Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

music video   (video âm nhạc)

in Germany and recreated the music video on stage.

The music video was well received by most critics.

The music video was directed by Enrique Escamilla.

country music   (nhạc đồng quê)

The younger Rhett is also a country music singer.

On "Billboard"'s country music charts, it was a No.

But I honestly would love to make country music".

music videos   (video âm nhạc)

There are two different music videos for the song.

There are two music videos released for the song.

No music videos were made for either of the tracks.

classical music   (nhạc cổ điển)

In classical music this is known as a ground bass.

Its concerts perform mostly modern classical music.

rāgam has a few compositions in classical music.

music industry   (công nghiệp âm nhạc)

Miller's music industry career began around 1950.

Anwar entered the Hindi music industry by chance.

Sayvee became active in Ghana's music industry in 2003.

music critics   (nhà phê bình âm nhạc)

It received widespread acclaim from music critics.

"Curious" has garnered acclaim from music critics.

The song was favorably received from music critics.

folk music   (nhạc dân tộc)

Zelenka's music is influenced by Czech folk music.

Its regional folk music is distinctive and varied.

He was the philosopher of the folk music movement.

electronic music   (nhạc điện tử)

The band incorporates elements of electronic music.

Electro funk is a hybrid of electronic music and funk.

Remyl makes experimental electronic music.

pop music   (nhạc pop)

Its content was German-speaking pop music programs.

I wanted to wrap sad words with pretty pop music.

"Boyracers" was supposed to feel like pop music.

music scene   (sân khấu âm nhạc)

Erna has also worked with his local music scene.

She then disappeared from the music scene for a while.

Havana was home to a thriving music scene in the 1920s.

popular music

Choro is a very popular music instrumental style.

The second was a wave of popular music, such as jazz.

See also the List of double bassists in popular music.

rock music   (nhạc rock)

He highlighted the new Motown, reggae and rock music.

Some of them still hit the stage and play rock music."

His interests included rock music and tennis.

music director   (giám đốc âm nhạc)

Rajesh Roshan was the music director of the movie.

Salil Choudhury was the music director of the film.

He worked as music director to artists like K.L.

music festival   (lễ hội âm nhạc)

The music festival is the largest held on The Rock.

Djangofest is an annual music festival in Langley WA.

also took part in a China-Japan music festival in 2006.

dance music   (nhạc khiêu vũ)

By 1981, a new form of dance music was developing.

Timba is a form of funky Cuban popular dance music.

Many subgenres of electronic dance music have evolved.

new music

They are now back together and producing new music.

That's exactly what we wanted for our new music."

In 2011, La India continued to release new music.

chamber music   (nhạc thính phòng)

He wrote some 200 works, focused on chamber music.

Jazz is not traditionally considered chamber music.

He also studied chamber music with Geneviève Joy.

music artist   (nghệ sĩ âm nhạc)

He is also currently a recording music artist.

Presley is the best-selling solo music artist of all time.

Daisy Dern Daisy Dern is an American country music artist.

music producer   (nhà sản xuất âm nhạc)

Her father, Michael McClain, is a music producer.

She is divorced from a music producer Johannes Lõhmus.

Pauszek started as a music producer in 1999.

music was composed   (âm nhạc đã được sáng tác)

The music was composed by Viswanathan–Ramamoorthy.

The film's music was composed by Bernard Herrmann.

Its incidental music was composed by Ramin Djawadi.

music format   (định dạng nhạc)

The station's current music format is active rock.

KLIR broadcasts an adult contemporary music format.

KBUC (AM) became KXTN, airing a Tejano music format.

reviews from music   (đánh giá từ âm nhạc)

The song received mixed reviews from music critics.

music career

She then moved to Mumbai to pursue her music career.

The Dogg began his professional music career in 2003.

Originally, he intended to make a music career.

live music

Almost all contra dances are danced to live music.

During the week the bar mainly hosts live music.

Pack Band played live music at every Chiefs home game.

music group

Caramba (band) Caramba was a Swedish music group.

He was a former member of comedy music group Squallor.

Audio (song) "Audio" is a song by pop music group LSD.

contemporary music   (âm nhạc đương đại)

KLIR broadcasts an adult contemporary music format.

