Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

same name   (mismo nombre)

She released a single of the same name on March 5.

Not to be confused with the film of the same name.

It is based on N D'Souza's novel of the same name.

changed its name   (cambió su nombre)

The band changed its name to Orange Juice in 1979.

State-O-Maine changed its name to Nautica in 1994.

It changed its name to Grand National Party (GNP).

given name   (nombre de pila)

Yvon (given name) Yvon is a masculine given name.

Vigor (name) Vigor is a given name and a surname.

common name   (nombre común)

The common name is mimosa or giant sensitive plant.

Redroot Redroot is the common name of some plants:

The name Padovani is a common name in Corsica today.

name was changed   (el nombre fue cambiado)

The name was changed to "Harmonia Sacra" in 1851.

Shortly thereafter, her name was changed to AJ Lee.

Later the name was changed ‘Meitei Dramatic Union’.

stage name   (nombre artístico)

That year he adopted the stage name Adisa Andwele.

The origin of the stage name Bo Diddley is unclear.

So, he adopted the stage name Peter LeMarc instead.

new name   (nuevo nombre)

The Starke model carried on with the new name N84.

The new name, Benin, was chosen for its neutrality.

"We hope the new name will be a trouble-free one.

real name   (nombre real)

Little is known about him, including his real name.

In 1997, he started to wrestle under his real name.

Bishop Bullwinkle's real name was Bernard Thomas.

brand name   (nombre de la marca)

and carry a brand name other than Chery, as well.

It is sold under the brand name Lupron among others.

In December 2018, it adapted its new brand name.

original name   (nombre original)

The original name of the family was de la Iglesia.

Transitio uses the original name "DOSTO" instead.

The original name of the peak was Citadel Mountain.

name include   (nombre incluye)

People with this name include: Dijkhuis / Dykhuis

Notable people who have this given name include:

People and fictional characters with the name include:

takes its name   (toma su nombre)

The community takes its name from nearby Rush Run.

The community takes its name from Jacob Bond I'On.

Thurston Creek takes its name from Thurston County.

family name   (apellido)

Timmermann had restored his family name and honor.

Nye's yachts aptly donned the family name, "Gale".

Miura remains a common family name in Japan today.

current name   (nombre actual)

The current name Elit Vetlanda was adopted in 2007.

In December 2008, the channel got its current name.

The party renamed into its current name in 1998.

name is derived   (el nombre se deriva)

The name is derived from the old German "Moos Au".

The name is derived from the Siak Regency of Riau.

The name is derived from a district in Brighton.

last name   (apellido)

She changed her last name back to her maiden name.

His last name is found as Hadgo, Hadsho, and Haya.

At that time her Hebrew last name was Ben Shemesh.

first name

It is derived from the Polish first name Wojciech.

His first name is sometimes reported as "Giacomo".

Abily Abily () is an old Russian male first name.

name comes   (el nombre viene)

The name comes from the Roman goddess Proserpina.

The brigade's name comes from the battering ram ().

Its name comes from the town of Buxton, Derbyshire.

name given   (nombre dado)

'Brogpa' is the name given by the Ladakhi to the people.

This was adopted from the name given by French colonists.

The name given on his gravestone is Willie Samuel McTier.

whose name   (cuyo nombre)

The new club (whose name was usually abbreviated to E.S.

She may be the earliest female scribe whose name is known.

Melody was written for his ex-girlfriend whose name is Melody.

specific name   (nombre específico)

The specific name is in honor of Neil Marchington.

The specific name "episcopus" is Latin for "bishop".

The specific name ("cyanea") means "dark blue".

own name   (nombre propio)

They also sell with their own name "Lenoxx Sound".

In 2013, Brookshire began blogging in her own name.

Working under my own name, a lot was expected of me.

name change   (cambio de nombre)

A name change on legal documents is not necessary.

The name change became official in February 2017.

At the same time, the Q-12 underwent a name change.

pen name   (seudónimo)

The editors write under the pen name UnReal Mama.

In his Urdu writings he used the pen name "Patras".

His pen name was Jukgok, father of Seong Sam-mun.

official name   (nombre oficial)

Until 1976, the official name was Dieren-Doesburg.

Until May 2016 its official name was Komsomolske (, .

Originally, there was no official name of the temple.

full name   (nombre completo)

There are two suggested origins for its full name.

