man named   (という名前の男)

Alfredo was bought by a very cruel man named Citron.

A man named Farnsbarns has been following Jenny.

She may have born a Dyer or married a man named Dyer.

named in honor   (名誉ある)

The species was named in honor of Raymond Laurent.

The genus is named in honor of Evert I. Schlinger.

Mulfords Run was named in honor of a local family.

originally named   (もともと名付けられた)

The "Black Warrior" was originally named the "M.C.

The school was originally named Ansan 1 University.

The district was originally named Krathok (กระโทก).

woman named   (という女性)

By 1481, he was married to a woman named Margery.

There he married a non-Jewish woman named Elizabeth.

John married a Metis woman named Louise Roussin.

later named

This scientific school was later named after him.

This alignment was later named the Parallel Bridge.

The attack left and in a salient, later named the .

so named

The system is so named due to its use in astronomy.

This was so named for part of a vessel 6 or 700 tons.

Big Island was so named on account of its size.

girl named   (という女の子)

He is defeated and a girl named Florida is rescued.

Only one hostage is found alive, a girl named Fiona.

May 1831 in Berlin) and a girl named Sophie (b.

son named

By one of those marriages he left a son named James.

They have a son named Max who was born in 2012.

In 2010, Doss gave birth to her son named Landon Blu.

named in honour   (名誉ある)

The race is named in honour of the Brontë sisters.

It was named in honour of businessman K. C. Irving.

It is named in honour of Marie Curie-Sklodowska.

officially named

Du Parquet was officially named Governor in 1637.

The Liard River is an officially named Grand Canyon.

Since 2013 it is officially named "DDOR BG CAR SHOW".

community was named   (コミュニティは命名されました)

The community was named in honor of Mr. Buchanan.

The community was named after one Mr. Silas East.

The community was named after Damascus, in Syria.

daughter named   (という娘)

1990), and a daughter named Ayetri Aradhan Roy (b.

Their only child a daughter named Tecla, died 2001.

The couple has a daughter named Sana (born in 2001).

boy named   (という男の子)

Billie Rae gives birth to a baby boy named Adam.

The current Phobos is a young boy named Alexander Aaron.

She gave birth on 26 October 2012 to a boy named Hadrien.

now named

This opened in 1968 and is now named the Beit Wing.

This font was now named (Raphigrafie or Raphigraphie).

He proved the inequalities now named after him and W.H.

named because   (という理由で)

He was named because of his parents' desire for him to be .

The church was so named because of its proximity to Oxford Castle.

It was so named because it was originally thought to control abscission.

character named

A character named Randy, who was not in the novel, was added.

At this point he ceased playing the character named for himself.

there is a character named Leviathan who represents the sin Envy.

then named

Carel Reyniersz was then named as Governor-General.

The FBI then named Abdulaziz al-Omari as a hijacker.

Oates then named as her Magister Robin the Dart.

first named

The building was first named Amstelhof () in 1953.

Simon first named that species "Attus geniculatus".

Vincent was first named to Savoy's list in 2016.

not named

The inscription's author or authors are not named.

However, Phaneuf was not named to the final roster.

Sarris’ father was not named on the birth certificate.

named head   (名前の頭)

Marie Curran was named head coach on May 6, 1999.

He was named head coach at Occidental in 1970.

Jairzinho was named head coach of the Gabon national team.

so named because   (という名前)

The church was so named because of its proximity to Oxford Castle.

It was so named because it was originally thought to control abscission.

McDeek) Avenue in Terrace is so named because of Wright's totemic affiliation.)

town was named   (町は命名されました)

The town was named after Parkes' home.

The town was named for the family.

The town was named after Francis, who owned most of the land in the area.

magazine named

The magazine named it the eighth best album of 2009.

"GQ" magazine named Todd Greene to the 2010 Bald 100.

"Wired" magazine named Chumby one of its top gadgets for 2008.

company named   (会社名)

He and Brain had a company named CMTB Animations.

It has an in-house theatre company named Vital Stages.

A company named OmniSky provided service for Palm V devices.

brother named

She has a younger brother named Lê Ngọc Minh Hải.

He has a brother named Andrew, a skilled locksmith.

Shahab has a younger brother named Raffi Shahab.

subsequently named

She is subsequently named "Ultimate Human/Genius".

He was subsequently named Israeli League Round 28 MVP.

