İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

musical instruments   (müzik Enstrümanları)

She also played on a number of musical instruments.

Alphorns are today used as musical instruments.

The music is performed on authentic musical instruments.

musical score   (müzikal puanı)

The musical score was composed by Nelson Riddle.

The musical score was composed by James Horner.

Christopher Spelman composed the film's musical score.

musical career   (müzik kariyeri)

His musical career began at llanera music festivals.

He stopped studying law to pursue his musical career.

This was a very highlight point in his musical career.

musical director   (müzik direktörü)

Clapton was a performer and the musical director.

Simon Ellis was hired as the musical director.

Carl took over as the band's musical director onstage.

musical style   (müzik tarzı)

Their musical style is often described as doo-wop.

Agam's musical style is Carnatic Progressive Rock.

Quezergue did not have a signature musical style.

musical comedy   (Müzikal komedi)

Buller was a noted opera and musical comedy singer.

In 1917 he toured Scotland in the musical comedy Our Theodore.

He wrote "The Sacred Serpent" (1904), a three-act musical comedy.

musical theatre   (müzikal tiyatro)

Catherine continued contribute to musical theatre.

His mother was an actress of a musical theatre.

This launched a career in musical theatre in New York.

musical instrument   (müzik aleti)

a trip to the West End, a musical instrument).

Currently, it is a musical instrument museum.

He invented the musical instrument known as the Gumbass.

musical styles   (müzikal tarzlar)

Goldston draws on musical styles from around the world.

However, he called it "a Frankenstein of musical styles.

Sati's musical styles range from pop to progressive dance music.

musical group

He is the lead vocalist in the musical group Kíla.

's musical group, starting as early as ninth grade.

The main cast and musical group was composed of:

musical film   (müzikal film)

It would be Monroe's last musical film performance.

2011 - "Twelve Months of Tango" (musical film) 2.

Baz Luhrmann said that his musical film, "Moulin Rouge!"

new musical

He is the director of the new musical "On Your Feet!

She also took part in the reading of a new musical called "City of Light".

At this time, Richard was forming a new musical theater group in Los Angeles.

musical direction   (müzikal yön)

From that moment his musical direction was given.

In 1995 Red Tide took a turn in their musical direction.

A gobsmacking marvel of choreography and musical direction."

musical influences   (müzikal etkiler)

Brookes cites Usher and Drake as his musical influences.

Among her musical influences, she credits Leontyne Price.

Her other musical influences are John Farnham and Beyoncé.

musical performances   (müzikal performanslar)

The Picnic features carnival rides and musical performances.

The event features musical performances, speeches, and readings.

Filk circles are different from concert-style musical performances.

other musical   (diğer müzikal)

He has also collaborated on many other musical projects.

Her other musical influences are John Farnham and Beyoncé.

No other musical guest on the series was involved in more episodes.

musical family   (müzikal aile)

Eleonora and Ethel came from a musical family.

Thakur was born in a Bengali musical family in Kolkata.

He was born in Colombo, to a musical family.

musical genres   (müzik türleri)

The guitar is used in a wide variety of musical genres worldwide.

Music critics identified several musical genres throughout the album.

Klepacki wrote the songs in batches, each in different musical genres.

stage musical

The show marked the stage musical debut of Angela Lansbury.

With Brolly's help, Woolfson turned "Freudiana" into a stage musical.

The stage musical differs in a number of respects from the film version.

musical theater   (müzikal tiyatro)

One song only was taken from her usual musical theater career.

Horton, who had performed in musical theater, also sang the song.

The four-string banjo is used from time to time in musical theater.

musical numbers

Herbert Ross choreographed the musical numbers.

List of acts, scenes and musical numbers.

Rare for the duo, it's a straight comedy with no musical numbers.

musical composition   (müzikal kompozisyon)

He also studied musical composition in Barcelona.

She also took lessons about musical composition and harmony.

Mislan taught Acosta the art of musical composition and harmony.

musical education

Geddes was a strong supporter of musical education.

Her musical education was continued at the Vienna Conservatory.

