İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

before moving   (Hareket etmeden önce)

He spent ten years in Italy before moving to London.

before moving to study with Joseph Mariano at Eastman.

He lived here before moving to study in Saint Petersburg.

moving up   (harekete geçmek)

Moving down is the same as moving up a negative distance.

They effectively ended up moving up to No.

which allowed Union forces to begin moving up the Mississippi.

moving back   (geri hareket etmek)

Late in November 1951 the wing began moving back to the United States.

She took photos over a seven year period before moving back to New York.

Priya announces that she is staying and moving back in with Jai and Nikhil.

moving away   (taşınmak)

It is moving away from the Milky Way 1341 km/s.

Marcus intensified markedly upon moving away from the coast.

The inverse is true if the thrower is moving away from the man.

moving forward   (ilerlemek)

Both venues will be used for home games moving forward.

We think you can only do it by moving forward to a new world.

In April 2019, Cogman confirmed his prequel would not be moving forward.

began moving

In 1996, the company began moving its business online.

They began moving elsewhere in small bands around 1730.

It began moving into Iraq in early November.

moving towards   (doğru ilerlemek)

I'm moving towards the end of "Fantastic Four".

He starts moving towards the basement.

The European Union has been moving towards a common divorce law.

moving through

The sample was a solution of absorbing particles moving through a tube.

After moving through a number of jobs he became a private investigator.

This system is moving through the galaxy at a velocity of relative to the Sun.

later moving

Cox was born in Illinois, later moving to Missouri.

The couple settled in Shediac, later moving to Rimouski.

He came from Illinois, later moving to Missouri in 1879.

moving parts

Aircraft with no moving parts produce a tone.

Everything from sparklers to complicated sets with moving parts are sold.

Arranging a wedding is a relatively complex affair with many moving parts.

years before moving

de Liège where he stayed for ten years before moving to R.F.C.

He stayed with KCBS for three years before moving to Los Angeles, California.

The family lived in California for several years before moving to Avon, Connecticut in 2003.

then moving

Nadel's officers suggested taking the crest and then moving down to the Israeli Hermon.

His strength was in finding new resources, developing them and then moving on to the next discovery.

It also marked the final acting role for Elmer Clifton, who was by then moving on to directing full-time.

moving around   (etrafında dolanmak)

His nature of the way and the way of moving around.

A black cat is often seen moving around at night.

His family was frequently moving around.

before moving back   (geri taşınmadan önce)

She took photos over a seven year period before moving back to New York.

After marrying Emma, Gibson relocated to Taiwan before moving back to Glasgow in 2010.

He left the club in 2000, to join Swiss side Servette FC on loan, before moving back to Lens.

until moving

She lived in London until moving to Thames Ditton in 1969.

It remained there until moving to its own headquarters in 1923.

She lived there until moving to Texas just before she turned 14.

moving toward   (doğru ilerlemek)

A second black dot was moving toward the first one.

After 1950, people started moving toward outside the redline.

In 2011, SUSD was "moving toward making Algebra I available to all eighth-graders".

moving between

Tudor left Bucharest altogether, moving between Crasna and Govora monasteries.

He spent most of his career moving between the NHL and American Hockey League (AHL).

It is amphidromous, moving between coastal marine waters and freshwater lakes and rivers.

moving onto

It felt like we were moving onto something else.".

Kurosawa wasted no time moving onto his next project: "Madadayo", or "Not Yet".

Prior to moving onto the next stage, the program also checks to see if the firewall is active.

fast moving   (hızlı hareket)

There are fast moving rivers and jungle vegetation.

In fast moving markets, margin calls may be at short notice.

Dolphins use their conical shaped teeth to capture fast moving prey.

when moving   (hareket ederken)

This is not an option when moving permanently.

This is because people fall forward as part of their gait when moving.

An individual may also note a "slipping sensation" when moving into an upright position.

moving south

This solitary species wanders alone moving south from Wyoming or east from Utah.

He was born in Yorkshire, and played for the county's Colts side before moving south.

Stephen responded by promptly moving south, besieging Arundel and trapping Matilda inside the castle.

moving across   (karşıya geçmek)

It argues that: "It’s not in the papers but a silent revolution is moving across the world.

