İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

other musicians   (diğer müzisyenler)

The song has been recorded by many other musicians.

He opens to other musicians and sings his own lyrics.

They, along with numerous other musicians formed a band.

musicians such   (müzisyenler böyle)

Shortly after that Kid played alongside musicians such as, B.B.

This album also concluded some guest musicians such as Gaga Lee of Hype!

Rhodes also continued playing piano with jazz musicians such as Jonah Jones.

jazz musicians   (caz müzisyenleri)

Many jazz musicians have been attracted to Afrobeat.

The following is a list of South African jazz musicians.

The black family was three generations of jazz musicians.

session musicians   (oturum müzisyenleri)

Relf is backed by session musicians on 3, 8, and 13.

Studio City Sound roster of session musicians:

Relf and Page are backed by session musicians on 15 and 16.

musicians including

The award was given by a jury of old school musicians including K.P.

The sabha has been organising concerts of musicians including S. P. Balasubramaniam, O.S.

The prince sponsored many musicians including Alessandro Scarlatti and George Frideric Handel.

guest musicians

The group employed a wide array of guest musicians.

This album also concluded some guest musicians such as Gaga Lee of Hype!

"Defining Hate", included guest musicians Killjoy and Wilska van Fintroll.

young musicians

Instruments are loaned to young musicians on Scholarships.

Xenia worked closely with young musicians over the past 20 years.

Karekar has trained several promising and accomplished young musicians.

local musicians

In addition to local musicians, NET.

Among those who donated were notable local musicians, Aloe Blacc and Maya Jupiter.

The festival brings together leading international musicians as well as local musicians.

professional musicians

All the songs were performed by professional musicians.

Four of Brubeck's six children have been professional musicians.

), a caste of tailors and professional musicians, may be called.

many musicians

Throughout his career, he collaborated with many musicians.

She was dressed in white and was accompanied by many musicians.

It has been covered by many musicians in several different styles.

rock musicians

Male punk rock musicians have performed on the stage wearing women's bikini briefs.

He is considered one of the most innovative and stylistically diverse rock musicians of his era.

Expatriate Armenian rock musicians in the US during the 1990s were few, with fewer venues for them to perform.

group of musicians

The Kings Men are a group of musicians who backed B.B.

A new group of musicians began to further develop the "funk rock" approach.

The band consisted of a diverse group of musicians mostly drawn from Cincinnati.

studio musicians

genre (recorded by studio musicians).

This core band (augmented by various studio musicians) played on the albums "Hasta la Victoria!"

Olle's band did not appear on the records, which were made by studio musicians in New York and Chicago.

blues musicians

Some blues societies organize awards for blues musicians.

Sweet Jane became a meeting spot for well- and lesser-known blues musicians.

His first fame came as accompanist to blues musicians Dora Carr and Ivy Smith.

artists and musicians

The family home functioned as a salon for famous artists and musicians.

General interest in the concept grew, and the group of artists and musicians found a space for rent in Strathcona.

The arts flourished under the Hanoverian dynasty and this attracted many more Italian artists and musicians to Britain.

fellow musicians   (diğer müzisyenler)

Chopin's qualities as a pianist and composer were recognised by many of his fellow musicians.

He was joined by fellow musicians Eddy Gronfier (from French act One-T), Neo Garcia on drums and Matt Cheadle on guitar.

After recovering, Eno played at an Island Records 1 June 1974 concert with fellow musicians Nico, Kevin Ayers and John Cale.

family of musicians   (müzisyen ailesi)

Carlos Canaveris belonged to a family of musicians.

Amina was born into a family of musicians.

Amir Khan was born in a family of musicians in Indore, India.

notable musicians

"Thirteen" has been covered by several notable musicians.

Many notable musicians have performed the standard, including:

He played with many notable musicians and composers, such as Maury Deutsch.

famous musicians

Among the famous musicians, who gave concerts here was Frédéric Chopin.