He continued his musical education at City College of New York.

first musical

It is also the first musical episode in the series.

In 2008, Tancrède wrote his first musical, Audimat!

Erigga's first musical release was "Mo Street Gan".

musical talent   (müzikal yetenek)

Cook's musical talent was apparent at an early age.

When Shouxin was young he showed signs of musical talent.

Street showed musical talent, which his mother encouraged.

musical project

Big Satan Big Satan is a musical project headed by saxophonist Tim Berne.

Chorusgirl Chorusgirl is the musical project of Silvi Wersing formed in 2014.

Slug (British band) Slug (stylised as SLUG) is the solo musical project of Ian Black.

different musical

However, the bass guitar has a different musical sound.

The touch pad can be set to different musical scales and keys.

While their next two albums followed a different musical direction.

musical training

He gave Matthew, the sixth son, his early musical training.

When he was 4, his mother arranged for his musical training.

He also pursued musical training and eventually formed his own orchestra.

musical acts

Today, the Grove rarely hosts musical acts.

The show featured musical acts GOGO13, Digital Unicorn and Eyes Lips Eyes.

Lead Belly's work has been widely covered by subsequent musical acts, including:

musical adaptation   (müzikal adaptasyon)

A musical adaptation based on the 2005 film is in development.

Ikoma appeared in a musical adaptation of "Mahō Sensei Negima!"

He composed music and lyrics for this musical adaptation of J.M.

musical genre   (müzik tarzı)

Forró is the most popular musical genre in the city.

Khruangbin's musical genre is a hotly debated topic amongst critics.

In fact, it is the place of origin of the musical genre called tamborazo.

musical artists

Plate has collaborated with various musical artists.

This list excludes musical artists.

Over the years, Charbonneau has recorded a wide variety of musical artists.

various musical

Plate has collaborated with various musical artists.

Took part in various musical competitions.

to fine arts (pottery, playing various musical instruments).

musical works

13, which banned the musical works of Mikis Theodorakis.

Eyes on Me Eyes on Me can refer to several musical works:

Choron published numerous musical works.

musical drama

() is a 2018 Tamil Language musical drama show.

In 2014, Rose directed the musical drama "The Devil's Violinist".

Dreyer wrote nine songs for the ABC's television musical drama, "Nashville".

began his musical

Ricker first began his musical studies on the clarinet.

Jesse began his musical life at an early age.

Parks began his musical career at age 10, under the moniker Drew32.

musical groups

Weil im Schönbuch contains several musical groups.

A couple of times he tried himself in local musical groups.

He is the predecessor to recent musical groups like Black Theama.

musical performance   (müzikal performans)

This musical performance career put Andrew's ethnomusicology research on hold.

Following a halftime musical performance by The Doobie Brothers, the second half began.

Maidreamin's musical performance unit is known as "Quality Service Cleanliness Smile (QSCS)".

variety of musical

Fugues were incorporated into a variety of musical forms.

The guitar is used in a wide variety of musical genres worldwide.

Over the years, Charbonneau has recorded a wide variety of musical artists.

musical life   (müzik yaşamı)

Jesse began his musical life at an early age.

From 1966 onwards, teaching became part of his musical life.

He began his musical life on accordion but later switched to piano.

musical compositions   (müzik besteleri)

He created over 50 musical compositions.

He also found time to work on poems and musical compositions.

He contributed to a majority of the band's musical compositions.

musical version

She played Diane in the musical version of "Seventh Heaven".

Holtzmann agreed, but proposed a musical version would be better.

and "Stage Door John" when playing Susie Dean in the musical version of J.

film had musical   (film müzikal vardı)

The film had musical score by R. K. Shekhar.

The film had musical score by Ilaiyaraaja.

The film had musical score by Satyam.

own musical

He refers to his own musical style as "TrapHouseJazz".

Arthur formed his own musical projects.

This experience led to Smith defining his own musical style, known for being loud.

musical projects

He has also collaborated on many other musical projects.

Arthur formed his own musical projects.

