common names   (一般名)

English common names are given where possible.

Other common names include motacu and bacuri.

Its common names include red ant and red harvester ant.

place names   (地名)

It is found quite commonly in Scottish place names.

The other gates survive only in place names.

Family and place names reflect this linguistic heritage.

different names   (別の名前)

The paper was published under many different names.

They are not new quantities, simply different names.

Another ten have the same stars but different names.

names such

The brand produces lines with names such as "Bod-a-Bing!"

Cuman words may be the origin of place names such as "Debrecen".

Many ancient cities have names such as "Mudraya"/"Musraya"/"Thinis".

other names   (他の名前)

There are equivalent systems under other names e.g.

In earlier times, the island was known by other names.

Several other names have been associated with the band.

names include

Some dorm names include Crickhollow and Evenstar.

Common names include guayabo amarillo and remiendo.

Brand names include Fluconix, Dovenix and Trodax.

brand names   (ブランド名)

Uno-X and Rema Bensin are low-cost brand names of YX.

Spherion has done business under a variety of brand names.

It is sold under various brand names.

given names

Jurgis Jurgis () and Jurģis () are male given names.

As a rule, syllables in given names are not separated.

Clan names precede the patronymics and given names, e.g.

various names

Ngatas are mentioned under various names in various sources.

It ran, under various names, until 1965.

Sack produced films under all of his company's various names.

names in common

Other names in common use include: 3β-HSD is potently inhibited by azastene, cyanoketone, epostane, and trilostane.

Also, the number of sales of Smith's map appears to have topped those of Greenough's map (196 copies sold), although neither map sold well and there are only 15 names in common between Smith's subscribers' list and the list of those who bought the Geological Society's map.

whose names

Cyclists whose names are in bold are still active.

They have 3 children whose names are Phumphat, Peeraphat, and Yossuda.

Kroonstad has two sister cities whose names are reminiscent of its own:

family names   (姓)

Earlier family names for the Corticiaceae "s.l."

People from Myanmar or Burmese, have no family names.

Thus, most Malays do not use family names or surnames.

street names   (通りの名前)

Seddon street names were named for monarchs.

East and west street names are divided by Jerome Avenue.

(See for example List of former Swakopmund street names).

domain names   (ドメイン名)

It is the domain name registry of .ir domain names.

Some domain names may be used to achieve spoofing effects.

Multiple domain names may be associated with an IP address.

proper names   (固有名詞)

13 (2008) was mostly dedicated to etymology of proper names.

A limited number of exoplanets have IAU-sanctioned proper names.

(Ido proper names have a greater degree of flexibility than other Ido words.)

names including

Carbamazepine is available worldwide under many brand names including Tegretol.

The tree and the wood are known by a variety of names including: Varieties include:

He used several pen names including Qin Qing (秦情), Lin Li (林漓), Lin Da-bei (林大悲), among others.

many names

It is known by many names, including or ; , or ; and or .

The island is known by many names.

However, there are two things which Tourison said: I have many names.

first names

At most, three first names are allowed.

The two middle names correspond to his two grandfathers’ first names.

They anglicized their first names to "Eugene" and "John", respectively.

personal names

The former digraph "Aa" still occurs in personal names.

Early runic inscriptions also are largely limited to personal names and difficult to interpret.

There is no evidence of the "berht" element in Germanic personal names prior to the 6th century.

several names

It has several names: Ibragimovsky, Tuyalas, Khudolas.

The Alliance has had several names through its history:

The text has historically been referred to by several names.

last names   (苗字)

Children typically use their fathers' last names only.

About 10% of last names in Gibraltar have Portuguese origin.

They combined their last names (Ross and Wood) to make Rosswood.

new names

Changes for the smallest trucks were restricted to new names.

There were 7 holdovers, and 7 new names (in addition to Croitoru).

It was a new generation, and new names appeared on the Metal stage.

scientific names

Common and scientific names are also those of the "Check-list".

The scientific names and classification follow the British Ornithologists' Union (BOU).

Vital Brazil is commemorated in the scientific names of four species of South American snakes:

names of all

The Cup itself records the names of all winning crews since 1839.

NBP provided browseability ("what are the names of all the services available?")

As a result, Microsoft appended the "Office" branding to the names of all programs.

names used

Other names used are "trip skating" and "wild skating".

Kripke refers to names used in this way as rigid designators.

There are several alternative names used for this city: , , , , .

big names

It was established by big names in academic institutions.

But they’re not bothering those people because those people are not big names."

11 on the iTunes pop chart passing big names such as Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato and Adele.

similar names

There are also Akisho Oromo that has similar names.

Locations may have identical or very similar names.

Like similar names (e.g., "Bukovo", "Bukovica", "Bukovec", etc.

list of names

A new list of names is drawn up and used each year, so no names are retired.

He continues enthusiastically through dozens of others, exclaiming, "What a list of names!