Some confusion exists about Doppler's full name.

The signature itself does not need to be a full name.

changed the name

The company changed the name to MuleSoft in 2009.

McCann changed the name of his chain accordingly.

Unilever soon changed the name to HB Chocolates.

hence the name   (de ahí el nombre)

In Ireland, it is a montane species (hence the name).

Eightmile Creek is approximately long, hence the name.

It is located south of central Phoenix, hence the name.

took the name

Xtravaganza took the name Venus in her early teens.

He took the name Guy de Lusignan and title of Prince.

In 1975 the group took the name Maoist Communist Centre.

name refers

The "aus" portion of the name refers to austenite.

Yet his name refers to the Bavarian city of Passau.

The "Co." part of the company name refers to him.

species name

Kuep gave the species name as "Sidera pantherina".

Its species name honors naturalist William Beebe.

Its species name ""afer"" is Latin for "African."

name derives

The document's name derives from its opening words.

Its name derives from the molecule cyclopentadiene.

From Thespis' name derives the word "thespian".

given the name

The whole facility is given the name Object 2327S.

The aircraft was given the name "Lightning II" in 2006.

It was given the name "Île de la Passion" ().

name means   (nombre significa)

The name means "bird place" in the Tewa language.

The name means "basin" or "flat dish" in Spanish.

Nakula's name means most handsome in the lineage.

changed his name

Shi became a monk and changed his name to Jing-yi.

In 1930 he changed his name to Horatio James Powys.

At some point, he changed his name to Fred Shields.

changed their name

They have now changed their name to "Empire Kids".

In 2016 they changed their name to Gaeloideachas.

In 2015, the band changed their name to Metafive.

name of several

Oyebanjo Oyebanjo is the name of several people:

is the name of several places in Israel and Palestine.

Franc The franc is the name of several currency units.

generic name   (nombre generico)

"Estetrol" is the generic name of the drug and its .

The new generic name means "surprising pore" in Latin.

The generic name is due to the country if found first.

ring name   (nombre del anillo)

His ring name, Lince Dorado is Spanish for "Golden Lynx".

In the promotion she will go by the ring name Tyler Texas.

Cricks debuted in 2004, using the ring name Jessicka Havok.

systematic name   (nombre sistemático)

IUPAC naming conventions can be used to produce a systematic name.

The systematic name "copper hydride" is the most commonly used name.

The systematic name for lactose is "O"-β-D-galactopyranosyl-(1→4)-D-glucopyranose.

present name   (nombre actual)

The present name "Carp" is after a railroad agent.

In 1999, it was renamed again to its present name.

The present name Chitipa means big mud (I-chitope).

took its name

The town took its name from being "In the middle".

Waymouth Street, Adelaide took its name from him.

Sunnydale took its name from a nearby poultry farm.

name changed

This was the hospital logo until the name changed.

The name changed to San Jose City College in 1958.

In 1990 the name changed to "razzle dazzle rose".

genus name   (nombre de género)

The proposed genus name for this virus is Tornovirus.

The spelling of the genus name is problematic.

The genus name "Mantonella" have been given precedence.

name a few

King, Counting Crows and Ry Cooder, to name a few.

Brighton, Lancaster, VZ to name a few).

Layout boats come in designs such as pumpkin seed, oval, box-like just to name a few.

personal name   (nombre personal)

Emperor Kanmu Kammu's personal name ("imina") was .

Tsedenbal Tsedenbal () is a Mongolian personal name.

Bács (given name) Bács is a Hungarian personal name.

name used

Canis Syrius was the name used in the 1521 "Alfonsine tables".

Shorewood Shorewood is a place name used in the United States:

"Xena" was an informal name used internally by the discovery team.

maiden name   (nombre de soltera)

She changed her last name back to her maiden name.

"Albert" is her maternal grandmother's maiden name.

(Mr. Novak used her maiden name, Valerie Plame.)

derives its name

Dowling Creek derives its name from a local family.

The stream derives its name from the Coosa chiefdom.

The Beatles tribute act derives its name from the song.

name suggests   (nombre sugiere)

It is used, as the name suggests, for scrolling.

As its name suggests, the bat does not possess a tail.

As its common name suggests it grows in limestone areas.

birth name

Her birth name was "Janet Agnes Cumbrae Stewart".

He reverted to his birth name around the age of 18.