Tung is active in a number of cross-cultural musical projects.

musical comedy film   (müzikal komedi filmi)

Forbidden Zone (disambiguation) Forbidden Zone is a 1982 musical comedy film.

The Life of the Party (1937 film) The Life of the Party is a 1937 musical comedy film.

Radio City Revels Radio City Revels is a 1938 musical comedy film set in New York City.

musical studies

Ricker first began his musical studies on the clarinet.

She completed her musical studies at the University of Bremen under John Modinos (1980).

Despite his fondness for drawing he began his artistic career with musical studies and became a virtuoso cellist.

musical traditions

The new score mixes Balinese and Western musical traditions.

This is one of the world's oldest and richest musical traditions.

Later in the 20th century, Manx church musical traditions slowly declined.

musical based

was a 2008 musical based on the 1990 anime film .

Riffel developed a musical based on "Showgirls", titled "Showgirls!

In 2015, Wildhorn created a musical based off the popular manga series "Death Note".

musical film directed   (müzikal film yönetmenliği)

is a 1934 American Pre-Code musical film directed by Hamilton MacFadden.

Varieties on Parade Varieties on Parade is a 1951 American musical film directed by Ron Ormond.

Step Lively (1944 film) Step Lively is a 1944 American musical film directed by Tim Whelan and starring Frank Sinatra.

musical number   (müzik numarası)

He performed the only musical number, accompanied on piano by Bloem.

Delaney, Bonnie & Friends ended up performing a musical number in the film.

The film "" (1999), features a musical number titled "What Would Brian Boitano Do?".

musical guest

No other musical guest on the series was involved in more episodes.

as the musical guest.

On October 8, 2005, he hosted "Saturday Night Live" with musical guest Ashlee Simpson.

musical production

The school also hosts a yearly musical production, which is entirely original.

Music collections in Pistoia The Music collections in Pistoia show a chronological profile of the musical production of the city.

Act 4 is in development on approximately 20 feature film, television and new media projects, as well as a live stage musical production.

musical duo

Afterward, Shizuka and Maki formed a musical duo together.

They soon became paired as a musical duo.

Love, Dad is the fourth studio album by American musical duo P.M.

many musical

The venue host many musical events along with theatrical shows.

Sion has many musical opportunities including a musical and plays.

Daleks have been referred to or associated in many musical compositions.

musical work   (müzik çalışması)

In her mind, style is still the core of a musical work.

This marked the first major award received by Kun for his musical work.

He created the musical work "Black Nativity – In Concert: A Gospel Celebration".

several musical

Weil im Schönbuch contains several musical groups.

Eyes on Me Eyes on Me can refer to several musical works:

He traveled the United States and Europe in several musical groups.

musical events

It also serves as the venue for regular musical events.

The venue host many musical events along with theatrical shows.

He also continued to help administer several charities and organize their musical events.

musical notation   (müzik notaları)

His knowledge of musical notation is also self-learned.

Pythagoras created a tuning system and helped to codify musical notation.

The existence of in the musical notation indicates the influence of plainchant.

musical play   (müzikal oyun)

The film was written by Kenneth Cook, adapted from his musical play.

In 2012, a similar titled musical play started playing also in tribute to Gaye.

In 1958, Kelly directed Rodgers and Hammerstein's musical play "Flower Drum Song".

musical accompaniment   (müzik eşliğinde)

Silent films always had musical accompaniment.

In 1993, Shanes covered the song with musical accompaniment.

Joshi rendered all her songs without any musical accompaniment.

original musical

The original musical score was composed and performed by Tangerine Dream.

He became involved in the university's Cap and Gown Club, which staged original musical productions.

In May 2013, the Drama Club staged an original musical, "War Bonds", written by the director, Patricia Powell.

musical comedies

Daly's returned to musical comedies but found little further success.

He also composed operetta music for Luxembourgish musical comedies by Josy Imdahl.

Later, he turned to the more profitable field of composing scores for musical comedies.

musical tradition

Like other West African countries, Guinea has a rich musical tradition.

The Church has a strong musical tradition and is affiliated to the RSCM.

