The monograms are mostly the same as those of Nicias.

The gameplay is mostly the same, with minor limitations.

The technical crew remained mostly the same as in Venkat Prabhu's earlier ventures.

made up mostly

100,000 people, made up mostly of the Angolan community in 2014.

The rotating DJs include Kid Hops, whose shows are made up mostly of drum and bass.

The union was made up mostly of students from English-language South African universities.

mostly consisted

It is mostly consisted of cover songs.

The commercial use of humans is mostly consisted of women and children.

Lenton's later life mostly consisted of editing, writing, and publishing.

mostly intact

The interiors of the medieval kitchen and keep are mostly intact.

The 1883 renovation largely kept Qaitbay's structure mostly intact.

The main grottoes are mostly intact with the exception of many of the smaller-Buddha's heads.

area is mostly

This area is mostly covered with Malayalam speaking families.

The area is mostly served by buses from different bus companies.

The development of the lake area is mostly contained at its northern end.

mostly destroyed

The town was mostly destroyed during the Napoleonic Wars in 1812.

The buildings were mostly destroyed during the Thirty Years' War.

Notice that c-CH is mostly destroyed by converting it back to CH.

mostly related

His history is mostly related to many Holy places of Dravidadesha (South India).

It is mostly related to ancient harvest celebrations, love, patriotism or social issues.

These classes are mostly related to design, business and technology in an entrepreneurial context.

made mostly

This series, unlike ones in the past, use smaller pieces made mostly of metal.

All birds lay amniotic eggs with hard shells made mostly of calcium carbonate.

Gummy candies are made mostly of corn syrup, sucrose, gelatin, starch and water.

mostly live

They mostly live in mountainous forest areas in small, female-dominated groups.

The practitioners mostly live in West Kalimantan, Papua and East Nusa Tenggara.

Karelians in Finland mostly live in a Diasphora around the country and in North-Karelian.

mostly remembered

However, Lockhart is mostly remembered for his film work.

André Jaunet was mostly remembered as a vivid, dedicated teacher.

and is mostly remembered for its cult classic single "I Still Love You".

lived mostly

Her family lived mostly on fruit growing and farming.

For his last 20 years, Canetti lived mostly in Zürich.

The population lived mostly of agriculture.

through mostly

It passes through mostly rural and exurban communities.

The concurrency passes through mostly commercial before heading into downtown Decatur.

On Dover Road, US 250 follows a two-lane alignment as it passes through mostly open fields on its path to Strasburg.

mostly young

They make up to 600 zlotys a month: "These welders, mostly young guys, are dressed like Primadonnas.

In addition, the victims at Orangeburg were mostly young black men protesting against local segregation.

As typical of revolts of most classes, free or slave, the insurgent slaves were mostly young men between the ages of 20 and 30.

mostly mixed

"Ajnabee" received mostly mixed reviews from critics.

The song received mostly mixed reviews from music critics.

The game received mostly mixed reviews.

mostly worked

Heinrich Scheel mostly worked in Eclectic styles.

He has mostly worked with Pritam.

Initially with three employees, he mostly worked as designer for large companies.

mostly local

The first public transmission was witnessed by a mostly local crowd.

Lemanski led a diverse group of mostly local investors which bought the building in 2017.

By the beginning of 2008, there were over 800 mostly local WISPs, with about 350,000 subscribers in 2007.

mostly done

Disentangling the Mazy Carpet: assigned, mostly done by Lucy.

The Pakistan-Algeria trade is mostly done via third country, i.e.

Some of them were mostly done by one person, and some equally labored over.

mostly long   (主に長い)

The pinnate leaves are mostly long and cast a dense shade on the ground.

mostly consisting

The ruins of the castle, mostly consisting of sections of perimeter walls, show that it had been built upon a Sunnite settlement.

The alignment of the Heartland Expressway will largely follow existing highways, with the project mostly consisting of improvements.

It offers general programming aimed to Colombians abroad, mostly consisting of old Caracol TV telenovelas, series, and entertainment shows.

mostly replaced

Reverse vending machines have mostly replaced human staff.

By 1954, those unreliable methods were mostly replaced by magnetic core memory.