She gave them a list of names of people she held responsible for the arrest at Goejanverwellesluis.

pen names   (ペン名)

Defoe is known to have used at least 198 pen names.

Pessoa started using pen names quite young.

Futago Kamikita Their previous pen names include , and .

common names include

Other common names include motacu and bacuri.

Its common names include red ant and red harvester ant.

Other common names include swamp fern and mangrove fern.

biggest names

The sheer bravado of the offer enticed some of show business' biggest names".

Sheriff has made the biggest names of the film industry dance to his footsteps.

A dozen bullfights are held each year, attracting the biggest names in bullfighting.

both names

Its jurisdiction is and was the same under both names.

Official documents use both names.

At the end of the 20th century, both names were regarded synonyms.

stage names

The members of Stryken all used stage names to conceal their true identities.

Once they became popular they used stage names each possessing the suffix "na."

In addition, that band's albums titles, and stage names are in the indigenous language of Nahuatl.

trade names

It can be encountered under various trade names, e.g.

It can be encountered under many trade names.

It was sold under the trade names Co-Pyronil and Histadyl EC.

changed names

They changed names to Badalona Dracs in 2004.

The game changed names between carrier.

The NAWCH changed names in 1990.

such names

Many such names are actually not official factory names.

People with such names include:

From time to time, such names from the past appear on limited edition models.

names given

The "alternate cubic" names given are based on this ordering.

Port Arthur plum and native plum are common names given to the species.

The individual honeycombs are listed with names given to them by Norman Johnson.

following names

The following names are synonyms of "A. gigantea": "A. gigantea" var.

During its existence, the club has been known by the following names:

The following names were used for storm names in the North Atlantic in 2006.

variety of names

Spanish has a greater variety of names for the language.

The candy goes by a variety of names and regional variants.

In the Middle Ages the sea was known by a variety of names.

real names

When the group debuted all members used their real names.

The 1981 LDS edition replaced these with the real names, relegating the code names to footnotes.

The title "DJ" is often used by DJs in front of their real names, adopted pseudonyms, or stage names.

alternative names

Vijja (IAST: Vijjā) is known by several alternative names.

Because of this, several alternative names have been proposed.

There are several alternative names used for this city: , , , , .

own names

They use their own names in the film.

Some of the most common styles of graffiti have their own names.

Diseases affecting the abdominal cavity are dealt with generally under their own names (e.g.

same names

These are coterminous with the electoral wards of the same names.

When children were named, they were never given the same names as others.

The people also have the same names for the numbers as we have here in Bille.

code names

The Community of Christ edition still uses the code names.

The beaches of Normandy are still known by their invasion code names.

It is also known by its developmental code names "RU-2010" and "A-301".

character names

The dub used the original Japanese character names (ex.

The film is notable for having no dialogue or character names.

The character names are generally switched in the same fashion.

local names

Various sections of "Chang Jiang" have local names.

Route 4 has several local names: From south to north:

The historic building itself lives on in existing local names.

official names

See official names of the Soviet Union.

Numerous parts of the long path taken by the BR-116 have other official names.

The official names to these DLCs are "Valkyrie," "Supernova," and "Kaamo Club."

original names

Categories back to original names, e.g.

The 2004 television series, released by Geneon, retained all of its original names.

It includes four former suburban streets, which are still known locally by their original names.

household names   (世帯名)

"Fuel Injected" turned the underground rap group into household names overnight.

During this time, many film-makers who are now household names, made their first movies with NFDC.

Many, if not most of these names have become household names globally in the short course of a decade.

changed their names

Shortly afterward, the band signed to EMI and changed their names to Radiohead.

As part of the re-branding, many of the company's homes also changed their names (e.g.

As adults, the characters changed their names to avoid capture by Sultan Agung's spies.

planet names

Meanings of minor planet names: 518001–519000

Meanings of minor planet names: 516001–517000

Meanings of minor planet names: 514001–515000

minor planet names

Meanings of minor planet names: 518001–519000

Meanings of minor planet names: 516001–517000

Meanings of minor planet names: 514001–515000

ring names

Professional wrestlers Junkyard Dog and Bad Leroy Brown used ring names inspired by the song.

In September 2007, all five Sendai Girls' trainees were given new ring names as a sign of their progress.

Both women joined WWE, where they were assigned to NXT, in 2015, originally under their ring names from PWWA.

names are listed

Some of the more notable names are listed here.

These names are listed, among other stories in the short novella in "Tenidar Abhijan" entitled "Charmurtir Abhijan".

Subdivision names are listed as in the ISO 3166-2 standard published by the ISO 3166 Maintenance Agency (ISO 3166/MA).

names of several

He is also commemorated in the names of several subspecies.

They provided the names of several suspects from Gaza to the Egyptian authorities.

Greek sculpture is well known and we know the names of several Ancient Greek artists: for example, Phidias.

names are not

These lists of names are not necessarily complete.