His father is a former violinist and his grandparents are also famous musicians.

On the wall there are photos of famous artists of Azerbaijan and famous musicians of the world.

folk musicians

His songs have also included some by famed folk musicians.

Sometimes folk musicians became scholars and advocates themselves.

The related Albert system is used by some jazz, klezmer, and eastern European folk musicians.

classical musicians

His parents, both classical musicians and educators, were liberal in their outlook.

Mayur was raised in Ahmedabad by a family of classical musicians and arts enthusiasts.

His first project was a series of portraits of classical musicians for Pierre Cardin's "Festival de Lacost"e.

number of musicians   (müzisyen sayısı)

Greenwood's work has been recorded by a number of musicians.

It also has produced a number of musicians, actors and authors.

There are a considerable number of musicians, academics and doctors.

various musicians

There have since been several recordings made by various musicians.

He continued to play around with various musicians, including Valdy.

Bottom Line (album) Bottom Line is an album by British bluesman John Mayall with various musicians.

singers and musicians

It initially include six singers and musicians.

As the divine singer, he is the patron of poets, singers and musicians.

Between 1777 and 1778 Seyler employed some 230 actors, singers and musicians.

backing musicians

Key personnel such as backing musicians are absent from the album credits.

There are conflicting accounts regarding the instrumental backing musicians for the song.

It was recorded at American Sound Studio and the backing musicians included pianist Ronnie Milsap.

several musicians

"Before the Dead" includes performances by several musicians who also collaborated with Garcia in later years.

The music ceased its activities in 1980 due to the transfer of several musicians to the Montreal Garrison Band.

Ferrabosco Ferrabosco is the name of several musicians and composers, all from a family originating in Bologna:

musicians and singers

Many of the leading Baroque musicians and singers have played at Tilford.

is a celebration of Canadian pop and rock songwriters, musicians and singers.

"Cherokee" has been recorded over the years by many jazz musicians and singers.

musicians playing

Most of the early electric violinists were musicians playing jazz and popular music.

Smyrneiki Estudiantina was a group of musicians playing popular music for Greeks worldwide.

Then a lively circle dance takes place around it, to live musicians playing the tune, and from time to time the song is sung.

musicians include

Guest musicians include Neko Case.

Montana country musicians include Rob Quist, formerly of the Mission Mountain Wood Band.

Guest musicians include Page McConnell of Phish playing keyboards on the title track "Good Feeling".

musicians and artists

The group of writers, musicians and artists became known as "The Kardomah Gang".

These celebrities included lead singer of the band Guns N' Roses, Axl Rose, and Brazilian musicians and artists.

In August 2012, Kutiman was invited to Kutiman shoot and record traditional and modern Tokyo, Japan based musicians and artists to create Thru Tokyo.

bands and musicians

Nick Douglas has also worked with other bands and musicians.

Ballarat has produced several note worthy bands and musicians.

Local bands and musicians as well as those often associated with Colorado include: Fort Collins

talented musicians

Awaz were highly skilled and talented musicians, producers and composers.

Team Malayalee consisted of four talented musicians Vineeth Sreenivasan, Jakes Bijoy, Shaan Rahman and Arjun Sasi.

Swift and Auerbach were very close friends with Auerbach describing Swift as "one of the most talented musicians I know".

popular musicians   (popüler müzisyenler)

Rhode Island School of Design has been the alma mater of many popular musicians.

The harp is also used as a central instrument by many alternative popular musicians.

Some stateside Puerto Ricans who emerged as popular musicians include Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, and Big Pun.

prominent musicians

Through the years, Cordeiro has interviewed many prominent musicians, including the Beatles.

It has also produced a number of prominent musicians and singers for the world of Indian music.

The church has employed organists for over 500 years, many of them prominent musicians within Bavaria.

musicians and composers

He remains a major influence on musicians and composers.

He played with many notable musicians and composers, such as Maury Deutsch.

His name became well known in Puerto Rico as well as among musicians and composers internationally.