Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

mountain range   (cordillera)

The Higashiyama mountain range lies to the east.

The mountain range was also divided into three regions.

The mountain range runs roughly northwest to southeast.

mountain ranges   (Cadenas montañosas)

These mountain ranges are part of the U.S.

The Dominican Republic has four important mountain ranges.

There are two subspecies found in different mountain ranges.

highest mountain   (la montaña más alta)

"Denali" is the highest mountain in North America.

The highest mountain is "Sa Pattada", elevation .

At high, it is the fifth highest mountain in Egypt.

mountain biking   (Bicicleta de montaña)

"Including mountain biking and cyclo-cross"

Some of the trails are also available for mountain biking.

Camping and mountain biking are not allowed on this trail.

mountain pass   (Puerto de montaña)

"Churam" is the Malayalam word for mountain pass.

A prominent mountain pass in the area is Sanju Pass.

To the west of the mountain pass is Spicers Gap State Forest.

mountain bike   (bicicleta de montaña)

An 8 km mountain bike trail has been newly laid out.

It is also known for its nearby downhill mountain bike track.

In June 2014 he took the world title in mountain bike marathon.

high mountain

There are a number of high mountain lakes in Olangchung Gola.

The fortress is located on a high mountain, surrounded by steep cliffs.

Cacti inhabit diverse regions, from coastal plains to high mountain areas.

mountain located

is a mountain located west of Bragg Creek, Alberta in Kananaskis Country.

Mount Serbal Mount Serbal () is a mountain located in Wadi Feiran in southern Sinai.

Batu Buli Hill Batu Buli Hill is a mountain located in the Malaysian part of Borneo.

mountain passes

The main mountain passes of the Brenta Group are:

After heavy fighting, the Romanians took the mountain passes.

It houses small exhibition about the regional mountain passes.

up the mountain

You will need basic mountaineering knowledge to climb up the mountain.

God calls Moses up the mountain where he remains for 40 days and 40 nights.

Zibhebhu, however, escaped, by climbing up the mountain with a white trader.

mountain peaks   (picos de las montañas)

The mean height of the mountain peaks is .

There are many sky-blue lakes and white mountain peaks near Eisenkappel.

Altitudes reach more than , and mountain peaks are permanently covered with snow.

small mountain

Boquete, Chiriquí Boquete is a small mountain town in Panama.

Ucria is a small mountain town, between above sea level, in the Nebrodi Mountains.

Lozen Mountain Lozen Mountain (, "Lozenska planina") is a small mountain in Bulgaria.

mountain slopes

Because of the mountain slopes, terracing has been a common practice.

The mountain slopes are home to a herd of between 300 and 350 chamois.

It is found on mountain slopes as well as alluvial soils along riverbanks.

mountain peak   (pico de la montaña)

A cable car takes visitors up to a mountain peak.

They refer to the mountain peak as "Omna Re Ay".

It is the highest mountain peak of the Aleutian Islands.

mountain summit   (cumbre de la montaña)

The mountain summit receives an average of of snowfall each winter.

The mountain summit receives an average of of snow fall each winter.

An "Ultra" is a mountain summit with a topographic prominence of or more.

mountain ridge   (cresta de la montaña)

It is situated on a mountain ridge, surrounded by fertile land.

The town sits on a mountain ridge and extends over a half circle shape.

The loch's northern shores are dominated by the mountain ridge of Beinn an Fhogharaidh (616 m).

mountain chain   (cadena montañosa)

This mountain is part of the Rif mountain chain.

The Phetchabun Mountains are a mountain chain in Khao Kho.

All of these islands are in the form of peaks of a submerged mountain chain.

down the mountain   (bajando la montana)

Vladas Vitkauskas helped move her body down the mountain.

Coal was transported down the mountain by an incline plane rail system.

Bu escapes amid the confusion and heads down the mountain in a snow storm.

mountain village

Finally they arrive in a small Norwegian mountain village.

Li was born in a mountain village in Jiahe County, Hunan province.

She was born circa 1274, probably in the mountain village of Caussou.

mountain areas

It grows in sub-humid and humid mountain areas.

Snow is frequent especially on mountain areas.

Cacti inhabit diverse regions, from coastal plains to high mountain areas.

mountain climbing   (Montañismo)

He also enjoyed mountain climbing.

Both she and her husband enjoy scuba diving, skiing, and mountain climbing.

Some of these include mountain climbing, skydiving, or other extreme sports.

mountain streams

Sangok-ri has many trees and mountain streams.

It is known to live in mountain streams and reservoirs.

The track passes mountain streams, a waterfall and wildlife.

mountain road   (camino de montaña)

The ghat, or mountain road, is about 40 km long.

