İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

mother died   (anne öldü)

Her mother died shortly after reaching The Dalles.

Amir Ali's mother died when he was nine years old.

To make matters worse, his mother died of cancer.

mother tongue   (ana dil)

The Iraqw speak the Iraqw language as a mother tongue.

The Hedareb speak the Beja language as a mother tongue.

For a majority of Dhaiso, Swahili is their mother tongue.

single mother   (bekar anne)

She was the first single mother singer in Vietnam.

Shanthi Krishna plays a single mother in the film.

She was raised by a single mother of four children.

whose mother   (kimin annesi)

1646) whose mother was one Dina Borremans.

He has a son, Shane, whose mother is singer Sinéad O'Connor.

This upsets Gorgeous, whose mother had died eight years earlier.

mother and father   (anne ve baba)

Warhol was buried next to his mother and father.

The mother and father were in a family court dispute.

Victor D’Amico's mother and father were born in Italy.

mother   (anne)

His mother’s name is not listed on the certificate.

Her daughter was in full support of her mother’s work.

She is a quarter Korean on her mother’s side.

mother and sister

Amrah hears rumors of the mother and sister's fate.

His mother and sister have also worked as skating coaches.

Ben-Hur sets out for Jerusalem to find his mother and sister.

mother s   (anneler)

His mother’s name is not listed on the certificate.

Her daughter was in full support of her mother’s work.

She is a quarter Korean on her mother’s side.

s mother   (anne)

Noah’s mother almost catches them in his room.

Loic Bouvard’s mother was Andrée Caron.

Vukinavanua’s mother was a noble lady.

s mother   (Annesi)

Noah’s mother almost catches them in his room.

Loic Bouvard’s mother was Andrée Caron.

Vukinavanua’s mother was a noble lady.

own mother   (öz annesi)

To her care he was entrusted by his own mother.

"Haha" is used to refer to one's own mother.

not his own mother) as a wife.

widowed mother   (dul anne)

His widowed mother wanted him to become a jurist.

His widowed mother had done the same in 1811.

Her widowed mother Bizhu gambled away their inheritance.

mother died when   (anne ne zaman öldü)

Amir Ali's mother died when he was nine years old.

Pornsak's mother died when he was five years old.

Anthony's mother died when he was two years of age.

father and mother   (baba ve anne)

Malhotra is a Sikh, he is the only son of his father and mother.

When her father and mother visit her tower, he tells them a story.

He qualifies through both his father and mother's Corsican heritage.

mother worked

His mother worked as a farm laborer to help in his studies.

Wright's mother worked as a housekeeper.

His father worked in law and his mother worked as a professor.

mother moved

Mowbray's mother moved to America with her son.

In 1924, her father died and her mother moved to Ponce.

As a teenager, he and his mother moved to Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

biological mother   (biyolojik anne)

Rita Chase may indeed be Johnny's biological mother.

Nick also plans to find his biological mother who is in Serbia.

His biological mother died from breast cancer when he was three.

mother church

He was buried in Santa Sabina, the Dominican mother church.

The abbey became the mother church of the order in Scotland.

It is the mother church of the Anglican Diocese of Armidale.

when his mother   (annesi)

He was 10 years old when his mother passed away.

Bernard was only nineteen years of age when his mother died.

But he returns to Kolkata after 22 years when his mother, Suchismita, dies.

through his mother

He has Scottish heritage through his mother.

Their son was John who claimed Galloway through his mother.

Evan must struggle through his mother's death and meets C.I.A.

mother and daughter

They are the first mother and daughter to play for the Black Ferns.

Despite the distance between them, however, mother and daughter do love each other.

The two have a frank conversation during which they become closer as mother and daughter.

mother remarried   (anne yeniden evlendi)

When Pilchowa was a child, her mother remarried.

Her parents divorced and her mother remarried.

After his mother remarried, his family moved to Texas.

birth mother

He also discovered that his birth mother had been adopted.

At the end, Raymond still does not know that Wai Lan is his birth mother.

