Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

then moved   (luego se mudó)

The scene was then moved to the post-credits slot.

He then moved to Churchill Brothers in March 2018.

He then moved on to non-league side Cammell Laird.

family moved   (familia se mudó)

When he was ten his family moved to Silver Spring.

Not long after, the Ringer family moved to the Mt.

In 1921, the family moved to Brno, Czechoslovakia.

moved back   (Movido hacia atrás)

The teams moved back to Yankee Stadium for Game 6.

After the season, he was moved back to third base.

The battery was saved and moved back to the rear.

later moved

she later moved to Paris as a musician and writer.

She later moved to Boston's Back Bay neighborhood.

He later moved to El Goléa, where his uncle lived.

moved up

Trail moved up the world rankings rapidly in 1997.

This time he moved up to number 3 before exiting.

Tony Kanaan quickly moved up to second position.

moved away

When the jobs disappeared, lots of them moved away.

The "Earlshall" moved away from the "Attila".

One after another, the villagers moved away to the city.

when he moved   (cuando se movió)

Wilson when he moved from Port Neches to Nederland.

Abraham, too, was circumcised when he moved into Canaan.

Bayani Agbayani became a breakout star when he moved to ABS-CBN in 1996.

school moved   (escuela movida)

In 1980 the middle school moved to the third floor.

In 1975, the school moved from Good Hope to Monroe.

The school moved location after Christmas 2008.

eventually moved

The cabaret was eventually moved to a prime time slot.

His job eventually moved him to New York City.

Appeals eventually moved the case to the Supreme Court.

subsequently moved   (posteriormente movido)

Wood and his family subsequently moved to France.

They subsequently moved to Cleveland, Ohio in 1945.

Vince subsequently moved to Federal Way, Washington.

moved again

On 7 July, Jasta 58 was moved again, to "1 Armee".

In 1965 they moved again to Palo Alto, California.

In 1968 it was moved again to the present location.

moved forward   (siguió adelante)

The release was later moved forward to May 23, 2014.

Milroy moved forward on Stahel's right and rear.

"C" company moved forward to reinforce the line.

company moved   (la empresa se mudó)

The reconnaissance company moved far to the left.

"C" company moved forward to reinforce the line.

In 1937, however, the company moved to LIFO accounting.

soon moved

Jak Ihmalyan soon moved to Beijing, China in 1959.

Obering began in sculpture, but soon moved into painting.

Prescott soon moved back to Florida, helping to sell houses.

moved towards

They moved towards Tabriz and Lake Urmia.

In the 1940s his art moved towards ever-increasing simplification.

In 1250 Caramagna moved towards an organization of municipal type.

moved south

A second column moved south along the St. Johns River.

2 Group RAF after the Americans moved south.

The northern boundary was moved south to Eglinton Avenue.

couple moved   (pareja se mudó)

The couple moved to Brookfield, Connecticut in 1929.

One year later, the couple moved to Mexico D.F.

In 1959, the couple moved to the United States.

moved north

The northern border was moved north to Lawrence Avenue.

James Van Horn moved north as the famous Erie Canal was being built.

He then resigned and was replaced by George Meade as Lee moved north.

moved across   (movido a través)

Her grandparents had moved across from Alsace after 1871.

In 1847, he moved across the Mohawk River to Port Jackson.

Mastriet moved across the Jukskei River to join the for 2015.

team moved   (equipo movido)

In 2019, the team moved their broadcasts to KYMT.

Due to the long absence, the team moved to group "C".

In 1950, the team moved into a new 10,000-seat stadium.

moved through

The CFM moved through the country at a fast pace in the 1950s.

Each program moved through 15 color slides and ran approximately 4 minutes.

For her second sortie, the boat moved through the Atlantic waters off northwest Spain.

moved onto   (movido a)

and a group of Native Americans moved onto the island.

The Royal Free School of Fermanagh was moved onto the island in 1643.

One of Pell's descendants, Joshua Pell, moved onto the island in 1743.

club moved

The Ottawa club moved to the new Dey's Skating Rink.

The club moved to its present ground in 1965.

After the war, the club moved to Pengam Farm.

moved around   (movido)

Amir moved around a lot after his parents got a divorce.

She moved around regularly until college.

He was often moved around as his father is a commercial pilot.

moved his family   (movió a su familia)

In 1964 Hamling moved his family to Palm Springs.

At this time he also moved his family to Central Falls.

moved to another   (movido a otro)

As of 2018, the depot may be moved to another location.

These activities were moved to another location in the late 1980s.

It was not held the following two years, and then moved to another location.

moved west

He worked for railroads, and gradually moved west.

It then moved west following Eglinton to Kennedy Road.

The depression moved west at on September 25.

when it moved   (cuando se movió)

That government sat here until 1863, when it moved to Alexandria.

