Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

single mounts

At launch, the vessel had no less than six single mounts.

Her secondary armament consisted of four QF Mk V anti-aircraft (AA) guns in single mounts.

twin mounts

In 1944 a new QF 6 pounder 10 cwt gun in twin mounts was installed.

The right and left gun assemblies were identical in the twin mounts.

The torpedo armament was six 18-inch (450 mm) torpedo tubes in three twin mounts.

gun mounts

Her 5" and 3" gun mounts were also demolished.

"G132", , , and were equipped with four SK L/55 guns in single gun mounts.

The facility also works on tank gun mounts and turret components and munition handling systems.

triple mounts

The ships carried two triple mounts of torpedo tubes amidships.

Abaft of the second funnel, she carried six 21-inch torpedo tubes in two triple mounts on the centre-line.

They carried six rotating torpedo tubes in two triple mounts amidships and could also carry up to 30 mines.