He decided to offer a sacrifice to the sun, whom his birth mother worshipped.

mother when   (anne ne zaman)

He lost his mother when he was only 12 years old.

Carlson is a lesbian and came out to her mother when she was 24.

He received a violin from his mother when he was seven years old.

wife and mother

She was an English moneylender, wife and mother.

Christina's ambition in life was to be a good wife and mother.

After searching for many days, Sadazo is found by his wife and mother.

mother took

Salomé's mother took her to Rome when Salomé was 21.

Her parents’ marriage ended and her mother took her to York.

Her mother took her then for registration at the local sports club.

mother married   (evli anne)

His mother married Edward Nascato in 1961.

Her mother married again and her new siblings bullied her.

When Lee-Chin was aged seven, his mother married Vincent Chen.

mother was born

His mother was born in Kaskaskia, Illinois.

Green's mother was born into the Sebag-Montefiore family.

His mother was born in Nome, Alaska; his father in Manitoba.

mother language

Its closest relative is the mutually-intelligible mother language, Dutch.

However, the Yazidis in Bashiqa and Bahzani speak Arabic as their mother language.

In the census of 1921, Ladino was the mother language of 10,000 out of 70,000 inhabitants of Sarajevo.

adoptive mother   (evlat edinen anne)

This left his adoptive mother to raise him on her own.

Her adoptive mother has said that she will continue her case in court.

Her adoptive mother, Lamyai Kaewkerd, vowed to continue her battle in court.

when her mother   (annesi olduğunda)

Rey became interested in the guitar when her mother bought one in 1964.

Agnes was aged just 10 when her mother, Agnes Rainie (1708–1742), died.

However, her newfound trust is tested when her mother gives birth to a son.

late mother   (geç anne)

16 because of his late mother who died in 2006 when he was aged 16.

Joan Mavis Trotter is Del and Rodney's late mother, and wife of Reg.

The title was first awarded posthumously in 806 to the late mother of Emperor Heizei.

mother and brother

Soon afterward, his mother and brother both fell ill and died.

Marcia runs home to inform her mother and brother about what had happened.

Her mother and brother help her but at the same time make her feel guilty.

mother and child

The mother and child were restored to the royal family.

Having resources to nourish mother and child attracts potential mates.

Encouraged to speed by Louise, the car Jim's driving nearly hits a mother and child.

mother and grandmother   (anne ve büyükanne)

Neïla lives in the Paris suburbs with her mother and grandmother.

Both Anita Leslie's mother and grandmother had suffered from asthma.

His mother and grandmother were churchgoers; his father was a nonbeliever.

foster mother   (üvey anne)

Tinkori Dasi was Rashbehari Bose's foster mother.

Basically it's about Tarzan and his foster mother."

His daughter Patrisha's two sisters lived with this foster mother in her Wauchula home.

surrogate mother   (taşıyıcı anne)

The oocyte is then re-inserted into the surrogate mother.

At the moment, it is said his first child was conceived of a surrogate mother.

Phoebe becomes a surrogate mother for her brother and his wife Alice (Debra Jo Rupp).

mother dies   (anne ölür)

When Mary's mother dies she decides to go travelling.

Soldiers arrest Gauri also and her mother dies.

Shortly after, Gopal's mother dies of a heart attack.

mother and stepfather   (anne ve üvey baba)

His mother and stepfather had a daughter, Angela.

His mother and stepfather later broke up when Rivera was 12.

Both her mother and stepfather actively took part in her education.

mother did

Her mother did not believe Eylül and gave her away to the orphanage.

The mother did not recover from the childbirth, and died just two days later.

Her mother did not initially recognize her, since she had last seen her at age 9.

mother and son

The mother and son ended their life in fire.

The mother and son team started at opposite ends of the wire.

After her divorce, Evanti continued to travel with her mother and son.

mother came

In 1937, he and his mother came to the Soviet Union.

Lindström's mother came from a free church baptist family.