The Thamarassery mountain road connects Calicut with Kalpetta.

mountain bikes

No camping, and no mountain bikes are allowed in the park.

There are of summer trails, most of which allow horses and mountain bikes.

Kawasaki mountain bikes were sold at Kawasaki motorcycle dealerships in the 1990s.

mountain is located

The mountain is located 60km south of al-Arish.

The mountain is located on the southern shore of Utah Lake.

The Pelvo d'Elva mountain is located in the communal territory.

mountain lion   (León de montaña)

The jury concludes that Morgan was killed by a mountain lion.

Billy fights to save his dogs, but the mountain lion turns on him.

One night while the trio is hunting, a mountain lion attacks the dogs.

nearby mountain

She leads the Moochmore girls on a dawn climb of a nearby mountain.

The village gets its name from a nearby mountain called Rocca Barbena.

Leskovik and the nearby mountain Melesin was the site of a battle in 1831.

mountain was named

The mountain was named in honor of Ute Chief Shavano.

The mountain was named for the son of Lycaon, Maenalus.

The mountain was named in honor of Princeton University.

mountain top

Access to the mountain top is via sealed road.

TUSLOG Det 3-1 was on a mountain top in Trabzon, Turkey.

It is situated on a mountain top which requires a visitor to climb 461 steps.

tallest mountain   (la montaña más alta)

At 943.7m, it is the tallest mountain in Shenzhen.

Mount Dodo is the tallest mountain in the city, rising .

It is a mountainous area, and its tallest mountain is called Tor Ghar.

mountain forests

Its natural habitat is in open mountain forests.

This woodpecker inhabits dense mountain forests above 1,000 m as well as urban areas.

It grows in many types of habitat from mountain forests to grassland to desert scrub.

mountain region   (región montañosa)

See "Classes of mountain region" for the formal definition.

Born in 1833 in the mountain region of North Carolina, W.C.

The first season was filmed in the Sierra Nevada mountain region in California.

low mountain

The south contains the low mountain range of the Maya Mountains.

Sagehen Hills The Sagehen Hills are a low mountain range in Nevada County, California.

English Hills The English Hills are a low mountain range in Solano County, California.

mountain near   (montaña cerca)

A Race Office is set up on the mountain near the Sunny Side lift.

Errigal Errigal () is a mountain near Gweedore in County Donegal, Ireland.

Its location on a mountain near Chamunda Devi temple, is 16 km from Nagarkot.

mountain area

Barbagia Barbagia ( or ) is a mountain area of inner Sardinia.

Dovrefjell is the mountain area where Snøhetta is the highest peak.

The mountain area accounts for 76% of the total area of Wuqia County, 14,535 square kilometers.

mountain regions

People have lived in mountain regions for thousands of years.

Humans have reduced biodiversity in many of the world's mountain regions.

High mountain regions both north and south have subalpine flora and subalpine climate.

mountain bikers

Belair is also a very popular area for mountain bikers.

It is also popular in the summer with walkers and mountain bikers.

The trail can be used by horseback riders, mountain bikers, and hikers.

mountain ridges

It is native to the Mojave Desert and surrounding mountain ridges in California and Nevada.

Coldwater Mountain and Mount Cheaha make up the highest of the mountain ridges that are located in the eastern portion of the region.

Beginning in 1907, Babcock's operations out of Davis began clear cutting the mountain ridges throughout Tucker County, West Virginia.

mountain climber   (montañista)

Townshend designed a window for Platt Chapel in Manchester in memory of a mountain climber.

In 2010, mountain climber Musa Ibrahim became the first Bangladeshi climber to conquer Mount Everest.

Walter Harper Walter Harper (1893 – October 25, 1918) (Koyukon) was an Alaska Native mountain climber and guide.

mountain lions

Other more rare animals include pronghorn deer and mountain lions.

Common natural predators include coyotes, wolves, and mountain lions.

Miller established a zoo with mountain lions and other desert animals.

mountain stage

In the first mountain stage, Belgian Jef Demuysere was away, with Antonin Magne trying to get him back.

Roche moved up to seventh overall on the first mountain stage seven which finished on La Planche des Belles Filles.

He attacked Horner many times during the final mountain stage on the steep Angliru but he cracked in the end finishing 4th on that stage.

around the mountain   (alrededor de la montaña)

It was named "Halal" because of the camels and sheep that used to graze around the mountain.

The Allies tightened their lines closer around the mountain, but their attacks slowed in the Spring.

Some time later, the locomotives were found to be racing around the mountain on their own, without engineers or a crew.

mountain man

The uncle was a mountain man, frequently thought of as uncivilized by his mother and father.