The storm greatly weakened prior to moving across Newfoundland, and as a result, its impact was minimal.

While moving across Haiti, the circulation of Isaac became disrupted while the convection became disorganized.

slow moving   (yavaş hareket eden)

Larvae of "T. agrionata" are slow moving.

Sibley wanted to use his Model-T roadster rather than a slow moving horse and wagon.

By reducing the number of elements, Hopper creates a slow moving or even still scene.

eventually moving

He joined the Marine Corps at age 18 before eventually moving into finance.

Mark Cross opened its doors in Boston in 1845, eventually moving its headquarters to New York.

However, after just four months, Alston grew unsettled and decided to return to Australia, eventually moving to Illawarra.

moving along   (boyunca hareket)

They burrow in the manner of earthworms with zones of muscle contractions moving along the body.

As soon as the Confederate infantry crossed, the Union position could be flanked by a column moving along the river.

With their trains moving along well, Broadwater wanted to raced ahead, traveling only at night to avoid possible Indian parties.

before moving up

The mare raced in mid division before moving up to track the leaders in the straight.

The filly settled behind the leaders before moving up to take the lead in the straight.

Carson retrained the filly before moving up to take the lead entering the final furlong.

started moving

After 1950, people started moving toward outside the redline.

Towards the end of its time LSU also started moving into medical training.

The authorities started moving out the residents living near the riverside.

moving image

The moving image collection of Dennis Hopper is held at the Academy Film Archive.

The moving image collection of Franklin J. Schaffner is held at the Academy Film Archive.

The Mill produces visual effects, moving image, design and digital projects for the advertising, games and music industries.

moving north

The U-boat evades the RCN and RCAF patrols by moving north.

Operation Exporter began on 8 June, with Allied forces moving north into Lebanon and Syria.

Variations in temperature increase when moving north through savanna and plateau toward the Sahel.

moving closer   (yaklaşmak)

It is moving closer to the Sun with a radial velocity of −9 km/s.

It is moving closer to the Sun with a radial velocity of −34 km/s.

It is moving closer to the Sun with a radial velocity of −13 km/s.

moving down   (aşağı hareket etmek)

Nadel's officers suggested taking the crest and then moving down to the Israeli Hermon.

Cincinnati's offense took over at the spot of the interception and immediately began moving down the field.

According to an ABC News consultant, an attack by this bomb would basically stop an armored convoy moving down a road.

not moving

It is worse in the morning (after sleeping and not moving).

He sees Keetongu, who is not moving.

He drew the conclusion that at any moment, there is a point on the surface that is not moving.

moving images

She very soon began experimenting with moving images using super 8 film.

If the persistence is too long on a video display, moving images will be blurred.

Both sets were capable of reproducing reasonably accurate, monochromatic moving images.

moving further

It is moving further from the Sun with a radial velocity of +6.88.

It is moving further from the Sun with a radial velocity of +4.5 km/s.

It is moving further away from the Sun with a radial velocity of +3 km/s.

moving objects   (hareketli nesneler)

The patch also added moving objects on the ground.

It is not easy to close two moving objects smoothly and safely.

He can also block attacks by conjuring or moving objects in their path.

moving west

Two other boats, "U-94" and "U-76", were moving west to join the line.

Wagon trains moving west, were able to resupply after completing about a sixth (16%) of the journey.

Also on 3rd "U-76", still moving west, encountered "Daphne", a Finnish freighter sailing independently, and sank her.

prior to moving   (taşınmadan önce)

Gilead Baptist Church in Fort Worth prior to moving to Chicago.

He lived for a while in the Jordan household prior to moving to Chicago.

Musician Matt Chicoine (aka Recloose) lived in Titahi Bay prior to moving to Auckland.

people moving

The scenic beauty of the area has led to an influx of people moving into the area.

With more and more people moving to the city, the Rockaways became a destination for day trippers.

The residents did not like the disrespect they were getting from the new group of people moving in.

before moving onto

Maxwell began his career as a youth player at Chelsea before moving onto Crystal Palace and Reading in 1999.