Typically used for on-chip connections; in chip-to-chip usage mostly replaced by XAUI.

mostly unknown

These works were written for mostly unknown occasions and artists.

The loggers behind much of the reserve’s deforestation is still mostly unknown.

In Spain, it was the 6th most popular Spanish film in 1989, but outside Spain it is still mostly unknown.

mostly seen

They are mostly seen decorating sills of windows and balconies.

She is mostly seen on stage with her white sevenstring multiscale VanderMeij Magistra.

For centuries, the attempt to alter the succession was mostly seen as a one-man-plot by the Duke of Northumberland.

consist mostly

The viceroy's main predators – like many other butterflies – consist mostly of birds.

Psunj, Papuk and adjacent Krndija consist mostly of Paleozoic rocks from 300–350 Mya.

As most faxes consist mostly of white space, this minimises the transmission time of most faxes.

focused mostly

Seklucjan focused mostly on translations into Polish.

Vargas focused mostly on the body attack for the fight.

These documents focused mostly the depictions of humans.

mostly confined

Initially, interest in rugby football was mostly confined to the prairie provinces.

During the period 1918- 1919 activities were mostly confined to training and organisation.

From Monday 19 September Kinshasa residents, as well as residents elsewhere in Congo, where mostly confined to their homes.

occurs mostly

Rainfall occurs mostly during the spring and autumn.

RA occurs mostly in people aged 20 and above.

lies mostly

It lies mostly between latitudes 4° and 18°S, and longitudes 12° and 24°E.

On the other hand, the country's largest city, Istanbul, lies mostly in Europe.

It lies mostly within the Bavarian province of Upper Palatinate, hence the name.

met with mostly

"Hockey" was met with mostly positive reception.

"Head Down" has been met with mostly positive reviews.

"Slow Fade" met with mostly positive reception from music critics.

mostly concerned   (主に懸念)

Rothman was mostly concerned about more females learning about their bodies.

His work has mostly concerned his family, the place he grew up in the West Midlands, but also landscapes elsewhere.

Early film theory arose in the silent era and was mostly concerned with defining the crucial elements of the medium.

contains mostly

The west end of the North Circular Road contains mostly large detached houses.

It stands high above the Manifold valley and contains mostly stone-built properties.

The Rarh region is undulating and contains mostly clay and lateritic clay based soil.

mostly produced

Tellurium is mostly produced as a by-product of the processing of copper.

They mostly produced fabrics, leather, shoes, pottery, saddles and other products.

Buses are mostly produced in Cherkasy while trolleybuses are manufactured in Lutsk.

mostly active

They are mostly active during early morning and night.

They are mostly active at night, soon lose their gills and make sorties onto land.

He was the illegitimate son of Agostino Agostini, a singer and priest of Ferrara mostly active in the 1540s.

mostly unchanged

This policy continued mostly unchanged until 1981.

African production levels have remained mostly unchanged.

Otherwise the truck was mostly unchanged.

mostly agricultural

The rest of the island is a mostly agricultural region.

The economy is mostly agricultural (cereals, fruit, vine).

It has a mostly agricultural economy.

built mostly

The firm built mostly small organs.

Houses in Otavice are built mostly of concrete, and some of stone.

They built mostly homes that were known for their elegant yet modern lines.

mostly in habitats

They are found in open country worldwide, mostly in habitats near water.

place mostly   (主に配置する)

Shooting took place mostly in Yonkers, New York.

1931 – 1944 stood at fifth place mostly by publishing children's literature.

Judicial proceedings surrounding the strike took place mostly in the Mitchell Courthouse downtown.

mostly instrumental

The band's music is mostly instrumental.

They specialised in rock music, mostly instrumental versions of pop and classical pieces.

Shalabi Effect Shalabi Effect is a mostly instrumental band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

mostly complete

The city's highway system is mostly complete, and traffic jams rarely occur.

By July 2018, the mall was mostly complete, and was projected to open that November.

The specimen is composed of a mostly complete adult insect with the wing tips missing.

came mostly

Later guest stars came mostly from a television background.

Her patients came mostly from Upper Silesia, Zaolzie and Podhale.

The leaders of this movement came mostly from emancipated peasants.