He is a frequent performer of contemporary music.

The song garnered praise from contemporary music critics.

country music artist   (nghệ sĩ nhạc đồng quê)

Daisy Dern Daisy Dern is an American country music artist.

Jason Cassidy Jason Cassidy is an American country music artist.

Dan Seals discography Dan Seals was an American country music artist.

accompanying music   (nhạc đi kèm)

and the accompanying music video received some praise.

An accompanying music video was also shot and released.

music critic   (nhà phê bình âm nhạc)

One music critic compared it to Nicki Minaj's "Starships" (2012).

Grace M. Sartwell married James Redfern Mason, a music critic, in 1902.

Emily Nokes Emily Nokes is a writer, artist, music critic and musician.

music festivals   (lễ hội âm nhạc)

Folk music festivals proliferated during the 1930s.

His musical career began at llanera music festivals.

He is the artistic director of music festivals.

accompanying music video   (video âm nhạc đi kèm)

and the accompanying music video received some praise.

An accompanying music video was also shot and released.

music composed   (nhạc sáng tác)

All music composed by Boltendahl/Schmidt/Hermann

All music composed by Milan Hlavsa; texts are listed.

All music composed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

original music

He has also released several CDs of original music.

The original music score was composed by Edward Ward.

DiCola also wrote original music for the video game .

theme music

Two pieces of theme music are used for the series.

The theme music is titled "The Spirit of Flamenco".

Four pieces of theme music were used in the series.

music teacher   (giáo viên dạy nhạc)

After that he went to Poland and became a music teacher.

He qualified as a music teacher im 1948.

His father, Uri Keeler Hill, was a music teacher and composer.

sheet music   (bản nhạc)

The first publication of blues sheet music was in 1908.

It was published in sheet music form in 1996.

It can display notes as sheet music (see music notation).

traditional music   (nhạc truyền thống)

1941) a renowned Turkish traditional music singer.

Téada Téada, an Irish band, plays traditional music.

American traditional music is also called roots music.

music singer   (ca sĩ âm nhạc)

1941) a renowned Turkish traditional music singer.

The younger Rhett is also a country music singer.

He is the younger brother of country music singer Nathan Carter.

studied music

He studied music in Boston under Edwin Bruce, Mme.

He has studied music in Braunschweig and Hannover.

She studied music at the New York Conservatoire as a teenager.

official music

The official music video is filmed in Barcelona.

The official music video was released on 3 July 2011.

The official music video premiered on 2 October 2012.

world music

Some types of folk music may be called world music.

Latest Release Sol, A new flavor in world music.

Music ranges through jazz, folk music and world music.

music business   (kinh doanh âm nhạc)

He grew up deeply immersed in the music business.

She retired from the music business shortly afterwards.

Doyle worked in the independent music business for 15 years.

music charts   (bảng xếp hạng âm nhạc)

On "Billboard"'s country music charts, it was a No.

1 in the German, Austrian and Italian music charts.

The album debuted at #44 on the Polish music charts.

music theory   (lý thuyết âm nhạc)

Nobutoki taught him music theory in the German tradition.

He was professor of music theory, composition and orchestration.

It will combine music practice with music theory, leading to M.A.

own music

I watched him record his own music as well as groups.

He writes his own music, and he is a baritone singer.

He has produced a number of records of his own music.

background music   (nhạc nền)

The game contained background music but no sound.

It contained background music but no sound effects.

During production, the background music also changed.

first music

He took his first music lessons from Giovanni Canale.

In this way, Bali became Saigal's first music director.

This was the first music video to be taken from the album.

official music video

The official music video is filmed in Barcelona.

The official music video was released on 3 July 2011.

The official music video premiered on 2 October 2012.

music hall   (hội trường âm nhạc)

He was married to music hall actress Doreen Monte.

The R&B came from Detroit, the music hall from Stepney.

It is also called the "music hall" for its acoustic effects.

music education

He received his music education at th in Sinsen school band.

D. in music education from the University of Texas at Austin.

Baig has no formal music education.

composed music

Sanu has composed music for various Indian films.

Donockley has composed music for choir and orchestra.

