near the mouth   (口の近く)

The waterfront campus is settled near the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay.

It was situated near the mouth of the river Evenus on the bay of Elaea.

Gosë administrative limit has Vilë Beach,near the mouth of Shkumbini river.

word of mouth   (口コミ)

This emotional reaction leads to word of mouth.

He would sell locally and regionally through "word of mouth."

However, they became bestsellers largely through word of mouth.

river mouth   (河口)

The river mouth is about northeast of Seward.

In one river mouth, many boats were damaged.

This puts the river mouth on what is now the site of piazza Municipio.

taken by mouth   (口から取る)

It is taken by mouth, or less commonly by injection.

The substance is red-brown liquid that is taken by mouth.

It is taken by mouth for up to a few weeks.

source to mouth   (ソースから口へ)

Tributary streams are listed from source to mouth.

It has a length of 330 km from its source to mouth, 210 km in Zimbabwe and 120 km in Botswana.

From source to mouth, the Thomson is joined by 41 named tributaries over its 350 km (210 miles) course.

around the mouth   (口の周り)

This is especially long around the mouth of the wasp.

With this is mind, defences were put in places around the mouth of the Ythan.

The Liangzhu culture existed in coastal areas around the mouth of the Yangtze.

near its mouth   (その口の近く)

In the lacustuary near its mouth, the grade is just .

Washington State Route 106 crosses the river near its mouth on Hood Canal.

Only some 3 kilometers near its mouth into the Danube can be used for navigation.

dry mouth   (口渇)

Other side effects can include irritation, dry mouth, nausea, and dizziness.

The main two side effects that occur from taking amitriptyline are drowsiness and a dry mouth.

Alcohol-containing mouthwashes may make dry mouth and halitosis worse since it dries out the mouth.

through the mouth   (口から)

The waste materials are egested through the mouth.

Indigestible remains of prey are expelled through the mouth.

Elephants inhale mostly through the trunk, although some air goes through the mouth.

mouth is located   (口があります)

Its mouth is located in the Southeast to the height of a covered bridge.

The mouth is located ventrally and surrounded by about 20 large tentacles.

The mouth is located on the ventral side and is bound on both sides by jaws.

above the mouth   (口の上)

A short distance above the mouth, Manahasset Creek enters the bay.

15 km above the mouth of the Weary River meets the right side of the Snake River.

A tributary, Little Orange Creek, joins from the north a few miles above the mouth of the creek.

open mouth   (開口)

Their emblem was a lion passant, with open mouth and a red tongue.

The one with the open mouth is called , the other "komainu", a name that in time came to be used for both animals.

On day 2, Jake becomes annoyed at Boyle's habit of chewing with the open mouth and Boyle is annoyed with Jake's eating habits.

mouth shut   (口を閉じ)

The pain from her injury forced her to keep her mouth shut, which impeded her breathing.

Eventually she is cursed several times by him, zipping her mouth shut and taking away her fangs.

He should then warn the horse that he will bind its mouth shut and plug it up (prevent it from defecating) if the animal eats too much.

off the mouth   (口から)

Towns chartered a small vessel the "Jacmel Packet" and on 12 June 1865 it arrived off the mouth of the Albert River.

On 16 April 1917, "Smeul" was sunk by a minefield laid by the Ottoman cruiser "Midilli" off the mouth of the Danube.

On 24 June 1949 she struck a submerged object, ran aground and was wrecked off the mouth of the River Deben in Suffolk.