Guest continued with the production when it moved to Broadway in 1972.

Olver remained with the team when it moved from the WCHL to the ECHL in 2003.

moved abroad   (se mudó al extranjero)

He moved abroad to play professionally for German 2.

In 1987, he moved abroad to France and played in the 3.

In 2006, he moved abroad by joining on loan Chicago Fire.

moved its headquarters   (trasladó su sede)

Hull, which moved its headquarters to Cửa Việt Base.

It moved its headquarters to Chattanooga, TN in 2008.

In 1975, SACS moved its headquarters into the Wulff home.

squadron moved   (escuadrón movido)

On 15 March 1918, the squadron moved to support "2 Armee".

During February 1941 the squadron moved to RAF Biggin Hill.

The squadron moved again on 14 January 1944 to RAF Leuchars.

parents moved

Louisa and her parents moved in with Anna as well.

His parents moved to Glasgow when he was an infant.

Her parents moved to Riga when she was three.

having moved

Later, having moved to New York, she began to photograph autopsies as well.

She was raised in Scarborough, Ontario, having moved there in the mid-1970s.

This was Dove's first time on film, having moved over from the Ziegfeld Follies.

moved down   (movido hacia abajo)

In around 1901 they moved down to Mount Gambier.

On the night of 17 January 1815 they moved down river from Whampoa.

Ships moved down a canal and were fitted by the various shops they passed.

moved the family   (movió a la familia)

Her mother subsequently moved the family to California.

When she was 9 her parents moved the family to Alexandria.

Around 1911 he moved the family from the Bronx to Hollis, Queens.

when they moved   (cuando se mudaron)

when they moved to Estadio Olímpico Hermanos Ghersi Páez.

Emory was in his early seventies when they moved to Moab.

The team stayed there until 1982, when they moved to New Jersey.

moved further

Since then the (PSD) moved further to Euroscepticism.

FILA has moved further than others in this direction.

Some provincial capitals were also moved further inland.

quickly moved

Tony Kanaan quickly moved up to second position.

After this dispute, they quickly moved to Bones Brigade.

From there, he quickly moved to provisional competitions.

mother moved

Mowbray's mother moved to America with her son.

In 1924, her father died and her mother moved to Ponce.

As a teenager, he and his mother moved to Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

station moved   (estación movida)

The station moved there in 1996 from Egton House.

The station moved to 98.5 in 1964 and increased its power.

In December 1937 the station moved from 1160 kHz to 780 kHz.

moved to new

The Shizuoka City Hall moved to new premises in 1986.

In 2012, she moved to new club Vegalta Sendai.

The family has moved to new penthouses.

moved to other   (movido a otro)

Objects of art were moved to other parts of the country.

He later moved to other monasteries and was ordained a priest.

Nedden moved to other nearby islands.

before he moved

King and Howlin' Wolf before he moved to Chicago in 1960.

before he moved to San Francisco in 1999.

It was not long before he moved up to play for the first team.

wife moved

Gaylord and his wife moved to Barre, Vermont, in 1951.

In 1980, Dick and his wife moved to Jemez Springs, New Mexico.

In 1884, Scheistrøen and his wife moved from Surnadal to Namsos.

father moved

His father moved to Montreal, Quebec, in 1981.

His father moved to Portsmouth to work at the Naval Base.

In 1922 her father moved to Argo, Illinois, near Chicago, shortly after her birth.

moved off

Buildings were sold for the lumber or moved off site.

A tropical wave moved off the coast of Africa on August 29.

On August 18, a tropical wave moved off the coast of Africa.

show moved   (espectáculo movido)

In 2000, the "Solid Steel" show moved to BBC London.

Initially airing on ABC, the show moved to CBS in 1965.

In 2003, the show moved time slots to Thursday night from 10pm–12am.

moved toward   (movido hacia)

The low moved toward Hawaii and drew deep tropical moisture from the south.

For much of its duration, the storm moved toward the northwest, gradually intensifying.

That fall, forces under Union Maj. Gen. Ambrose Burnside moved toward the Cumberland Gap.

group moved

Later another group moved to Cyprus.

The top two teams from each group moved forward to the "Super 8" round.

Sometimes these territories were very large and the family group moved from one part to the other.

when she moved   (cuando ella se movió)

She left Albania in 1994 when she moved to Swizerland.

Daniels remained at WCFL until 1964 when she moved to WSDM.

She lived with her mother until age 14 when she moved to Shukjung Monastery.

recently moved

He most recently moved to Flamingo Las Vegas.

She recently moved to Netherlands to advance her swimming career.

He then meets a girl named Sistine Bailey who has recently moved nearby.

first moved

He first moved to Iowa, studying at the University of Iowa.

In an existing stadium, the team first moved into the new home.

In 1989, the Army and Air Force headquarters first moved to Gyeryongdae.

system moved

Over the next two days, the system moved across Luzon and began to regenerate.