He was subsequently named Israeli League Round 13 MVP.

named president

In 2009 she was named president of Harpo Studios.

Stephens was officially named president on April 23, 2018.

He was named president of TMDU in 1995.

named the new

He named the new species "Brontosaurus excelsus".

In June 2009 Allister Gall was named the new captain.

In 2012, Rahimić was named the new manager of FK Velež.

initially named

This battery was initially named Willis' Battery.

They initially named their settlement Dorchester.

It was initially named Toriizaka46 before it was changed.

named head coach   (名前付きヘッドコーチ)

Marie Curran was named head coach on May 6, 1999.

He was named head coach at Occidental in 1970.

Jairzinho was named head coach of the Gabon national team.

planet was named   (惑星は命名されました)

This minor planet was named after Laodamia from Greek mythology.

This minor planet was named after La Paz, the capital city of Bolivia in South America.

As part of the NameExoWorlds campaigns at the 100th anniversary of the IAU, the planet was named Bocaprins, by Aruba.


In 2018 he was named “Best Biopharma CEO” by STAT News.

Her song "Wonder Why" was named “Best Song Of The Month”.

This was initially named “Howard's Diet”.

similarly named   (同様の名前)

Other ships are similarly named for Nathanael Greene:

It is close to a similarly named peak called Pak Tai To Yan.

90732 was similarly named "Vulcan" after the Vulcan Foundry).

school was named   (学校は命名されました)

In 2008, the school was named a Blue Ribbon School

The school was named after Martin Luther King Jr.

Cuddy school was named after Dr. James A. Cuddy.

again named

He was again named at fullback for the next two weeks.

Becton was again named a starting tackle for the 2019 season.

In June 2001 Chapman was again named FA Young Player of the Year.

species is named

The species is named in honor of Willi Hennig.

The species is named after the Catawba River.

The species is named after Giacomo Casanova.

formerly named

For other radio stations formerly named Mercury FM, see:

Sendio's E-mail Security Platform, (formerly named I.C.E.

It was formerly named Lewis Cass Jr./Sr.

sister named

Craig had an older sister named Marilynn H. Slocum.

He had a sister named Germania who is deceased.

He has one sister named Gina and a brother named John.

school named   (という学校)

Stöcksjö also has a school named Stöcksjö Skola.

In the 1930s it was the school named after Karl Marx.

There is a local public school named Mohanmaya School.

named the first

Frank Colman was named the first league president.

At the meeting, Hill was named the first President of the Society.

This has resulted in what were named the first and second Mineriads.

named captain

In 2005, Varitek was named captain of the Red Sox.

Pejčić was named captain of FK Radnički Niš.

He was named captain in the local militia in the same year.

previously named   (以前の名前)

It was previously named PlayStation Motion Controller.

The beach was previously named Whiting Beach.

It was previously named "Helicobacter" sp.

band named

Later, he formed and led a hip-hop band named Prago Union.

Its chorus describes a fictional band named "the Martini Police".

Yuzon was the front man of a rock band named White Chapel at that time.

named the best

In 2009, he was named the best women's basketball coach in Russia.

In 2002, the garden was named the best garden in the British Islands.

Utah was named the best managed state by the Pew Center on the States.

group named

She became a member of a girl group named G.L.A.M.

Benny Clark is playing bass in a group named Parlour.

He worked in a theatre group named 'Rangakarmi' in Kolkata.

school is named   (学校の名前は)

The new high school is named Lake Creek High School.

New York University's business school is named after him.

The school is named for Pope John Paul II.

town is named   (町の名前は)

The town is named after the Abbey of the same name.

The town is named for its asbestos industry.

Loxton, whom the town is named after.

named after former   (前者にちなんで名付けられた)

It is named after former student Ruđer Bošković.

The school was created in 1955 and named after former U.S.

It is named after former Queensland Premier Frank Nicklin.

all named

Curry, Durant, and Thompson were all named to the All-Star Game.

The roads in the area were all named after English counties and towns.

They were all named after directors and senior officers of the railway.

city was named

From 1977 to 2010 the city was named Teplohirsk.

The city was named Yangi Buxoro (New Bukhara) until 1935.

The city was named after Nilo Peçanha, a President of Brazil.

formally named

It is formally named "Ochi-no-Okanoe no misasagi".

