İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

narrow gauge   (dar gösterge)

These were converted back to narrow gauge in 1949.

This was constructed in 1894 as narrow gauge.

The Zinga–Mongo railway was constructed to narrow gauge.

very narrow   (daracık)

This is a very narrow chairlift and the longest one.

There is a very narrow yellowish line border the wings.

The tower is entered by a very narrow door.

narrow margin   (dar kenar boşluğu)

He ultimately won the election by a narrow margin.

Poles voted for Humphrey over Nixon by a narrow margin, 56-44.

Oliverio lost to David McKinley by an extremely narrow margin.

narrow gauge railway   (dar hatlı demiryolu)

Since 1983 a narrow gauge railway has opened on part of the original track bed.

The line is the oldest narrow gauge railway in Austria and has a rail gauge of .

A military, narrow gauge railway was used to move materials and supplies around the sites.

long and narrow   (uzun ve dar)

The head is long and narrow with a flat forehead.

The snout is elongated making the head long and narrow.

Leaves are long and narrow, stemming from the basal rosette.

narrow strip   (dar şerit)

It grew as a narrow strip along the rails.

The narrow strip of land along the Hooghly is part of the Hooghly Flats.

The St Andrews Links occupy a narrow strip of land along the sea-shore).

narrow valley   (dar vadi)

Haymond is located in a narrow valley surrounded by mountains.

However, this narrow valley causes Amasya to have a temperate climate.

The village of Satley lies in a narrow valley between Lanchester and Tow Law.

narrow streets   (dar sokaklar)

The narrow streets of Ladd's Addition are lined with American Elm trees.

The houses were densely packed together and separated by narrow streets.

The narrow streets around the church are surrounded by picturesque houses.

long narrow   (uzun dar)

This has created a cohesive campus with many long narrow spaces between buildings.

It was originally a long narrow Norman building from the bell tower to the chancel.

In this sense, "Commelina tuberosa" is a low-growing plant with long narrow leaves.

too narrow   (çok dar)

Irish law was regarded as too narrow and extreme.

Most of the roads were too narrow for tanks.

The range of Byron's characters, Hazlitt contends, is too narrow.

relatively narrow   (nispeten dar)

It has a relatively narrow body with a rough, grainy texture.

The epicenters of the recorded aftershocks formed a relatively narrow band.

Poor ground visibility and relatively narrow landing gear track caused many losses on the ground.

through a narrow

Odysseus faced both Charybdis and Scylla while rowing through a narrow channel.

KFC had nearly become National Champion in 1934 through a narrow loss to Ajax in the finals.

Upon entering the attraction, the queue winds through a narrow rock wall and passing by the tracks.

narrow victory   (dar zafer)

Williams achieved a narrow victory, winning by 7,406 votes.

However, Olin won a narrow victory.

The other batsmen played well but Australia won a narrow victory by 11 runs.

narrow band   (dar bant)

the narrow band) in order to obtain sufficient precision.

The epicenters of the recorded aftershocks formed a relatively narrow band.

Even so, having multiple narrow band precision frequency-tuned lasers is also complex.

narrow range   (dar aralık)

They can count the pulse in a narrow range only.

Males can only be born if the temperature is within that narrow range.

Contra tunes are played at a narrow range of tempos, between 108 and 132 bpm.

narrow white

The medal is hung from a blue ribbon with a narrow white stripe along both edges.

The juveniles in contrast, are blue-black marked from top to bottom with narrow white stripes.

Vimy was a bay horse with a narrow white stripe bred in France by this owner, Pierre Wertheimer.

narrow channel

There is a narrow channel between the island and Arrow Rock.

There is a narrow channel between the rock and Haulashore Island.

In the middle of the two main islands, there is a deeper narrow channel.

narrow gauge line

The opening of the service took place on 1 November 2007 on a 950 mm narrow gauge line built in the 1930s from Potenza to Avigliano.

While Goondiwindi is on a narrow gauge line that connects to Toowoomba via Warwick, these New South Wales and Queensland lines never met.

The Billerica and Bedford Railroad was built in 1877 as a narrow gauge line between the Middlesex Central at Bedford and the B&L at North Billerica.

more narrow

It replaced the earlier and more narrow term Rādhān.

The eastern half of the beach is much more narrow than the western half.

The lower lake is more of a rounded body, while the upper is more narrow.

narrow majority   (dar çoğunluk)

The Czech Government gave support to it by a narrow majority.

However, in the , Brown beat Skoglund by the narrow majority of 123 votes.

Democrats picked up a net of one seat in the House, but Republicans retained a narrow majority.

narrow path

It is attached to the mainland only by a narrow path.

A narrow path along the small ravine leads to the rock cut steps.

The task was to walk on a very narrow path in complete darkness with strobe lights flashing in their face.

narrow leaves

Its narrow leaves are coated in soft hairs.

In this sense, "Commelina tuberosa" is a low-growing plant with long narrow leaves.

Growing to tall by broad, it is a deciduous shrub with long, weeping branches and narrow leaves.

through the narrow

Again, the line had to run directly through the narrow village street.

The actors went through intensive training to learn how to move quickly through the narrow confines of the vessel.

A signal that gets through the narrow filter is rectified into a DC voltage which is used to switch something on or off.

narrow sense

Examples of anaphora (in the narrow sense) and cataphora are given next.

In this narrow sense, an important sub division is between local and remote gig work.

Software is also sometimes used in a more narrow sense, meaning application software only.

narrow escape   (ucuz kurtulma)

Triton makes a narrow escape, having been blown into the swamp.

Bond had a narrow escape as the ball passed straight through his hat.

The narrow escape problem is that of calculating the mean escape time.

narrow windows   (dar pencereler)

Its Italianate features include its overhanging eaves with the decorative brackets, and its tall, narrow windows.

The facade bays are otherwise articulated by brick pilasters, and have pairs of narrow windows, each with stone keystones, shoulders, and sills.

The three right narrow windows are decorated with pilasters, rectangular sandricks; a triangular pediment and an attic stand out above the windows.

narrow road   (dar yol)

From there it is a narrow road and is 2 lanes wide in places.

They tried to rally three times, but they were eventually surrounded on a narrow road.

The dale is accessible by a narrow road which runs from Dent south to Kingsdale and Ingleton.

narrow down   (daraltmak)

This will narrow down the root cause of the problem while continuous testing.

Family-tree relationships also help to narrow down the date when lineages first appeared.

All of these continued to highlight and narrow down the 125 GeV region as showing interesting features.

narrow passage   (dar geçit)

Icebergs and a narrow passage make the Strait of Belle Isle a hazardous body of water.

Pirate attacks have not stopped the 50,000 ships that annually transit the narrow passage.

The Katoghike (Cathedral) church stands south of S. Nshan, with a narrow passage dividing them.

rather narrow   (oldukça dar)

Pterostigma of fore wing rather narrow.

narrow gorge   (dar geçit)

In 1906 the narrow gorge at San Acacia was being considered for a dam.

A column many miles long crowded into the deep, narrow gorge, less than across.

Eldama, the non-English part of the name, is derived from the Maasai word ‘eldama’, which means narrow gorge.