The system moved rapidly northeastward and became extratropical early on August 14.

The system moved west-southwestward, atypical for cyclones in that region during September.

again moved

The squadron was again moved to K. I. Sawyer Air Force Base, Michigan in 1971.

In 1992, he again moved, this time to Hercules, again winning the NEPSL title.

In this translation the topological point of view again moved to the forefront.

moved closer

In 1905 it was moved closer to the city centre.

As he moved closer, a darkened ship was spotted standing out of the action.

To save the party, its leader Brazauskas moved closer to the pro-independence movements.

before being moved

He started one game against the Chicago Cubs before being moved to the bullpen.

He began as a tight end as a freshman in 2005, before being moved to offensive tackle.

Freeze that she is still alive, in cryogenic slumber before being moved to Arkham Asylum, waiting for Mr.

moved on loan   (movido en préstamo)

In January 2014 he moved on loan to Şanlıurfaspor.

In April 2019 he moved on loan to Bashundhara Kings.

On 2 September 2019, he moved on loan to Ross County.

family moved back   (familia regresó)

The family moved back to Rotimlja in 1946.

The family moved back to Denmark in 1851.

After elementary school, Alexa's family moved back to Croatia.

family later moved   (la familia luego se mudó)

His family later moved to Independence, Missouri.

His family later moved to Battle Creek, Michigan.

The family later moved to Springvale, Virginia.

moved between

O'Connor moved between the camps and around to the Italian rear.

The Studiolo was moved between 1519 and 1522 to the castello di San Giorgio.

In Palestine she moved between the Kibbutzes Ma'agan Michael, Ashdot Ya'akov, and Na'an.

people moved

In 1871 alone, more than 130,000 people moved to Berlin.

As the bombings continued more and more people moved out.

The displaced people moved primarily to the Ottoman Empire.

moved along

Again we sang patriotic songs as they moved along.

This contest moved along even faster than Game 3.

Some of the buildings were moved along with the people.

year he moved

The next year he moved on to Lobi Stars.

In that year he moved to Melbourne.

He was married in 1904 and that year he moved to Amherst, Nova Scotia.

moved westward   (movido hacia el oeste)

The 8 story building was moved westward to build an avenue.

The fort was abandoned in 1818 as the frontier moved westward.

A tropical wave moved westward off the coast of Africa on July 27.

headquarters moved

In the autumn of 1943, the headquarters moved to "Dorf Zinna".

In 1999 the headquarters moved to Coventry, where it remains as of 2012.

In time its headquarters moved to São Paulo, Brazil's largest financial center.

storm moved   (tormenta movida)

Originally, the storm moved slowly towards the west.

The storm moved northwestward for its entire duration.

The storm moved northeastward and later curved to the east-northeast.

moved east

Davidson moved east into Srem and the Fruška Gora.

Once spring arrived, the regiment moved east into Paducah, Kentucky.

In early October 1938, Japanese troops moved east and north in the outskirts of Wuhan.

moved quickly

Æthelstan moved quickly, seizing much of Northumbria.

Things moved quickly, and they were married within five months.

debacle, Kurosawa moved quickly to a new project to prove he was still viable.

then moved back   (luego retrocedió)

Her family then moved back to San Francisco.

He then moved back to Lebanon and played for Al Riyadi in 2008–09.

She then moved back in with her mother, and Kenneally's grandmother.

moved to nearby

Local residents moved to nearby Calcata Nuova.

Later they moved to nearby Regent Place.

Clark's family moved to nearby Chicago when she was a child.

regiment moved

In 2017 the regiment moved to the King's Division.

On 7 November 1940 the regiment moved to Fort Terry.

The regiment moved to Imphal Barracks in York in 1878.

finally moved   (finalmente movido)

The "Binghamton" finally moved to Edgewater in 1971.

Flint orders them to leave immediately, but is finally moved by their plight.

He finally moved completely to it by the recording of 2000's "Philosopher's Propeller".

moved permanently   (Movido permanentemente)

Then, they moved permanently into the castle of Munkács.

In 1937 Galamian moved permanently to the United States.

In 1938, he moved permanently to Jerusalem.

gradually moved

He worked for railroads, and gradually moved west.

The original Gottschee German inhabitants had gradually moved away.

Affluent blacks gradually moved into West Adams and Jefferson Park.

moved here   (Muévete aquí)

It has been moved here from a local parish church.

The paintings moved here are of uncertain attribution.

The settlers from the Poltava region were moved here in 1794.

production moved

She was set to reprise her role when the production moved to London's West .

On October 25 production moved to Naples where it remained up to November 4.

In December the production moved to Vinohrady's A-B Ateliers for interior scenes.

moved against   (movido contra)

All three refused and Sarkis moved against them.

The Directorate formed an army and moved against Kiev.