It's formally named "Shinaga no Yamada no misasagi".

village named

In Shantinagar there is a village named Shantapur.

There is another village named Kakiptui in Kericho County.

There is a famous temple in this village named Maa bhasmi devi.

named the head   (頭に名前を付けた)

Kilby MacDonald was named the head coach and team manager.

He was named the head coach in March 2017.

On May 23, 2017 Kerns was named the head coach at Presbyterian.

players were named

His players were named SEC player of the week 46 times.

Eighteen players were named All-SEC freshman.

The following players were named to the All-Tournament Team.

named later

Lee was sent as the player to be named later on October 4, 1974.

The Rockies sent cash considerations and a player to be named later.

In return, the Mariners received cash considerations or a player to be named later.

named first

And she was named first MVP awards in the league.

He was also named first team All-State by "The Clarion-Ledger".

By convention in some law reports, the appellant is named first.

student named   (名前の学生)

He meets a foreign student named Emil at the hostel.

Veronica learns that a student named Jeff Ratner accused her.

9-Volt becomes friends with a new student named 18-Volt at his school.

both named

There are two different subclasses that are both named Sa'ar 4.5.

Brazdeikis and Simpson were both named to the All-Tournament Team.

His brother and nephew, both named William, also played for and captained Cheshire.

young man named

A young man named Jesse W. Weik who had corresponded with Herndon became a good friend.

In the 1740s, a gifted young man named Shalom Mizrachi Sharabi arrived in Jerusalem from Yemen.

They meet a sinister but charming young man named Marco (Martin Kiefer) while playing at the sea.

young woman named

A young woman named Maria Elena finds and helps him.

He eventually encounters a beautiful young woman named Odona.

he was also suspected of murdering a young woman named Komichi.

named among

Nataliey was named among Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2018.

It was named among 10 best free mobile games by

Peña was named among the 23-man squad for the 2013 Gold Cup.

newly named

The newly named band then released a single, "What U Wanna Do That For?

Clark was chairman of the board of the newly named Dairy Council of California.

Constellation Brands retained a 20 per cent stake in the newly named Accolade Wines.

named interim

Martin Hiden was named interim head coach.

Fancher was named interim coach for the remainder of the season.

Offensive coordinator Don Treadwell was named interim head coach.

dog named   (という名前の犬)

The mascot for the games was a dog named Leo.

They have two children and a dog named Typo.

A farmer's dog named Sultan had grown old.

street named

There is a street named in his honour in Castellón.

The city of Gorizia has a street named after him.

He has a street named after him in Manukau City.

named in memory

They had a son Paul and a daughter Eileen, named in memory of Ruth's sister.

The Lecture is named in memory of the eminent electrical engineer Bernard Price.

The street is named in memory of the 1850 Battle of Isted in the First Schleswig War.

ship named

This was replaced by the first ship named Tuncurry.

She was the third ship named for Samuel W. Preston.

She was the first ship named for Roswell Lamson.

named on account

Big Island was so named on account of its size.

The area was so named on account of its lofty elevation.

Rocky Run was so named on account of its rocky character.

named the team   (チームに名前を付けた)

He was named the team's Most Outstanding Rookie.

He was named the team's Defensive Player of the Year.

He was named the team's Defensive Most Valuable Player.

village was named

The village was named after the leader of the clan.

The village was named after the Magyar tribe Keszi.

named director

He was named director of the company in November 1999.

In 2012 he was named director of the Sarajevo War Theatre.

The composer Gaspare Spontini was named director of royal music.

aptly named

Dario kindly help the fans with some aptly named "Dario Dollars".

They are aptly named after their conspicuous use of bioluminescence.

The state's highest point, the aptly named High Point is within this area, at .

station is named   (駅の名前は)

This station is named for Mount Royal Avenue (av.

The Culmer Metrorail station is named in his honor.

This station is named for the Snowdon neighbourhood.

twice named

He was twice named Sun Belt player of the week.

Johnson was twice named as an ACC All-Academic honoree.

As a freshman, he was twice named Atlantic 10 Rookie of the Week.

town named   (という町)

Another small town named Mortlake was established in 1865.

A town named Tacboan was established by Franciscan priests in 1581.

There is a Knanaya Catholic Church in the town named St. Anne's Church.

named storm   (名前付きストーム)

The first named storm, Hurricane Alicia, formed on August 15.

However, the first named storm was Cyclone Amara in December.