Images of mountain man James Beckwourth, Biddy Mason, and William Leidesdorff are portrayed in the well-detailed historical mural.

Moulton in 1845 joined a westward-bound expedition organized by mountain man Jim Bridger and arrived in Los Angeles on May 12 of that year.

mountain guide   (guía de montaña)

They are led by Grace Sundown, a Métis mountain guide.

Lavis is twinned with: Franco Nicolini mountain guide

In the early 1990s, Lafaille qualified as a mountain guide and began mountaineering in the Alps.

prominent mountain

A prominent mountain pass in the area is Sanju Pass.

East Spanish Peak East Spanish Peak is a prominent mountain summit that is the lower of the two Spanish Peaks in the Rocky Mountains of North America.

Mount Princeton Mount Princeton is a high and prominent mountain summit of the Collegiate Peaks in the Sawatch Range of the Rocky Mountains of North America.

other mountain   (otra montaña)

It is still believed today that tengu and other mountain spirits live in this area.

Burton also fired at several other mountain bikers before levelling his shotgun at the police.

This range differs from Colombia's other mountain ranges in that it contains several large basins.

mountain lies

Around this mountain lies the oldest part of the city.

This gently rising mountain lies about east of Betws-y-Coed.

Close by Dugort, at the base of Slievemore mountain lies the Deserted Village.

mountain biker   (ciclista de montaña)

Is a Colombian cross-country mountain biker.

Shi Qinglan Shi Qinglan is a Chinese cross-country mountain biker.

He is married to Australian Elite mountain biker Rebecca McConnell.

mountain building

Diastrophic movement is often called orogenic as it is associated with mountain building.

Sonoma orogeny The Sonoma orogeny was a period of mountain building in western North America.

These vertical movements resulted in radial forces with gave way to phenomenons like mountain building.

mountain tops

Once the skies cleared next morning, snow covered the Estrella's mountain tops.

In the Toro Negro forest, only the most inaccessible mountain tops have never been cleared.

Common plant species like shrubs and grasses can only be found in some valleys and on mountain tops.

high mountain pass   (puerto de alta montaña)

), is a high mountain pass on the eastern Kunzum Range of the Himalayas some from Manali.

Col du Lautaret Col du Lautaret () is a high mountain pass in the department of Hautes-Alpes in France.

Col du Glandon Col du Glandon () is a high mountain pass in the Dauphiné Alps in Savoie, France, linking Le Bourg-d'Oisans to La Chambre.

mountain rescue   (rescate de montaña)

The knot can be applied to emergency situations, such as mountain rescue.

SARF helicopters and RAF mountaineers often work together on mountain rescue incidents.

There are also small specialist units including police dogs, mountain rescue, and a bomb disposal team.

major mountain   (montaña mayor)

To the west sit major mountain ranges, most notably the Himalayas.

The major mountain massif on Burqin county's border with these two countries is Tavan Bogd.

Sierra Madre de Chiapas The Sierra Madre de Chiapas is a major mountain range in Central America.

large mountain

It is bounded on the north by a large mountain stream."

Portal Mountain Portal Mountain is a large mountain in Antarctica.

This large mountain lake has an estimated maximum length of and a maximum width of .

through the mountain

Instead, a rock cut along a longer route was built through the mountain.

He begins following her through the mountain roads until his car suddenly breaks down.

Vrmac Tunnel, which connects Kotor with the Adriatic Highway, goes through the mountain.

remote mountain   (montaña remota)

The military airdropped the exhumed bodies over open water or remote mountain locations.

The film tells a story of group of co-workers who go to a remote mountain forest in Hungary, where they become victims of murderous attacks.

His photographic work included an image of funeral pyres on the Ganges River in India and of the remote mountain town of Adjuntas, Puerto Rico.

near the mountain   (cerca de la montaña)

Its decaying frame remains near the mountain's summit.

His human side only re-emerges when he saves a man escaping from Hork-Bajir near the mountain lake.

Yule Colorado marble) comes from the Leadville Limestone of Mississippian age quarried near the mountain.

mountain hut   (refugio de montaña)

Just below the Punta Cermenati at 1,860 meters sits the Luigi Azzoni mountain hut.

Dom Hut The Dom Hut () is a mountain hut of the Swiss Alpine Club, located above Randa in the canton of Valais.

Tracuit Hut The Tracuit Hut () is a mountain hut of the Swiss Alpine Club, located above Zinal in the canton of Valais.

mountain valleys

Strawberry blite is found in moist mountain valleys.

Andorra's cuisine is marked by its nature as mountain valleys.

The name originated from Malabar and is related to the mountain valleys.