attempted murder   (殺人未遂)

Sydney is arrested and charged with attempted murder.

Both perpetrators were convicted of attempted murder.

He was only convicted for attempted murder.

murder case   (殺人事件)

In May 2013, her husband was convicted in a murder case.

The film is based on sensational Sundari Amma murder case.

Four months later, Quddus was dropped from the murder case.

mass murder   (大量殺人)

This was the worst mass murder in the history of Hawaii.

The second mass murder of 8,000 Jews took place in 1942.

Researchers often give widely different estimates of mass murder.

murder mystery   (殺人ミステリー)

It has also been referred to as murder mystery.

The film revolves around a story of love, jealousy and murder mystery.

"Virtual Murder" is a series of CD-ROM murder mystery adventure games.

murder trial   (殺人裁判)

A woman attends the murder trial of her daughter.

He last presided over a murder trial in which there were irregularities.

Savio was a prosecution witness in Gerhartsreiter's murder trial in Los Angeles.

convicted of murder   (殺人の有罪判決を受けた)

He was posthumously convicted of murder after 1906.

Denise Williams was convicted of murder in December 2018.

Afraid of being convicted of murder, she flees the scene.

charged with murder   (殺人罪で起訴)

Having been charged with murder, Anjirō had fled Japan.

Selman was arrested, charged with murder and stood trial.

She was charged with murder, kidnapping and crimes against .

degree murder

Echols' sentence was reduced to three counts of first degree murder.

Frank was arrested and charged with three counts of first degree murder.

Beishline was charged with first degree murder, elder abuse and robbery.

rape and murder   (強姦と殺人)

The rape and murder drew widespread condemnation.

Attacks include kidnappings, bombings, torture, rape and murder.

The group was accused of numerous acts of rape and murder in the area.

murder charges

Angel Cruz and Lucius Jenkins face murder charges.

Lyda was returned to Idaho to face murder charges on Meyer.

Anthony was acquitted of the murder charges on July 5, 2011.

murder victim   (殺人被害者)

On Easter Tuesday 1856 Eduard Gotthard Engel is a murder victim of a robbery.

Murder of Andrew Allen Andrew Allen (c. 1988 – 9 February 2012) was an Irish murder victim.

Murder of Matthew Burns Matthew Burns (c. 1976 – 21 February 2002) was an Irish murder victim.

guilty of murder

The court found all six mutineers guilty of murder.

Barker was found not guilty of murder by a jury.

All three defendants were found guilty of murder and sentenced to be hanged.

murder weapon   (殺人兵器)

The murder weapon was one of Euto's own kitchen knives.

maybe aliens from Mars put the murder weapon in the defendant's car.)

The purported murder weapon was a crowbar that had been used by the three during renovations.

first degree murder

Echols' sentence was reduced to three counts of first degree murder.

Frank was arrested and charged with three counts of first degree murder.

Beishline was charged with first degree murder, elder abuse and robbery.

murder and sentenced

Seven men were convicted of murder and sentenced to death.

Fury is arrested for Dupre's murder and sentenced to hang.

Portalegre is convicted of the murder and sentenced to death.

murder charge

Brando returns home in bail after a murder charge.

In November 2009, Villalona was released on bond but still faced a murder charge.

The book follows a history professor who has to prove his innocence against a murder charge.

commit murder   (殺人を犯す)

However, Mack realizes that Frazer intends to kill Gilmore, and stops him before he can commit murder.

He claims he stumbled upon the lost kingdom of Atlantis, ruled by the beautiful Queen Antinea, who drove him to commit murder.

Although nobody was hurt, Donaldson was convicted of assault with intent to commit murder and sentenced to ten years in federal prison.

murder investigation   (殺人捜査)

In October 2012, new details emerged in her murder investigation.

Following this, police began a murder investigation into the killings.

A murder investigation ensues, the militia arresting masses of workers.

murder cases

He pioneered the use of DNA evidence in murder cases.

The Lucerne High Court convicted Andermatt but only in seven murder cases.

Archerd was sentenced to death on March 6, 1968, for three of the murder cases.

counts of murder   (殺人の数)

of 85, was charged with multiple counts of murder.

Obwara was arrested and charged with ten counts of murder.

He was charged with 25 counts of murder.

accused of murder

He is accused of murder, kidnapping, etc.

Dr. Leon Azoulay was accused of murder after one of his patients died.

Peter is accused of murder.

murder rate   (殺人率)

Ghana had a murder rate of 1.68 per 100,000 population in 2011.

In 2012, Armenia had a murder rate of 1.8 per 100,000 population.

Germany has a low murder rate with 0.9 murders per 100,000 in 2014.

murder scene   (殺人シーン)

Sir Eustace's corpse is still lying at the murder scene.

An eyewitness reported that police marked the site as a murder scene.

De Palma called the elevator killing the best murder scene he has ever done.

capital murder   (殺人)

Hamm was arrested and charged with capital murder.

Three men were apprehended, convicted and sentenced to death for capital murder.

However, the capital murder conviction and death sentence were confirmed on September 18, 2009.

first murder

In November 2000, Khamarov committed his first murder.

A year later, he committed the first murder.