His mother came from a family of cantors.

mother left   (anne gitti)

Her mother left the family when Loretta was about seven years old.

He left the soap when the actress playing his on-screen mother left the show.

After her mother left the family, Dee's father remarried, to Emma Amelia Benson, a schoolteacher.

mother goddess   (ana tanrıça)

Prithvi (Sanskrit: ', also ') is the Hindu "earth" and mother goddess.

Then she says to bring her and she takes approval from the mother goddess.

She is the mother goddess in Hinduism and has many attributes and aspects.

mother gave

That month, her mother gave birth to a stillborn son.

My mother gave me life...The disciples said to Jesus...deny.

His mother gave her some old clothing.

mother taught   (anne öğretti)

Her mother taught scripture at Hall School, Weybridge.

His mother taught him violin and a method called solfeggio.

His mother taught him his scholastic subjects and his father instructed him in art.

mother became

Johannes' mother became obsessed with religion.

Her mother became a casting director for Thames Television.

His mother became a sole bread winner and took care of the children.

mother country   (Anavatan)

This is the Oirat mother country.

Each agency's area corresponded roughly to the colonial sphere of its mother country.

Traditionally, the first releases of their albums are always held in the mother country of the band - Latvia.

real mother

He is actually the older brother of Hitto's real mother.

Bhutto considers Ghinwa as her real mother.

As a child Călinescu did not know who his real mother was.

became the mother

The abbey became the mother church of the order in Scotland.

She married Basil of Yaroslavl, and became the mother of Maria of Yaroslavl.

His granddaughter, Ada May Rich, became the mother of Laraine Day, who became an actress.

young mother

After the car accident the young mother's life changes radically.

While driving home, she hits a young mother and her young daughter.

She suddenly auditioned for the show "Andi Mack" and got the role of Bex, the single young mother of the title.

mother figure   (anne figürü)

Blanche considers Sophia as both a mother figure and as a mean old lady.

Mallette remained a mother figure to Justin, and his best friends Chaz Somers and Ryan Butler.

It is Helene’s grandmother, Cecile, who stands in as a mother figure and her primary caretaker.

queen mother   (anne Kraliçe)

The queen mother also employed Bishop Paul as her chancellor from 1295 at the latest.

In 1940, when Queen Helen returned to Romania, a flag was designed for the queen mother.

Stateira also publicly spoke up against the cruelties of the queen mother at the Persian court.

mother of all   (hepsinin annesi)

We call Kiev 'the mother of all Russian cities.'

It is the first ulpena in Israel and therefore it is called "Em HaUlpenot" (mother of all ulpenas).

Nero deprived his mother of all honors and powers, and even removed her Roman and German bodyguards.

mother had died   (anne öldü)

Her mother had died when Miller was five years old.

This upsets Gorgeous, whose mother had died eight years earlier.

Lewis's own mother had died when he was a child, and his father was distant, demanding, and eccentric.

mother told

When Anne's mother told Anne, she was a changed child.

There, his mother told her that he had left.

His mother told him the truth and let him climb the giant toa.

mother and siblings

By the time she returned to the kennel, her mother and siblings were no longer there.

Earl and his mother and siblings attended Schuyler Baptist Church near their homestead.

She also has the right to refuse to live with her husband's father, mother and siblings.

mother ship

At dawn, all the Italian craft reached their mother ship safely.

The mother ship had no fishing license, and had kept no catch log.

The lander would be discarded and the mother ship would return home.

deceased mother

A man comes home from prison to claim from his deceased mother's estate.

Haruhi is dedicated to her studies and aspires to enter law school to emulate her deceased mother.

The story ends with a group of bullies throwing Alvin's bathrobe, which belonged to his deceased mother, over a bridge.

dead mother

Their dead mother had been an Arunta woman known as Annie.

Kei reflects on her dead mother and Sammy's childhood ("Higher").

The story is about a son who is trying to learn about his dead mother.

lost his mother

He lost his mother when he was only 12 years old.

He had just lost his mother earlier that year.

