Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

decided to move   (quyết định di chuyển)

In 1953 he needed more space, and decided to move.

It was decided to move "U-382" from France to Norway.

He decided to move to New York City soon after.

move away   (chuyển đi)

PRTB was later move away from the "foquismo" line of ELN.

Farmers would often forced to move away.

I was afraid if I was too gentle she would use it to move away.

move forward   (tiến về phía trước)

They opted to move forward and create "Florence".

With this, the FIA allowed the season to move forward.

Gebrhiwet continued to move forward to second position.

move back   (Lùi lại)

1981–82: Anne agreed to move back in with Paul.

The academy has plans to move back to the city center.

Now proved innocent, Raj and Priya move back to India.

not move   (đừng di chuyển)

They have no legs and do not move about as adults.

Carol will not move from the barrier as night falls.

The crowd is so dense that one cannot move anywhere."

move up   (đi lên)

Promoted clubs tend to move up to London 3 Essex.

Torbert ordered the rest of his division to move up.

He vacated the title to move up to lightweight.

move towards   (di chuyển theo hướng)

Rustam Zaman was planning to move towards Panhala fort.

That's feeding this move towards the tribal.

Consequently, anions will tend to move towards the anode.

able to move   (có thể di chuyển)

"And I told them I wasn't able to move to Orange County.

She was able to move at 3 knots breaking 1.5 meters of ice.

The player is able to move within a straight line on a 3D arena.

forced to move   (buộc phải di chuyển)

Draper was forced to move to Europe to earn a living.

Left with virtually nothing, Douglas was forced to move.

Farmers would often forced to move away.

began to move   (đã bắt đầu di chuyễn)

The reserve brigade began to move forward.

In response, the Turks began to move into Anatolia in 1073.

TD began to move into contracting.

move around   (di chuyển xung quanh)

They move around the university, listening and learning.

He admits to having to move around a lot.

By day seven they have two pairs of tube feet and begin to move around.

move through   (di chuyển qua)

Students move through various medical disciplines.

These coins probably did not principally move through trade.

95% of Ethiopia’s imports and exports move through Djiboutian ports.

then move   (sau đó di chuyển)

He would then move to Southport on a free transfer.

The male may then move on to mate with another female.

The 3rd Division would then move to capture Cormelles.

made the move   (đã di chuyển)

He made the move permanent the following summer.

He made the move permanent in the summer.

O'Neil also made the move to DC.

move toward   (di chuyển về phía)

GAP was part of a larger move toward professionalization of the field.

In Methodism, the "new birth is necessary for salvation because it marks the move toward holiness.

By that time, the hurricane had turned sharply to the east, and later began to move toward the south.

plans to move   (kế hoạch di chuyển)

Out of fear, the family plans to move to England.

Ahluwalia plans to move to India in the future.

The academy has plans to move back to the city center.

first move   (bước đi đầu tiên)

If White made a first move of 1...K-62, after 2.

Making his first move to European football.

The first move must be Red moving either of their pieces to the center.

decision to move   (quyết định di chuyển)

The Rockies' decision to move Kim to the bullpen was controversial.

As soon as William recovered, he made the decision to move back to Merrill.

His decision to move several of his own businesses to Wales created 500 jobs.

unable to move   (không thể di chuyển)

Feeling himself unable to move about, he refused.

Many passengers found themselves unable to move.

Scully had been so badly wounded that he was unable to move.

move between   (di chuyển giữa)

As a result, teams do not systematically move between levels each season.

Many species of whales migrate on a latitudinal basis to move between seasonal habitats.

Live migration (vMotion) in ESX allows a virtual machine to move between two different hosts.

did not move   (không di chuyển)

She did not move to Norway until 1935.

The Roadmap found only eight sponsors and did not move past committee.

Although London was his goal, Henry did not move directly towards the city.

next move   (lượt tiếp theo)

He retires to his room and plots his next move.

His next move, in 1910, was to the "People's Journal" in Dundee.

He played all of the club's league games prior to his next move.

move against   (di chuyển chống lại)

The second move against 5...f6 6.d4 is 6...exd4.

notes move against each longer note in the given part.

Proserpine’s enemies see this as an opportunity to move against her.

loan move   (di chuyển khoản vay)

Copenhagen wanted to make the loan move permanent.

This came despite talk of a loan move to Newport County.

A loan move to San Martín was completed on 24 June 2018.

wanted to move   (muốn di chuyển)

Cummings enjoyed the city and wanted to move there.

By the end of the year Pauline, who was pregnant, wanted to move back to America.