Filipo's birth name was Carlos Filipo Tirado Perea.

adopted the name

The project soon adopted the name "Manhattan" as well.

Their children adopted the name Aroselius.

The company officially adopted the name Image-Line in 1994.

scientific name   (nombre científico)

Its scientific name is "Hemibarbus Maculatus".

"small flowers" as in the scientific name).

Its scientific name is Limonia acidissima.

using the name

Curry would begin using the name The D.O.C.

Rosie Oddie is a musician, also using the name Rosie Bones.

It began using the name "New Ebbitt Café" in November 1910.

place name   (ponga su nombre)

The final 𒆠 KI is the determiner for a place name.

Octagon has been noted for its unusual place name.

Hog Jaw has been noted for its unusual place name.

middle name   (segundo nombre)

Usage of the second or middle name is not common.

Nazim as a surname or middle name may refer to:

McGinley preferred to be known by his middle name Conde.

bear this name   (llevar este nombre)

Several other lesser-known people also bear this name:

Several other locations also bear this name.

Some of the people who bear this name are:

domain name   (nombre de dominio)

It is the domain name registry of .ir domain names.

The domain name space consists of a tree data structure.

.dev .dev is a top-level domain name operated by Google.

former name

Hence their former name "The Ramshackle Orchestra".

The former name Gamani may refer to Kaman.

Its former name was Jochiwon High School.

code name   (nombre clave)

Code 0 (ASCII code name NUL) is a special case.

Bluie was the military code name for Greenland.

As of joining APO her code name was Evergreen.

used the name

In later life, Haydn "hardly ever" used the name Franz.

Later the team used the name British Isles.

She never used the name Jeannette Thorez.

name changes

Several name changes later, Terminus became Atlanta.

The beck in Deepdale undergoes a number of name changes.

The club went through several name changes.

trade name

Slimmer CRT has a trade name Superslim and Ultraslim.

It was sold under the trade name Rhone Poulenc.

In Bangladesh under the trade name Hernix.

company name   (nombre de empresa)

The "Co." part of the company name refers to him.

The company name was changed to E. Wright & Son.

In 1988, the company name was changed to MSC Cruises.

old name

An old name for direct current was "galvanic current".

("Blowing house" is an old name for a smelting house.)

The old name of this village is Raunaqabad.

name appears   (aparece el nombre)

His name appears on a 1664 and a 1667 land patent.

The name appears as variants in medieval sources.

(The author's name appears only on the spine.)

masculine given name   (nombre masculino)

Yvon (given name) Yvon is a masculine given name.

Júlio Júlio is a Portuguese masculine given name.

Viktors Viktors is a Latvian masculine given name.

bears this name   (lleva este nombre)

A museum in the city, the Black Mecca Museum, still bears this name.

The lake has historically also been known as "Schuyler Lake", and the community mentioned earlier still bears this name.

As of 2010, five rural localities in Smolensk Oblast bear this name: As of 2010, one rural locality in Tula Oblast bears this name: As of 2010, one rural locality in Tver Oblast bears this name: As of 2010, eight rural localities in Vologda Oblast bear this name: As of 2010, one rural locality in Voronezh Oblast bears this name:

bears his name   (lleva su nombre)

The genus "Schulzeria" (Agaricales) bears his name.

Since 2007 the stadium of Ferencváros bears his name.

Pont du Maire Kuss in Strasbourg also bears his name.

s name

Later he changed company’s name to Swatch Group).

His mother’s name is not listed on the certificate.

The team`s name "Bashkimi" means "unity" in Albanian.

another name   (otro nombre)

Possibly another name for the 'River in the Sky'.

Holy Matrimony is another name for sacramental marriage.

name came

The name came from combining systems with sisters.

The name came from the state nickname for New York.

Its name came from the Catalan "Port Escos" (hidden port).

use the name

He chose to use the name Clive however in later life.

Stone wanted to continue to use the name "Christians."

The 2011 "Sin Piedad" show was the tenth show to use the name.

s name

Later he changed company’s name to Swatch Group).

His mother’s name is not listed on the certificate.

Lewsey is derived from the family’s name Lucy.

gets its name   (recibe su nombre)

The process gets its name from this "wet" bath.

It gets its name from the town of Long and the Deshun army.

It gets its name from being the road south of the mountain.

got its name

This place got its name after Krishnachandra Roy.

