motor racing   (赛车)

She championed the use of big data in motor racing.

Ma-con ma-con is a German motor racing team.

's breakup and tried his hand at Formula Three motor racing.

electric motor   (电动马达)

The i4’s electric motor is assembled in Dingolfing.

Both feed pump types were electric motor driven.

The buzzsaw is generally driven by an electric motor.

motor vehicle   (摩托车)

It is not accessible by any kind of motor vehicle.

ZIS-5 was the first Soviet motor vehicle to be exported.

With EMTs and paramedics, it is most often motor vehicle accidents.

motor vehicles   (机动车)

They are rarely completely free of motor vehicles.

Even private motor vehicles could be requisitioned.

It was equipped with 81 motor vehicles and 700 horses.

motor race   (赛车)

Indianapolis is the place to be for the Indianapolis 500, the legendary motor race.

1971 Rothmans 250 The 1971 Rothmans 250 was motor race for Group E Series Production Touring Cars.

1907 Kaiser Preis The 1907 Kaiser Preis was a Grand Prix motor race held at Taunus on 13–14 June 1907.

motor cars

The fleet comprised both motor cars and trailer cars.

The Q38 stock consisted of 25 driving motor cars and 183 trailers.

There were two lighting circuits, one fed from each of the motor cars.

motor race held

1907 Kaiser Preis The 1907 Kaiser Preis was a Grand Prix motor race held at Taunus on 13–14 June 1907.

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is a major hillclimbing motor race held at the Pikes Peak Highway.

1950 Dutch Grand Prix The 1950 Dutch Grand Prix was a motor race held on 23 July 1950 at Circuit Park Zandvoort, Netherlands.

motor car

All were open except one motor car which was closed.

He also toured inland, travelling by motor car.

Austin 25/30 The Austin 25-30 is a motor car.

motor neurons   (运动神经元)

Motor fibers injuries may involve lower motor neurons, sympathetic fibers, and or both.

UMNs are motor neurons that project from the cortex down to the brainstem or spinal cord.

Many different types of neurons can be identified based on their function, such as sensory neurons or motor neurons.

rocket motor

This combines the AMRAAM seeker with the ESSM rocket motor.

In the 13th century, the solid rocket motor was invented in China.

However, rocketry uses the term rocket motor, even though they consume fuel.

motor neuron

There can be lower motor neuron findings (e.g.

It also occurs with motor neuron disease.

muscle wasting, muscle twitching), upper motor neuron findings (e.g.

motor torpedo   (鱼雷)

Italian motor torpedo boat MAS-526 provided distant escort.

Soviet motor torpedo boats TK-61 and TK-71 attacked but scored no success.

The Project 183 motor torpedo boat (MTB) was designed just after World War II.

motor skills

They also practice fine motor skills each time they grasp a game piece.

Around puberty, a gradual decline in mental abilities and motor skills occurs.

Crocheting can help young children with fine motor skills (such as handwriting).

motor control

His main area of interest is transcranial magnetic stimulation and motor control.

After that, they are then driven into position using a laptop and 56 motor control boards.

The LPC1549-LPCXpresso development board is available from NXP along with a motor control kit.

motor cortex   (运动皮层)

At a higher level yet is the primary motor cortex, a strip of tissue located at the posterior edge of the frontal lobe.

Each pathway also has secondary projections to other layers within barrel cortex and other regions of cortex, including motor cortex.

This circuits includes the supplementary motor area, the primary motor cortex, the inferior parietal cortex, the basal ganglia, and the cerebellum.

motor sport

In 2016 Dream Racing also launched Dream Racing motor sport.

He is still involved in motor sport, most recently in GT Racing.

Constructors like BMW and Mercedes are prominent manufacturers in motor sport.

motor torpedo boats

Soviet motor torpedo boats TK-61 and TK-71 attacked but scored no success.

At 2 pm on August 23 an outlook spotted two Soviet motor torpedo boats and sounded the alarm.

On 18 March, during a clash between Soviet motor torpedo boats and German S-boots, the Soviet unit TK-66 was lost.

motor transport

The motor transport operator (88M) course has moved to Fort Leonard Wood.

It was not an easy journey, involving mountain tracks impassable to motor transport.

In September 1917, a volunteer expeditionary force was assembled, consisting of medical, motor transport and aviation detachments.

outboard motor

It also keeps the outboard motor hidden from view.

In current production, it is rated for 805 pounds capacity and a outboard motor.

The boat is normally fitted with a small outboard motor for docking and maneuvering.

induction motor

Stationary Reference Frame Stationary Frame of Reference is used to analyse the induction motor parameters such as torque and speed.

This hovertrain was propelled by a linear induction motor and ran alongside the Old Bedford River, on a one-mile section of air-cushion trackway.

To achieve fossil-fuel-free propulsion, TransPod "pods" take advantage of electrically-driven linear induction motor technology, with active real-time control and sense-space systems.

motor oil

In the same year, it mostly imported crude oil, automobiles, motor oil, coal and briquettes.

She has been featured in TV advertisements for products such Oral B toothpaste, and Valvoline motor oil with Virat Kohli.

motor boats

Footage and print media from the 1950s and 1960s show ocean surfers actively riding surfboards behind motor boats.

The crew of INS "Tabar" reported seeing only the two motor boats fleeing from the scene of the incident in the darkness.

It consists of several boats and has motor boats which are allowed for 20 minutes and speed boats which are allowed for 10 minutes.

motor function

People with balance and motor function challenges often need specialized equipment to sit or stand safely and securely.

People with lesions at the L4 to S2 who are complete paraplegics may have motor function issues in their gluts and hamstrings.

motor industry

This was minute when compared with the output of the whole British motor industry.

Post-war, the motor industry grew and Dunlop was well placed to supply the demand for tyres.

The company produced a number of models ranging from 7 to 16 horsepower and played an important role in the Wolverhampton motor industry.

motor sports

Germany is one of the leading motor sports countries in the world.

The editors called the game "the motor sports aficionado's dream come true."

By the late 1980s, carbon brakes were used by all competitors in almost all top level motor sports.

first motor

The first motor vehicles were taken over the Hardknott and Wrynose passes, from the Eskdale side, in 1913.

On one of the vehicle's test runs it tore down 7 yards of garden railing, causing London's first motor accident.

She was the first motor ship to be employed on the New South Wales coast, and ran between Sydney and the Clarence River.

motor traffic

It was designed to carry motor traffic and pedestrians.

The motorway network totals with additional reserved only for motor traffic.

Work was done on the Athabaska Trail to make it passable for motor traffic as many roads had been graded.

motor boat

A navy motor boat also sunk near Kutubdia, though its six crew members swam ashore.

Wilson, of Birmingham Corporation Gas Works, using naphthalene fuel in a 10 hp motor boat engine.

On 27 June of the same year the "Finlandia" evacuated two Danish citizens from a burning motor boat outside Stevns, Denmark.

motor buses

The first internal combustion engine buses, or motor buses, were used in 1895.

It was thus one of the last two depots to convert to motor buses on 9 May 1962.

However, motor buses were gradually introduced from 1921 to supplement the tram system, and double-decker buses appeared ten years later.

traction motor

The traction motor is a straight-wound motor.

The traction motor adopted Alstom's brushless DC motor.

The traction motor was self-ventilated, mounted on bogie.