Moreover, the original film was a taxing experience for Dante, and he wanted to move on.

ability to move   (khả năng di chuyển)

As an earthbender, Bolin has the ability to move and shape earth at will.

It is motile, flagellated and thought to have the ability to move through mucus.

The article contains few words, and the ability to move shapes is introduced "slowly and deliberately".

decides to move   (quyết định di chuyển)

Fleur decides to move in with the TV producer.

Pa decides to move the family into town for the winter.

By 1943, Mordó decides to move to Madrid with her mother.

order to move   (để di chuyển)

In February 2015, the army launched a raid into Syria in order to move the tomb closer to the border.

Eileen apologizes to Anna for disbelieving her, and they make amends in order to move on from Phelan.

There was no agreement (or settlement) between South Africa and SWAPO, so an order to move was never issued.

move across   (di chuyển qua)

The cover provided by the uncropped land allows the species to move across the landscape.

Third, he planned a stealthy operation to withdraw from Lee's front and move across the James River.

Similarly, a shadow projected onto a distant object can be made to move across the object faster than "c".

such a move   (thật là một động thái)

"The situation in Europe", he declared "is highly appropriate for such a move.

Events elsewhere suggested that such a move might actually be becoming possible.

It was agreed that this was the wrong time to either make or announce such a move.

move freely   (di chuyển tự do)

This allows George to move freely and enter the dig.

This allows the stick to move freely and bounce after striking a percussion instrument.

The rising and falling of the waves offshore causes the buoy to move freely up and down.

move along   (di chuyển dọc)

These schools move along coastlines and traverse the open oceans.

The pectoral fins are prehensile, helping the fish move along the sea bed.

Under the influence of this electric field it will move along the cathode to the anode.

move beyond   (vượt qua)

One must move beyond gnosis to faith (meta-gnosis).

Thus, when communities, NGOs and the public move beyond the view of food security, i.e.

Leeds manager Simon Grayson said he wanted to extend Gradel's loan move beyond the initial month.

continued to move   (tiếp tục di chuyển)

Gebrhiwet continued to move forward to second position.

The project continued to move forward, despite the unresolved financing issues.

Since its inception in 1928, AAAE has continued to move forward and grow, not only in size but in expertise.

used to move   (dùng để di chuyển)

The legs can be used to move the opponent, and to create leverage.

In Aceh some elephants from a wildlife park were used to move debris.

This type of engine can be used to move heavy loads or produce motion.

started to move   (bắt đầu di chuyển)

After the Treaty of Trianon, more Slovaks started to move into the area.

After the end of the World War II, people started to move the new settlement.

Between 1970 and 1980 researchers and their families started to move to Tsukuba.

permanent move   (di chuyển vĩnh viễn)

He made a permanent move to Brechin in January 2008.

and later made a permanent move to Antalyaspor in July 2007.

This became a permanent move in June.

move again   (di chuyển lần nữa)

The 19th would move again a few days later.

The Polish-Soviet War continued, forcing the family to move again.

She had promised that once moved, they would not need to move again.

move was made   (di chuyển đã được thực hiện)

At the season's close, the move was made permanent.

The move was made permanent on 2 January 2014.

The move was made permanent later that month.

planned to move   (dự định di chuyển)

After 2014, NASA planned to move the White Room to a museum.

The festival was planned to move to Bicentennial Park in Miami, Florida.

Juan de Oñate had planned to move the capital south to the Santa Fe River valley.

move onto   (chuyển sang)

If this is the case, researchers should move onto Level 2.

Without bison, the people were forced to move onto reservations or starve.

Only scoring 6 points which did not qualify him to move onto The Final Round.

time to move   (thời gian để di chuyển)

But it was definitely time to move on."

My brothers decided that it was time to move on to something else.'"

Lane spent 3 seasons as defensive line coach at LSU, but decided it was time to move on.

ordered to move   (ra lệnh di chuyển)

The division was ordered to move at 13:00 hrs.

In 1813, Skinner was ordered to move his offices from Annapolis to Baltimore.

On 20 May they were ordered to move south-west to Rouen to come under 3 AA Bde.

allowed to move   (được phép di chuyển)

He has since been allowed to move more freely but he cannot travel outside Iran.

Once a Jew was assigned to a certain section, he or she was not allowed to move sections.

Young sought to block the recall petition, but it was allowed to move forward by the courts.

move down   (đi xuống)

The tank auto scrolls up as the worms and blocks move down.

They reach maturity by the autumn and move down to the lower part of rivers to breed.