He is a cultural music singer in a popular Lesotho musical tradition called "famo".

musical revue   (müzikal revü)

The musical revue was produced by Frank and Anne Hummert.

He wrote and directed the Broadway musical revue "Bunk of 1926".

Valery starred in three productions of the South African musical revue "Wait A Minim!

musical form

Liszt's approach to musical form in his symphonic poems was also unorthodox.

The creative work may be in a literary, artistic, educational, or musical form.

In each case the prayers are sung or chanted following a prescribed musical form.

musical elements

The album's songs feature contrasting musical elements.

These changes can include alterations to tempo, meter, key, instrumentation, and other musical elements.

"Loser" revolves around several recurring musical elements: a slide guitar riff, Stephenson's sitar, the bassline, and a tremolo guitar part.

musical scores gave a review stating "Very good musical scores.

The orchestra played some classical pieces and some musical scores of Filipino films.

More recently, Monod deposited an additional voluminous collection of musical scores, letters, etc.

musical talents   (müzikal yetenekler)

But her musical talents did not stop with the piano.

DeHaven's musical talents supplemented her acting abilities.

Shortly after his arrival, the Commandant's staff discovered his musical talents.

musical arrangements   (müzikal düzenlemeler)

Later, the musical arrangements were made to them.

The book, music and lyrics are by Richard O'Brien and the musical arrangements by Richard Hartley.

Sandy composed four songs, while Junior had participation in the musical arrangements and supervision.

range of musical   (müzikal dizi)

"We really do have an enormously wide range of musical tastes among us."

The music has a range of musical influences from the classical to the modern.

They belong to different families of instruments and can cover a wide range of musical roles.

musical notes   (Müzik notaları)

The seventh decade was also used for musical notes.

His design featured curvilinear numbers resembling musical notes.

The user interface is WYSIWYM and displays musical notes on screen in a long ribbon.

rock musical

Thunderbird (Call Me No One song) "Thunderbird" is a song by hard rock musical act Call Me No One.

Cary Ann Hearst Cary Ann Hearst (born August 10, 1979) is a folk/roots rock musical artist from South Carolina, US.

Before enlisting to military service in 2011, he played in rock musical, Hedwig And the Angry Inch, from May 14 until June 19, 2011.

musical forms

Fugues were incorporated into a variety of musical forms.

The musical forms within the Cantigas, and there are many, are still being studied.

The stage culminates with the spread of musical forms in the 17th, 18th, and early 19th-century.

musical ideas

Much less is known about Monn's life than about his musical ideas.

(on hold) where he presents his own productions and personal musical ideas.

So, I have similar musical ideas, but I'm using a different palette to convey them."

early musical

He gave Matthew, the sixth son, his early musical training.

Smith's early musical influences were his mother, and his father, who played guitar.

He guest starred on the early musical series "Faye Emerson's Wonderful Town" on CBS.

musical ensemble   (müzik topluluğu)

The Porn Kings The Porn Kings were a British dance musical ensemble from Liverpool.

Sedgley tours as both a DJ and in a five-piece musical ensemble, Max Sedgley and the Shoots.

I Like Music "I Like Music" is a 2008 single by the Irish musical ensemble Republic of Loose.

popular musical

Forró is the most popular musical genre in the city.

In early 18th-century Venice, opera was the most popular musical entertainment.

The slogan refers to the hit song from the popular musical play "Man of La Mancha".

musical differences

over musical differences with the band as well as with the producer.

In May, drummer Case Snedecor left the band due to musical differences.

Uli departed from Masterplan in October 2006 for personal and musical differences.

musical culture

White labels, along with dubplates, played an important part in drum and bass musical culture.

The organization is dedicated to encouraging an inclusive musical culture throughout the country.

Amsterdam's musical culture includes a large collection of songs which treat the city nostalgically and lovingly.

musical influence

Presley's earliest musical influence came from gospel.

Daniel named Miri Ben Ari his major musical influence.

Neil's brother Tim was an early and important musical influence.

musical interests

Zappa's mother encouraged him in his musical interests.

We’re just showing off a different side to our musical interests.

