İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

series of murders   (bir dizi cinayet)

Soon he was linked to a series of murders in Łowicz.

A series of murders for a missing journal puts the city on edge.

Now a series of murders has started and the suspect is claiming to be Shinji Nishizono.

murders committed   (işlenen cinayetler)

According to ArmeniaNow, "murders committed inside the police are not disclosed."

One of his first actions was to pursue and arrest Rivero's gang for the murders committed the previous August.

This prompted police to arrest Barnabet as a prime suspect, along with her father, of the numerous murders committed in the area.

mass murders   (toplu cinayetler)

Street round-ups, deportations to concentration camps and mass murders became daily occurrences.

Wisconsin shooting Wisconsin shooting may refer to three mass murders in Wisconsin, United States:

As late as 1944, some Western journalists remained skeptical of the actual scale of the Nazi mass murders.

other murders   (diğer cinayetler)

Pitera was acquitted, but was later convicted of six other murders.

Metheny began confessing to other murders, as well as that of Spicer.

Bundy was found guilty of these and other murders and was executed January 24, 1989.