Wind radii data from every named storm since 1988 was studied.

company was named   (会社が命名されました)

From 1951 the company was named , and after 1958 .

In November 2001, the company was named RCI Banque.

The company was named Snyder Communications LP.

code named

The second facelift was done in late 2017, code named the FC3.

A variant of the RDS-6s was developed later, code named RDS-27.

The product was code named the VIC-40 as the successor to the popular VIC-20.

named storms   (名前付きの嵐)

Below-average activity continued into July with four named storms forming.

In addition to the seven named storms, a nor'easter formed in late December.

The ten-year span of May named storms marked the longest occurrence of this event.

probably named   (おそらく名前)

It was probably named for Cobham, in Surrey, England.

She was probably named after her mother, who died in 1616.

The camp was probably named after Capt.

team named   (チーム名)

After the season, the team named him its MVP.

A new independent baseball team named the Anderson Joes came to town.

She starting playing football at age 10 for a local team named Ton & Gelli.

named man

He was named man of the match by Liverpool's official website.

Onyema was named man of the year for 2012,by ThisDay newspaper.

He was later named man of the match.

before being named

Forces in Europe before being named Chief of Staff of the United States Army later that year.

However, he would only serve in that post for a year before being named to the first of two Senate stints.

He then served as the Japanese Consul-General in New York City before being named a deputy minister in 2010.

named a member

He was named a member of the Order of Canada in 2017.

In 2000, he was named a member of the PBA's 25 Greatest Players.

each named

It consists of 12 tracks, each named after a different Zodiac sign.

The school has six houses, each named after a tree, as a tribute to nature.

The schools of Sunni Islam are each named by students of the classical jurist who taught them.

officer named

She married a police officer named Stanley.

Their most famous player is a police officer named Dwayne Leverock.

Irma's assignments are set up by a corrupt police officer named "Sarge".

award is named

The organization's highest award is named for her.

The award is named in honor of Daniel E. Koshland, Sr.

The award is named after Professor Emeritus Richard A. Volz.

named team   (名前付きチーム)

Matthews and Simpson were named team captains.

In 1997, Lee was named team MVP for the St. Louis Rams.

He was named team captain of the 97-98 squad.

building was named

This building was named after Saint Bartholomew.

The building was named for First Lady Rachel Jackson.

When Breslin died, the building was named in his honor.

ship was named

The World War II Liberty ship was named in his honor.

The ship was named for the city of Shepparton, Victoria.

A fourth ship was named for his brother, John D. Henley.

person named   (という人)

The person named would be sacrificed as the Scapegoat.

In history, there are mentions of a person named Mažeika.

She was the first black person named to be head of the committee.

eventually named

He was eventually named President of the PC Party.

He was eventually named AAF Offensive Player of the Week.

The town was eventually named after him.

named the game

"Polygon" named the game among the decade's best.

Hadl was named the game's Most Valuable Player.

Filiberto Rivera was named the game's MVP.

species was named

The species was named in honor of Raymond Laurent.

In 1788, the species was named in South Carolina.

This species was named after the city of Manila.

likely named   (おそらく名前が付けられた)

A steamship, "General Miles", was likely named for him.

A Phillips Street in Watertown is likely named after him.

The community is likely named for Tantallon Castle in Scotland.

people named

Notable people named Katerina include: Other:

The people named the town "Mueang" Khong.

Other people named Rudolf Martin include:

station named   (駅名)

An U-Bahn station named Senefelderplatz was opened in 1913.

As a legacy, in 2004 he had a train station named after him.

The burgh grew around the former Roman station named "Ad Navalia".

named manager

On 2 November 2015, Herrera was named manager of Tijuana.

He was named manager of Angolan club side Caála in May 2010.

On August 2014, Smith was named manager of West Auckland Town.

king named

A native Babylonian king named Bel-ibni (703–701 BCE) was placed on the throne as a puppet of Assyria.

However, in 1059 another king named Samarotsaha ascended the throne of Janggala, he was the son-in-law of Airlangga.

An inscription of the contemporary Shilahara ruler Aparajita states that he granted protection to a king named Bhillama.

named first team   (最初のチームに指名された)

He was also named first team All-State by "The Clarion-Ledger".

Koch was named first team all-MVC.

She was named first team All-Santa Teresa Athletic League and first team All-CCS all four years.