While in France, he met singer Mireille, who encouraged his musical interests.

musical tastes   (müzikal zevkler)

When asked about musical tastes, she said, "I love jazz!

There were also the musical tastes of the Parisian public to consider.

"We really do have an enormously wide range of musical tastes among us."

musical activities

All four had been involved in various musical activities before Deolinda.

In 1806 he reappeared in public in Leipzig, and became important there in musical activities.

Following the Empress Maria Leopoldine's death in August the court's musical activities were suspended.

started his musical

Manojlović started his musical career when he was very young.

Jawaad Ali Khan started his musical career in the early 1980s.

He started his musical career under the name A'damite in 2001.

musical pieces

Acosta wrote over 844 musical pieces, including 127 hymns.

Every real story begins with a note" (2018) contains nine musical pieces.

Also for the first time, signature musical pieces are produced for NFL coverage.

musical history

Aarhus is known for its musical history.

Its native son Imp Y Celyn changes the course of the Disworld's musical history in "Soul Music".

Their first single, "Whole Lot of Loving" is still the fastest-selling single in Irish musical history.

traditional musical

He has 3 sisters and 1 brother, and they all play traditional musical instruments.

Numerous experimental controllers exist which abandon traditional musical interfaces entirely.

As most of the songs are in the form of Ovee, Ranade decided to use the traditional musical format.

musical productions

as well as many theatrical and musical productions across New Zealand.

He was highly involved in musical productions and programs at both schools.

He also starred in four German/Italian films as well as musical productions.

live musical

He also played piano as the live musical accompaniment to silent movies in the local movie hall.

The Capitol was also noted for presenting live musical revues and many jazz and swing bands on its stage.

He is known for using Indian musical instruments and recording live musical instruments for his compositions.

musical heritage   (müzikal miras)

Gong ensembles are also a common musical heritage of Island Southeast Asia.

Rhos is also renowned for its rich musical heritage, and has its own concert hall at the Stiwt Theatre.

Before these, pioneer settlers, in the Great Smoky Mountains region, had developed a rich musical heritage.

musical variety

Arranging is the art of giving an existing melody musical variety".

Musically speaking, this "dramatic action" required more musical variety.

It was a musical variety program set in a Paris bistro, and starred movie actress Sylvie St. Clair.

musical guests

Special guests included local personalities, politicians, musical guests, among others.

Beach House performed a live in-studio session on KCRW in Los Angeles on May 15, and were the musical guests on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

The show had four hosts that bantered with each other over different topics in the news, and featured topical guests and musical guests.

musical language

His later works are characterised by a rather complex musical language.

The members of Person’s sextet all speak this rich musical language as their native tongue".

After the year 1600, Italian trends prevailed across Europe, by 1750 it was the primary musical language.

musical opened

The musical opened in the late 1980s and its most recent UK tour occurred in 2019.

The musical opened at the Paper Mill Playhouse (Millburn, New Jersey) on May 31, 2018.

The musical opened at the London Palladium on 2 June 2009, and ran through to October 2010.

s musical

He served as the channel’s musical director for two years.

Reed was unhappy with "Torch"s musical direction and her lack of creative control.

Nine Mile is where Bob Marley’s musical career began and also influenced many of his songs.

musical background

She draws upon a diverse musical background.

He came from a musical background.

Van Dijk's musical background began on the piano at the age of six.

musical experience

He is also writing a book detailing the origin of his musical experience.

Abernathy's first musical experience came with his father’s group, the Atco Quartet, at the age of five.

His first practical musical experience came when he was taught to play the tambourine at the age of five.

musical artist

Cass Fox Cassandra ("Cass") Fox is a musical artist from England.

She had the distinction of being the first Cuban musical artist to be recorded.

Benji Hughes Benji Hughes is an American musical artist from Charlotte, North Carolina.

musical scene   (müzikal sahne)

His own compositions, however, made little impact on London's musical scene.

Gary left home at 15 and was drawn to the musical scene of Topanga Canyon, California.

Therefore, he became a pioneer in introducing electronic musical instruments into the musical scene of Iran.