Wasting no time, Cassidy made a bold move down the inside of Kazuya Oshima, locking up both wheels in the process.

every move   (mỗi bước di chuyển)

It appears that she has Marc spying on Connor's every move.

Police set up a 24-hour stakeout of her house, and watched her every move.

Woody heckles a birdwatcher intent on studying the woodpecker's every move.

move south   (di chuyển về phía nam)

Wright's corps was to move south against A.P.

Coaches had been parked south of the river, so many marchers tried to move south.

After a few years in the band, Monroe parted ways to move south for ministry work.

make the move   (thực hiện di chuyển)

to make the move possible.

Not all players, staff or front office would make the move to Baltimore, however.

Zulte Waregem for five months with an option to make the move permanently afterwards.

move more   (di chuyển nhiều hơn)

Women also could move more readily in public if they were modestly attired.

He has since been allowed to move more freely but he cannot travel outside Iran.

For their last album, the group decided to move more towards a soft rock approach.

move north   (di chuyển về phía bắc)

One mile later, the concurrency ends with SR 4 continuing to move north.

Although granted land at Exeter, John Leavitt never chose to move north.

By 07:00, word was finally got to 2nd Armoured Brigade which started to move north west.

move the ball   (di chuyển bóng)

They were unable to move the ball in three plays, and punted the ball to Connecticut.

The Bulls were unable to move the ball, punting the ball back to UConn after three plays.

With a fresh set of downs, Vanderbilt couldn't move the ball, and Adams took a sack for a loss of 9 yards.

move came   (di chuyển đến)

His move came at a bad time; the 1988 writers strike hit as soon as Cherry arrived.

The move came despite Tierney saying he would not move to Norwich "in a million years".

The move came several months after an agreement for NBC affiliate KVLY-TV to manage KXJB was announced.

move to another   (di chuyển đến nơi khác)

After this, Godzilla will move to another grid.

The original problem may then move to another choice arena.

When the dye shop burns down, Alexei and his grandparents move to another town.

made a move   (đã di chuyển)

After playing in Riga Laksa made a move to BK Ventspils.

In May 2014 De Ridder made a move to F.C.

In mid-July 1808 there was a lull in which neither side made a move.

move quickly   (di chuyển một cách nhanh chóng)

"Chasers" move quickly and try to make a catch.

"We have to move quickly and strongly.

The water monitor can grow to at least in length and and can move quickly.

ready to move   (sẵn sàng di chuyển)

It then retracts the span ready to move off again.

Subsequently, Dunn was ready to move on to another club in the summer of 2003.

The singer reveals that now she has got over him and is ready to move on with her life.

move closer   (tiến lại gần)

This allows food to move closer to the laryngeal vestibule before triggering a gag.

In 794, Lu proposed that some of the exiled officials be allowed to move closer to the capital.

The pair cooperated to the finish as the chasing bunch of 20 did not move closer than 40 seconds.

later move   (di chuyển sau)

PRTB was later move away from the "foquismo" line of ELN.

It would later move to the ITV London Studios on London's south bank.

They later move to Brazil.

refused to move   (từ chối di chuyển)

Huston refused to move to the bohemian area unless Graham built them a fortress to live in.

The Seminole, despite the signing of the Treaty of Payne's Landing in 1832, refused to move.

However, Asvat refused to move, unless alternative accommodations were provided for his practice.

move further   (di chuyển xa hơn)

Hiei attacked the Takada congregation, forcing Rennyo to move further.

As you move further east, the road becomes somewhat flatter as it often parallels Symmes Creek.

During the development of the southern part of the state, the Cromartie family continued to move further south.

move west   (di chuyển về phía tây)

She first dressed as a man to find work, and move west.

They also tried to move west to cut the rail line to Kunming.

This freed up 2BF to move west to the east bank of the Oder river.

finishing move   (di chuyển kết thúc)

Shaw would use his "kata gatame" finishing move to choke out Mr. Anderson.

They can be used as either a finishing move or as a way to cut the opponent's eyebrow to draw blood.

Silver Crow's default finishing move is a basic headbutt, typically ineffective in most circumstances.

move ahead   (tiến lên phía trước)

Similarly, to jump back by one 33-year cycle, move ahead by one weekday.

This win allowed the Cardinals to move ahead of the Braves by game for best record in the NL.

The film title was registered in 2010, however, Saini could not move ahead due to lack of funds.

free to move   (Tự do di chuyển)

These valence electrons are free to move, so are able to conduct electricity.

Metallurgists throughout medieval Europe were free to move within different regions.