The crime scene was a copy of the Strangler's first murder.

following the murder

In the chaos following the murder, Claudius witnessed the German guard cut down several uninvolved noblemen, including many of his friends.

It was screened for Attorney General Janet Reno and federal law enforcement officials, following the murder of abortion provider Dr. Bayard Britton.

In 1408 the theologian Jean Petit used biblical examples to justify tyrannicide following the murder of Louis I, Duke of Orleans by Petit's patron John the Fearless, Duke of Burgundy.

double murder

He was sentenced to life imprisonment for the double murder and other offences.

Garmony learns it was actually a double murder and informs George, who is pleased.

The only exception was a double murder: by promising to give them chewing gum, he lured a girl and a boy.

murder victims

In 1994, a memorial was erected for the three murder victims.

They include the victims of accidents, suicides, murder victims, or people struck by lightning.

Women between ages 18 and 29 comprise 36.3% of Native American women and Alaska Native women murder victims.

murder conviction   (殺人罪)

However, the capital murder conviction and death sentence were confirmed on September 18, 2009.

She accepts the possible eventuality of a murder conviction and death sentence as an opportunity to be with her baby.

She turned state's evidence to avoid jail, laying the blame on Cream, which left him to face a murder conviction on his own.

kidnapping and murder   (誘拐と殺人)

He has been charged with kidnapping and murder of the girl.

His kidnapping and murder were reported throughout the United States.

Milam faced trial for Till's kidnapping and murder but were acquitted by the all-white jury after a five-day trial and a 67-minute deliberation.

brutal murder   (残忍な殺人)

Now, he must conduct the investigation of the brutal murder of a man in the exclusion zone.

It is said that the key to gain entrance to the Black Lodge is fear—usually an act of brutal murder.

He then published "Evil Intentions", the story of the brutal murder of Suzanne Rossetti in Phoenix, Arizona.

conspiracy to murder

Afterwards, police arrive to arrest Peter for conspiracy to murder Nick.

He was later convicted for several counts of murder and conspiracy to murder.

In 1994, King was given a 16-year prison sentence for conspiracy to murder and sent to the Maze Prison.

including murder   (殺人を含む)

Raymond Jensen was a criminal who would do anything to get what he wanted, including murder.

Much crime, including murder, extortion and kidnapping was committed throughout the gang's career.

Carlos is best known as a criminal lawyer representing various defendants accused of serious crimes including murder.

investigate the murder

Marsden returned to investigate the murder of Archie Mitchell (Larry Lamb).

Detectives Holloway and Orlanser investigate the murder of the other detective.

Chinnasamy (Sathyaraj) is the CBI officer who is appointed to investigate the murder of the minister.

committed the murder

A day later the same Germans who committed the murder came back and burned down 20 homes along with the livestock.

In April 2014, while incarcerated for other crimes, Thompson admitted to having committed the murder of Maria Marshall.

His wife's aunt, Mildred, assumes he committed the murder, with the phrase "He's probably one of those dreadful American gangsters".

before the murder

"You too must take part in it," Felix wrote to her before the murder.

(The letter arrived on March 3, 1993 — a week before the murder of David Gunn.)

She later tells Holmes that Smith went out for a walk not long before the murder.

murder committed

Miss Marple herself sees an apparent murder committed on a train running alongside hers.

Sonnichsen there were many methods by which frontier feuds were resolved and murder committed;

Opponents now had to use the Crown to settle disputes and it applied to murder committed in 'cold-blood' i.e.

second degree murder

After a hung jury at her first trial in 1991, Warmus was convicted of second degree murder and illegal possession of a firearm at her second trial in 1992.

After two weeks in court, and after testifying himself in an effort to explain his actions and some of the evidence in the case (such as the handwritten "to do list" found in his abode after the murder), on December 13, 2008, the jury found Marinello guilty of second degree murder after 90 minutes of deliberation.

Since 2006, after the conviction of retired school teacher Harold Fish in Arizona for second degree murder during a self-defense shooting, some CCW holders in the United States have elected to switch from carrying hollow-point bullets, and especially 10mm Auto caliber weapons with perceived higher one-shot stopping power, to carrying smaller caliber weapons.

torture and murder   (拷問と殺人)

She also ordered the public trial of Darya Nikolayevna Saltykova, a high nobleman, on charges of torture and murder of serfs.

Set against the backdrop of a dystopian London, the narrative focuses on a party at which the torture and murder of a child is the main entertainment.

In February 2004, some doubt was cast over Hopkins' conviction when a local man named Andrew Dexter was convicted of the torture and murder of his girlfriend Sharon Franklin.

premeditated murder   (計画的殺人)

Zorn then charges Rossi with premeditated murder.

Neither of the two was convicted of premeditated murder.

At the end of the play, guests were asked to help solve the premeditated murder.

felony murder   (重罪殺人)

He was convicted on charges of felony murder, conspiracy to commit robbery, two counts of armed robbery, burglary, and possession of a firearm for an unlawful purpose.

On the grounds that her heart attack was caused by Angel's attempt to seduce her—which, as they were minors, would have been statutory rape even if consensual—he is charged with felony murder.

Brandon Astor Jones spent 36 years on death row (with a brief period in the general prison population during his re-sentencing trial) before being executed for felony murder by the state of Georgia in 2016, at the age of 72.