Savvy and Suddho Roy will composed music for the film.

set to music

This poem was set to music by Donald Swann.

According to Frits Staal, it is "the Rigveda set to music".

Some of her songs were set to music.

country music singer   (ca sĩ nhạc đồng quê)

The younger Rhett is also a country music singer.

He is the younger brother of country music singer Nathan Carter.

Lee Greenwood discography Lee Greenwood is an American country music singer.

music composer   (nhà soạn nhạc)

Stockman also served as the film's music composer.

Ravindra Jain was the music composer of this film.

Rahul Raj Rahul Raj is an Indian music composer.

composed the music

He composed the music for over 250 television shows.

Pravin Mani composed the music for the project.

Altogether he composed the music for about 200 films.

music and lyrics

All music and lyrics written by Mathias Lodmalm.

Hamsalekha has composed the music and lyrics for the film.

music school   (trường âm nhạc)

Biren's father starts a music school in the house.

At the age of seven started attending music school.

and DK Music Academy (a music school in Surrey).

music duo   (bộ đôi âm nhạc)

J*Davey J*Davey is an American music duo from Los Angeles, CA.

The music duo Charming Disaster has a song called "Sympathetic Magic".

Sugardaddy Sugardaddy is an English electronic music duo formed in 2006.

gospel music   (Nhạc phúc âm)

He was a gospel music fan from that moment on.

WWDL airs southern gospel music and Christian talk and teaching.

Stench was exposed to country-blues-southern gospel music as a child.

music production

He also stated that his music production would be unaffected.

John Wood moved into music production.

There were seminars about radio programming and music production.

music program

The music program was written by Christopher Strachey.

Today (2014) Sputnik is a standard music program again.

Highland High School has an instrumental music program.

house music

He is primarily known in the house music circuit.

The song incorporates elements of house music.

The track was also remixed by house music act Antiloop.

music and dance   (âm nhạc và khiêu vũ)

Live music and dance events are held at the bar.

She also taught her mother's music and dance students.

Many have live music and dance demonstrations.

music band

In 1977, she started working with the music band of Sine.

The Celts (band) The Celts is an Australian folk music band.

Cueshé discography This is the discography of OPM music band "Cueshé".

playing music

Her hobbies include writing and playing music.

He thoroughly enjoyed the traveling and playing music.

After Cowboy's breakup, Boyer continued playing music.

music magazine   (tạp chí âm nhạc)

"Jukebox") was a Yugoslav music magazine.

Gabrielle Domanski of the Canadian music magazine "exclaim!"

The Canadian music magazine "Exclaim!"

film music   (Nhạc phim)

It's different from the usual Tamil film music".

The film music was composed by debutant Indrajith ET.

It has been used to score film music as well.

making music

After this cd, Dimension 5 stopped making music.

Parks is no longer actively making music.

He started making music at age fifteen.

instrumental music   (nhạc cụ)

Highland High School has an instrumental music program.

Songs and instrumental music from other sources are used sparingly.

He has written instrumental music and music for instruments and computer.

music venue   (nhà hát)

is an Alaskan music venue, located in the Mat-Su Valley.

Another music venue, The Sir George Robey, stood opposite.

The Borgata Event Center is the main music venue for the resort.

music show   (chương trình ca nhạc)

He then hosted "The O-Zone" music show on BBC Two.

"After the Rain" was used as the Fuji TV music show Hey!

Eventually, she was given her own music show at WRTO (98.3).

incidental music   (âm nhạc ngẫu hứng)

Its incidental music was composed by Ramin Djawadi.

Tchaikovsky also wrote incidental music for this play.

Some incidental music came from other sources.

local music

Erna has also worked with his local music scene.

The local music belongs to the Rhodopi folklore region.

For most of the year, local music dominates.

other music   (âm nhạc khác)

No other music movie soundtrack sounds this good."

The quotation has been used extensively in other music.

", as well as over 500 other music videos.

music artists

There are more and more country music artists in France.

As a preteen, Anggun was influenced by Western rock music artists.

The website became a central community hub for heavy music artists and fans.

jazz music   (nhạc jazz)

When Hitler came to power, he banned most jazz music.