As a rule, syllables in given names are not separated.

Character names are not indicated in the on-screen credits.

names of many

In the volume there are to be read the names of many men of science and fisherman, American born, whose memories we cherish.

The names of many cities and villages belonging to Albania, as well as the name “Astara” (Greek: Astarata) are found on this map.

The names of many of hells is common in Hindu texts; however, the nature of sinners tormented in particular hells varies from text to text.

famous names

Amongst the famous names are the following:

Other famous names who worked on the album included Pete Townshend and Kenney Jones.

These include famous names such as Benjamin Quarles, John Hope Franklin, and W. E. B.

names were used

These names were used to name storms during the 1953 season.

As a result, both names were used.

The following names were used for storm names in the North Atlantic in 2006.

names ending

Slovene names ending in -ič do not necessarily have a patrimonial origin.

A long list of poets, preceding and succeeding Sarala Dasa, have names ending this way.

DDG Hansa gave their ships names ending in -"fels", -"burg", -"eck" and -"turm" (rock, fort, crag, tower).

names and addresses

Also seized were the Institute's extensive lists of names and addresses.

Often used in example names and addresses to indicate to the serviceman where to put his own details.

Against all rules, she had a notebook with her containing names and addresses of Dutch-Paris members.

number of names   (名前の数)

A number of names have been used for this group.

The street has had a number of names.

It has been known by a number of names since it was built over 1800 years ago.

names are used

Anglicised versions of piece names are used here.

Short forms of the names are used; sometimes abbreviations.

None of the other names are used today.

names throughout

All were among the most common names throughout Roman history.

All of these were among the most common names throughout Roman history.

The firm was known by various names throughout its existence, including:

names included

Unofficial names included "Oxford" and "Bowling Green".

Previous names included River Mimicoke and Mimicoke Creek.

For the Tarock IIII, names included Marabou ("Marabu" i.e.

bearing the names

The Warrior Chapel houses a 1919 honour board bearing the names of the fallen from the Diocese.

It was opened in 1935 and bronze plaques bearing the names of those who died in both World Wars were added in 1965.

Excavations at Forum Novum revealed a series of inscriptions bearing the names of settlements along the Roman road Via Traiana.

specific names

Dr. Kluge is honored in the specific names of three species of lizards.

The different sections of the road have specific names in relation to the cardinal directions.

List of Latin place names used as specific names List of Latin place names used as specific names

names of people

This can include the names of people, objects, or places.

She gave them a list of names of people she held responsible for the arrest at Goejanverwellesluis.

As with several others of his works, Fleming appropriated the names of people he knew for the story's characters.

team names   (チーム名)

The teams did not take team names for this special.

middle names

Although not mandatory, middle names are common.

The two middle names correspond to his two grandfathers’ first names.

Her mother reversed her own first and middle names in naming her Calista Kay.

names appear

Trade names appear in parentheses.

Some character names appear in the geography of the Yokohama area.

Other names appear in imperial times, including "Marcus" and "Quintus".

alternate names

He called the new heavy nuclear particles protons in 1920 (alternate names being proutons and protyles).

Previous and alternate names for this career field are: Battlefield Weather, Combat Weather, Army Support Weather.

Some backing bands recorded their own material under alternate names, Professor Ratbaggy and Stardust Five, with Kelly as an individual member.

names for stars

In 2016, the IAU organized a Working Group on Star Names (WGSN) to catalog and standardize proper names for stars.

species names

In the same period 224 species names were discredited.

The species names are derived as follows.

According to Algaebase, there are 62 species names and 12 intraspecific names:

popular names

Coca-Cola used the 150 most popular names in Australia to print on the bottles.

Several unofficial popular names are used to refer to different values of Egyptian currency.

Other popular names for the language are "Lishan Hozaye", 'the language of the Jews', and "Kurdit", 'Kurdish'.

standardize proper names   (固有名詞を標準化する)

In 2016, the IAU organized a Working Group on Star Names (WGSN) to catalog and standardize proper names for stars.

names during

There were several club names during that period, before finally settling on the Futurians.

The society accrued many names during its time, including "The United People's Front of La Pundita."

Huang went by various names during his life, going by Chen Shuliang or Chen Yuliang when in Hong Kong.

traditional names

These letters are preserved in the Assamese script with their traditional names of "hôrswô i" (lit.

Many youth ice hockey organizations still use the traditional names when advertising their programs.

Prior to the 2016–17 season, they removed the traditional names in favor of simply referring to the age group.

names and terms

Borrowings are limited to lexical items; with local place names and terms for local fauna and flora being adopted by the English.

It examined the school district's website for information regarding; taxes, the current budget, meetings, school board members names and terms, contracts, audits, public records information and more.

names were changed

Some names were changed due to the fact the characters are machines.

The names were changed to sound German, but the characters are similar.

(In the game's English localization, their names were changed to Horatio, Tiffany, Marco, and Leo, respectively.)