Cargo is then free to move from one side of the ship to the other as the ship rolls.

move all   (di chuyển tất cả)

move all fifteen checkers off the board.

Bodies in motion do not move all at once, rather different parts of a body may move at different speeds.

Watrous said they considered Sandy Lake a "graveyard," but he still tried to move all the bands to Fond du Lac.

agreed to move   (đồng ý di chuyển)

The tactics worked, and the chiefs agreed to move.

1981–82: Anne agreed to move back in with Paul.

Howard filed a lawsuit, and eventually BART agreed to move the line underground.

make a move   (Hay tạo nên một chuyển động)

One day, he finally decides to make a move on Sol.

"He went to make a move, fell, and threw the ball down hard off the court.

It will be of little surprise should the player make a move during the January transfer window.

plan to move   (kế hoạch di chuyển)

It has yet to plan to move this new digital channel frequency.

The club plan to move to a new stadium, though this is yet to start construction.

In time, however, Jenny and Johnny forgive Aidan and plan to move to Spain for a new life in the sun.

chose to move   (chọn di chuyển)

He then chose to move back safety in 2017.

Although granted land at Exeter, John Leavitt never chose to move north.

Despite being offered a new contract he chose to move on to Inverness Caledonian Thistle.

controversial move   (động thái gây tranh cãi)

Meanwhile, in a controversial move, Lee allowed J.E.B.

In a controversial move, Sampson removed then captain, John Harkes from the squad.

In a controversial move Lehtinen blocked Hill when he tried to pass Lehtinen on the final straight.

move past   (di chuyển qua)

The Roadmap found only eight sponsors and did not move past committee.

Guardian is able to move past his guilt over his role in the Collective incident.

He would move past Craig Biggio 5 days later for 23rd place all-time with his 3,061st hit.

only move   (chỉ di chuyển)

The first 3 pairs to complete stage 2 only move on to the last stage.

Unable to excavate much cover, the New Zealanders could only move about freely at night.

The only move by which White can force Black to deliver checkmate on or before move two is 1.c8=N.

attempted to move   (đã cố gắng di chuyển)

After breaking up the Spiders from Mars, Bowie attempted to move on from his Ziggy persona.

She was shortly afterwards brought to the palace and vainly attempted to move Octavian to pity.

Forces from British Nigeria had attempted to move into German Kamerun from a number of points along the colony's northern border.

unusual move   (di chuyển bất thường)

In an unusual move, a video was created for the B-side rather than the album track.

In an unusual move, Shimkus then mounted a write-in bid for both the Democratic and Republican nominations.

In an unusual move, and although sales of the book were very strong, "Green Lantern: Mosaic" was cancelled early into its run.

attempt to move   (cố gắng di chuyển)

Likewise all computer-controlled creatures always attempt to move each turn.

If possible, observers should attempt to move away, but hearing protection is often still necessary.

Before taking an action with their army, a player may choose to attempt to move the terrain face up or down.

not to move   (không di chuyển)

He instructed her not to move from their house in Chilenje.

Marquez decided not to move up in weight and stayed at lightweight.

However, CBS ultimately decided not to move forward with the reboot.

move permanent   (di chuyển vĩnh viễn)

Copenhagen wanted to make the loan move permanent.

He made the move permanent the following summer.

He made the move permanent in the summer.

move the team   (di chuyển đội)

When talks stalled, a strong offer was made to move the team to the Tampa, Florida, area.

In 1995, owner Art Modell, who had purchased the Browns in 1961, announced plans to move the team to Baltimore.

The partnership between Scuderia Italia and Lola was therefore seen as a long-term strategy to move the team to the front of the F1 field.

made to move   (thực hiện để di chuyển)

When talks stalled, a strong offer was made to move the team to the Tampa, Florida, area.

Similarly, a shadow projected onto a distant object can be made to move across the object faster than "c".

In 1964, a decision was made to move the refugees to a new camp constructed on mostly Jewish land near Shuafat.

completed a move   (hoàn thành một động thái)

Sánchez completed a move to Mitre in June 2018.

He completed a move to Patronato in June 2018.

Garrido completed a move to Primera B Nacional club Sarmiento on 11 January 2019.

surprise move   (di chuyển bất ngờ)

Shortly after winning the championship, Baloy made a surprise move to Santos Laguna.

In a surprise move, the prime minister, Sheik Sabah al-Jaber al-Sabah, shelved the issue for two more weeks.