Smooth jazz music can be heard on 101.9 HD-2 (HD Radio needed).

At one point, Bat puts on jazz music played by Satoru on saxophone.

music history

He taught composition, performance and music history.

"Diana" is one of the best selling 45s in music history.

Please enjoy this piece of music history!

style of music

Their style of music is referred to as “Brewgrass”.

His style of music is referred to as reggae fusion.

Their style of music is out-jazz or avant garde.

music label

Kurupt FM were signed to independent music label XL Recordings.

By the early 1960s it was clearly the leading tejano music label.

The ensemble is signed to the classical music label Decca Records.

interest in music

"Red Rocks kick started my whole interest in music.

Mykle also had an avid interest in music all his life.

From an early age Nie Er displayed an interest in music.

soul music   (nhạc soul)

The All Music Guide calls it"Heartfelt soul music".

Musically, "Soul Power" draws primarily from classic soul music.

From bluegrass to rock, soul music and jazz everything was present.

vocal music   (thanh nhạc)

Chinna Moulana taught vocal music to his daughter.

In the field of vocal music he has composed app.

Chest voice Chest voice is a term used within vocal music.

hop music   (nhạc hop)

"Freedom at 21" contains elements of hip hop music.

His life also centered around a love of hip hop music.

The album is considered a classic in French hip hop music.

country music format   (định dạng nhạc đồng quê)

The two stations aired a country music format.

That prompted WDGY to change to a country music format.

By 1988, the station was airing a country music format.

church music

In 1967 he was appointed director of church music.

Griesbacher composed predominantly Catholic church music.

Kreile studied church music and choral conducting in Munich.

music awards

The music videos were well received at music awards shows.

They teamed also up at the 2010 ECHO music awards in Berlin.

The BBC Music Awards are the BBC's inaugural pop music awards.

career in music

He left in 2007 to pursue a full-time career in music.

Dern moved to Nashville to pursue a career in music in 1994.

Brewer maintained a career in music lasting over five decades.

music genre   (thể loại âm nhạc)

She was a pioneer in the Charanga R&B music genre.

It inspired the electronic dance music genre.

He recorded nine albums in classic electronic music genre.

music album

It was also the soundtrack to his music album released in 1999.

In 2004 she released her first music album, entitled "Humming".

In 2017, he released a full-length music album, "Dangerous Man."

early music

The band's early music was more influenced by Oi!

Interpretations of historical scope of "early music" vary.

Romeo Antonio's early music career started in Sydney, Australia.

hip hop music   (asđ)

"Freedom at 21" contains elements of hip hop music.

His life also centered around a love of hip hop music.

The album is considered a classic in French hip hop music.

electronic dance music   (nhạc nhảy điện tử)

Many subgenres of electronic dance music have evolved.

It inspired the electronic dance music genre.

music publishing   (xuất bản âm nhạc)

Midsong was also the name of the label's music publishing unit.

Jaffery retained the highly successful music publishing company.

He and Ritter formed Vidor Publications, a music publishing firm.

music genres

Beck’s music spans across a variety of music genres.

The album creatively mixes music genres.

"Okokok" draws influences from the hip hop and pop music genres.

music composition   (sáng tác nhạc)

In 1977 he received a Guggenheim fellowship for music composition.

The music composition is by Deva.

In 1995, he joined the independent music composition group Imagine.

music journalist   (nhà báo âm nhạc)

The term was coined by English music journalist Phil Smee.

Ulvaeus then married music journalist Lena Källersjö on 6 January 1981.

She has also been a music journalist on and off over the span of 20 years.

piece of music   (tác phẩm âm nhạc)

It is Sinding's most popular piece of music.

So I decided to make a piece of music for a string quintet.

Please enjoy this piece of music history!

several music

The EP was reviewed on several music websites.

They also released several music videos.

The album spawned two remix albums and several music videos.

music concerts

The market also regularly holds music concerts.

He performs also in chamber music concerts.

The Philips Stadion is incidentally used for music concerts.

experimental music   (nhạc thử nghiệm)

The label hosted multiple-day experimental music festivals.

He also took part in experimental music events organised by Cornelius Cardew.

His music categorizes as experimental music where he blends highlife, hip hop and rap.