The dam got its name from the village of Mangla.

According to a story, Liliw got its name from a bird.

band name

In 2001, the band name was changed to Lemuria.

They would later change the band name to Deicide in 1989.

It gives their band name more semblances.

name implies

As its name implies, the campus serves ninth grade.

As the name implies, it leads to the Kutz Mill.

Rhamus, as the name implies, has two stomachs.

courtesy name   (nombre de cortesía)

He was also known by the courtesy name Haiquan ().

Gu Hui's son, Gu Yu (顧裕), had the courtesy name Jize (季則).

"Kai-shek"/"Jieshi" soon became Chiang's courtesy name ().

change the name

In 2007 the decision was made to change the name to research*eu.

The new name was accepted and moves to change the name were undertaken.

(A charity, SOS Mitmensch, began a campaign to change the name in 2012.)

made a name

Mithqal quickly made a name for himself as a leader of raids.

Ivers made a name for herself by winning money from poker games.

Eugene has quickly made a name for itself as a culinary hub in Oregon.


The name “Mandana” means "eternal” in Old Persian.

The name “Maple Landmark Woodcraft” was also adopted.

The airline's name “eznis” means ‘easiness in flight’.

name derived   (nombre derivado)

Its name derived from a palm plant called “Pitogo”.

"Ah Pah" is a name derived from the Yurok language.

Tolicha is a name derived from the Yokutsan languages.

married name

From August 1511, her married name became Hepburn.

Thereafter, she would dance under her married name.

Her married name is Camilla Johansson-Sponseller.

household name   (nombre familiar)

Idan Raichel is a pop star and household name in Israel.

Instantly, Carimi became a household name.

Lin rose to prominence and became a household name overnight.

name is not

Usage of the second or middle name is not common.

His mother’s name is not listed on the certificate.

The Newton Indian school's name is not known.

name because   (nombre porque)

The transitional ER gets its name because it contains ER exit sites.

It was given this name because it faced the Ōkura Bakufu's western gate.

It acquired its name because the two engines drove three tractor propellers.

name became

His name became synonymous with tightrope walking.

From August 1511, her married name became Hepburn.

Khentiamentiu's name became an epithet of Osiris.

changing its name   (cambiando su nombre)

The HLG has had a long history of changing its name.

It sailed for many months, changing its name several times.

The highway then headed to the northwest, changing its name to Laffayette Avenue.

bear the name   (llevar el nombre)

In Hungary two villages bear the name of Rákóczi.

She was the second French Navy vessel to bear the name.

His descendants still bear the name Mahfouz.

feminine given name   (nombre femenino)

Cathy (given name) Cathy is a feminine given name.

Éliane Éliane is a French feminine given name.

Urtė Urtė is a Lithuanian feminine given name.

alternative name   (nombre alternativo)

An alternative name for the ACC is the West Wind Drift.

An alternative name is Palmira-Buga Fault.

The alternative name was "pitcoal", because it came from mines.

team name   (nombre del equipo)

The team name was changed back to the Dukes in 1960.

The team name and crest were revealed on 5 September.

Stephanie suggested Magna for the team name.

borne the name   (lleva el nombre)

SS Irma Several steamships have borne the name Irma:

SS Stella Several steamships have borne the name Stella:

SS Indiana Three ships have borne the name SS "Indiana".

gave its name

It gave its name to the French department of Aisne.

It gave its name to Xinjiekou subway station.

(1998) gave its name to Subaltern Studies.

popular name

In English, its popular name is The Hand.

It was the most popular name for girls in Australia in 2013.

Its popular name comes from Tammany Hall boss William M. Tweed.

change its name

In 2019, DHX would change its name to WildBrain to build upon this use.

The owner of SardarBuksh agreed to change its name on 28 September 2018.

Apple successfully forced the "Pineapple" to change its name to "Pinecom".

bearing the name   (llevar el nombre)

The ship is the fourth bearing the name "Marjata".

Notable individuals bearing the name include:

Individuals bearing the name Brigita include:

local name

The more local name "Colonels" eventually won out.

The goats are also known by the local name Tara Bakari.

He stated that "dhole" was a common local name for the species.

name when   (nombre cuando)

It took its name when the Eisenhower was extended northwest from Hillside.

The building adopted its current name when Citibank became its flagship tenant.

Glenn continued to use the name when installing imported organs during the 1970s.