Yet in a surprise move Spain and Austria moved closer with the signing of the Treaty of Vienna in April/May 1725.

move faster   (di chuyển nhanh hơn)

Cold fronts move faster than warm fronts and can produce sharper changes in weather.

However, software can adjust the mouse sensitivity, making the cursor move faster or slower than its CPI.

Her argument for the propeller was that it allowed ships to move faster and smoother, while using less fuel.

family to move   (gia đình di chuyển)

The Polish-Soviet War continued, forcing the family to move again.

Financial hardship caused the family to move to the Desire Projects neighborhood.

Afterward, Wonka allows Charlie and his family to move into the factory together.

does not move   (không di chuyển)

It does not move forward as a Western piece of music would.

Unlike drift (or pack) ice, fast ice does not move with currents and winds.

The NHWF and its supporters will continue its vigilance to make certain this bill does not move forward.

needed to move   (cần thiết để di chuyển)

However at the time, permission was needed to move to Tokyo so he applied to the Health and Welfare Ministry.

The minimum total of pips needed to move a player's checkers around and off the board is called the "pip count".

Normally stationed at Soesterberg airbase, they needed to move temporarily in order to allow repairs to the runway.

move in together   (di chuyển cùng nhau)

Pepe and Pili also become a couple and move in together.

Meanwhile, Trina and Mendel move in together ("Making a Home").

Willy and Fuzzy move in together.

required to move   (cần thiết để di chuyển)

Every dancer was required to move as one unit.

WWTV in Cadillac, then on channel 13, was required to move to channel 9 as a result of the action.

Ability souls give the player new abilities and are required to move into certain areas of the castle.

tried to move   (cố gắng di chuyển)

They also tried to move west to cut the rail line to Kunming.

Coaches had been parked south of the river, so many marchers tried to move south.

601st Commando tried to move forward to rescue 602nd Commando Company on Estancia Mountain.

decide to move   (quyết định di chuyển)

He would eventually decide to move to New York City.

The school doesn't involve the police and his parents decide to move over the vacation.

The successes of the Soviet in Jiangxi made the party leaders decide to move to Jiangxi from Shanghai.

bold move   (di chuyển táo bạo)

Norris overall described the song as a bold move from the band.

Detective Yan makes a bold move.

The bold move very nearly paid off, but in the end he was again defeated by his old foe.

unprecedented move   (di chuyển chưa từng có)

In an unprecedented move, Chief Justice Mohammad Fazlul Karim declined to swear him in.

The revelation was an unprecedented move, as CFL teams had previously kept their negotiation lists secret.

In an unprecedented move, the drafters required a popular referendum on the draft prior to the king's approval.

family move   (di chuyển gia đình)

Peppino and his family move into a "brothel", i.e.

At an early age he and his family move to Punta Arenas.

Lot and his family move to Sodom, where king Bera rules.

want to move   (muốn di chuyển)

Percassi said that she didn't really want to move to Bergamo.

If we want to move forward we should be proud of multicultural Wales."

So when I was asked if I want to move to Minsk, I said with no doubts : "Yes!".

making the move   (di chuyển)

Cregg followed manager John Hughes in making the move.

He stayed for two years with the WSV before making the move to VfL Bochum in 2001.

Stony Brook, a former Northeast Conference rival, would also be making the move with them.

eventually move   (cuối cùng di chuyển)

They eventually move to the United States, living on Xavier's family estate.

The series would eventually move to Hulu on July 14, 2014, beginning with Episode 114.

Students eventually move on to Advanced Scene Study when their instructor feels they have earned it.

intended to move   (dự định di chuyển)

It was also said that Antony intended to move the capital of the empire to Alexandria.

The initiative intended to move some of the processing originally done on the CPU (e.g.

The Wascopam Mission was sold for $600 to Marcus Whitman in 1847, who intended to move there.

move the capital   (di chuyển thủ đô)

In 653 Naka no Ōe proposed to move the capital again to Yamato province.

Juan de Oñate had planned to move the capital south to the Santa Fe River valley.

It was also said that Antony intended to move the capital of the empire to Alexandria.

another move   (một động thái khác)

The player is allowed to make another move.

After another move ca.

Her eighth patrol was also brief and entailed another move; this time to Lorient.

move within   (di chuyển trong)

The player is able to move within a straight line on a 3D arena.

Pressure differences along the spine cause the fluid to move within the cyst.

They have no legs but move within the cell, helped by tubercles on their sides.

player to move   (người chơi để di chuyển)

The last player to move wins in "normal play".

Answering questions in the quiz allows the player to move through squares.

The game may also be played in misère play", in which the last player to move loses.