World events thereafter moved against the Conservatives.

band moved

The band moved in together in a house in east Nashville.

The band moved to Auckland before the release of the song.

In 1996 the band moved to New York City.

moved several

WCBM moved several times on the dial.

He had moved several times to many different mansions with a large family.

Ma Bufang complied and moved several thousand troops to the border with Tibet.

families moved

An additional 96 families moved in on August 5.

Following the Civil War other families moved into the area.

In the 1860s a number of families moved from Schoenwiese of the Khortytsia Colony to Orikhiv.

then moved up

She was then moved up in class and distance for the Listed over eleven furlongs at Chester.

She was then moved up to Group Three class for the May Hill Stakes at Doncaster a month later.

She was then moved up in class for the Group One Moyglare Stud Stakes at the Curragh two weeks later.

moved inland   (movido tierra adentro)

The population was moved inland as a second protective measure.

In October it moved inland to Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire.

In October, it moved inland to Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire.

moved the capital   (movió la capital)

Upon ascension, he moved the capital back to Ayutthaya.

In 1411, Sultan Ahmed Shah moved the capital to Ahmedabad.

He succeeded his father, Sarduri I, who moved the capital to Tushpa (Van).

family had moved   (la familia se había mudado)

Abe and her family had moved to Japan when she was five.

Her family had moved from Lancaster County in 1945 and settled northeast of Bethel.

It is possible that in 1660 Mignon had moved to Wetzlar where the rest of his family had moved.

later he moved

A few days later he moved to Dutch side Willem II.

Three years later he moved on to Bradford City.

A year later he moved to Politehnica Iași.

now moved

Aaltonen was now moved to the general staff.

The post office has now moved to Westfield Plenty Valley.

The main portal of the Romanesque church is now moved to the sacristy.

school was moved   (la escuela fue trasladada)

In 1894 the school was moved to the Hargis corner.

In 1975 the school was moved to its present site.

The school was moved to its new location and building in 1984.

moved to fellow   (movido a compañero)

In the end of 2010, he moved to fellow Série A team Ceará .

On 26 June 2019, Kawase moved to fellow Hong Kong club Southern.

On 19 August 2016, he moved to fellow league team CE Sabadell FC.

moved the ball

In five plays, Notre Dame moved the ball to the Michigan 41-yard line.

After two passes moved the ball another 30 yards, only 6 seconds remained.

The RedHawks moved the ball well in the first half but failed to score a touchdown.

moved to live

""Parry moved to live and work in Scotland in 1965.

They moved to live in Nitra, Slovakia, at Priehradná 6 street.

In 2003, Bánáthy and Eva moved to live with their son Tibor in Chico, California.

division moved

The division moved into the line on 15 September.

In February, the division moved to the Somme sector.

Accordingly, in October, the division moved to join the Eighth Army in Italy.

moved ashore

Before Japhet moved ashore, Vilankulo reported sustained winds of , with gusts to .

In 1909, a hurricane killed about 4,000 people when it moved ashore northeast Mexico.

Later, the hurricane moved ashore in a sparsely populated region of southwestern Florida.

temporarily moved   (movido temporalmente)

The concert was temporarily moved to Castle Donnington in 2017 due to council funding issues.

The newspaper was temporarily moved to a location in nearby Lennoxville without its own press.

Later in the year, they temporarily moved from London to Los Angeles in hope to break America.

capital was moved   (el capital fue movido)

On 20 September, the capital was moved to Lucerne.

Then the capital was moved from Astara to Lankaran.

In 1725 the capital was moved to its current location.

government moved   (gobierno movido)

The government moved into the upper floors in 1979.

In October 1987, the government moved to devalue the inti at 24%.

The government moved for dismissal, and the district court granted that motion in 2009.

until he moved

He lived and worked in London until he moved to America in 1982.

He was born in Vlasotince, where he lived until he moved to Belgrade.

He then worked with Strnad and Hoffmann until he moved to Paris in 1922.

moved ahead   (avanzó)

Poole finally moved ahead of Randall's time at Crawford, across the border into Scotland.

In recent years, Retail Concentration moved ahead with fusions and acquisitions along the entire food supply chain.

The day's breakaway was made up of eight riders, who all moved ahead of the main field inside the opening of the stage.

moved all

However, the Archdiocese has moved all activities to the new Co-Cathedral Church.

She moved all around the country before finally returning to her native Gombe State.

In the second quarter of 2008 Toyota moved all Tundra production to the Texas plant.

residents moved

Local residents moved to nearby Calcata Nuova.

The first residents moved in on July 1, 1950.

The first residents moved in November, 2014.

moved slowly   (movido lentamente)

The object moved slowly for about three minutes.

Originally, the storm moved slowly towards the west.

The two sloops moved slowly, giving Brand's force time to reach Bath.