Israel lost his mother as well when he was two years old.

mother later

Wolff's mother later settled in Washington, D.C.

For as yet unexplained reasons, her mother later died.

His mother later recalled: "Oh, what grief!

mother during   (sırasında anne)

Gould has performed with his mother during her 2012 North American tour and also during her 2013 European tour.

The total fertility rate has decreased from 5.8 in 1960 to 4.2 children per mother during childbearing years in 2000.

He lived in College during term, but stayed with his mother during vacations at Holford and then from 1912 at Dinder.

between mother

This behavior in manatees is found mostly between mother and calf interactions.

In large species, it lasts for over a year and involves a strong bond between mother and offspring.

The once very close and sweet relationship between mother and daughter turns into an emotional struggle.

because his mother   (çünkü annesi)

He was named for Saint Christopher and because his mother liked the name.

Prince Regent John VI of Portugal ruled because his mother the queen was insane.

This was because his mother had done it for him all his life, an example of her coddling him.

mother then

His mother then took over as full-time carer.

His mother then married the Swiss composer Paul Sacher.

The mother then licks them gradually into proper shape."

mother sent

Her mother sent her and her sister to the uncle to learn from the uncle.

In 1920, Collazo's father died and his mother sent him to live with his brother in Jayuya.

When he was 10 years old, his mother sent him to Saigon to study, living at his uncle's house.

mother and sisters

During this time he also accompanied his mother and sisters on a trip to Paris.

Mosadi's mother and sisters pushed her to become the next kgosikgolo during this time, which would break a history of solely male dikgosikgolo.

Her first series is set in Los Angeles and concerns Jessie Drake, a divorced homicide detective who has a difficult relationship with her mother and sisters.

ailing mother   (hasta anne)

She later returned to Maryland to care for her ailing mother.

Shankar quits his job in Bombay and decides to stay in Nanjangud to take care of his ailing mother.

Just as Martin was about to take a course in obstetrics, she was called home to care for her ailing mother.

through her mother

She qualifies for Sri Lanka through her mother.

He is a cousin of actress Gemma Arterton through her mother.

In 1112, she inherited the county of Provence through her mother.

mother returned

With the early death of his father, his mother returned to Germany.

He was assigned apartments in the royal nursery while his mother returned to France.

In the mid 1990s, she and her mother returned to Istanbul from Germany, where they had lived.

mother lived

His mother lived to age 102, dying in 1907.

Owen had three children, and her mother lived with the family.

In Schwerin his mother lived with him until her death in 1845.

mother did not

Her mother did not believe Eylül and gave her away to the orphanage.

The mother did not recover from the childbirth, and died just two days later.

Her mother did not initially recognize her, since she had last seen her at age 9.

mother tells

Guy's mother tells Anne that Guy managed to survive, albeit horribly disfigured.

At the night of the party, Alice's mother tells a lie to discourage her daughter.

The mother tells the second son to kneel in front of his wife, and is pleased that he finally repents.

mother before   (önce anne)

He is shown waving at his mother before the camera fades out.

I believe in justice, but I will defend my mother before justice."

Trevor has a white father who left his mother before Trevor was born.

mother does

Her mother does not approve, but she goes along with it.

The mother does not possess a pouch.

Quickly, the mother returns with a gift, but the mother doesn't tell who the gift is from.

mother went

When Collins was 14, her mother went back to university to get her law degree.

His mother went from a good to a bad person when she joined the Pungsan Dog Cult.

The youngster and his mother went through several years of hardship during the war.

elderly mother   (yaşlı anne)

I'm sorry to my family, my elderly mother and my children.

Baby Suggs is the elderly mother of Halle.

He lives in Philadelphia with his wife Lillian, his brother Philip, and his elderly mother.

because her mother   (çünkü annesi)

Kajal wants to tell her mother, but she cannot because her mother is a heart patient.

Vasen was exposed to pregnancy and raising children because her mother had nine children.

Phoebe is working as a masseuse; she is slightly crazy because her mother committed suicide when she was a child.