He attended Barotseland National School for his primary education, before moving onto Munali Secondary School in Lusaka.

It had a limited theatrical release on November 1, 2019, before moving onto streaming platform, Netflix, on November 15, 2019.

moving train

He jumped onto a moving train and became paralysed from the waist down.

She then got on the moving train and she convinced Bharathi to talk with her husband.

Teja suddenly left the compartment to look for a toilet, and accidentally fell out of the moving train.

moving average   (hareketli ortalama)

The rankings were based on a three-year moving average between 2009 and 2011.

The moving-average model should not be confused with the moving average, a distinct concept despite some similarities.

Methodologies commonly used to calculate a HPI are the hedonic regression (HR), simple moving average (SMA) and repeat-sales regression (RSR).

no moving

Aircraft with no moving parts produce a tone.

There is no moving on, no fix, no solution.

Flash-based MP3 players with no moving parts do not require electronic skip protection.

most moving   (en hareketli)

Joseph Kerman (1966, p. 330) calls it "this most moving of all fugues".

The experience was described by Aung San Suu Kyi as "one of the most moving days of my life."

"The Penguin Guide to Jazz" cites it as "one of the most moving memoirs ever written by a musician, and a classic of jazz writing."

without moving

We lay there without moving a finger pretending to be dead.

One man, Mikhaylo, lies with a bag of ice on his head, without moving.

Until then, the dancers must match pressures without moving their hands.

moving the ball

A pass is a method of moving the ball between players.

The game was anti-climactic with both teams having difficulty moving the ball in the conditions.

The object of the game is to score by moving the ball beyond the goal line into the opposing goal.

moving pictures

This compares to the addition of sound to moving pictures.

The first "moving pictures" were screened in Tallinn in 1896.

When their father retired in 1892 the brothers began to create moving pictures.

considered moving

Some have considered moving to Canada.

He had considered moving the Indians to Seattle in the early 1960s.

He considered moving the Texans to either Atlanta or Miami for the 1963 season.

moving inland

The storm rapidly dissipated after moving inland.

Shortly after moving inland, the system dissipated.

Shortly after moving inland, the storm rapidly weakened to a depression.

no moving parts

Aircraft with no moving parts produce a tone.

Flash-based MP3 players with no moving parts do not require electronic skip protection.

On the plus side, these dryers are very simple, have no moving parts and do not require electrical power.

season before moving

He started the first 5 games of the season before moving to the England.

He played 23 times that season before moving to non-league Sittingbourne.

Lehtonen stayed with Jokerit for one more season before moving to North America.

moving water

On a river bend, the longest least sharp side has slower moving water.

This is perhaps the only monument in Ukraine on the surface of moving water.

Common usage usually refers to fresh, moving water and thus not to oceans or lakes.

moving target   (hareketli hedef)

A radar beam is fired at a moving target — e.g.

This technique is most often practiced with a moving target, such as clay birds.

For ground-based training, facilities included moving target ranges and gunnery simulators.

moving again

The horses began moving again.

He developed himself into a first team regular before moving again in December 2005.

He then got men moving again so they would not be killed in their foxholes and ditches.

moving slowly

The privatization process is moving slowly (2008).

His destroyers were now some ahead, still moving slowly through bad weather.

The water at this depth is relatively stable and moving slowly towards the south and southeast.

slowly moving   (yavaş hareket)

Tectonic plates are always slowly moving, but they can get stuck at their edges due to friction.

Those fields can then affect the force on, and can then move other slowly moving charged particles.

The friction-velocity law (1) is observed for a slowly moving spherical particle in a Newtonian fluid.

moving abroad

Ryan played his youth days for Belvedere before moving abroad.

3,100 of them moving abroad.

Permission stamps were given if there were no specific legal restrictions for their moving abroad.

seasons before moving

He competed with the squad for two seasons before moving to in 2014.

He played with the Brantford Alexanders of the OHL for three seasons before moving on to professional hockey.

In total, he played 45 league matches for Wednesday in five seasons before moving to Manchester United in the summer of 1935.

moving object

40 kHz) emitter on the moving object.

The garage door is generally the largest moving object in a home.

This can be used to either follow a moving object, or change focus entirely.